Brutal summary of Arsenal’s transfer window – Could do better and make less profit?

What’s wrong with Arsenal? by Brighton Manyex

Hi Gooners

I am getting worried by our transfer market as we get into the final 2 weeks and yet our rivals are starting to shape up.

I can imagine….will we catch up with Man City, Man United, Spurs, Liverpool or Chelsea? It seems if we not careful…West Ham and Everton are doing better business than us! Because these teams are addressing their problems head-on, while we are locking funds and trying to make a profit! Whats wrong with Arsenal?

● We signed an average goalkeeper, who is equally like Ospina yet we could have gone straight for Juan Oblak! But oooh funds…our chorus! Of course Bendt Leno is not that bad, with Martinez also doing well….we can live with that!

● We went for Sokratis yet we knew very well that we want a Koulibaly! Who is young, agile, versatile and aggressive! Still oooh funds! We want cheap players! Or at least we were supposed to bring him in together with a young future like Calgar Soyuncu!

● I don’t know who we were trying to please in signing Guendouzi…but to me its not a signing for the first team but for the future…its not bad! BUT when we make that signing a top level signing and IGNORE OR LET STEVEN N’ZONZI GO TO OUR RIVALS then its a problem! All because we don’t have funds! I cant imagine Steven N’zonzi playing for Spurs, its gonna hurt!…..We have so many good youngsters in that position….but we need world class players now to compete for something!

♥ The only positive signings we did were bringing Litchsteiner and Lucas Torreira! Bravo there…!

● We all know we have a void to fill on our left flank by the departure of Sanchez and even when Alexis was still there we had a void on the right flank…now that Mkhitharyan came, he fancies the right flank what of the left? We desperately need an aggressive Winger! A galactico for that matter! But we have our lame excuse…oooh funds! When Gareth Bale CAN come to Arsenal or Ousmane Dembele CAN come if we want!

● We want the club to decide very fast the Aaron Ramsey contract issue or else we let him go and bring in Andre Gomes or Coman or James Rodriguez! Especially the latter because he can be the playmaker we want, he is aggressive and can score…in case Ozil is not in the mood!

● I dont see Welbeck, Perez, Akpom, Jenkinson, Campbell, Ospina or Cech….still at Arsenal!

● I love us to LOAN…Iwobi, Osei-tutu, Holding, Elneny, Macey….!

Our house can still be saved! Or else if we are satisfied with what we have now…we likely to finish behind West Ham, Everton, Burnley and Newcastle in 10th!

Just 2 or 3 more signings will do…CB, DM, AW…! Thats all we asking for!




  1. Declan says:

    You moan about the signings of Guendouzi and Sokratis but praise the signing of Litchsteiner, a 34 year old back up to a Bellerin. Then you reckon 4 no mark teams will finish above us. I can’t take your article seriously.

    1. Fab says:

      The same scenario of being the GOAT without WC Vs wining the WC with zero shot on target, zero goal, zero take on, zero dribbling.Haaaaa

      1. Break-on-through says:

        You can’t trust anything like this, it could easily be a rival fan wanting to bring fans feel good factor down. Or it could be a guy sitting in a psych ward. Or this could be click bait, no real fan is gonna go through all that to get Wenger out, or support the cause, and then talk like this before the guy has even begun our next chapter. Dude sounds like a tool, brainless fool.

    2. Phelyx says:

      Admin do you check articles before being posted. This is rubbish of the highest order

  2. Atomic5 says:

    Are you 10 years old? If you are, this can be put down to childish exuberance and fantasy. If you are beyond 10, you need help!

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “Or else if we are satisfied with what we have now…we likely to finish behind West Ham, Everton, Burnley and Newcastle in 10th!”
    Wow, permit me to say this Article is the most unreasonable article I’ve seen for a while..
    Pay 96million for Oblak because you do know his release clause is close to that, sorry if even I will never support the idea of signing a GK even for 85million.
    A goalkeeper is as good as the defense in front of him so I don’t get your point.

    “I cant imagine Steven N’zonzi playing for Spurs, its gonna hurt!”
    Mates that’s your problem to handle, we went for Torreira for a reason, why pay the amount Sevilla want for N’zonzi? Mate are you trying to run a football club or a retirement home/Council of Elders??

