British Record bid lodged by Arsenal to replace Alexis Sanchez?

Arsenal have apparently lodged a British record bid to bring Thomas Lemar to the Emirates.

The Monaco youngster emerged as one of the top talents in Europe last season, and has been high on Arsene Wenger’s wishlist all summer.

The Frenchman is believed to be keen on completing the switch to North-London, and may now get his wish with Arsenal apparently lodging a huge offer for his signature.

Manchester City are believed to have upped their offer to £60 Million for Alexis Sanchez, and they are believed to have stalled on accepting that deal unless they can reignite their move to bring in Lemar.

Liverpool were also believed to be keen on Lemar, but failed to convince Monaco to sell, and the Gunners are now confident they can pay the necessary fee to tempt the French champions to sell.

It has been a tough month for Arsenal fans since celebrating the Community Shield win over Chelsea, and our squad has looked less and less strong as the month has run on, but a deal to bring Lemar to the club could bring some excitement back.

Would Lemar give us a huge boost after a tough month? Would Arsenal really pay £90 Million for a player?

Pat J

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    1. We have cash in the bank, but it’s an issue regarding the amount a clubs wage bill can increase year on year.

      The short term cost control (STCC) mean teams are restricted to £7million increases in total salaries each season.

      So, we’d need to flog Alexis in order to get his c£130,000 per week wages off the books.

      1. That £7 million is only from TV money, clubs can increase wages by more than that if they can show they made that money from other revenues other than TV money.

        Do wish to point out regarding wage increase, we have Sead and Lacazette who together get a combined £350k a week (£150k+£200k), this is all so far. I am using the higher values that I can find to get the ‘worst’ situation.

        Ox is £100k, Gibbs is £60k, Szcz was on about £45k, Gabriel was on £50k, Perez around £40k a week… So far this is £295k a week (about) and only 55k a week down, this is £2.86 million down per year.

        Still have £4.14mil per year from TV money from looking just at transfers.

        That is just under £80k a week and we have not taken Debuchy into the equation which is about £70k a week I think, this would bump that £80k up to £150k a week…

      1. Other clubs do everything to make their fans happy and to improve the image of the club, is a shame .

  1. sanchez>>>lemar
    it’s a decent replacement but not a bust.
    if we don’t get another good CB and DM, our squad is weaker than last season, and more demoralize.
    by now, even evans for chambers and one dimensional carbalho will be good editions. but there will be no miracle, we get nothing

  2. Wenger is just doin dat so dat @ d end he will say we tabled some amount but clubs did not want to sell

  3. assuming the lemar the reported record bid is true then arsenal are showing the ambition that can be expected of a big club. its gonna take monumental effort to restore the quality we deserve and the return the club’s pride. LEMAR to anywhere other than arsenal would only be down to arsene’s stubborn and wasteful neglect. where others offer high-dollar for quality players we must expect to do the same.

  4. Him and triggering Nzonzi’s buyout clause would’ve made us a lot stronger. But we aren’t really going to pay that fee..

    …and Arsene the now tactically inept manager is still here.

  5. That’s got to be BS coming from that paper. £90m for Lemar, you’ld rather not spend that much and instead get 2 £45m rated players. Shall I tell you why? Because thats how much Lemar is really worth. You will see he too has no tracking back qualities, when it goes bad he won’t rise up to the challenge like many others in this team already. His end product right now is something among the most dangerous at the moment in Europe so you will be paying £90m for end product, and nothing on defensive side.

  6. So we weren’t prepared to pay 50 mil for him a weeks back but now desperate we offer 90 mil.What a waste if money

  7. Wenger when signing a contract said he believes he can still guide Arsenal to the title. Your practically giving away any chance of that by giving Sanchez to City you Puppet. Your giving away goals, assists and defensive qualities in return for £60m and 6th place, what an idiot.

    I wish I could find the article early in June here where I said Arsenal will make profit by buying early and selling players late on. I also mentioned Arsenal will never say no to big offers and here we have this case of Sanchez.

    1. A steal for Arsenal maybe! Ox has never produced sufficient goals, or assists over his 6 years, he is injury prone, lacks concentration constantly loses the ball, does not track back and though he looks a good dribbler, it rarely leads anywhere. Even though he is likeable personality wise he has become just another Walcott, flattering to deceive. Now if only we could get Weed Walcott off the books too….!

      1. dude i would take 15mil for ox. 35mil is an insane amount for a player who did almost nothing.

  8. So sanchez for 60 million and lemar for 90 million…

    is lemar better than sanchez, i say we dont waste money to sigh lemar…. kid still young..

    anyway arsenal woudnt even bring any body in…

    no need to get your hopes high..

  9. Wenger in his next press conference – I think we’ve a strong squad. And moreover we’ve players coming out from injuries. We can compete in all fronts but we need to be unite and strong mentally. I believe spending doesn’t guarantee success. Because i’m delusional.

  10. Guys go to arsenal website and see. Son of the beach Wenger says his phone is red-hot on transfer deadline day

      1. If u still don’t know him, he is full of talk and excuses but no action. Tomorrow he will say “I nearly signed Messi”

        1. Yours is still a pointless post, he didn’t say his phone was red hot trying to buy players, it was a synopsis of a normal deadline day.

          I’m not a ‘Wenger in’ fan, and I believe he should have gone a few years ago, but picking on every little thing he says like you have, is hating for the sake of hating.

  11. It is being reported now that Arsenal have agreed to a 70 mil bid from MC and Lemar has accepted a 80mil bid plus add ons from Arsenal.

