Brilliant Bellerin confirms Barcelona snub – Instant Arsenal hero!

What an Arsenal legend our brilliant Spanish international right back Hector Bellerin has become in such a short space of time. The talented young defender was already well on his way to being one of the Arsenal fans’ favourite players with his swashbuckling and supremely fast performances up and down our right flank but with a statement he made on his future today, reported by Metro, Bellerin has catapulted himself into the realms of Arsenal legends.

With the Arsenal defender currently on international duty with Spain at Euro 2016, you can bet that the many Barcelona players in the squad will have been in his ear about going back to the club where he spent eight years in the youth system, just as they did a few years ago with Cesc Fabregas, even going as far as forcing him to wear a Barca shirt.

But unlike our former captain and current Chelsea player, Bellerin is not so easily swayed and clearly knows where his bread is buttered. Perhaps he has been influenced by the way things did not exactly go according to plan for Cesc after he forced his way out of the Emirates or perhaps he is just more appreciative of what the Gunners and Arsene Wenger have done for his fledgling career.

Whatever the reason, our star has moved to stoop any attempts by the likes of Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba to persuade him by stating categorically that he is happy where he is and has no intention of leaving north London for the Nou Camp or anywhere else for that matter.

He said, ‘I am very happy at Arsenal.

‘I renewed last year and have many years left. I am very happy. In football you can always spend a lot, but I’m in the Arsenal, giving everything for the club.

‘I do not think about going to anywhere else.’

Good to hear Hector and the way things are shaping up for Arsenal so far in the summer transfer market, hopefully it will be a very successful as well as a long career as a Gunner.

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  1. Phew!, now Ozil and Alexis too, so we can concentrate on who’s coming in.

    It keeps coming up that Arsenal are a possession team whilst Vardy done well in a counter attack side. When we tried out Theo we were playing Theo in the away games and Giroud in the home for most part. Whenever we are away, we get plenty of opportunities to counter attack. I think Vardy would still get many chances to play the way he prefers. Against bigger opponents, and in the CL it would be good to have someone who is clinical in this type of football. And then you have all but about 4 or 5 teams when we’re away were this could again be useful. I can see the positives of having a player with his abilities, maybe he wont be called upon in every encounter, but there is still a usefulness in having him around. Also, I don’t know why, but I felt we were not going to stop with Vardy being the main striker, I felt we would get another. Giroud hinted as much, well actually he said as much.

    Although, some people think the reason why Arsene said that Vardy wont start for England is because he became a bit miffed with the whole situation. They came to us, so the obvious thing would be to believe he’s keen, but then came the circus. Taking the piss, a Lei player turning us down (wtf), after they made the first move? If it is the case, hopefully we’ll move onto bigger and better things, it’s what allot of people prefer anyhow.

  2. Bellerin turning down a massive club like Barcelona is awesome
    Wish RVP, Cashley, Nasty Nasri had done the same
    (I don’t blame Henry or Fabregas though, Henry won us trophies and Fabregas wanted to go to his boyhood club/home city)

    Bellerin was one of my favourite players even before this decision
    Thanks Hector 🙂

  3. Fabregas said the same things. Henry, the same. For Henry, well his time had come. FOR Fabregas, all was well until we he won the World Cup with Spain…triggering that forceful shirt donning. The rest as they say, is history..

    Point is, until he starts games for Arsenal next season, words don’t mean as much. Remember Fabian from Aston Villa to City.

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