Brilliant Arteta decision should be congratulated but he is instead called a liar – opinion

One bad game and all of a sudden short memory syndrome takes over and the usual shrieks for Mesut Ozil to return to the team come flooding out.

Listening to some football fans making ridiculous claims like Ozil is our best creator and he would have done this and that against Leicester City shows how fickle some football fans really are.

Let’s put that to bed, Ozil is past it, he has done nothing for Arsenal in two years, he is no longer Premier League quality, nevermind Arsenal quality and Mikel Arteta has far better options available to him.

Last season in the Premier League the golden boy created two goals and scored one from 18 games, even Sead Kolasinac did better than that and he at least tries to help out in defence.

But the Ozil saga has been done to death, his supporters will never ever see any wrong in him no matter what he does, or as is usually the case, what he does not do. There is no point debating his worth any more.

Even his constant trolling of the club and undermining of Mikel Arteta does not bother me that much but calling Mikel Arteta a liar does.

Make no mistake, that is what Ozils supporters have done, they may not have used the word liar but that is exactly what they mean.

The Spaniard made it clear why he left Ozil out, it was for footballing reasons, anyone that is saying the opposite is, without any doubts, calling our manager an outright liar.

Of course it was for footballing reason, only the blind would fail to see that, want to see uselessness on the pitch, watch any Arsenal game over the last couple of years and it is there for anyone to see if they really want to of course.

But when it gets to a stage that fans of a player become so obsessed with him that they turn against their own manager who has done a remarkable job in such a short period of time then the harmony and stability of the club is endangered, particularly on the field of play.

Arteta made a fantastic decision to leave a poor player out of his squad, regardless of his “popularity” because he put the club first.

Such a shame that not all Arsenal “fans” cannot do the same.

I believe Arteta and if I did not I would have the courage to say so directly, I am sure all genuine Arsenal fans feel exactly the same.

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  1. Cmon … Nobody believes that ozil was axed and joe Willock was included on footballing grounds … If that is what arteta said then he is more delusional than mendacious … But either way it bodes ill for the rest of the season … We are a team devoid of creativity and strategy with a stock of players who on any reasonable assessment of their skill set cannot deliver top 4 and will struggle to deliver top 6, eventually that is a failure that can only be laid at the feet of management and ownership … And not players who don’t have the feet to play the game at the highest level but are happy to be paid as if they do. Don’t really care how the responsibility is parceled out but fans who celebrate uncreativity non-strategy and mediocrity are going to have to eat the same humble pie they did at the end of the wenger and Emery years …

    1. Willock is homegrown so he needed to be in. I would include him over Ozil anyway even if he wasnt. Ozil may have better technical qualities but football is so much more than that. You need to be able to compete, be brave, defend, press correctly, sacrifice aspects of your game for the team, have desire, will to win. Ozil is sadly lacking in all these departments. He has a child’s mentality (complete with sulking bouts) ​and cannot compete with men. Any manager who cares about the integrity of structure and teamwork will drop him. Thank God he has played his last game. Good riddance!

      1. So at least we know that willock’s inclusion is not down to footballing reasons … so let’s throw in the 4 useless foreign registered CBs we have the 3 hapless registered midfielders (if we put kolasinac there … a wonderful footballer in any position though ) and at least 2 failed attackers … that’s at least 9 foreign footballers who are Well bellow the level of competitors of the teams we pretend to be competing against .. sick of listening to the comfortably numb fans happy about mid table football … wasn’t the ambition I was brought up on

      2. It’s about balence in your squad
        so you at Elneney and say okay I have enough players in that position
        I don’t have anyone however who can do something different and pick a pass

    2. Sorry mate, Willock was never selected at the expense of Ozil. Willock qualifies as under 21 and he is home grown, thus he can play without even taking any slot in the 25man squad. Ozil on the other hand is not home grown so can only be registered as one of the 17 foreign players. We have 19 foreign players who were over the age of 21 on 1st January, 2020.