    “I dont see Welbeck, Perez, Akpom, Jenkinson, Campbell, Ospina or Cech….still at Arsenal!”
    This is the only statement we all will agree on, other than that, we’ve said it before, you guys shouldn’t bother posting articles at all if all you’ll do is create bad vibe for us fans towards the club.
    Every of the fan is happy and supportive towards the team because we know things will be different this season, so don’t try to bring us negative vibes please.
    Whatever complaints you have, bro save it on your memory card and post it at the end of the season.

    “we likely to finish behind West Ham, Everton, Burnley and Newcastle in 10th!” This statement is so pathetic.
    That’s how useless you think the team is? Just save the negative post and articles for next year please, Geeez!! Toxic vibes on this site is becoming something else

    1. Ingleby says:

      Serious destruction and spot on.

    2. Mpeezo says:

      @Eddie Hoyte, Bravo bro.

    3. Midkemma says:

      Nice one!
      Admin, we need a drop the mic emoji, this reply deserves one 😛

    4. Mudassir says:

      Said it all and even more, Imagine having Aubameyang, Lacazette, Micki, Ozil and Torreira the warrior in the same team under new manager and thinking we will finish 10th, I will forgive spuds if they think we will be relegated.

    5. dragunov762mm says:

      @Eddie Hoyte
      All said Eddie. Most of all, I hope Unay Emery could bring those Sevilla mind set of mentalities here at Arsenal. We are slightly better than Unay ex team was, so the result of his treatment should be much better. I hope it’ll take only one season to rebuilt, no much longer than that.
      COYG ??????

  4. Otunba_007 says:

    Shame on the write of this article and this is very pathetic of you. I don’t see anything bad or wrong with the signings we’ve made, I bet you just find a way to always bring the club down with any opportunity you get… we can’t compete with the likes of city and Liverpool because they have champions league ticket at the moment.. We are in the rebuilding process and I think with one or two more signings with the players we have already we will fight for top 4 and Europa league

    People seems to forget we have a deadly attack of Auba,Cazette,mhiki and Ozil.. they are even as frightening than any forward in the EPL when utilized properly

    PLEASE STOP SPREADING YOUR BAD SEEDS ABOUT THE CLUB and support Emery and the player, he can’t fix all our problems in ONE transfer window


  5. Sheet Head says:

    It is reported that Yacin Adli’s signing was dropped in favour of Guendouzi. The chap is badass guys. Even my buddies at school who know a lot of football say so

  6. Sean Williams says:

    Firstly ‘Greedy Stan Kroenke’ does not give a **** about supporters. Sokratis’s team Dortmund shipped a whole lot of goals last season. Anybody look at that? Lichtsteiner is a one year stop gap.
    On the other hand Torreira looks a great signing as does Matteo Guendouzi. You are right generally. If Kroenke’s American affairs were investigated it is clear to see why he wants Arsenal to keep it’s liquid assets and not spend. Also as a multiple sports club owner (should be banned in UK) he has no love or loyalty to the club WE love. He is the nightmare owner from hell. If we challenge it will be only through Unai Emery’s ability to bring players on.

  7. NIFTY says:

    You are spot on with your writeup. When we were blaming AW for all the wrongs at the club, I had to pause to ask, aren’t all club to give their coach targets for every season? There lies the problem at Arsenal, the club management. We tend to have a very selfish set of board members who focus on their financial gain from the club instead of the general growth of the club. Aw was able to deliver that, that was why he could stay for so long without winning major trophies. The only reason they decided the let AW leave was bcos the club was losing so much fans and the few left were no longer committed to the club which automatically led to decrease in ticket sold and the market value of the club. You could see L. Erique, Viera and even Arteta rejected their offer bcos they are ambitious coaches and couldn’t see any ambition from what the club offered. Emery took the offer believing he can pull a suprise package.

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Dude, Emery has more experiences than Viera or Arteta. Only Enrique could match him. But unlike Emery, all of Enrique trophies collection grabbed at one club which one of world best, Barca. No wonder than.
      While I agree on you about the greedy Stan, I think all gooners should give Emery time and support on his selections to rebuilt the team, both of mentality strenght and tactics nonetheless.

