Bukayo Saka explains “why we are all so gutted” after Newcastle defeat

Arsenal were totally outplayed by a confident Newcastle side playing their last game of their season in front of the Toon Army, and it looked like Arsenal’s youngster were overawed by the atmosphere and the crowd.

Mikel Arteta and Granit Xhaka both gave brutal assessments of the Arsenal players after the game, and Bukayo Saka was equally feeling downtrodden in an interview, and explained that him and his team-mates were “gutted” at full time.

Saka told the Mirror: “We lost every duel and we were not able to play out properly from the back. Overall the performance was so poor.

“Obviously we are all incredibly disappointed. Technically it is not over but we have made it very difficult for ourselves. Because we had it in our hands, it is such a disappointment not to get Champions League football and that is why we are all so gutted.

“Yeah of course we have a young squad but it does not really matter about your age – when you have these opportunities you have to take them. The last two games we have had those opportunities to win and put ourselves in a great position but we could not do that.”

One only has to read the comments on JustArsenal after the game to see how “gutted” the fans were as well, especially as our defeat helps our arch-rivals Tottenham.

Being favourites for the Top Four for so long and then blowing it at the finall hurdle hurts us all, but maybe it will work out for the best. Surely we have much more chance of winning the Europa League next season, and Arteta will get to give all our youngsters and new arrivals vaulable experience in the Group Stages of the lesser competition.

It’s better than not being in Europe at all!

Anyway, has everyone put their order in for Lasagne next weekend?

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  1. The players are gutted, but they still get their massive weekly wages…

    Arteta won’t defend his players, but still defends his “vision”, which looks more like a mirage…

    Meanwhile, true Arsenal fans are more than gutted, they are losing their connection to a club that is run by clowns.

    Too many times have we watched the same scenario, heard the same excuses.

    Arsenal has become a club of chokers and bottlers. No gumption, no heart, no loyalty to the badge. Just untold money for untold mediocrity.

    1. It is sad that such unfair comments are been hurled at the team. This is a very young team that have braved every odds to be where they are today and all they get is unreasonable bashing from sundry. What if they had ended the season lower down the table? We should be reasonable and fair. They have tried and with injuries and card related absenteeism what else do you expect…… They’ve done considerably well and can only get better next season.

      1. Their not school children they are bloody professional footballers alot of them playing for their own countries that cost quite a few quid to sign them ,stop with this young squad excuse ,because I didn’t want to hear it at the beginning of the season and I definitely don’t want to hear it now .
        Your preaching to the wrong crowd mate .

  2. I’m sick of reading this shit.
    If you don’t have the will to succeed then you have no business at Arsenal. And that includes Bukayo Saka…

  3. Totally agree.
    No fight and a toothless performance.
    As fans we feel the team let us down.
    It’s as if some players did not want champions league football to stop new signings coming in so there is less competition for places.

  4. Of course the players are gutted, they didn’t get their massive bonus they were on if they got top 4 🤔

  5. At this point, I will say Arsenal cannot boast of a single player who can decide to take the bull by it’s horns, take responsibility and change things, and even him Bukayo Saka inclusive. All we have is small small kids who run around the pitch while wait on luck to smile on them week in, week out . Any team , no matter how small or how poor can white wash this current Arsenal side, and also, they can also beat any team any day luck smiles on them. At this point, I will also say, good we’re not making it to the champions league cos it would’ve been a disaster and a disgrace. Teams would’ve run over us as a trailer will run over a small vehicle and we’ll come back home heartbroken while these kids take home their pay every weekend. Better that we’re going to play in the Europa league, let’s just make do with that even though we’re still going there to make up the numbers going by the kind of football I watched against Newcastle yesterday. Not just easy supporting a football club that lacks direction and vision. This is where we see ourselves as Arsenal supporters. Other fans of other clubs continue to make jest of us. We cannot even talk when they talk because we have nothing anymore to boast for as Arsenal fans. When you think it’s working out, boom……….!!!…..it goes like flames. Not just easy being an Arsenal fan

    1. I remember when Alexis Sanchez was at Arsenal and was the only one that was willing to grab a game by the scruff.

      Some teammates didn’t like him barking at his own players, or when he demanded the ball, or when he got so dejected after a loss, while others were so smiley and chatty.

      Now the players seem without accountability; they talk a lot, but show so little.

  6. Arteta can`t take arsenal to a greater height instead, he`ll keep giving excuses that he he`s on a project. What is the assurance that most of this young players we running this so called project won`t be sold in d nearest future. Please my dear football club do the right thing. Get us experienced and mature player in d summer. I come in peace

  7. Please spare me all these injuries excuses when we don’t perform. Either the team is not good enough or the Coach is not good enough or both. Other teams have injuries too. We are not in Europe this season and yet despite having a week most of the time to prepare we still fumble. If the Club do not act on time and get good hands, expect more heartbreaks from the team and coaching crew!

  8. Crikey, either I have just has a serious case of ‘deja vu’ or didn’t we hear this ‘shite’ last season?

    I heard a celebrated supporter yesterday on a well known arsenal podcast say that although the season has not gone to plan he actually thought it was a ‘good’ season?

    I dunno what games he was going to as personally I thought this season was one hard, painful slog and I for one can’t wait for it to be over. (Must be deja vu as I could swear I felt like this last year as well🤔)

    But, I might of misheard him as I am exhausted by this utter crap that I pay to witness week in and week out. So correct me if I’m wrong.

    Plus side, end of season piss up and doner on Sunday. Hopefully we don’t get on the subject of next season as I just don’t have the energy anymore.

  9. No need to explain anything Bukayo, we all watched the game. The game plan was simply that you would put on a miracle Roy of the Rovers performance and carry the team and manager of course.

  10. With an elite manager, we would have secured the champion league spot. that’s all i have to say.

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