“Brilliant movement” Arsenal man earns praise for the way his goal was crafted

Former West Ham star Danny Gabbidon has praised Granit Xhaka after the midfielder scored one of the goals in Arsenal’s win against Crystal Palace today.

As Mikel Arteta’s side looks to win the Premier League, the midfielder has become one of the goal outlets for Arsenal this season.

Xhaka is one of the leading players at the club and does it on the field even without the armband.

His goal was well crafted, thanks to his positional sense and he deserves it, with Gabbidon saying on The BBC:

“It’s a tight on initially with the offside so it will be checked but Xhaka starts the move and finishes it. He gets the other side of Tomkins.

“Brilliant movement, just positioning of Xhaka, he is almost like a centre forward. He doesn’t stand still and he continues his run and gets a bit of luck with the finish.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Xhaka is one of our key players and the midfielder deserves how fond of him the fans have become.

He almost left the Emirates in 2020 and will be happy he finally decided to stay, as he is now one of the first names on the team sheet.

We need goals from everywhere in the team and he is delivering his bit from midfield as we aim to earn as many wins as possible.

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  1. When the marks out of 10 are awarded – as they surely will be – there won’t be single player below 6 and definitely NOT a Bruno Fernandez!!😊

    My son and I were discussing Xhaka and his redemption What a smashing goal – it was well taken and well deserved

    1. Sue in newspapers, a six always means average.
      But in PATS definition, given at long last a week or so ago, a six means good. On that basis you are correct.

  2. I often wonder why it takes so very long for theposts written (which do appear quickly on the right hand side of the screen) to actually appear in the thread itself!
    It takes far too long, Ad PAT!

  3. He has always been the 1st name on the team sheet since he has came to Arsenal, he is now coming of age and as he said is different this season.

    He is a leader and now we all see it as Mikel gets the best out of him like his national side get. One of the best redemption story’s of the Premier league era.

    Let’s hope this ends with a historic title win.

  4. I note with interest that three players who have been deemed not good enough, were real stalwarts today.
    1. Xhaka.
    2. Holding.
    3. Tierney.

    Isn’t it about time these so called “supporters” pulled their necks in and started “supporting” EVERY player and not look for scapegoats to vent their venom on day after day?

    1. Well, I don’t think you can say anything after one game. Being “good enough” means doing it consistently – I don’t think anyone believes any of the players in our squad aren’t capable of a good performance. They would be denying reality as all of them have played well at least once before.
      And just to be clear, I’m not saying any of those three aren’t good enough – probably xhaka is the only one I’ve been overly critical of in the past, but as soon as he demonstrated significant and prolonged improvement, I changed my tune. For long time I’ve been saying holding is a good backup, and with KT, my concern is only that he’s not a great fit for our playing style, would never say he’s not a very good LB.

      1. In my comments, I did say “today”, so therein lies a clue to my thinking.
        I agree that more playing time is required and that’s why both Holding and Tierney should be lauded for their performances yesterday – as I said, looked like they had never been away.

        1. I know you said today, but i don’t see the importance because if they can’t do it consistently, their detractors will always have ammunition. Not sure if I’m missing your point.

          1. Davi, well have seen the “bench” players come on and show their rustiness dye to lack of playing time, ESR, Tomi and Viera being examples.
            What I found so commendable about Holding and Tierney, was the fact that they just fitted in seamlessly and the team was as strong with them – just as Xhaka has shown his worth this season.
            All three have, at one time or another, been labelled as not good enough but they all proved yesterday, exactly why they are such important players and squad members to MA.

    2. Spot on!
      I read somewhere that rugby coaches no longer use the term”substitutes”. apparently,you now have the ‘starters’ and the’ finishers’.in the article,they explained that like in football you now need a full squad to win trophies. I’d like to see the same thing in football.i don’t like it when people use words/expressions like”2nd string,fringe or squad players.

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