  8. Adrian says:

    Emery was brought in to steady the ship after Wenger’s demise. Most Arsenal fans would be happy to see a competitive team playing attractive football and fighting right up to the end of the season. Emery’s signings are designed to paper over the defensive cracks and see where this season leads the club. I do not have great hopes for this year just a much better showing and more effort from the players.

  9. Dalala says:

    This article is a very big disappointment for me. Firstly, we can’t be buying every player that is available on the market simply because our rivals are now buying. Secondly, there is no guarantee that expensive players will perform much better than cheap players. Arsenal is going through a period of massive transition and obvious the amount of change itself need to be controlled. The head coach and recruitment team have tried to address the real issues that Arsenal has faced i.e lack of spine. I think the Gunners will have enough in the locker to cause headaches to many teams. Without doubt our direct rivals are strengthening partly because of the changes that we are making ourselves. The team is now trying to blend youth and experience. We have exciting young players probably the best lot in the league and the likes of Reiss, Nketiah, The Jeff, Guendouzi, Mavrapanos, Smith, Miles need to be given a chance. Look at what is happening at the training session. I for one can feel the positive vibes from Unai Emery’s project. Let’s give them the much needed support and for once rally behind the team instead of mourning. In the mid season we bought in Auba, Mhik and Mavrapanos, huge investments in themselves. We have added new guys, players and technical staff. Certainly we can’t be a useless team mate and I think media aligned to Arsenal – like yourselves can play a big role in building confidence across the board instead of mourning all day long. “Let the games begin”

    1. Boluwatife says:

      Why I believe the article is a bit exaggerated, I must believe I share same fears. We finished 6th last season majorly because our defense was terrible. Same can be said of liverpool but look at how they have handed theirs. Who have we bought that is a plane upgrade on our existing players? bar Toreira, I don’t believe we’ve done any business in that defense. We might like to praise the team for being frugal but when you have mid table teams spending as much as we do, then you have to question our ambition. The so called best managers in the world actually always have money to spend. (mou at utd, pep at city and same can be said of Klopp). in modern football, success is proportional to investment. Leicester had a good run but without spending they’ve gone back to where they actually belong. It’s time our owner actually spend big on our defense

  10. Shay says:

    You really don’t understand how funds work, do you?
    Oblak is around 90M, Nzonzi is NOT world class, we already have Torreira as a solid option.Coman and James are extremely expensive , the former being 40 -60M and latter being 80+M.Gareth Bale is never going from Real Madrid to arsenal,and Ousmane Dembele is also 80+M.Our budget is only 60M IF stretched 80M we cannot afford Galactica with our budget, we aren’t saving money, we are trying to spend it wisely, we aren’t City who can probably stretch to 150M.We are rebuilding our team, and we need to improve in many positions with a limited budget since we finished 6th and are only in the Europa League.
    Finally, the point I disagree MOST you is the class of Leno,he IS NOT Ospina, he is one of Germanys best.

  11. Chris K says:

    Isn’t it wonderful how we all have opinions.

    It is also wonderful that we can choose what opinions we take on board.

    My opinion of this article is that I feel sorry for those who take anything from it on board. It seems to me they are so used to dissappointment that they believe we have descended into darkness and no longer realise that the sun is actually still there. It’s just hidden behind the clouds.

    This season is a fix it job for a team that has declined the last couple of seasons. Attacking wise we have always and still are up there with the best, so in the transfer window we have addressed our defensive woes. Seems like good management and sounds like something I might call progress. Lets not forget the best transfer of the summer, Emery as head coach.

    People are concerned about our left wing. Last season we saw Aubameyang play there as Inside Forward role (Mhiki on the right) with Lacazette up front and I see no reason not to do the same again this season. I also think Iwobi will develop under Emery, then we have Reiss Nelson who can fill in the gaps (Hope to see much more of him in the cups and Europa League) Anyhows, this could be avoided completely if we opt for a 4-4-2 Diamond with advanced wingbacks. Ozil Lacazette and Aubameyang up front will keep even the best defenses busy. Torreira, Xhaka and Ramsey to boss the midfield and feed the front 3. Kolasinac and Bellerin as advanced attacking wingbacks giving us some width (Torreira dropping back when they advance to essentially give us a back 3. and I’d personally have Sokratis and (when fit) Koscielny as solid centre backs with Leno between the sticks.

