Bruce backs Arsenal boss over Mourinho `disrespect´

Steve Bruce has plenty of reason to want to add to any sort of pressure currently on the shoulders of Arsene Wenger, as the Frenchman takes his Arsenal players to the KC stadium on Monday night and Hull City are desperate for any sort of result as they face a fierce fight to stay in the promised land of the Premier League.

But the Hull boss also has recent reasons to assume that the Gunners will be heading back to north London with all three points as we have already knocked them out of the FA cup this year after beating them in the final at Wembley last May.

And although that FA cup was our first trophy in nine years, the former Man United captain feels that Wenger has done a brilliant job and cannot understand it when he hears that the Frenchman is under fire. As reported by the Daily Star, Bruce was referring to the pressure that has come from the Arsenal fans in recent years, but the timing could hardly be better after Jose Mourinho´s latest disrespectful jibe about Wenger and Arsenal.

Mourinho was responding to the chants of `boring boring Chelsea´ from the Arsenal fans last week and reacted by saying that it was boring that Arsenal have not won the title in 10 years. It just shows that the spiteful one does not really understand what it is like to manage a club that cannot compete financially and Wenger has responded by suggesting,without naming any names, that some managers need to show more respect to their fellow professionals. Bruce clearly does not agree with the criticism of Wenger´s record.

Bruce said, “How you can question it is beyond me.

“I take a bit of heart from it. If he gets a bit of stick then we’re all due it.

“His achievements are quite remarkable and they’re still a fantastic club.”

Thanks Stevie but we are still going to take the points home on Monday!

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  1. Nice to see bruce backing up Arsene……. But we would show no mercy to Hull city 2moro

  2. 20 match unbeaten run.
    Probable 2nd place
    FA cup final coming up
    Most players now back.
    The best end of season for years.
    Even a loss to Man U will not spoil our season.
    When we scraped 4th we went into the off season
    ultra stressed and our transfers reflected that.
    Already even with 5 games to go we are
    a lot more stable and calm in our thinking.
    A DM and maybe a striker, thats all.
    Moving 6/7 of the dead wood would be a bonus
    but aside from Diaby and Flamini
    everyone is contracted till at least 2016.
    Podolski Ryo Sanogo Campbell Rosicky Arteta + Sanogo
    may well be guests at AFC for another 12 months.

  3. Thanks for the support stevie! But its business as usual whe we face hull on monday! Nothing personal! Coyg!

  4. Would love nothing better than for crystal palace to spoil the chelsea party tomorrow!

  5. I just don’t get us some times.

    First of all the conference Wegner had when he said some managers need to learn respect seems to have been directed more at Nigel Pearson and his ostrich rant.

    Secondly, what do you expect a manager to do, not defend his club? We dish it out and then cry foul when it’s reciprocated. That’s how this whole Wegner Mourinho thing started in the first place. Even if it were Wegner in this position he would in his own sophisticated way defend himself and Arsenal.

    Personally we brought this recent one on ourselves because Chelsea showed up on our doorstep looking for a point and when we realized the got what they wanted we turned it into a popularity contest with “boring boring Chelsea” . Truthful? sure but it only says worse of us when we can’t beat them to resort to hurting them any way we can.

    The best way to stop this is to simply win the league, nothing else. The only way we can prove our superiority is to be the best team in England over 38 games. Nothing else.

    And please can we quit the Mourinho articles?

    1. It wasn’t anything to do with Pearson – Wenger was talking about managers needing to respect “each other” not journos. And secondly it was a football crowd in the heat of a match that kicked off the “boring, boring” saga. It wasn’t the words from an attributed source related to our club. Mourinho reacted in the wrong way to the wrong people and bought all this on himself.

      1. Not attributed to our club? This recent spat between Mourinho and Wegner started up when fans at the Emirates started to sing “boring boring Chelsea” after the Chelsea players started celebrating after the match.

        Mourinho then reacted and responded to us/the fans as any other manager would. The match had already ended THEN we started singing. The ‘boring boring Chelsea’ saga was started elsewhere but it had nothing to do with Arsenal until we brought ourselves into it.

        THEN Mourinho responded to us.

        1. It was the fans chanting not Wenger. Why then does Mourinho go on to attack Wenger and the club? Classless!

        2. Like you say we werent the only ones who used that boring boring description and if any club has the right to chant that aloud well it is us. Every side takes stick from away fans but mour happens to take offense when it is ours… id say he clearly seized an opportunity to disrespect Wenger who he despises. He hates how Wenger is viewed fondly and appreciably by majority and if it wasnt for mours trophies he wouldnt be tolerated as his football style is a throwback.

  6. Jose Mourinho is a vile human being. My opinion has nothing to with Arsenal.
    The moment he ran down the field to poke his finger in a cancer patient’s eye, I wrote him off a vile. He should have been banned for 5 years or maybe life. Rest In Peace Tito.

    All we need for next season are two players; just two.
    But the goddamn injuries may wipe out the core of our team again.

  7. i dont like our next opponents supporting us…we end up loosing–i wish am very wrong…all teams play Chelsea and tend to loose the next game…oops.ope am wrong again..

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