Brilliant striker says he WILL sign for Arsenal

There are still a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours out there and a good proportion of them are linking us with various big name strikers around Europe. And while Arsene Wenger has been fairly quiet in the transfer market so far, with just the £10 million or so for Petr Cech spent so far, we have seen the boss spending good money in recent years and there is no reason to think he will not do so again.

As well as increased spending though, Arsenal have really benefited from not losing our best players, especially to our Premier League rivals and once again this summer it could be crucial to our success in the season to come.

After putting in a brilliant 71 minutes and scoring the opener against Everton in Singapore, Theo Walcott has now scored five goals in his last three games. He is well and truly back from his injury problems and looks better than ever, with more power and versatility to go with his pace and finishing.

So the news reported by Sky Sports that Walcott is happy to sign a new contract and stay with the Gunners should be greeted with joy by us fans and by the boss. Talks are ongoing and even if they drag on Walcott seems relaxed and confident that the deal will be done.

He said, “My agent has talked to the club.

“I enjoy playing for this club, so I am just letting them crack on with things and I’ll continue playing football.

“We’ll just play the waiting game and see what happens but I’m sure it won’t be long. This squad, for me, is one of the best I’ve been involved in. I want to be part of that.

“You don’t want to dwell on it, you want to play well and, if it happens, it happens.

“I won’t let that delay the way I’m going to be playing this season. I can’t let that affect me, I want to do well for this club.

“It’s my first pre-season for two years now, so I want to work hard and get fit.

“It’s a really exciting year for myself personally and I think this team can go very far.”

That belief in the team is probably the reason why these contract talks will be easier than the last ones, although Walcott’s form might just force the club to dig a bit deeper for his wages. Do we care as long as Theo is fit and firing in the goals for Arsenal?

VIDEO – Watch Chuba Akpom showing off his silky skills!

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    1. Yea go on Theo, what a hero….he’s enjoying playing for the club bless him. The 100k+ a week is probably not even a factor.

      Who wants to take a friendly bet with me that Chambo will be almost everyones preference by the mid point of this season?

      1. These guys are corrupting the soul of the beautiful game with their greed. I mean, FFS, all they are primarily after these days is the money. Money!!! Money!!! Money!!! Even when their value doesn’t match the sum. Well, nothing against Theo, but I just feel all we do these days is pay to watch money freaks run around on the pitch.

        1. “We’ll just play the waiting game and see what happens..” – Theo Walcott

          Nice touch Theo, out for a year but still paid 90k each week….then gets offered a new deal and is at an impasse because he wants more money. How he’s being lauded by the masses on here is beyond me. Taps the badge vs Everton in a pre-season game and that wins everyone over. Madness. Literally no justification to get pay rise after his last 12months with the club, should be delighted to get a fat contract extended.

          1. Champagne Charlie honestly have to agree, the fact he was one of our highest earners last time was to the fact that we had lost a lot of players previously and he and his agent clearly knew the fans would go mental if he was sold in January despite not having contributed immensely to any previous campaign, so they took advantage of our weak situation.

            He partially justified it with a stellar season but as things stand I would much rather he was sold at the beginning of the summer despite the fact he can be a vital part of our team this season because for a player that’s been at this club since sixteen he doesn’t really show much inclination that he actually wants to play for arsenal unlike jack, ramsey, gibbs who all silently put pen to paper. Really tiring of theo

      2. I like the ox but his turnovers can really hurt. For instance Monaco and the recent Everton game. Is it purely a confidence thing? Idk?

      3. He is at it again,winging and whining about another Arsenal player.
        Nothing ever comes out of Charlie’s mouth but Gloom and doom. CB

  1. If wenger do not sign any new striker, then I want wenger to sign Pedro.
    He is proven goal scorer from the wings.
    I have a feeling that, wenger will sign two more players in this window.

      1. now papers saying Madrid are after Marco Reus. Madrid now giving me hope that we r gonna sign Benzema.

    1. Brilliant striker ??? Who’s that then? Jeeeeesus Christ are we that desperate for articles on this site? Some of you guys out there are deluded beyond anything I’ve ever seen BRILLIANT STRIKER???????? if The other and OG were brilliant strikers we would still be celebrating the glory of winning the league and CL and worrying about the likes of Barca and Real looking to buy them off of us for 60 or 70 million a piece . We’re not!!!!!!! So cut this rubbish out they are both talented and skilled individual players but brilliant??? What a load of tosh . Theo is not that and ain’t going to be as he isn’t now and if he isn’t now HE AIN’T GONNA BE!!!!!

