Brilliant victory! Now if we stay consistent Arsenal will make the Top Four

What a result for Arsenal! Not only did we stop Man United’s unbeaten run yesterday, we also saw Chelsea only just get a last minute point and the Spuds dropped another three at Southampton. One of the best weekends of the season so far! Tottenham seem to be in freefall, Chelsea are very inconsistent and hopefully our win yesterday will have dented Man United’s confidence. Now all we have to do is win the rest of our games!

Unai Emery loved yesterday’s result, but still says we can improve, but above all he wants us to remain consistent. He told “I don’t know if it’s the best performance this season. I think we’re improving and also I think we’re being competitive in different matches, away from home and against different teams. We responded and sometimes you’ve seen different systems and different players, but above all we can feel today very proud of every player. Above all I want to say thank you to our supporters because they helped us a lot and we can create a big atmosphere like today for the next matches and for Thursday. I think it’s very important. The players did very well with a very big spirit and big commitment for the work we’ve done.

“We were positive when we were struggling in the table and we took balance in our mind when we were worse – and now after these victories we can be positive, but it won’t change our idea. We need to continue and it will be difficult, and our style and way and thinking will be game by game. We’re in two competitions now, the Premier League and also the Europa League. We are going to play the next match here against Newcastle in three weeks and that’s a lot. Our focus now is Thursday.

“We are happy today, we are going to analyse the match and also in the table we are better, but Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham are with us. We are going to play some difficult matches and being consistent is very important. At the moment I think we are playing consistent in each match and today we showed everybody that. We were calm, showed passion and continued improving. We know that for example on Thursday one match can change a lot with one red card or goal, so controlling our emotions is very important. We need to keep this consistency in our mind.”

“Yes, keeping clean sheets is very important. And also it’s very important to use different systems and different players so we can take the same performance and same victory. Not always a victory like against Tottenham last week, but with the good feeling and good combinations with the players on the pitch over 90 minutes. We are improving and we are feeling better with big confidence, but we need each match to push and work for continuing to feel this confidence with victories.”

This certainly gives us massive confidence for Thursday night, especially with our home form. If we can beat United 2-0 surely we can do the same to Rennes? Then we could go into the international break on a massive high, but the big thing for us to start showing this brilliant form away from home as well.

Ca we do it? Yes we can!!!!!



  1. We can do it! Will we do it? I sincerely hope and pray.
    I believe 5wins and a draw will keep us in top 4 come May.

    1. Ole was a Gunner yesterday.

      Manchester UTD had always relied on watching us play and just nicking in goals to beat us, that did not work yesterday.

    2. Yesterday’s game was one of our best games this season. However it was not an isolated case because the games against Tottenham and Chelsea were equally good as was our home game against Liverpool. Of course we were unfortunate not to do a double against Spurs! This means that there is a pattern emerging which is that we are no longer bulldozed by the big boys. Perhaps this is Unai Emery”s biggest success. We have our confidence back. Our destiny is now in our hands and I strongly believe we shall take it. Even where we have lost like Rennes there was a reasonable price explanation for that loss, Sokratis sending off. Let us all true Gunners get behind our team through thick and thin. The future is bright.

  2. Now it’s the Fans Turn! They should push the team in the remaining 8 games. They should really push the team! Common Gunners!

  3. Never seen Aaron stick to his CDM’s role this high before, and he did it superbly like Lucas Toreira,???
    Too bad he’ll go to Turin this summer.
    Xhaka, which was usually dismal in big games, lookslike finally found his wisdom.

  4. Okay so I’ve finally seen the highlights of the game, we were sloppy defensively in the first half, but we got it under control in the second.
    Now that we are in the best position we can be for the race, our next match away to Wolves is a must win( Tottenham will definitely take the L against Liverpool and we’ll able to go third with a win) We still have what I’ll call tough away games.
    First let’s hope to kill off Rennes on Thursday, I wouldn’t ask the boys to hold back attacking wise if I’m Emery, we should get up to 4 goals if we can, but I ain’t Emery..
    COYG!! Let’s to this on Thursday

    1. If we were sloppy defensively as Hoyte claims how many goals did we concede? I get exasperated with unsubstantiated claims! How can you be sloppy defensively and not concede goals? Is it logical? Let us learn to be rational. Every team concedes shots on goal and occasionally gets tense moments but I didn’t observe that sloppiness. If anything it was the collective defending that won the game.