    I do like your ambition, but be carefull to manage it properly and don’t let it bring you (and others) down. There is plenty as an Arsenal fan to be pleased about this summer without needing to focus on any negative potential.

    I think we should all be reserving judgement untill at very least Feb which is when we will have a much more realistic idea of how the summer dealings have gone.

  12. Grimlar says:

    Seems to me that this transfer window has gone quite well, its an interesting mix of short term solutions and longer term prospects without breaking the bank. Most of the problems we have been complaining about for a long time have at least been looked at, whether things work out well, will of course only become clear some way into the season.

    There also seems to be a real optimism in the squad about Unai Emeryand the training, if reports are true, so much so that Ozil has come back early from his holiday to get involved in pre season.

    Im not Ozils biggest fan by any means, some of the criticism he gets is well deserved, even if not at the levels that he sometimes receives, but even I will admit that when Ozil is playing well he is a big asset to the team.

    Whilst Ramsey hasnt signed an extension yet, a four year deal is believed to be close.

    All in all, Im not panicking at all, because as far as I am concerned the aim for this season is to improve on last year, (nice if we win the league, but Im not expecting it,) to bed everyone into a new way of working, play better football, cut out most or all of the depressing losses (we dropped 10 points to the bottom four teams last season, nearly enough on its own to have got us into fourth place, never mind the other shocking away results,) aim to finish fourth/win Europa league if possible and improve the squad again next summer.

    I think most of that is achievable.

  13. Chiza says:

    I believe arsenal we take advantage of the Europa league by using our fringe players and youth players for the group stage until it gets to the knockout stage… Wenger couldn’t take advantage even after resting our top players…..but i know Emery will take advantage..he knows the Europa league very well…. I have a feeling that our team for the Europa league will be like this


    Osei tutu Chambers Mavrapanos Monreal


    iwobi mikhitaryan Maitland-niles Nelson

    Lucas Perez
    4-1-4-1(emery will surely go all out and allow the youngsters express themselves)

    Bench_macey,el nenny,guendouiz,holding,nketiah,emile smith, Adelaide

    Aubameyang, lacazette,torriera,ramsey,ozil,leno,sokratis,mustafi,bellerin and kolasinac.. That’s a full first team getting the rest needed to focus on the premier league with our high pressing game week in week out… emery will surely take advantage..exciting times ahead

  14. DAN says:

    I’m going to put myself in the firing line by sticking up for this article
    I’m yet to see fans actually make any counter points to these arguments apart from the typical ‘your not an arsenal fan,etc or name calling
    Once you start that you lose your argument
    It’s simple
    With the money we have , do you believe this is the best Stan korenke can do ?
    Liverpool finished 4th, that’s our bare minimun correct ?
    Compare liverpools owners to ours
    Wgen then needed a cb and keeper who they get compared to us ?
    And don’t day there in cl
    Just ask , is this the best R owners could do ?
    I’m giving them 2 weeks else this article is spot on

    1. Midkemma says:

      Owners like Silent Stan do not get their hands dirty by getting involved in every detail, they hire people who are supposingly experts to do that for him and he trusts the so called experts.

      Shame our so called expert is Gazidis.

      UTD was bought by an American investor who bought UTD on a loan and paid that off using income generated from UTD, they was in a worse position than we are in now.

      Ask yourself how come they can spend and we can’t.
      Both our owners are greedy businessmen who only care about their portfolio…

      One team has a CEO that thought spending would help get them out the slump.
      The other team has a CEO who thinks austerity is the way to improve their position.

      Sad truth 🙁

  15. Jeremy says:

    Leno is no average Joe. Ospina has his own natural weakness, his height, with due respect.