  2. He played pre-Covid but then dropped when no football

    Dropped from squad – he’s not telling the truth & when that comes out email me as I know it’s not 100% football

    We have zero creativity – Mikel has problems as does the club

  3. Funnily enough, I have just finished reading a post quoting MA as saying it was “fatique” that was one of the reasons we lost and this self same author was questioning that statement – so I assume the same principle must apply in that case as well?
    Should be ashamed of themselves for questioning Arteta’s reasoning about anything – the blind leading the blind it seems.

    1. I agree Ozil has done nothing in the last two seasons. He disappears in big games or against tough tackling teams. He does not like defending. Once he was a creative genius. But the game has moved on and besides creativity you need physical toughness and a desire to defend and attack. Ozil at the moment is staying more for the money than anything else. Not taking a wage cut as requested then saying he would pay gunnersaurus wages was a stunt. Perhaps if he had taken the wage cut then club may have not made so many redundant. Before anyone shouts about him being a creative player and not needing to defend. Look at the likes of truly great Arsenal players like Bergkamp, Henry, Pires etc. They were creative, scored goals and defended. They played for the team.

      1. Finally, someone in this comment section talking sense. I agree 100% with everything you’ve just said. I’m so glad ozil was dropped. Good riddance

    2. Leicester played in Thursday too. They should have been fatigued as well. Bollocks excuse for a shit performance.

  4. I am left wondering if any other manager in the world, would accept the impossible task of being the manager of this cub for the next three years. Let’s be real, our recruitment policy over the last 10 year has been a disaster, our current squad is overpaid, our players are undervalued but yet our fanbase is impatient and expect to win now.
    However, I take comfort in the fact that we are not alone and the league this year is very uncertain and unpredictable. League champions LFC belched 7 goals against the lowly AV and MU coughed up 5 against our North London neighbors. Despite of our challenges, I still see signs of hope.

    1. Thank you RFrancis; who would want to manage Arsenal under the current conditions. I am concerned Arsenal are heading for a churning through of managers, with out addressing the underlying issues you have stated.

          1. We’re not at the point of no return just yet, Dan! The last few games haven’t been pretty, I’ll admit, but MA won’t be shown the door just yet….faith is needed….the players need to buck up also!! Although come back to me on Sunday at 18.15, if we lose….🤣🤣 (only joking!!)

        1. 😆😆😆 arsenal fans. Ozil has done a lot , is the best creative player in EPL. You can not count the many goals our strkers scored without mentioning Ozil assist. Arteta if that is his decision to axe Ozil then is a joke and his days are numbered. Treat players with respect, he has contributed to the team greatly.

      1. But the Bergkamp, Pires, etc played in a team of brilliant football and so Ozil for Madrid and Germany. The structure at Arsenal at the moment I feel isn’t allowing Him to flourish. I actually think with the new found solidity under Arteta, where games have been tight, He could have made a difference. The guys only 31 so he isn’t past it but Ozil has never ever been one to carry a team. He need to feel part of a well structured team to florish but hey I trust Arteta.

  5. Look no further Mr Arteta,go to Norwich and get us Emi Buendia.You can thank me later.

    What is creativity?

    Arsenal actually needed only two players a DM and CM or AM.We have our proper DM in Partey.

    Aouar/Buendia will do.Bellarin is not good enough get an upgrade.

    Hello! Can someone tell Xhaka the back passes and the sideways passes are enough time to also move forward and take some risk.His decision making is very slow. As a midfielder who make transition from defence to attack, You should know what to do with the ball even before you receive a pass.Xhaka spents more time on the ball and this slows down counter attcks and also allows opposition defenders to settle down then what will he do is to pass the ball backwards or sideways.

    Mustafi lacks situational awareness. He can’t detect threats and as long as he is still here and plays fans should just prepare themselves for what happened yesterday against Leicester.

