Bukayo Saka confirms nickname originally started in French

Bukayo Saka has picked up the nickname ‘Little Chilli’ around the Arsenal training ground, and it seems to have stuck.

The 19 year-old is preparing for his first ever senior tournament with the England squad at present, and could be in line to feature in the Three Lions clash with Croatia on Sunday afternoon.

Saka was interviewed in the build-up to this weekend’s fixture, and was asked where his nickname ‘Little Chill’ had come from.

“It started from Auba,” Saka said in the build-up to England’s Euro 2020 opener against Croatia(via the Standard).

“He said it in French. We’re doing one finishing drill one time in training and he kept staying it, and I kept scoring, I was shooting with so much power and he was calling me little chilli in French.

“I didn’t know what it was. I asked him after and he told me it means little chilli. From then on he kept calling me it and then it became a thing, and now it’s a big thing, a lot of people call me it, and make it my nickname.

“Of course, he got me the nice chain he promised he would get me if we won the FA Cup – it’s a show of how great a character he is and how important he is for me and I’d say for the team in terms of the happiness and the vibes in the dressing room.

“It’s really nice. He’d done a good job with that. I’m grateful. I love it. It’s unique.”

The French according to Google translate is ‘petit piment’, which to me sounds more catchy, but if Saka is happy to go with ‘Little Chilli’ (which is what I say when the wind catches me off guard), I’m all for it!

Whatever keeps a smile on this young man’s face and keeps him on his game, I’m sure we can all get behind.


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