Brilliant injury news can see Arsenal lift FA cup AND Premier League

I am sensing quite a bit of nerves and pessimism around Arsenal fans at the moment. After just two points from the last three Premier League games and with an FA cup 4th round to play just days before the next EPL game against a Southampton side with no game this weekend and that inflicted our biggest defeat of the season so far, it is hardly surprising that we are all a bit concerned about messing up the title race.

So the latest Arsenal injury update given by Arsene Wenger via the club’s official website is a massive boost to our confidence and our chances of being crowned champions. From a few weeks ago when the Gunners were missing a large number of players and key members of the first team at that, the manager has revealed that the injury list is down to just two.

They are Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla and they are both some time away from a comeback, while Danny Welbeck is not ready to play yet even though he is back in training. But with everyone else fit to feature to some extent, Wenger’s options are much greater and so he can rotate for the cup and league games while being able to field two strong sides.

The Frenchman revealed, “Mertesacker is out because of the red card, and everybody else is available, apart from Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla. After that it is just a question of selection and decision-making, that is the key.

“Jack and Santi are progressing well but they are at least a few weeks away. But these two apart, it is just about competitiveness and match fitness.

“Danny Welbeck is not completely ready but he is not far. He needs a game or two because he’s been out since last April. The Stoke [under-21] game is too soon because he only had one session with the team, and that is too short.

“Francis is available to play now because he has passed two weeks of full training. Tomas is also available for selection.”

Arsenal will even have Mertesacker available to face the Saints as he will serve his one game ban against Burnley. So has this injury news just massively increased the chances of Arsenal lifting the Premier League trophy and the FA cup in May?

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  1. Please all teams have injuries, just stop the excuses.

    Your minds are poisoned, but Wenger and the board.

    1. the immature, depraved and completely unnecessary coq jokes are back!

      welcome back francis have been hugely missed.

      1. My suggested team:

        Debuchy – Chambers – Gabriel – Gibbs
        Flamini – Arteta
        Ox – Rosicky – Campbell

        1. we all at justarsenal were dreading at the start of the season that loss of coquelin would be the main killer of our season. it happened, and so of all the things, i’m the most happy about coquelin coming back. [ purchase of a backup, el nenny is the 2nd thing]

          now we just need to find our scoring again.

          [ and i really wish wenger would give gabriel a chance to develop; we’ve been caught out a number of times attacking with a high line and getting busted through mert]

  2. Joining a club of arsenal s stature has its ups and downs.There is a requirement of how our players should perform when on the pitch.The following is a list of players who were wrong to choose arsenal.Aaron ramsey-Even though he is the most favoured of all players at the club now.I cant help but think how it would have gone for Him if he decided to search for other greener pastures.He was a clear talented footballer during his time at cardiff but he hasnt been raised with the discipline at arsenal.You can always see ramseys all round strengths but sadly Its not helping him or the club with his foward moving pleasurr.He is so Over used and its sometimes difficult for him to get used to the rythm of the game.With time you realise he gets low ib confidence and his engine gets wasted.He needed somebody who would have managed him properly and with care and that person is certainpy not wenger.You would have been better off at Manu mate.Calum chambers-Came us a very talented player from southampton with raw talent.He was very good at first but wenger found a way to reduce his level of confidence.His inexperience was left exposed and wenger didnt do anything to resolve that problem and instead He looked for other talented players.Alex oxlade chamberlain-Another very talented player who needed only his skilled sharpened and his character modelled.That and he was ready to become a world beater.But wenger decided to let him run and run like a headless chicken causing him to be often injured and damaging his confidence.Who knows what would have happened to him gad he decided to look for more greener pasture.He is surely a much better player than this.Theo walcott-Another player who was tipped to have a very bright future.He had it in him.But all he needed was an appropriate manager who would nurture him with discipline and help him with his talent.But on  Coming to arsenal he was given Much more responsiblities putting more weight on his shoulders on top of that another player who was recklessly managed with his talent and never coming off age because his character wasnt properly shaped.Mesut ozil-Al right i agree he perfoms well just recently.But imagine all the legendary players he was often compared to during his time at real madrid.On coming to arsenal he found no rotation often overused,suffered many injuries and his confidence dwindled.It is pretty clear arsene does not take any responsibility for players.And when at arsenal you have to be your own manager.You need not rely on your manager otherwise you might continue being the same player for the next many years.That is why each and every player are what they are because of their own efforts and wenger had nothing to do with it.Van persie was the same player for over 7 years untill he himself decided to change.Wenger only organises and prepares tge team while the rest is in your court.It is not what so many people make it out to be.Thats why we need to pressure wenger more than our own players.They are their own self managers and wenger needs to take that responsibility

