Brother of Arsenal youngster blames Arteta’s tactics for lack of goals

Folarin Balogun’s brother says Arsenal is struggling for goals now because of the tactics being employed by Mikel Arteta.

The Gunners have scored one league goal this season and it came in their last Premier League game against Norwich.

They had conceded nine times and scored none prior to the game and Balogun started as their striker in their match against Brentford on the opening day of the season.

They convinced the youngster to sign a new contract at the club last season as he was close to being a free agent.

They have promoted him to the first team as a part of the agreement and he will get even more chances to play for the club.

Their goal against Norwich was a scrappy one that was turned in by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but they should score more with the attackers that they have at their disposal.

Royce Balogun says you cannot blame the club’s strikers for not scoring goals, the blame should be on the system instead.

He told @whatthefootie as quoted by Sun Sports: “You can’t blame just the player, it’s the system.

“If you look at that striker problem in terms of chances created, it’s not just Folarin.

“When Martinelli and Aubameyang were playing there, the system didn’t work.”

He added: “The system just doesn’t really work at the moment. Soon it will work and he’ll have to be ready when it does.

“You have to support him and tell him to keep going.”

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    1. What arsenal need is a goalscoring midfielder to take the burden off Auba. ESR and Odegaard offer no goals.

  1. He has a got a point, we have four strikers non of them can score regularly under Arteta.
    The chances rhey get are too limited.

  2. Arsenal is gradually going down and the earlier we come to reality the better. If Arteta can make even top 6 this season l would personally sing his praise . I have seen enough to convinced myself that he is definitely not the way forward but let give him another season and evaluate whether we should trust the process.

  3. It’s soo obvious to all that the manager is the problem…..pundits and fans alike can see it……….!

  4. I don’t think arteta is going to make it at arsenal with his boring tactics bad team selections,
    But in fairness with the squads other teams have think top 6 and a cup will be a good season, and get rid of Leno, Bellerin, holding, Chambers, kolas, xakai, lacca, and invest again.
    1. Man city
    2. Chelsea
    3. Man utd
    4. Liverpool
    5. Arsenal
    6. Spuds

  5. Just what you don’t need is a rookie EPL’s brother mouthing off. Not good for Arsenal and not good for Balogun.
    No one put a shotgun to his head to make him sign a contract.

      1. @Skills1000
        He’s entitled to express his opinion, just like anyone else.
        Didn’t know that AFC had become a “dictatorship”, where one is punished for merely expressing ones opinion.
        Meanwhile, the so called fans/supporters are free to abuse the clubs employees in any way they choose…SMH

  6. His brother might be right but it is not correct to voice his opinion publicly. No manager, let alone Arteta, would like a player’s family member commenting about the team tactics. It harms the Club and the player concerned.

    1. @gunnerforlife
      Once again, dude is allowed to express his opinion, publicly or privately as he wishes. Just like a media pundit, he’s not employed by the club. If Arteta, or any manager for that matter, can’t accept criticism without gettin all up in his feelings, then he’s in the wrong job. The notion that Folarin would be punished for his brothers views is childish as well as absurd…IJS

      1. @NY Gunner
        A media pundit or a general fan is much more different than a immediate family member of a player who is a regular player in the match day squad. When one is a fan or a media pundit, one does not have that much responsibility and obligation towards a certain Club as compared to a immediate family member of a full fledged team player. Ask any manager whether he likes comments made by a immediate family member made in public aimed at undermining the Club, its tactics and its philosophy, no manager will like it. A greater sense of responsibility lies with family members of squad players.

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