Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli missing from Young Player of the year nominees, what do you think?

The Premier League has just released a list of players nominated for the Premier League Young Player of the season, and no Arsenal youngsters feature.

The list comprises of three players from Manchester United as Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial all feature.

However, despite having a fine season for the Gunners, Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka have missed out on a nomination and one wonders why.

A look at the players who have made the list shows that apart from the Manchester United trio, Liverpool’s Trent Alexander Arnold, Jack Grealish of Aston Villa, Sheffield United’s Dean Henderson, Chelsea’s Mason Mount and Christian Pulisic are the other names on the list.

I have to admit that the players who made the list were in fantastic form for their clubs in the just-concluded season.

However, Saka and Martinelli have been in amazing form for Arsenal and no doubt most Arsenal fans think that both players deserve to be on the list.

They took to Twitter to show their dissatisfaction at not seeing him among the nominees.

One fan tweeted: “Anthony Martial was signed by Manchester United 5 years ago for £54m. Nobody is denying that he had an impressive season, but nominating him for the YPOTY award over Bukayo Saka – who is 6 years younger than him – sums up exactly what is wrong with the selection process.”

Another added: “LOOOL, first no Saka in the YPOTY, and then no Auba in POTY. These lot trying their hardest to show their agenda ffs”

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  1. Martinelli has played nowhere near enough to be a serious candidate. Saka is a surprise omission though.

    1. It doesnt surprise me Jon.
      26 games played, 7 as a sub and dint complete 90 mins 9 times, 1 goal and 5 assists in the league.
      it doesnt compare to any that were nominated by a long way

    2. @jon fox,I couldn’t tell you how many minutes Saka has played this season but I don’t think near enough compared to the others, that’s the only reason I can think of.

    3. I am even more surprised by the inclusion of Martial and Rashford. This should be reserved for first year players who would have played a certain number of games.

  2. The only reason is the number of games they played compared to the other nominees,too few the rest of them have played in more games this season,Greenwood might have started playing after the break but you can’t deny his goals and impact,sorry but no argument this time!

  3. My argument was Saka has just broken into the first team at just 18… while Grealish and Martial are both 24, first team regulars and have been around for ages! 🤷‍♀️

    1. its not called the ive just broken into a team award tho Sue, its players 23 and under from the start of the season

        1. i just see it, but it really doesnt matter how long players have been around before they can get this award ( as long as they are 23 at the start of a campaign)
          So take Grealish and Rashford out of the picture, can you honestly say that Saka has had a better season than Mount, Pulisc, AA and Dean Henderson?
          I cant say that myself and ive only missed the games since corona, I’ve attended every home and away game in the league and all the home cup games we played.
          He’s had a decent season, but if he were to improve upon that next season then i cant see why he wouldnt get a nomination.
          Sterling won it last season and hes been around for what seems like a decade

          1. I wasn’t saying he’d had a better season than the others and didn’t say they weren’t worthy of their nomination! But 24 in my eyes is not young!! I’m sorry but that is how I feel… I think this should be 21 and under!

          2. but thats the rules right, maybe it should be 21 and under, but its not so all we can do is give a nomination ( or not ) to the player you feel has been the best out of the candidates given

      1. @Val,Anthony Martial is 24 and some change,well nearly 25 he was born in December 1995,do you think he should still be considered a young player?

          1. well my dude, 23 at the start of a season qualifies players to be contention for this award, regardless of him being 25 in December.

            Most professional football players start their (real)
            career at around 20, exceptional talents can start making the first team between 16 and 18,
            So with a general career for most players being from 20 – 35, the answer is yes, they’re still young players, they havent ”mastered” the game at this age and are not close to their peak which is usually 27-28

      2. VAL:
        You made me lough so hard mate and you are absolutely right 100% because our young players are not enough to be nominated as they are surprisingly broke the first team this year and that’s exactly how I think caused exclusions of YPOY.

    2. Very good point Sue,it didn’t cross my mind, that’s true we tend to forget how long they’ve been around!

      1. It’s bizarre if you ask me, Siamois. But with how impressive Saka has been this season, I’m sure next season he’ll go from strength to strength and receive a nomination! Although it’s 6 years before he turns 24 🙄 So there’s still time 😀

        1. I hope he’s got what it takes to be consistent too Sue, as I’ve seen him drop a little bit from the way he played before the break in football. I hope he can pick up a great form next season alongside martinelli and ESR

  4. Sue
    I understand how you feel. It seems silly that someone who is bordering on mid 20s Is classed as young (in football terms).

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