Brilliant news for Arsenal on BOTH Ozil and Alexis Sanchez

Just a week ago the main theme in the football media on the contract situations of the two Arsenal stars was being portrayed almost entirely as negative and the general consensus was that both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil would refuse the new deals being offered to them by the club.

That could still be the case on one if not both of these important Gunners, but there are reasons to believe that Arsenal will end up securing the future of both.

The reason for us to think that the striker wants to remain an Arsenal player, if the TV pundit and former spud Jamie Redknapp is right in what he says in the Daily Mail, come from the reason why Alexis was so unhappy about being replaced by Danny Welbeck towards the end of the heavy win over Swansea.

Redknapp said, “It was bizarre to see Alexis Sanchez go off in a strop against Swansea but I don’t think we should read too deeply into it.

“We should never criticise a player who wants to stay on the pitch.

“The Arsenal forward’s goal in Wales means he is level with Diego Costa and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the top of the scoring charts and the Chilean is desperate to win the Golden Boot.

“If I was his manager I would view Sanchez’s actions as nothing more than a desire to play.”

So if Sanchez is thinking about leaving why would he be so focused on scoring goals for Arsenal and winning the golden boot? And the fact that he wants to play so much tells me he is happy with his football. On Ozil the indications are even clearer and come straight from the German playmaker himself, with the Evening Standard reporting his comments showing just how happy he is with his life in London.

Ozil said, “I’ve simply arrived in the Premier League since last season. I’ve remained injury-free for the most part and I feel very comfortable in London now as well.

“I often have visitors, my cousin Serdar and my dog Balboa are basically always with me.

“I am lucky that the friends I was raised with work for me today and are there. And that the right people, who I trust completely, have joined us.

“The two years in Bremen I lived alone, watched TV shows alone, ate alone. That wasn’t for me. Over Christmas everyone was there, everyone slept wherever there was space. It was fun.”

Wenger has seemed very calm about the contract situation of both players as well, so should we be more optimistic that both will soon be signing new deals and staying at Arsenal?

Sam P.


  1. Zimbo gunner says:

    To be honest, the media has probably blown the contract situations of both these players way out of proportion… Ozil I’m confident will stay, Sanchez i’m less confident with but I feel that he enjoys being the main man at Arsenal and the club understands his value so surely they will come to a compromise on wages #staypatient

    1. I think if Costa leaves Chelsea and they still win the epl then Alexis will join them to replace him…they can afford to pay the 250 he wants and will also be able to offer him big trophies…two things for some reason we have been unable to give top players at our club.

      1. DDK says:

        I don’t see us pulling another Van Persie, if we let him go it will be to a club outside the premier league hopefully.

  2. muda says:

    They are both at home and Arsenal is improving.
    Pay them the MONEY.

  3. Jansen says:

    Sanchez is competitive by nature. No matter where he plays he would want to win. If anything winning the golden boot would strengthen his negotiating position. Perhaps that’s why Wenger moved Giroud back to the center.

  4. AndersS says:

    Pure speculation.
    No one except those directly involved actually know what the situation is.
    But the fact of the matter is, players who don’t want to stay will 9 times out of 10 be allowed to leave, as there is no point in holding on to a player, who doesn’t want to play for the club.
    What Sanchez and Ozil really want will eventually come out. If the stay, great, but if there is a great risk, they will leave, i just hope the club is planning for that eventuality.

    1. Jansen says:

      Ander, of course we can only speculate. This goes for most topics here. Large part of football is subjective. Even if Ozil and or Sanchez leave we will still speculate as to why they left. They might say because they wanted to win things and the club might say because they asked too much money.

      I agree with you completely that if the player wants to go, the best thing is to sell them quickly and replace them with as good a player as possible (although if the past is any indication that will not happen). There are too many negative aspects around keeping an unhappy player at the club. Not only does it drive down the price of the player it also drives down the positive energy around the club and the squad. Running down a contract is also capital destruction IMO.

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I wouldn’t really call this news per se
    More like speculation

    But I love Alexis and desperately want him to stay

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I reckon If Wenger extends his stay at Arsenal then both players will surely leave… Wait and see ??

    1. SarsfieldNY says:

      It is actually completely the opposite… Ozil has specifically articulated how he wants to know if Wenger is staying before he commits.

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