    No doubt we need great central defenders. We shouldn’t be held ransom. Anyway, Dortmund was playing badly, should the CBs be shouldering the entire blame? I don’t think so.

    If the writer thinks the entire house will collapse, he will be provened wrong. Torreira should protect us well.

    Well, side track a bit, thought we should look at Ramsey as a possible prob if he still does not sign. We won’t want to see Sanchez MK 2 for the new season. He should go if he is not willing to commit with us.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I do not think Ospina weakness is his height, I feel it is more to do with his positioning and not being good enough to know he isn’t able to cover the far side due to his height.

      No all small GK are bad, some may have excellent positioning awareness, not being hampered by their height.

      My prime example is Ospina own goal against Olympiakos, that really was a schoolboy error, such poor positional awareness was highlighted in such a clear piece of poor goalkeeping. That isn’t his only mistake leading to a goal which came around due to poor positioning 🙁

  16. snowden says:

    Evidently the writer believes all the rumors about Arsenal in the media.
    Not only that believes all the Assumptions found in the media about Arsenal.

    In future don’t say ‘we’ when you mean “I”. For I for one don’t believe the rumors and assumptions of the media be it TV, Radio, rumour papers and bloggers. that you so obviously believe in.

    If you are going to claim something is true provide us with proper evidence. Phrases like “reports are” are rumors not evidence of fact.

  17. khitb77 says:

    Are you on work experience writing for Just Arsenal?

    Seriously. This is such a load of reactionary tosh.

    Do you have a clue about football outside of playing Football Manager?

    Note to Just Arsenal. DO NOT let this guy write for you again.

  18. Sue says:

    Just because we haven’t spent 300m on players this window, it doesn’t mean they won’t be any good. We needed a new gk, couple of defenders & a DM.. them. Yes Leno isn’t Oblak but he might do just as good a job as him. Lichtsteiner’s age put me off, but people have told me he’s a leader & has bags of experience… which will do even if it is for one season. Don’t know a great deal about Sokratis or the David Luiz hair guy.. but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. As for Torreira… I’m so happy we got this guy!!
    What a joke saying we’ll finish behind Newcastle etc etc! Jesus Brighton what are you on????

  19. John Rambo says:

    So leno is average n nzonzi is world class huh? Alrighty then… I reckon we got plenty young n talented defenders. Mavro is young, agile, aggressive, versatile etc so f* koulibaly. Nzonzi looks good for the much less aggressive la liga not for epl. Welbz is a great squad player in case of any injury to laca or auba. So is lucas perez. The only position that needs strengthening imo is left back coz as much as nacho is one of the best l.b in epl, he ain’t no spring chicken. I think the balance in the current squad is much better now.

    1. Midkemma says:

      If Nacho is no spring chicken then how about Lich?
      The RB we just signed who is OLDER than Nacho… yet LB is the role you feel is needed because of Nachos age?

      I have difficulty understanding the logic of LB position needs strengthening due to Nacho age of 32 while RB is fine even though Lichtsteiner is 34.

  20. Diana says:

    GUYS ITS ABOUT THE MESSAGE BEHIND, NOT HIS ridiculous phrasing of the case. I guess he meant to say more signings would hurt, isnt it?

  21. Thomo says:

    Yeah manex we should of got messi Ronaldo and mbappe

  22. GoonAR says:

    I will wait to judge at least Emery and co. made some moves unlike Wenger.

  23. Patrick_G says:

    We had the worst season in 20 years and we still finished above West ham and Everton, so I don’t understand the basis of your article. Based on ZERO facts honestly. Just take a look again at our team and coaches… and again…..tell me again you think this team is not good enough to finish above them? So please bring the negativity back again when there is some form of proof or facts about your assumptions, maybe end of the season? Thanks

  24. Midkemma says:

    Money isn’t everything.
    Torreira looks like a player worth more than £35 million yet we are paying less than that, not Torreiras fault and Arsenal would be silly to pay more than they need just so they can say they spent big.

    I have hope for Leno, I am not his biggest fan but Leno can make some great saves and with better coaching then maybe he could become a top GK, he isn’t one yet though.

