Brilliant Bellerin to keep Debuchy out of the Arsenal XI?

Apart from two mistakes yesterday, the Arsenal and now Spain under 21 international right back Hector Bellerin put in another great performance for the Gunners. He scored a great goal after bemusing the Liverpool defence and beating Mignolet with a quality curling finish from his wrong foot to add to his debut goal against Aston Villa in February and was heavily involved in our attacking play while doing his defensive duties well.

It really has been a remarkable rise for the young Spaniard, who may well have been facing another loan spell had Arsenal’s injury problems not forced Arsene Wenger to play him. Just like with Francis Coquelin, the just turned 20-year old has grabbed his chance and he has been a big part of the Gunners fightback from a poor start to the season.

His defensive colleague Per Mertesacker heaped praise on him for his latest performance, as reported by, speaking about the lift the youngster has given to the whole team and how important him stepping up has been.

The German said, “He scored the first goal and that was vital.

“He’s given us a lot of energy this season. He’s stepped up because we’ve had a lot of injuries but he gave us such a great energy and he’s capable of producing great performances like today.”

His manager was equally impressed as well, as another report on the Arsenal website explains, by both key facets of what is expected of a full back in modern football, and that is without even mentioning the fact that Bellerin is like a streak of lightning and beat one of Theo Walcott’s club speed records this year.

Arsene Wenger said, “He’s one of the surprises of the season. He was at Watford on loan last year and didn’t get the games. He’s just 20 years old, if you look at what he does at 20 years of age… He played against a great player today in Sterling in the second half.

“Maybe he still has some experience to gain but defending one against one is good and going forward is good as well. He scored an important goal in a big game and that always shows that the guy has the mental quality to be there.”

The big question now is, does Bellerin have the quality to keep Mathieu Debuchy out of the starting XI as our France international nears match fitness after his unlucky shoulder injury? What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Letter to Bellerin: please DON’T Listen to Barcelona if they come calling……. Arsenal really is Home!

    1. How many goals did sagna score for us? And were they as good as bellerin two goals???

      1. Don´t miss sagna at all!
        He can count his money while he rot on the chity-bench…..and regret

        1. Don’t talk rubbish about Sagna please. He left us after 7-8 years at arsenal. Also he never dragged his contract extensions except for his last season. He was a professional nd loyal player. Don’t compare bellerins half season wid sagna’s numerous seasons..

          1. Exept for his last season…. right! He chose city and the big money when we needed him to stay and keep our excellent back-line intact. The manager wanted him to stay. So did the players, and most fans.
            Dosent seem very loyal to me (unless he was offered a poor contract), and he joined a rival in the EPL. I remember the players sung… We want you to stay, we want you to stay…. at the FA-cup parade

            Aggre Bellerin has a long way to go before he reach sagnas level, but we also got Debuchy. A slight upgrade on Sagna

            1. At 31 years of age he was entering into his last contracT and he has every rite to ask for as much money as possible not only be cos of his long service at d Club but alsi due to the fact dat a footballer retires around 35 years of age and thereafter has no significant source of income to run his family. We call dem greedy, but the truth is we we are fools who like to judge.

    2. bellerin has been brilliant, he is still young an needs a little more experience, but in a year or two he will be our first choice right back fosho…. I still think we should use him and give him playing time but debuchy is better defensively and in the games which we need to defend better we could use debuchy and in games which we need to attack more bellerin…look at it this way we have two quality RB……

  2. Great performance by Bellerin. He has got everything that it takes to become a world class RB.
    I still think Wenger will prefer the more experienced Debuchy when he´s fit. Hector is still a little raw, picks up many cards, and makes some mistakes.
    Still hope he will get a lot more game time. He has earned it….

  3. ‘He played against a great
    player today in Sterling in the second
    did wenger just call sterling ‘great player’?
    I think the old man has something his sleave.

    1. Haha even if it’s not legitimate interest. We should throw in a cheeky bid of whatever figure +$1! Really stir them up!!
      Then rodgers can complain to the press, acting like they’re the only club who’s ever received a bid deemed undervalued ever, bitch and moan about how we’re similar strength clubs.. Or how players only have a preference over Liverpool because London’s nicer!!

      I’m really starting to dislike rodgers.. A lot

  4. Great game by hector wow and he’s still only 20,lets tie hin down on a new long term contract(10yrs contract) before our friends from spain come calling

  5. What more does bellerin have to do to stay in the squad, I love debuchy, but bellerin has to stay in there, he’s come from nowhere and give him a better contract too

  6. He has been great at RB it would be hard to keep him out! ” le professor” will have some headaches! Coyg!

  7. Hector bellerin and “le coq” has been two shinning stars/ gems for arsenal fc this season! Coyg!

  8. So nice to see our youth players shining for the senior team
    Le Coq and Bellerin have earned their starting right so i feel Debuchy should wait…maybe play him in the fa cup games.

    I so wish our other Academy players would step up,it is time for Wilshere,Ramsey and Ox to reach their potential now.

  9. Move Bellerin to RW. Aside from his pace, he has shown a real attacking prowess and eye for goal. Debuchy brings up the rear with Jenks on deck. Right flank secure for the next decade.

  10. If you are good enough, you are old enough. Bellerin has been brilliant. I think that Wenger should alternate him and Debuchy the way he alternates Gibbs and monreal. We need two top players in every position. It will enable us compete the farthest, even with injuries.

  11. Bellerin needs to stay in the first 11, keep his development going, not sure there is a rb his age in the world with this lads potential. Could also add solidity on the right with debuchy behind him if we need to defend a lead. Most importantly, politely remind him what tends to happen to Arsenal players when they go to Barca (SPOILER it doesnt go to well).

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