BT Sport come out strongly against the European Super League

BT Sport has spoken out in support of the Premier League in their fight against Arsenal and other teams who have formed the European Super League.

The Gunners and other top six teams in the EPL and six other European giants have formed the new competition, which is set to replace the Champions League.

UEFA is fighting back with support from the Premier League and FIFA and these organizations have the backing of most football fans.

The greed of the club owners is shining through at the moment, but they might not have the last laugh.

The Premier League broadcaster, BT Sports, has now joined its voice to the growing opposition to the proposal.

They say they can recognize the fears of soccer fans around the world and they agree that the new competition will cause more harm than good to the game in general.

In a post on Twitter, they said: “BT recognises the concerns raised by many of football’s leading voices and fans, and believes the formation of a European Super League could have a damaging effect to the long term health of football in this country.

“As a sport broadcaster showing Premier League, UEFA club football and National League football as well as being lead partner for all the Home Nations football teams, we strongly believe that football makes a significant positive contribution to people’s lives at every level, and this needs to be protected.”

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  1. The Super League can get along just fine without BT sport. There are innumerable broadcasters only too willing to be the digital platform for a European Super League which would be unbelievably popular world wide. BT can continue to cover Sheffield United v Westbrom and Stoke V Barnsley. Good luck with that.

  2. Wyoming, please name those broadcasters who are willing to televise a groundhog competition.

    1. Ken my friend
      Kronke is a snake, and I’m sure all the owners already have suitors that haven’t come out yet for fear of the backlash.

      A single company like JP Morgan doesn’t throw out 6 billion with no sponsors or broadcasters on board.

      Here in the States I’m sure there are suitors. For example in the preseason several years ago Utd vs Barcelona FRIENDLY had over 100,000 in the stands.

      Liverpool drew over 80,000 in their game. Football has been growing over here, imagine watching Real Madrid or Barcelona weekly instead of MLS.

    2. @Ken1945.
      Name me any broadcasters in the world including BT sports who would not want the Super league on their schedule.

    3. Ken probably an American, Chinese or Russian tv company so it will be easy to broadcast when it is played in America or China. Probably ken Kronk might decide to move Arsenal to America in his nice new stadium. He can move the club quite easily being sole owner.

  3. Too true. Broadcasters will lineup to televise Real Madrid vs Juventus, Utd vs Barcelona, Arsenal vs Liverpool, etc… Every week showing top matchups usually reserved for CL, now showing weekly for an entire season.

    BT will compete with what? Newcastle vs Crystal Palace? Everton vs Burnley?

    Sponsors will flock to the Super league and the millions upon millions who watch. PL will be a mere shadow viewed mostly by English fans.

    Not that I agree with Super League, just not delusional about ratings.

    Doubt it? JP Morgan already shelling out 6 Billion; that’s real money backing up the talk, without a single game, sponsor, or broadcaster in place.

    It’s sickening, but so is the corruption in FIFA and UEFA that has been rampant for decades.

    Battle of the Billionaires is about to begin, place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

    1. Should have said named sponsors and broadcasters in place. I’ve no doubt the groundwork has been laid and a structure is in place.

      Otherwise why come out on Sunday? Why threaten with nothing backing it up?

      Billionaires don’t make billion dollar mistakes like that. Kronke bought up all Arsenal shares for hundreds of millions so he could make even more money.

      Now I understand why the Russian never had a chance buying Arsenal.

    2. exactly

      euro super league is the future

      top level football among euro best clubs

      if there is a european union why cant there be a european super league

      1. Are Arsenal and Tottenham currently England’s best?
        How will the rest of European teams get a sniff of this wonderful league if there is virtually no chance of joining?
        All our traditions gone just to satisfy global demand

  4. Thanks to the above for your replies – I am beginning to understand what it means to be viewed as a parasite…. just by being associated with The Arsenal under stanley kronkie.

    The only thing left that can scupper this plan is the players themselves, so let’s see if they feel the same way that (it seems anyway) the majority of the football world are thinking.

    1. And our government ken, they can make laws for work permits etcetera. It about time they made a law to save not only football but any business in our country, owned by a foreign ownership and put in a few restrictions.

    2. Players wont do bugger all mate. Footballers are notoriously greedy (always have been) and when the ESL clubs promise to double or treble their wages they`ll soon come round. I`m with you, sad days but this hasnt just happened overnight. Football sold out years ago. The Arsenal arent the same club we grew up following, wont be long before we`re playing home games in the US.

      1. Johnno clubs in the ESL will be able to control salaries and player contracts better in the future once the league settles and they destroy CL, no relegation no pressure, clubs will simply employ mainly out of contract players, it’s a win win for them

  5. Football changed as soon as Abramovich bought Chelski.
    Foreign billionaires or states don’t care about the English game.
    They will do want is best for them. Arsenal may move to the US? Man City the middle East?
    Tbf to abramovich he is likely one of the better super rich billionaires that bought in. Some of the ones that followed are far worse!!

  6. And what else would you expect them to do?
    They have an interest in protecting their current business model. I doubt their opposition to the plan is an idealistic conviction.

  7. BT sport as soon as they get some TV contract : ESL is best thing to happen to football.

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