    Could we have gotten a TOP TOP gk though? No UCL football and we didn’t have any last season as well, it isn’t a one off. Oblak is at a UCL football team and I will be surprised if he leaves to go to a team that doesn’t play UCL football.

    I have also felt let down over Sokratis. I can’t believe I am going to say this but WTF happened to Evans? At least that guy knew the EPL, Sokratis comes with this risk of rash red cards while still being far from the fastest… I hope Sokratis proves me wrong but I feel like he is a waste of money. Still, could we have gotten Koulibaly? UCL football teams will be offering him better deals, UCL football for a ambitious footballer is something we can’t offer unless we can get back into UCL. Then there is the issue of Koulibaly being the age to basically block a younger defender from getting game time and progressing. We still need to develop players when they come to us, don’t we?

    Lich is a good signing, we needed someone to push Bellerin and just cause he has years on the clock doesn’t mean he can’t help push Bellerin onto the next level, it means we haven’t had to spend on a RB and we can look at that area in 12 months time. I’m happy with this signing.

    Overall this window has been a bit meh, I am pleased with Torreira and I am happy we got someone to push Bellerin for RB. I am pleased we got a new GK as I do admit to wanting Ospina sold, never thought he was good enough and any more than a reflex keeper who has shown horrid positioning. I didn’t want an old CB signing and if we did then I would have hoped we got a bargain like Evans, this way the younger players would see an aging AVERAGE cb and think “Wow, I should be aiming to start, I better put the effort in as Evans isn’t exactly a mega player to replace.”

    Emery though isn’t here to buy top talent, not like he has the final say in transfers either… He is here to make our players better and we have some top youth who needs a coach who can unlock their potential.

  25. Kago Moseki says:

    The writer of this article has every entitlement to his opinion, yes I agree that there were plenty of players in the market including the ones cited like Nzonzi, Oblak and Coulibaly. These are very good players and would make us a better team if they gel with the current team that we have. Their prices especially for a Europa league team (Yes we are a Europa league Team, for now atleast as we qualified for it again) are a bit out of reach. Which team in the world that finished at position 6 is spending at the level of champions league teams? My opinion is that we desperately needed a goalkeeper, and we signed a goalkeeper with a lot of potential (A full German international, who was recently involved with the national team), a good centre back with loads of experience, an experienced right back as well as two central midfielders with defending capabilities. Have we addressed our immediate neeed? Yes, and thats what matters, and I trust Emery to take it from there and develop these players into world beaters… If he was able to make a failed Stoke City former player (Nzonzi) into the current player that he is and won the Europa league with a mid table team like Sevilla, then surely he can take a team boasting of Laca, Auba, Mikhi, Torreira, Sokratis to challenge the best in the EPL. I believe that by the end of this season, for a change we will be smiling. I say the best signing in the EPL this coming seaon is Emery, not Allison or Fred or Mahrez, and I will be proven right.

  26. Sean says:

    1st reason for our signings is always money & it has to be because of where we are at as a club atm, 6th place doesn’t really scream success does it!

    2nd reason is no UCL football as that is what all the ambitious players want to play in & unfortunately we are in the Europa League AGAIN so can’t give them that. Which again leaves us with less funds as UCL money is a lot bigger than EL.

    3rd reason is simple, we are in transition & have to be careful what we spend & how we spend it. This season is rebuilding & stabalising the club after Wenger era came to an end while also filling the void in the squad that needs looked at. So far we have did our best apart from a marquee signing for the fans & width we need in the squad.

    4th & last reason as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, meaning we can’t do it all in one window. Next summer depending on where we finish in the league will be the main one especially if we are in the top4 or heaven forbid (all negative comments come after statements like this on here) win the Europa League. Best man for the job… Unai Emery! He is the reason we are all buzzing at the club along with a proper DM in Torreria.

    The change is good for all of us gooners, give the players we have a chance this season. Enjoy it!!

  27. Abednego says:

    I dont think leno is an average GK but all I need at arsenal is Coman or Dembele

  28. Ronny says:

    This window is designed as a shake up and to get us competing.
    You talk about oblak like any player is available.
    They are not when we cant offer cl.
    Also there is a January window dont forget if Emery feels we need it.

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