      1. Your opponents inability to take their chances doesn’t write off and justify you being bad defensively.. Tell me something else please.
        I saw how many times Leno had to rescue us

  5. Great result and the team always have this performance in their locker, I still maintain this is why Arsenal fans get so frustrated and emotionally swing is because we know on our day we can beat anyone.

  6. Our remaining matches are favourable compared to the rest of the teams we are competing top 4 with. So we just need to win. It’s all in our hands now.

    1. I would not call away games at Wolves, Everton, and Leicester favourable. Every game must be taken like a cup final from now on. Win two of these games, and our remaining home games, then we are in.

      1. Exactly right, ahmad; every game is a virtual cup final until the end of the season. One game and one win at a time. COYG.

  7. Am i the only one who is convinced that the penalty was genuine. Did anyone notice the push from behind but people say it was a soft penalty. Well done to the team. That made my day.

    1. Nope, said it the time and every replay i’ve seen since has done nothing to change my mind. It was soft, dont get me wrong. But still a penalty.

  8. Just confused about Emery keep playing Ramsey who is leaving us whilst his replacement sits in the stands….

    We will miss Ramsey and the club is mad for messing/not sorting out his contract. But he will blossom at the old lady of that I am sure due to his heart, work rate, technical ability, creativity and goals.

    1. TOP 4 IS a priority and if Ramsey can give us that balance the better
      we can start afresh next season but for now we want top 4 and there a no easy games left

      1. Yeh I get that. Just amazed how a loyal, long serving and talented players who has a definite impact or matches is let go whilst ozil who imo adds little value in the grand scheme of things gets a 350k PW pay packet…

        My mind boggles.

        Still let’s keep that 4th place and date I day take the 3rd place from the spuds. We also need an gargantuan effort against Rennes to progress in Europe but we can do it if we could continue on with the spirit shown against man utd.

  9. ‘silent stan’ needs to loosen the purse strings and let the club sign some quality defenders. The next up requires solidity at the back.

  10. Every “small” teams we face in our remaining 8 matches has already taken pts off the big 6 this seasons so if we become complacent we will drop pts. The most dangerous teams are:
    Wolves 2w 4d vs big 6
    Leicester 2w 1d
    crystal palace 1w2d

    Since we have to win 6 matches to guarantee top 4(no way we miss with 78 pts) we have to beat atleast one of them.

  11. if we can build momentum on this winning, nothing will stop us from trashing rennes on thursday, winning atleast 7 out of our 9 remaining epl matches, then we’ll be living in our dream of playing in the ucl next season.

  12. Now to Rennes. 2-0 will do but I hope we will go for the kill.

    Our match against Wolves have been postponed so our next home match is against Newcastle, at home, correct?

    Anyways, we have 8 PL matches left:

    Wolves, Leicester, Everton, Watford, Burnley AWAY
    Palace, Newcastle, Brighton HOME

    Burnley and Everton away should be easiest of them, but nevertheless still tough matches. Our home matches are easier. We should be able to gather 9/9 at home.

  13. I would like to see a Nketiah and Lacazette partnership in some games. I believe together with their energy and playing style, both of them would cause problems for defenders and win lots of freekicks, penalties, yellow cards and even red cards for us unlike Auba who neither wins a foul and hardly gives any.

  14. We are in control of our own destiny and that is a great thing. We now have to worry about our away games. It is great we don’t play the top 6 anymore, it is worrying we have some difficult away games given our form away from home.

  15. 8 games left, 24 points to play for. Someone give me one good reason why we can’t conceivably take maximum points from those games.
    No excuses.

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