    Why did Cebalos play 90miutes? The man was terrible.

    Pepe is a waste of money so far.The kind of skills and talents he has,he could win us at least one penalty every match if Arteta can utilize those talents.

    Auba and laca were both disappointing. Auba was played out of position.

    We don’t make use of set pieces,when we have corner you see 4 – 5 players on the opponent’s goal keeper.Who the f**k thought you that.the best position to score a corner is to be around the penalty spot.Who is the set pieces coach?

    Saka was ones again the only player who was willing to take risk.

    Arteta should stop the over tinkering.

    These are my observations.

    Most of the players are Cowards.There is lack of purpose in the way they play sometimes.

    1. Partey a DM or B2B?

      the same question goes to Viera, Pogba, Toure and etc…

      fans seem to get confuse

      1. Partey is a box to box midfielder as Viera was. Gilberto Silva was the DM played with Patrick Viera.
        Arsenal has been crying out for a top class DM since Gilberto Silva departed.

    2. Agree Abdul, Emi Buendia from Norwich City would thrive as the CAM at Arsenal. I can’t understand why Arsenal didn’t go for him, while the lower divisions’ transfer window was open.

  6. MA like any new coach appears to be lost. Changing formations, players and players positions from one match to the other is not a sign of a coach in control. So benching Ozil is a decision he shouldn’t have made just like the decisions he makes when he is coaching. MA needs humility because he appears too sure of himself. I am sure few setbacks like the one against Leicester will do the trick. In any case he needs our support and forgiveness till he gets the hang of coaching and I am sure he will get there.

  7. By the time we actually get a creative midfielder in and he takes time to settle we’ll be needing a brand new strike force, the way the season is going we probably need one now! And then we’ll need something else and so on, it’s a never ending cycle.. it’s like this club is cursed! I honestly don’t expect anything of this team and won’t be surprised if we come away from old Trafford with nothing as we usually do! It’s gonna be a long time and maybe a new owner before this team gets back to the top again.

    1. Takes time to settle – argh!!!
      Well if Auba and co forget their shooting boots on Sunday, all hell will break loose!! 😄

      1. Haha yeah Sue no doubt we’ll sign someone from the French division 😉 Pepe still hasn’t settled 😂 or maybe he has and he’s just not that good ? The Arteta out banners will be out in force 😂 tbh I don’t think there’s anyone who can fix us with what we have 🤪

          1. Sue the players I would definitely keep are Tierney, Gabriel, Saliba, Partey, Saka and Auba… That’s 6 players so in my mind we have big problems 😶 I’m not on the Arteta out train but maybe like I said a while back the job might be too big for him with his lack of experience… Leeds play much better football than we do but we have the better players, there’s just something wrong at the club.

  8. A team must support its player in periods when they are criticized in media or elsewhere. To get a fire to burn you need 3 things, 1 oxygen, heat and fuel.

    Mesut Ozil bringed up the racism within the german national fotball team. Leaders in german fotball criticized Ozil, and Ozil retired from german national team. The whole of germany was shocked and all of those people that criticized Ozil apologized and made changes. That means that Ozil was right.

    Arsenal never give the support to ozil that he needed, remember he retired from german national fotball. A team like arsenal should be happy about that.

    When ozil criticized the racism against uigurs in china in a tweet, he got criticized by China.
    Arsenal never give support to Ozil.

    When black life matters movement started in USA Arsenal supported its players when they criticized the treatment of blacks by cops in USA.

    Arsenal benched its player and propably told him not to use his voice. Every human has the right to dpeak free and write, especially when that individual is using his voice and popularity to highlight a problem elsewhere. Ozil never criticized Arsenal, he highlighted problems such as racism inside the german fotball and in the china communist party/nation against a minority.

    So if a fire needs 3 thing to start a player needs 3 things to glow and play and give everything for his club, the support from the staff and owners, a good contract and also give the player the amount of attention the player needs.
    We are talking about a proffesional team not a fotbal team in the 6th division or something.

