BSM: ‘Arsenal protests won’t end if Wenger signs deal’

Arsenal supporters group The Black Scarf Movement have announced that they will persevere with their protests against Arsene Wenger and the board if a contract is agreed for the manager.

The Frenchman is into the last year of his current deal, and will be out of a job this summer unless a new one is agreed.

Wenger declared before the international break that a decision would be announced in the near future, but has so far failed to make a decision.

The Black Scarf Movement are adamant that they will not stop with their calls for the board and the manager the instigate change after 13 years without a Premier League title, yet no attempt to end that run.

BSM’s Mark King said; “The protests don’t stop, even if Wenger announces that he is staying.

“It won’t be a major surprise if and when he signs a new contract. But it will be a shameful decision from an owner who has no sporting ambition for Arsenal.

“Wenger has done nothing in the past three years to justify a new deal and we will ramp up the protests against the board and the manager. If Arsenal think we are going to go away they are in for a big surprise.”

A new contract does appear more a matter of when and not if, and speculation claims a win this weekend would lead to an announcement of a new contract.

If the claims that Wenger is only staying on the pretense that he is to overhaul the squad, then that surely is answering the calls for change somewhat, although not the major thinking change that the fans want.

Would the fans allow Wenger more time if we was to see some big transfer movement over the summer window?

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  1. arsenalfan1 says:

    The Black Scarf Movement is right, Wenger has to go!

  2. Guneal says:

    The only true protest is for real fans to boycott the remaining matches.

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    The sad truth is that these protest won’t make any difference to the clubs decisions. And going by what Wenger spent £100 million on last summer, I can’t see how spending another 100 million this summer making much difference to the squad, Especially if Sanchez and Ozil are sold.
    and even if both players stay, I doubt that they will extend their contracts, it would be more of the case of running their contracts down and moving on for free and gaining a mega wage packet at their next destination.

  4. muda says:

    Wenger is slowly destroying all the legacy he ever had.
    The only #WayOut is #WengerOut

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I would only give Wenger another chance if ALL the following our satisfied:
    1. Alexis and Ozil stays
    2. Sign one of following (Aubemeyang, Lewandowski, james rodriguez, higuain, Greizmann, Lacazette)
    3. Sign a top holding midfielder like Krychowiak, Matuidi, kondogbia etc
    4. Sign a Top LB like Ricardo Rodriguez
    5. Sign another decent CB like Van Dijk, Smalling, Howedes
    6. Sign another good RB
    7. Sell Ramsey, Sanogo, Jenkinson, Debuchy and any other deadwood

    But just fantasy. Never going to happen

    1. josh37 says:

      1.) 50% may happen at most…
      2.) why is Lacazette in that list?
      3.) None of those are ‘holding midfielders’
      4.) brilliant on attack, a lot worse than Monreal defensively
      5.) Koscielny, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Chambers, Holding, Bielik… Probs not high on the shopping list! Honestly your mentioning CB’s a lot… It’s a pipe dream. More chance of buying luis Suarez than Wenger adding to a position with that many players on the books
      6.) why?
      7.) Sanogo is lyf!!!!!!!!

      1. Dude about no.6 We have all seen the kind of shift Bellerin puts in when he decides not to turn up. As for his replacements/competition, Jenkinson and Debuchy are so bad we couldn’t even trust them in a reserve game..kinda why we play Gabriel out of position in their stead. We NEED ANOTHER RB. As for Ramsey Arsenal girl, no point in calling for his head..he is bench proof.

        1. josh37 says:

          Disappointing performances aside… he’s still one of the most promising rb’s in world football. If we clear out Jenks, Debuchy AND Chambers or Gabriel I can see it happening.. If not, I’d place it pretty far down on our shopping list.
          Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see it happen! Gabriel is a walking disaster.. But I want our attack pimped with a LB and a CM personally. The first-team needs to be addressed before moving about squad players IMO.

          1. bran99 says:

            “If we clear out Jenks, Debuchy AND Chambers or Gabriel I can see it happening.. If not, I’d place it pretty far down on our shopping list”, that’s why she kept it as number 6 out of 7 wishes of hers, pretty down from your point of view

    2. rkw says:

      Smalling!! Some mistake surely …..

    3. Jansen says:

      Looks like a great list but I would expect that list cost close to 250 – 300 million. If we are going to spend that type of money, which we don’t have, we should have a new manager who understands the modern game spend it.

  6. frank says:

    How many chances does Wenger need?

    Nothing has changed since the demise of The Invincibles.

    This is painful. No manager in the world gets the luxuries Wenger gets.

  7. khangunners says:

    Hehe overhaul? What overhaul? It looks like even ramsey doesn’t want to remain with his father wenger. Only ozil and sanchez contracts are getting news but we hve 11 or 8 players whose contract are running out. Cazorla,ramsey,wilshere,mert,ozil,sanchez,….if you ask me that is what is called an overhaul. He makes the players not wana extend then he says he will fix it. Why do pple want him to fix the mistakes he has made and yet he will be gone in 2 years time. Squad overhauling is a project for a new manager and one who is gona be at a place for long. This shows the board still has no plan at all to part ways with wenger

  8. Nebsy says:

    All unhappy Arsenal fans should boycott the club merch for the next season.
    I can’t see another way of making some impact. Don’t stop the banners, in fact, make them bigger and more offensive. I’d say it’s time for a C word, as soon as it’s announced that Ramsey’s dad signs a new deal.

  9. Vlad says:

    What a bunch of muppets BSM are, as well as a bunch of you here. “Protests won’t stop”, “Wenger has to go”, “Boycott remaining games”. Do you have any idea of what you’re talking about? BSM is a very small movement that has practically zero say or influence on what’s going on with the club. “Wenger has to go” has gotten very old. At least come up with something a little more original, like “Wenger Stop Ruining Your Legacy and Our Club”. Or better yet, channel your anger and frustration towards the real enemy – Kroenke. It’s him, and the board who turned Arsenal from a professional football club into a perfect business that has nothing to do with winning trophies, but making more money for them. As for boycotting the rest of the games – here’s where I get the biggest kicker. First of all, those who say that definitely don’t live in London, and don’t go to games. So for them, it’s just empty words. Secondly, even if a few people decide not to buy tickets/merchandise, or renew their season tickets, there’s a huge number of suckers waiting in line to jump on the opportunity. Arsenal has a massive fan base around the world. London is a top tourist destination. I’ve been following Arsenal for close to 20 years, and I don’t recall a single game (either at Highbury or Emirates) that wasn’t sold out. So trust me, your “let’s boycott the games” words won’t go far. Kroenke and Co. have to be hit really hard in their nuts in order for them to do something. And that’s if they lose a ton of money. Missing CL is gonna have very little or no effect because they will balance the books by selling Sanchez and Ozil. So frankly, I don’t see a way out of this mess… at least not any time soon.

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