Brilliant talent that wants to play for Arsenal is available for just £30 Million

I know that Arsenal has a fairly small transfer budget and that it would take one hell of a player for us to blow the majority of that transfer budget on a single player but if the most recent reports about Ajax playmaker Hakim Ziyech are accurate then we should move heaven and earth to sign him.

Apparently, the Dutch giants want just over £30 Million for him, that for me is a massive bargain.

Make no mistake the 26-year-old is a brilliant player, he ran the Tottenham defence ragged and on the few other occasions I have seen him I have been mightily impressed and looking at the various opinions on him I am not alone in holding him in very high regard.

Liverpool are also said to be keen on the attacking midfielder and you can take it to the bank that they will not be the only other club wanting to sign the Morrocon International.

Ziyech, I believe, would fit in perfectly at the Emirates, he is proper quality, he runs with the ball beautifully, he has a wonderful shot, an eye for goal and goes past players as if they were in a coma.

We can all have our opinions on what we think of some of our own players but I will be honest, I cannot think of many better than Ziyech and if we have to sell to get him then so be it, he would be a huge addition.

It should also not be forgotten that in the past he has admitted his fondness for Arsenal

“Well, I have two clubs. They are Arsenal and Barcelona. That is my ultimate dream,” he said back in 2017 when asked which clubs he would like to play for.

He is just 26 and could give us at least five years of top quality football and £30 Million seems a tremendous bargain and if we are serious about strengthening the team this summer then we must move fast before any of our rivals swoop in and grab hm.


      1. Would be a great acquisition; unfortunately (fortunately?) one of the main attractions for him at arsenal is playing with his idol Ozil.

  1. Same price as fraser and seems far better quality. Would be nice to have both but who am I kidding I support Arsenal.

    1. Now it is being reported that Bournemouth has slammed a £30m price tag on Frazer, if true, it is the same with what Ajax are asking.

      That money will take up significant part of our reported budget so it’s best we invest in Fraser who is safer, more productive, and proven in the Premier League. I will call Ziyech a gamble, a £30m gamble not worth taking to me.

      If we don’t sign him now and he goes on to have another stellar season like the last one then we can forget about ever signing him again.

      1. Are you kidding me? Frazer better than ziyech. Ffs. Ziyech is a mile ahead of Fraser. The only reason I would want him is to increase our British quota. Don’t get me wrong he would be a great squad player. Unfortunately we don’t have that luxury of having them both. Arsenal are a much different team than Bournemouth. Bournemouth is set up for the counter. Most teams don’t sit deep defending against Bournemouth, so he always have lots of space to exploit with his speed, even though he is not a good dribbler. For arsenal it is different. 70% of opposing teams would sit deep and thus there would be less space to exploit most of the time, so speed doesn’t count much at arsenal. If it did aubameyang would have done really well on the flanks. We need wingers that can dribble and run defences riot. Ziyech has it all.

      2. If that’s is your analysis between those two players your ideas belong to champion league teams

        1. Arsenal, if ambitious, should buy both to address deficiencies and strengthen the team.

  2. Interesting stats!
    Hazard at Chelsea, goal/assist every 133 minutes.
    Walcott at Arsenal, goal/assist every 137 minutes.

      1. Not that it’s relevant as it depends on the players around you.
        As you’re too lazy to post them, here they are:
        Hazard: 2 EPL, 1 FAC, 1LC.
        Walcott: 3 FAC, 2 CS.

        My post was about personal stats not team stats.

  3. A huge talent, will like him around if we are able to move Ozil and Mikhi.
    I read Arsenal are cooling interest on Carasco and shift to Fraser. Thats good to hear

  4. Mustafi is sellable but Ozil won’t be so willing to go for less money (I don’t think he minds not playing a lot) and I don’t think clubs are willing to pay his wages.

    The only thing I can think of is selling him on a discount and paying part of his wages

  5. The first possible signing that excites me

    People saying frazer has prem experience ? this guy has champions league experience

  6. We need the two players. I am tired of this excuse of we don’t have money. Arsenal can’t spend above 100m in current football market. We are now officially known as a poor club. West Ham, Everton, Leicester even Tottenham don’t complain much about money as we do. Please are these clubs richer than Arsenal?