    Every player have bad periods and moments on the pitch, it could be when a mananger is going to be sacked, the team is bad and so on.

    When milan decided to sack Pioli a player at the age of 39 told the club to keep pioli and fuck everyone else.

    That means the big clubs asks the team if they would give their approval of a new trainer or not.

    The numbers and statistics that ozil has until the season 2018/2019 are very impressive.

    Then someyhing happened!
    You call emery, ljungberg and arteta good trainers? You cant blame a player because the coach is bad.

    The reason Ozil is benched is because China told Arsenal if you play Ozil we wont AIR you matches anywhere in China, but Arsenal new they couldnot bench Ozil directly so they did it slowly. Some say ther is an agreement between china and arsenal that thwy will pay ozils salaries and more if they dont play him.

    That agreement could be Arsenal playing in china in full arenas paid by the communist party or millions of shirts bought by the china communist party and to AIR their games again in china.

    Thats why Ozil fans now the truth! And they will support him cause they are not bought.

    You cant be for real when you say ozil wasnot placed in the 25squad for both PL and EL season because all of those 25 are better than him.

    Well if those 25 players are better than OZIL then they should win every title that they compete for.

    Ultimately the whole team now that Ozil is good hearted and yes he speaks the truth but he never critized the club it was against racism outside england.
    And all of his team players knows the truth and they know that they also could be treated like that by the club.

    Ozil is not stupid he could earn more money elsewhere, because arsenal would agree to give him majority of his salaries anyway if they agrred to terminate his contract. Lets say ozil agrees to terminate his contract but he gets 50% of the wages that is in his contract. Ozil is a free agent and would eazily get paid 5-8 millions a year elsewhere plus his bonus as he accepts the new contract as a free agent and still have a couple of years left.

    Ozil is punishing the club, arsenal is not punishing Ozil. And that is because Arsenal told Ozil not to use his rightment to free speech and and write.

    Arsenal players knows this and they dont care about the results, because if club could treat its best player like that then it could treat everyone else if they open thwir mouth.

    1. Wrong (Although I stopped where you said Arsenal didn’t support him when he was abused in German national team)

      Arsenal supported him at that time, Ivan Gazidis talked in front of the squad in support of Ozil, his teammates supported him publicly, the manager (Unai Emery) supported him and vowed to get the best out of him, so that Arsenal didn’t support him with that is false…

      About the China tweets, it was not confirmed nor as obvious (like for example the Nigeria’s #Endpolicebrutality which Arsenal supported and released a message of support on the social since there images and video footage that backed up the brutality of the police), that’s why most clubs and players didn’t even mention it (not to forget the business side of course), Ozil should have known that and not blame the club for not supporting a “rumour”…

      1. Well said Akinnubi. And in fact let’s get over this talk of how righteous Ozil is. ANYONE who takes an opportunity to have a photo session with Erdogan simply for the sake of honouring his Turkish heritage deserves NO credibility given his appalling human rights record.

  9. Couldn’t agree more with this article. It’s almost as if those calling for Ozil, haven’t been watching him play for Arsenal at all!

    I can understand this argument, if Arteta never gave Ozil a chance, but he did! Ozil offered absolutely nothing from a solid run of games.

    Obviously Ozil is out because of non footballing reasons as well, but don’t pretend that his performances didn’t play a part in that decision as well.

    1. Well he must have been doing something right in those run of games PAL. Arteta picked him for every EPL game and we lost only one of those games as well. After MO10 was taken of at 1-0 and we lose 1-2 to Chelsea.
      Or does those FACTS not count because of who the player is in your one dimensional mind?

      1. Am I the only one who notices that “PAL” comes out every time Phil is losing the argument! Perhaps he thinks it makes him sound hard and terrifying! Sort of “see you Jimmy” followed by a Glasgow kiss!