    So Sanchez out and Lemar in.

    Also being reported that Draxler offer tabled as well.

    I doubt all this.

  12. Why Pay 90 Million Pound For The Overrated Lemar When We Can Get Mahrez And Draxler For That Same Amount? Ox Gone And Alexis To Follow, Why Not Sign Mahrez For 50 Million, Then Do A Deal For Draxler, William Carvalho Or Oriol Romeu And Evans Or Vandijk(If Possible). Then We Can Have A Team Like This; Cech Koscielny Vandijk/Evans Kolasinac Bellerin Carvalho/Romeu Xhaka Ozil Mahrez Draxler Lacazette. It Can’t Happen Though.

    1. That’s what I mean above with my comment, but ome people seem to think £90m Lemar is worth it, it’s not.

    2. if we cannot meet these inflated prices (for quality) then we simply stay on the side lines and watch while our rivals do. im thinking we’ll struggle to attract any quality even managers will think twice before signing up for a roller coaster ride at the arsenal.

  13. Considering Wenger’s past experience, I don’t think he will pay this amount to sign Lemar. If does, I will be one of the fans to be happy. I think he will go for Julian Draxler or Mahrez in stead of Lemar to keep his bank book alive.

  14. With the Awful Ox gone, Alexis gone, Lemar, Draxler and Ross Barkley in…..I can smile and accept that. Our dressing room unrest will be all but calmed.

  15. Any normal, sane manager with 90 million to spend on the present Arsenal squad would be prioritising a powerful , pacy defensive central midfielder and also a top powerful CB. Wenger is incapable of ever seeing these huge holes that have been there since Sol Campbell, Viera and Gilberto left. This is just one of many, many reasons he is totally unfit to manage us and we have to step up on previous efforts to force him out, Huge demos, marches, anti-Wenger and anti-board, anti-Kroenke chants and banners and, better still, boycotting games consistently until Kroenke realises how much less his club investment is worth and sells up, hopefully to Usmanov who , like Abramovic, is a real fan of his club.

  16. It looks like Psg might buy Mbappe, if so one can imagine Wenger looking for scraps there. Maybe 2 players for £70m after selling Sanchez.

    It’s feasible but I doubt it.

  17. This complaints about every other attacking players not defensive or tracking back (as sanchez) is getting stale. We have to face it we cannot get another sanchez in this market but if we can have a player that can do 60% – 70% of what he did we should take that. It is up to manager to maximize the strength of the decisive players and cover their weaknesses. Liverpool are known to be frail defensively too but they ran at us all day that we cant make a meaningful attack. They make attack their best form of defence.

    The market is crazy…I will not take a ox that has no 40 goals plus assist to his name for £40m. See Dembele with 6 league goals and 10 assists (not sure) for that crazy price just for potential. Lemar for £90m is not too outrageous comparing with other transfers we have seen and also being the last day.

    No matter the players we sell or buy. One thing still remain. We still have Wenger who is a specialist in using good players wrongly or benching them for his favourites.

  18. I hope this is true, more for moral than anything else, we do have some good players but we need to sort the mentality in the team.

    Alexis… I would love it if AFC shown a tough side and told him to train alone, let him go for free in 12 months but give him 0 game time, do not let him advertise himself and laugh, tell him he has no chance of proving he is worth £400k a week in 12 months.

    If he wants to act like a merc then treat him like a merc, take the tough stance.

    I hope this contract thing doesn’t become a trend at AFC because we lack the ability to take a tough stance, would the Ox be acting like he is if we treated Alexis as I said above? Ox wants to go to Liverpool and if he thought we would treat him like I said above to Alexis… Fair play to running down a contract but give 110% while you are here.

    If all our players gave 110% in every game then we wouldn’t have lost 4-0 to Liverpool in such a fashion, we may have lost but I actually think we could have won if the players gave their all, I honestly do think we have the talent if the players would put the team 1st.

    Yes a better manager could have done better tactics but the players have blame themselves for not putting in at least 100%, look how the Ox was walking back to defend, watching the ball go past him and not caring…

    Maybe Wenger was wrong in playing the Ox but if Wenger did want to keep him but Ox feels the board will sell him and forcing that move through because they have done so in the past and it looks like they will with Alexis.

    This is why we need a new CEO, one that will back the manager, one that will work with the manager. We all know if a big enough offer comes in then the board will accept it even if Wenger doesn’t want it.

    How is that going to make us champions?
    Wenger will go at some point, sooner or later… I don’t know and to be honest I do not really care. I want AFC to have a CEO with ambition and for that CEO to know how to lead a top football team, I will then have faith that the CEO would put more pressure on the manager and we will move forward as a club. Until then we will not change, we may get a new manager but transfer windows will be just as disappointing, we will still lose our best players… the real change would be the name that the fans are calling to be sacked.

  19. there is little that can be done now in the window. Don’t be surprised if by tomorrow Monaco says they didn’t receive any bid from Arsenal. Would have preferred still holding on to Sanchez, a bid for a proven holding Dmf, a center back. Put Walcott up for sale and buy draxler.
    Win the league and see Sanchez extend his contract. Lemar might turn out to be a worst buy, this is the EPL.. way different from the ligue 1 at least in his first year.

  20. The main thing is get rid of Ox and get rid of Alexi- sort that dressing room unrest pit and get rid of those two rats!

  21. if that is true then he needs to be investigated considering Mahrez was available for far much less. I really dont rate Lemar!

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