      1. haha this comment is gonna get rinsed by the usual mob on here….

        Even though you’re spot on.

        Are Theo and Giroud targets/options for the elite teams in Europe? No….because they’re not elite talents despite a majority on here trying to will that into reality. They’re good players, good options for the attack, but can be massively upgraded at the stroke of a pen.

        1. Charlie mate you and I have our ups and downs ect but you know what? Let the usual mob roll out their tired arguments and route Theo as our next messiah if they want , you and I both know that without those two key players we’ve all been talking about we are NOT gonna March forward in any way. A striker and a DM are a must and with each passing day the options out there get less hence my frustrated outburst about a week ago I still hope against hope that we may snare Benzema but as each day passes I feel we’ve done our business already and I’ve seen this attitude from Wenger time and time again . The usual mob spout on about buying Ozil and Sanchez but forget the times when we could have had Zlatan or various other talents because Wenger was looking for cheap options or his radar was off its not bloody rocket science no matter what anyone says and if we miss this chance we could go back five years Maybe that suits the board? What do I know ?

          1. Yea it can heat up between us, but there’s never any offence in it. All par for the course when debating such a passionate subject.

            Totally agree though, would be criminal not to get the obvious pieces of the puzzle this window. I’m a little calmer though, offing Flam gives me hope of a new midfielder….and poldi/Campbel being sold with sanogo loaned means we can go all out for a proper talent up top.

            I’ll stick my neck out and say we’ll sign a quality midfielder and an absolute gem in attack. We’ve done some good business so far in trimming the fat, I have a feeling we’re about to make a splash in this window.

            1. Let’s hope so Charlie mate let’s hope so, I still harbour a sneaking suspicion that there are talks going on regarding Benzema and while he may not be Suarez he has played with distinction at one of the world’s best clubs . I’m fed up with Theo’s machinations and frankly if he goes it may prompt a whole new flurry of significant new players heading in different directions. We’ll see it does rile me when the usual crowd get all high and mighty on here and also perhaps I’m annoyed I was fooled by the articles title lol brilliant striker my ar$E

      2. Ozzy AFC, the problem is that Bob has been frequenting Metro and he’s been spending too much time with a writer there caLled Sanderson. “Brilliant” my dishevelled ass. Call a spade a spade, what remarkable feat has Theo accomplished at Arsenal??? That’s no rethorical question.

        Theo is just a “good” player, “JUST”. Not like good “good”, but “just”.

        1. Well he’s not worth 150 k a week like HE thinks he is
          My dad is doing radiotherapy and one of his drivers has a 17 year old son in the youth team and word round the campfire is that Theo has last his bottle cos of the injuries he’s suffered and that’s why he asking for more dough cos he worried he ain’t got as long a career as he thought he may have, understandable if true to a point but also explains why he fluffs his lines in front of goal a lot more than he hits the target I don’t dislike him or OG particularly BUT they are not the guys to lead the line and neither for that matter is Welbeck

  2. Brilliant South American
    winger will play for Arsenal
    this season……
    Sanchez to resume training in 2 weeks 🙂

  3. cant wait to see giroud leading our line with theo on the bench,giroud is wc! and wenger is pure genius!we are close on the title…we scored two goals less than campions coyg!

    1. lool….Me too,
      can’t wait to be 4th place again. Can’t wait to win the 4th place trophy.
      So excited! I think we will win 4th and finish above Spurs again.
      Go Wenger Go. Go on you genius.

        1. I don’t care. Come on you Wenger!
          Give us that 4th place trophy again. Do NOT sign any striker. Giroud is the man. Giroud is world class. We will win the EPL and CL with him up front. I will be so disappointed at the club if we signed someone to take Giroud’s starting place.
          Giroud has it all. He is an excellent finisher. Loads of pace, fantastic dribbler, majestic touch, magnificent technique and a phenomenon at what matters most for a striker…Holdup Play. Who does it better? No one. You’re crazy if you think anyone does it better that Olivier.
          Here is to Giroud…the best striker Arsenal has ever had. Lead us to the title…Go on you!. You’re the best. Win us the Ballon d’or…or at least, get nominated.

          1. Oliver Giroud: one of the greatest strikers the game has ever had.

            Oliver Giroud, one of the best in the world.

            Oliver Giroud, the best to have played for Arsenal FC.