  10. Ozil is out because of ego problems of managers. Nothing else. I am fed up with Arteta. We demanded for sacking Wenger when Arsenal was far better. Now the old boring boring Arsenal. Its all the fault of manager and not the players. Game strategy is the reason. Inviting vultures to goal by playing out from back. Arteta is not Arsenal quality manager. Its not time for experimenting…Sack him soon and save arsenal.

    1. And who do you think would come to Arsenal under the current conditions? Ponchettino is available, but would never come.

    2. Arteta just a rookie manager lacks the experience, now he too deep in Ozil fiasco. He supposed to focus in-game in and games-out, not sports politics.

      I always remember Gilberto Silva says back in 2005, a good squad should be a combined experience and young players. These will help the young players excel in the near future. We have to see Arsène Wenger’s mistake in the past, went he sold all aging experiences players, which cause Arsenal to lack strong mental strength and experience.

      Arteta, to be a good manager always looking for the best players in winning the match. Arsène Wenger had done it during his early days in Arsenal. Excluded Ozil won’t be a good idea for the squad since they have trained together.

  11. Willock Nelson Nketiah all of them championship players. No good at all!
    Ozil 200 per cent better.
    Arteta out. Biesla in.

    1. What? “Arteta Out Biesla in”???? Are you an AFC fan or Biesla fan? The man just won us two cups with such a rag tag team. He just booted Ozil out, a decision endorsed by Rodgers, a man who knows his football unlike you. And Ozil is not 200% better, he is 350% better off in wages than Willock & co. Mikel is paying for the acts of Wenger, plain and simple.Agree we need creative MF/CAM; sorry Ozil boys/girls, its not Ozil as have mentioned n number of times, that for us AFC fans, 2 assists a season it not enough.

      1. Wiggy, you need a touch of reality. Most of the Arsenal players wouldn’t survive under Bielsa. Check his track record; he is one of the most revered coach/managers around by his peers; however he doesn’t suffer fools gladly, so wouldn’t last long if he came, given his past issues with senior management.

  12. Its unbelievable to hear supporters putting the interest of an individual over that of the club. These are the same supporters who put pressure on Unai Emery to bring back Ozil. The guy is growing old everyday, so there’s no hope of being better. I would urge supporters to the interests of Arsenal first

  13. Anyone calling for Ozil to be included in the team is an enemy of this club,(though not possible until January). Some fans are wicked by supporting a player over the club. We have a lot of deluded fans when it cones to Ozil issue. To me Ozil is a coward and a lazy player, People should get real to the reality on ground that Ozil has no value to the club again. Please leave the club to rue their loss over Ozil, wasted resources.

  14. ”The Spaniard made it clear why he left Ozil out, it was for footballing reasons, anyone that is saying the opposite is, without any doubts, calling our manager an outright liar.” how could you know? are those midfielders better than Ozil? it all goes back to business and the Chines market is growing so anybody rattling it is a treat to the clubs commercial interest. get it..

  15. Much has said about Ozil decline over the last 2 years since signing the new contract but under Emery on the occasions that he played and Arteta when he played , the heat map of his movement over this period shows him playing in a far deeper role compared to previous seasons where he played higher up the field. This is probably due to managers instructors and the inability of the back to play out from the back. Hence the lack of assists. However there were numerous occasions of helping to recycle the ball and get Arsenal moving forward and help a player to create the assist. Despite this He still created more scoring opportunities per 90 mins played then any other Arsenal player. As far as his training ethics are concerned his team mates have confirmed he is always professional and works hard and is a maestro. Koscielny also confirmed this. There is no way that he should be out the team now that Partey is in the side. He could now play higher up the field and do what he does. Be creative and unlock defenses

    1. then tell him to follow Koscielny and enjoy him self there. players who are not happy go for greener pasture else where why not him?

  16. I guess @sadgunner is simply a saddening human! Most fans have their thinking faculty in their ass.

    Aside aston villa, arsenal are the second team with least goals conceeded!