  7. Fact is we need a few proper wingers so I’d definitely opt for Fraser over this guy first.

    As benex said if we can move Mkhi and/or Ozil then he’d be a decent replacement.

  8. On pitch we heading in right direction if only the board can work jointly to focus on the teams primary objectives[back four and mid including the wings] sign three top players and add from our academy. What we did last season was not all that bad, being aware that last season was the toughest of EPL i have personal seen in my life with us in 5th and 60points. FIX FEW MISTAKES LETS GO AND FACE IT #COYG

  9. I haven’t seen nearly enough of him, looking at his numbers I can guess that going forward he has some abilities. What about the rest of his game though, because it’s the rest of a players game which has been hurting us for a long time now.

    He’s Moroccan, I don’t mean to stereotype but a lot of Moroccan, Ethiopian and Egyptian men have a certain build, the taller ones can be a bit languid/lanky looking, a slight frame similar to Elneny but even slighter. I haven’t seen him play much like I say, but I’d like to know if he’s a real trier getting up and down the field with intent, I don’t like forwards who bide their time til the ball makes it back near to his area.

  10. Also, how come the other lad Neres – they’re asking for 90m, but this guy is only 30m. Legit also will go for a lot of money.

    Na! nana! na! nana! na! na! nana! Taaadics on fire! Anyone see the Ajax end of season celebrations? Type in Tadics on fire youtube.

  11. He’s been player of the season for the last 2 or 3 (?) seasons for Ajax.. I’m amazed they’re letting him go & so cheaply… saw on Twitter in 130 games, he’s been involved in 100 goals!!
    Are Ajax just a selling club then??

    1. You’re right Sue; Ziyech is a real complete footballer. I would take him every day in midfield with Fraser wide. Arsenal need both.
      BOT, you need to watch some of Ziyech’s performances for Ajax in the CL.

  12. Realistically, Fraser would cost about 12-15M, with some add ons.
    He has a year left and has refused to extend his contract. Good buy for that price. If he doesn’t set th league alight, he’ll be an upgrade on our bench.
    Ziyech also looks good for 30M. Wish we could get both but the truth is that none of us has a clue as to what direction the club is moving in. I’ve resolved to follow passively till I sense a proper forward propulsion instead of the vicious cycle we seem to be stuck in.

  13. Guys, is Frazer that good? He’s been mentioned here because he had a one off season. I’m not touching that. I’m enthused about Ziyech. Pacy and good ball technique. Why some complain about his stature. Mist wingers ain’t heavily built.Pires was almost of same physique as Ziyech. Give me Ziyech all day over Fraser.
    Talking of season wonder, does Christian Michu come to mind, anyone?

  14. If Hakim Ziyech is really available for this price and Arsenal are not doing everything to get him then something is seriously wrong with the Club. However you describe his position Arsenal has nothing to lose!

  15. For all other clubs looking on this is a perfect example that not all “investors” have the club’s best interest at heart and as such they need to keep them out of their clubs if at all possible. Some invest just looking for a return on investment and winning or being truly competitive is not priority. I am sure the people who initially brought this dross of an owner to the club must regret their decision to this day, as he has no interest in moving this club forward. I don’t think Kronke cares or knows anything about football as evidence by his lack of attendance at games but unfortunately all talk from us fans will not matter as he has no intentions of selling as Arsenal is too valuable to his portfolio. The unfortunate thing is that by the time this clubs stop making him money thereby forcing him to sell, Arsenal will be in such bad shape it might take decades for any one to bring it back.

  16. Of ALL the players linked with Arsenal this transfer window, only this guy really excites me!
    I’d like to add that he is Ajax’s Footballer of the year for the last 2 consecutive seasons – for a team that reach UCL semifinal, that really means so much!
    But the problem is, ALL the rumours linking him to us is about he’s now available & the story of his desire to join us TWO YEARS ago. There’s no reports about Arsenal interested in him unlike other players that are linked with us!
    For reportedly €35m (£31.2m), we really should get him as he’s really worth more than Ryan Fraser and Carrasco combined!

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