            Oliver van Giroud: he scores when he wants and often decides not to score.

  4. German world cup hero
    Mario Gotze confirms
    move to Arsenal
    is the right decision
    for Mesut Ozil

  5. When you look at what Sterling has gone to Man City for, and other transfers ( especially of English players) 100k a week is a fair deal for Theo, and we should pay it , otherwise he will leave and get more than that elsewhere

    I believe Theo is at last going to be the player we have all wanted him to be for so long….he has always been the perfect ambassador for the club and England someone we can all be very proud of.

    I hope we sign him up SOON, I would hate to start the new season without it all been done for another year.

    I would prefer Theo to Sterling any day of the week.

    Sign da ting

    1. Yeah, right. Give me a bitch slap when Sterling wins the ballon d’or. The good game is dying.

    1. Come on!
      Giroud can hold up play very well. Have seen him with his back to goal?
      You know…his main role is not to be a striker. He is there to provide for our midfield to score by occupying defenders and for balls to ping off him. That is why he is one of the best in the world.

  6. Breaking news!!!
    Sky sports has just
    reported that Wenger
    wants French defensive
    midfielder Maxime Gonalons.
    Wenger was quoted as saying
    “Gonalons is the one.
    I want him at the Emirates”
    When asked if he wanted to buy Gonalons
    Wenger said “No.
    I want Gonalons to play well for Lyon
    in the Emirates cup to test our attack” 🙂

    1. Hahahahhaa man u r on fire hahaha

      David nz to put ALL the titles at just arsenal from now on.

      Keep it up

  7. I can see united stealing benzema, lvg has said that he is in for a surprise striker and its not the one the media think well they have been rumoured to be getting cavani in exchange for di maria but I can see lvg going for benzema with de gea being the make weight to the deal being done which would push us out cause arsenal will never compete with the money united will offer, the offered 80 million for muller so they got plenty of money to chuck around, and I think ramos will stay at Madrid s he will pick anther player which I feel will probably be benzema 🙁 hope not true

  8. This could be walcott season if he stays injury free, where ever he plays, he can now drift into central position any time in the game and Ozil and Cazirla will find him.
    He has now got the hunger to score more and more goals. Walcott will give us goals and I predict he will reach 20 PL goals this season.
    Playing on the wings and drifting centrally will give opposition no chance to mark him.
    Before his injury also his scoring record was awesome.
    I have no doubt that he will be a regular scorer this season. Ozil needs runners and Having him in the side will also see Ozil moving up in the assist chart. Opposition can not play high line and thier full back can not go up to compensate the threat of walcott and sanchez whichh will play help us to defend properly and hence our fullback and CAMS can come forward.
    He should be a regular starter

  9. Haha brilliant striker cmon u dnt hv to force us to read ur articles by spicin up the title coz once we found out its walcott we head straight to the comments!

  10. What an incredible cynical ploy!
    A misleading headline to draw people in thinking we are about to sign a new striker and its someone who already plays for us.
    Just building up the site hit rate eh?
    Hmmmm not nice!

    1. This is what this particular author does. But it works.

      If the admins were more interested in making quality content a part of their business model (ad revenue/referrals) they would halt such nonsense. But churning out 5-7 posts a day in the close season with limited credible transfer gossip ain’t easy, so a good percentage of it is going to be rubbish and one shouldn’t get too excited over any of these “boy who cried wolf” headlines.

  11. The writer has been reading alot of articles in the Metro.. The heading is so ‘Metrolike’..

  12. brilliant writer to replace just arsenal admin..
    Fan favourite and highrated world class writer Pythagoras has signed a 5yr contract to lead the line of editors at just arsenal at a fee of 1£ an article..making the lowest paid writer in post stone age history 🙁 🙁 🙁

  13. Ypu gotta love that theo.
    but I want one thing from Theo. Consistency.
    I want an Internet attack this season www. WalcottWelbeckWilshere to shine

  14. If he can play brilliantly all season, that’s all that matters.

    He and Alexis could be the PLs best winger pairing.

    If we had a top striker as good as Costa or Aguero, we could have the best attack in the PL with Ozil, Walcott and Alexis

  15. There are players in the premier league who earn more then theo who played more games then him because theo was injured!!and he outscored them or contributed more ….theo is the future ..he is a latebloomer iin my eyes …give him bis money …and play him right and central during the game …our midfield can play any position on the flanks if the goes central. …..

    20 goals expected …..f you haters opinion @

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