    I guess that aint a defensive improvement…well it may have been at the expense of attack.

    I mean our rivals aint doing much better, 60m was spent to shore up mainly the deffensive options, while in same city , western part lampard had 200m spent on his attacking force, yet they are struggling to get results, same with united, city etc.

    Sure we are expected to make the most of their downtime, but do not forget MA is yet to have a full season.

    Why not judge him by may 2021.

    I ignored the ozill situation as am no sissy, that niche are for women who believes in fantasies than realities.

    I hope you have a fantastic tuesday ahead.

  17. At list i have got some one who can see like me, even a brand new close can get wone out and it doesnt mean that bcz it was brand new, you should continou using it when knowing very well that if you wear it some parts of your body remain uncovered. and this is the reality about Orzil that many fans dont see. even after Arteta gave him chance to play more than 18 times.

    1. Don’t we know it Sue-
      [ADMIN PAT COMMENT Phil, can we not bring up old feuds please? No need for personal abuse…]

  18. I stop reading when I saw one bad game……..Martin is it five and a half so far this season if I add el. We were just lucky to get a result in two against Westham and Sheffield. I support Arteta 110% but I won’t be so blind to his and his team shortcomings. This is Emery all over again and I will an hypocrite if I accept this. I won’t talk about Ozil as he is non of my concern at this point. Arsenal is and with the quality and caliba of the players we have we should be doing better. I will never see any bad results as just one bad result, that acceptance had seen us lost 3 so far and at that rate we would lose half of our matches by end of season.

  19. The speed at which the Arteta out and Ozil in posts have started staggered me.

    All of a sudden everyone knows better than Arteta and everyone knows what is going on inside the club.

    Arteta is a liar for saying Ozil was omitted from the squad for footballing reasons alone. He took responsibility for his actions. That means Arteta has principles in my book and is not a liar or the mouthpiece of the board.

    The decision has been made, Ozil and his agent have made their feelings clear and I’m supporting the manager over any Arsenal player.

    If in the fullness of time Arteta makes a complete hash of it then I’ll be as concerned as the next Gooner but in the meantime I’m giving him my wholehearted backing. Mistakes will be made but jumping on his back so quickly is disgusting bearing in mind how everyone got super thrilled with the cup win, the contract extension of Auba and the signing of Gabriel and Partey

    How many years did it take Liverpool to win the league and how many years did it take an experienced manager like Klopp to achieve that goal????

    1. So SueP, then how do you explain MA playing ozil in every single match before lockdown when he had same set of players available to select then after lockdown ozil plays not a single game when he refused pay cut. Did MA found heaven during the lockdown?? Your anylasis is so naive, when the events that happen are clear for everyone to see. Did ozil became worse then every other player over night?? MA is a young manager and this is his first job so he is not Wenger or Ferguson who board can not dictate.

      1. I might be just as naive as you are Mohsan as it’s all about opinions.

        I wrote that post to praise the qualities I see in Arteta. You think he is a mouthpiece to keep omitting Ozil in some sort of cunning plan. If that was the case then it has clearly backfired on both Arteta and the club hasn’t it? He is still an Arsenal employee.

        I’m not putting blind faith in Arteta; I’m not expecting miracles and if results keep going wrong then his days will be numbered like almost every other PL manager. I think he deserves at the very least till the end of the season to take the club forward