    1. Once again, Ramsey doesn’t have the privilege of playing alongside a disciplined midfielder like Coquelin. Having Flamini makes him look bad because Flamini can’t be a DM in the PL no more he’s just not good enough hence why we always seem exposed. If you ever saw the games where Cazorla played alongside Flam or Arteta you would have noticed the EXACT SAME weaknesses you currently see with the Flam/Rambo partnership. The fact is, when Ramsey was out injured earlier this season he proved how important he was to the team with Cazorla not being as effective in attack as the Welsh man, most fans including me were begging for him to be fit as soon as possible. Another fact is Ramsey is the only midfielder that can consistently get you goals, unfortunately without Sanchez to open up spaces he hasn’t been getting them regularly. But the Liverpool game was a prime example of why he’s important to the team, without him we would’ve suffered another humiliation but he brought us back in the fight through his goal and assist making. There’s a reason why Wenger won’t stop encouraging our no16 to bomb forward, when in form he’s the best ACM in England (alongside Ozil) even pundits have claimed this.

    2. The people in question have their own responsibility, when a player fails to deliver on promise throughout a career then they have nobody to blame but themselves. Some people blame Arsene on the weather. Ox is still very young and could still fill his promise. Chambers, I don’t know about anyone else but I didn’t have a clue what type of player we were getting because it was sprung from nowhere and anybody who claims they knew of him and expected great things well I would find that curious. Ramsey is a tremendous talent we are lucky to have him, problem is when things go bad some people tend to blame one player.

      I am not for one moment suggesting that I agree with you about failure from players as I am only pointing out how men are responsible for their own actions.

  3. This is gonna be a major boost for us. But at the same time, Wenger should be careful in selection ‘cos all matches need to be won….WE ARE ARSENAL…therefore we can do it.

  4. I think he should put the best team out first half then subs at half time. We could do with a good high win. I would drop OG and play TW up front because it’s AW that keeps wanting the same faces. TW will score and if you play the new lad and FQ first half it could have a relaxing feel to the players

    1. agree: put walcott at cf; then if we’re comfortable , let iwobi have a go.
      just having el-nenny or coquelin at the back instead of flam will have a huge impact and allow ramsey to go forward w/o causing holes to appear.
      we’ve had a very soft center lately: liverpool was able to just waltz by flam.
      that’ll take care of D.
      then we just need to get our goal scoring shoes back on.

      1. the main thing impressed me about roz is that no matter if we’re down or under pressure, he always finds a forward pass. wenger definitely underplayed him last few years. he should have started every CL game for us; he tends to not get as overwhelmed by occasion as do some of the others.

  5. Rosicky has been carrying Arsenal for the second half of the season for a while now. I like the urgency he brings into games. Always running, never stopping 😀

    1. …and when you have Alexis alongside him, who himself is urgency personified, it can be helpful. I just wish the whole team would show that a little more. When you watch a team like Leicester City, which don’t have any major stars in them, there’s always an element of urgency in their team play. We had that in the game against Man United earlier in the season from the first whistle. It is a natural part of the Barcelona game, especially so when they don’t have the ball.

      1. i suspect the missing urgency comes from wenger’s style. just cant see him in the dressing room getting the players up like a klopp might. even tho the players should generate that urgency themselves, in reality, having the right coach to do it i’m sure is a huge plus.

    2. Odd that Rosicky is the OLDEST player in our squad (by 2 years at least), yet his pace/skills/stamina or displays in general haven’t deteriorated like Arteta or Flamini has. This is of course comparing Rosicky of last spring. Hopefully he’s still the same! Gods know we need some wide shoulders this spring to carry our form.

  6. Very good news about
    Francis being back.
    Arsenal are now
    spoilt for choice 🙂
    Cech Ospina
    Mertz Koz Gabriel Chambers
    Bellerin Debuchy Monreal Gibbs
    Elneny Coq Arteta Flamini
    Ramsey Ozil Rosicky
    Sanchez Walcott Campbell
    Ox Adelaide Iwobi
    24 players fit and available

  7. No matter If our injured players are back..they will not make an instant impact so get team in the world have those high expectations when a player is back..they need time to settle , to adapt mentally and physically as they were for LeCoq and Rosicky will take about month..If rushed then it may re occurred and take even longer. Play El Neny so why you bought him?..Play Sanchez another 45 or 60 mins then sub him..with Iwobi and OzilNo team has won the EPL after 5 defeats so If we can get another player to strength the squad for the final push GO FOR IT. ..

    1. coq will be ready to go from the get-go. i just know it. burnley is a perfect opportunity to burn in coq and el-nenny so we have 2 quality CDMs ready to go for southampton and beyond.
      if wenger is clever with rotation in next 3 games, he’ll be able to burn in roziscky , as well as give some time to adelaide and iwobi. burnley and bournemouth are great opportunities (not that they’ll be willing to roll over, but our 2nd-stringers need to step up and prove their worth)

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