Perfect win gives Arsenal fans belief again

To be perfectly honest I would not have been all that surprised if Arsenal had fluffed their lines in the Champions League clash with Dinamo Zagreb, or at the very least made hard work of beating the Croatian team. We have had a bit of a hard time of it lately with injury problems mounting up, some bad luck and the level of performances dropping.

But the way the Gunners set about things and dominated the visiting team was just perfect and as well the win keeping our Champions League hopes alive, it was yet another feather in the cap for the fighting team spirit that the Gunners now have.

People keep doubting Arsenal’s ability to keep going or how we will react to a setback or two but once again the players stepped up and to a man showed that we will not let bad things get us down. Obviously we want them to go to Athens and finish the remarkable comeback job in the Champions League but the Premier League is still a huge priority for us this season.

And after the way Arsenal played against Zagreb with the pressure and doubts beginning to mount up, is anyone really worried about our trip to face Norwich City in the Premier League this weekend?

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  1. rpk says:

    I saw something different in ozil, his agility. He dint go down easily and he looked very strong. There is only one reason he is playing like that its Alexis. Alexis is like a (good)virus, it is spreading across team..!!

  2. rpk says:

    NASA is looking for alien outside, they should watch Alexis play and think again..!!

  3. rpk says:

    And Campbell was awesome. Its his best game. And he is improving.

  4. atid says:

    World class footballers need to play in the top competitions and tonight it showed. Alexis and Ozil really want this competition and cech also done what little he had to do in a world class way. When those 3 play at their top level it can only inspire the likes of campbell to perform better.

    Hat tipped to flamini, who did everything he had to do tonight and done it simply. Held his position, didn’t get a card, no 40-60 challenges and completed the match injury free.

    So now to Norwich. Ramsey and chamberlain should come into the squad. You would think at the expense of adelaide and one of the 8 defenders amongst the outfield 16.

    Be interesting to see if Ramsey starts and who misses out? The extra 2 days will be welcome Tuesday/Sunday is heaps better than our usual Wednesday/Saturday drill and better than some rivals Thursday/Sunday schedule (one massive reason why we need a 2 goal win in Greece.

    7 matches until the window opens, my target is a 2 goal win in Greece and 14 points minimum.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      If Ramsey starts he should start for cazorla and give him a rest or Giroud and push sanchez as ST. Campbell deserves to start at the weekend he played very well and showed great vision, Campbell laid a beautiful ball off to alexis in the 1st half where he shoulda hit it first time and he grew into the game.

      Ox needs to step his game up and when does Welbeck come back I think him returning will be big for us

  5. mohawk says:

    Flamini did well today but I have doubts he can hold up against the bigger clubs. He is just past his prime.

    Interesting thought: Does anyone know if Debuchy can play DM??

    1. Budd says:

      Flamini was no worse than Coquelin. I think he will do ok there.

  6. kamn288 says:

    Arsenal performed decently as there is no appreciation due to the West Brom performance as half of the crowd did not turn up. Dynamo exposed flaws in the system where the team was unable to move it swiftly thanks to desperation from Zagreb players. Their manager did what West ham did on opening day.

  7. Godswill says:

    How do I define a must win situation? When you see Ozil scoring with a glancing header not by the goal post.
    How do I define determination? When you see O. Giroud sprinting a 300 m as if he is being pursued by a hungry lion.
    What is my similar in meaning to strength? Alexis Sanchez.
    Why can’t this happen always for us.

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