        1. Hi SueP, I am not saying we should sack MA but we need to demand better results and football from him instead of being satisfied with the performance we are major worry is the mentality of fans who are content with loss just because we lost by smaller margin. Omitting Ozil has back fired on club and MA big time simple reason we are paying him but utilising him this clearly shows there is a standoff or ego issue with the club. Arsenal need to be wise here and utilise his skills bec we are paying him for them. I. Not saying play him every match whole match but he can be utilised at home to break down the teams who park the bus like licester did to us. There are three ways you can break this kind of defensive setup, one you have a ball carrying midfield player who can either dribble his way through or fetch you set pieces near opposition box, second to have a player who posses great vision who can produce one or two of those defence splitting passes and third a player who is willing to make those runs from Medfield which can not be man marked my defenders. Partey can carry the ball and dribble through as his stats suggest but he was deployed deep n will be used deep (I have no issue with that) Cebollos and Xhaka are not dribblers n both tend to stand Infront of opposition to play the passes, both don’t make runs either to create space or provide more through ball playing option. Both are capable of playing defence splitting passes but not too consistent with that. The way ozil fits into picture is he floats between the lines and is clever enough to create that space, he can also drag defender with him to create space for team to utilise plus he is an attack minded player so his most passes are made towards opposition half. I think club made a mistake I know we didn’t want to keep him but if we have him then use him when we need such qualities even if it’s for few matches and cameos. Why make it into a big ego issue.

          1. Mohsan
            I do appreciate your feelings and you have explained your position very well
            I don’t know what is going on in the background- none of us do. I certainly didn’t want the situation to end up where it has.
            I can only hope that behind the scenes the club have identified what they want for the future and were unable to make that happen this summer. This may be why Ozil wasn’t selected
            The football isn’t great at the minute but I feel that as supporters we have expected too much too soon

      1. Well Dan, I could counter that by saying that Liverpool were able to sell players who were then replaced with new blood.
        Ozil made it clear that he would see out his contract regardless of whether he would feature.

        1. I could counter that by saying Klopp trained and taught players to be better
          He didn’t look at Henderson and say your rubbish , go home
          He trained him
          Ozil leaving in the summer
          So if the club isn’t buying anyone better which they didn’t , swallow your pride and use him
          Your still paying him so only party that is losing is us fans

    2. Sue we Arsenal
      You don’t lose 3 out of 6 games with zero creativity then leave your most creative player out of squad
      If he’s not lieing , That’s worse !
      That means he’s looked at that squad and gone with 10 mins to.go , if I need a goal I got better options

    3. “Nasty, dirty ,underhand” REALITY Sue P! How could you be so “CRUEL” to those poor unfortunates in the Ozil fan club. They need help, not ” nasty realists” like you. On the other hand, the thinkers on here do very much NEED YOU and your realism!

  20. Last season Ozil created the most key passes per game than any arsenal player,he actually was the only one who created more than 2.Kolasimac cant beat this stat can he?😂

    1. To be honest,looking back. Regarding Ozil &Sanchez. They played together superbly for Arsenal. Sanchez then wanted more money,we said no. His last 6 months where rubbish. When he left he declined further. Ozil’s started then. They complimented each other,apart theres nothing. Sanchez covered alot of ground for Ozil. No one else will.

  21. Hahaha…back to delusional world of some of Arsenal fans. First It was not brilliant Arteta decision credit goes to board lol!, Second it’s not one loss and fans are back to it. It’s three losses now if this is called improvement then I believe the fans who support this sort of mentality deserve what we are seeing. Morinihio took spurs almost at same time and same kind of cricumstances it was actually more difficult for them because moving away from a long term manager like it was similarly more difficult for UE. Look where spurs are and what sort of football they are playing. I am not morinihio fan n don’t want him any way near our club but all those fans giving silly excuses and hiding from truth don’t see whats happening across London. I have realised we will never be great againa and reach the heights we have reached in past because majority of our fans are happy n content with mid table performances along with small club mentality. How far the mighty have fallen, now we celebrate a 1-0 loss to city and licester as a win and congratulate the team for their performances on such bezaar football.

  22. While some people get angry over Ozil’s omission from the team, I get incensed over semantics by some contributors on this site. Does it matter whether one is called a box-to-box player or defensive midfielder so long as he does the job? The obsession with words over substance can be irritating!
    Back to the issue of Ozil, these same fans are the ones who contributed to Ozil’s exclusion because they were dissatisfied with his performance. How has he now turned out to be Arsenal’s saviour? There is an African saying that some one absent will be deemed to have been the one with the capacity to kill a leopard that had terrorised an area! What does this mean? It means that when one is away one is turned into a hero even though one has never exhibited heroic deeds! When did Ozil ever single-handedly save Arsenal from certain defeat? I personally don’t remember that. Perhaps someone with sharper memory than mine can remind me.

  23. I am fully on MA’s side and stick with him in his selections. However, to say fatigue was an issue is a bit lame in my book. Fatigue didn’t seem to effect Leicester City?

    The problem against Leicester was that we had no way of opening their defense up. That was why Arsenal bought Ozil all those years ago. It’s okay to take him out of the squad but, to have no one to replace him is just silly!

    Our crossing is terrible so that isn’t an option. Without out Ozil we have nothing and obviously with him we have little. So, why did we not look to get a creative midfielder? There were options available but the penny pinching owners didn’t want o spend!

    I would assume there are some internal politics at hand too. But, I guess the truth will come out later in a hard back copy!?

    1. Perhaps GunneRay there will be action in the transfer window to fix the current deficiencies. Let’s hope so. We know that Arsenal is a work in progress

      1. I hope so, SueP. Maybe MA can find a solution before then with what he has? Otherwise we need the Kronkes’ to splash cash and hopefully move some out?

    1. A ridiculous statement. Arteta played 110 starts for arsenal just in the league. Most of them as Captain. Get back in your mouse box please….

  24. See Mesut Ozil’s stats, a deep dive,

    The problem is the new “system”, and Wenger is right. If Emery and Areta were right, we would do better than Wenger, and that is obviously not true as the new managers are getting hammered by other clubs.

    Use Ozil as a roaming attacker, as Wenger did! Wenger’s problem was he did not have good enough defensive players. But, now we do! That will stop the leaking goals.

    Playing a pressing system destroys creativity. It essentially forces our most creative player to run around like a chicken without a head. Both Emery and Arteta are missing the most important player in the squad and not using him in the best way possible. It is like trying to use an F1 car to fetch groceries. How sad for the fans, how sad for Ozil.

    When used properly, Ozil would be playing without the defensive duties, and would be focused on creating chances and playing behind the opposing mid-field. (See analysis above on when Ozil is at his best.) Just his presence in the area would force the back line of the opposing side player lower. With Ozil able to assess from where to attack it would create chances: from the middle with Partey-Ozil-Laca, and on the wings with Ozil-Pepe and Ozil-Auba. That is in addition to the other routes to attack via wings, or via Partey’s long range supply to the forwards.

    Defense will have to mind Ozil. That means spaces for the wing backs.

    Partey is good enough to link with Ozil or with the wings, or even bring the ball up himself. With Partey in front of the central defenders, there would be more stability there, even if the wing back were high.

    Arsenal has to get back to using its players in the best way they play to avoid dropping further down the table.

    It is sad to see all this talent wasted and the player gradually being destroyed managers who are trying to play systems that are not appropriate for the personnel.

    1. Great analysis, JJ Pawn! You have made some brilliant points, though I would say much of that is common sense.
      The problem as you say is the system; any system however good it is in paper won’t work if you don’t have the right players to execute it. And this is where a lot of the (modern day) coaches go wrong, hell bent on proving their system works. The proof of a system working or not is in the results and in how the opposition responds to it. If the opposition easily reads and counters your system effectively, then your system is clearly not working. I thought Arteta would be a good coach but I don’t see that for the past one year.
      Now, with the addition of a couple good defenders and in particular Partey, Ozil should have been in, playing a free roaming attacker and dropping only till the half-line.

  25. “One bad game and all of a sudden short memory syndrome” please remind me what other game has not been boring and lacked creativity this season? If Ozil is not playing why not try Emile, Willock, Niles, Nelson. We have not have a good since the MAn City or the Liverpool game that we won.

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