Bukayo Saka having a great World Cup may not be a good thing for Arsenal

Bukayo Saka is a brilliant player and depending on how one uses the phrase, a world class one as well.

Have no doubts that all the top clubs are looking at the 21-year-old and would jump at the chance to sign him.

Consider these teams, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSG. All of them have the resources to sign Saka.

Now consider this scenario. Saka flops, misses open goals and is ultimately dropped from Gareth Southgate’s first team and becomes nothing more than a bench warmer.

Would any of those clubs then break the bank to sign Saka? Would their fans accept spending huge money on a player that was a flop on the biggest stage of them all?

Now consider the opposite.

Saka adds to his two goals and takes the Golden Boot award, is man of the match in a couple of the upcoming England games and helps the Three Lions make the final or even win the competition.

Then those clubs named above would be seriously encouraged by their fans to make a move, for a World cup star that has yet to extend his contract with his present club.

Who would Real Madrid go for under those circumstances if they cannot land Kylian Mbappe, who would Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd or Man City target if they wanted to weaken a rival by signing their best player, a proven superstar on the world stage?

Who would PSG go for in the event they lose Mbappe?

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

The better Saka does at the World Cup the more chance there is of one of the big-money elite clubs coming in to tempt him away.

Remember, he has yet to sign an extension, and his loyalty would be seriously tested if the likes of Real Madrid come knocking. And we know that the richest clubs would not hesitate to offer him a salary that Arsenal would struggle to match.

We always want our players to be brilliant on the world stage but right now, at this moment in time, under the current circumstances, it may not be the best thing for Arsenal if Saka does produce his brilliance for the rest of the World Cup.


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  1. Yes. Unfortunately, Saka’s entourage have a better bargaining chip, after the boy scored twice in England’s first World Cup match

    Hopefully, their negotiation power will get dented by his uninspiring performance in England’s second match and his exclusion in the third match

    If he doesn’t agree with Arsenal’s terms, they’ve got to sell him in the summer and use the money to sign another inverted RW. Noni Madueke could be a good replacement

  2. As much as I hate to agree with the writer I must confess he’s spot on and school children in the UK knows it.

    Even in cases if he should fail to set the competition on fire, top coaches who are able to see beyond their nose would have spot the talent with his potential going through the ceiling.

  3. Who says he’s not been spotted already?

    I say we sell for an high price like 150million pounds

    When they come calling to sign him.

  4. Bukayo Saka will sign a new contract after the World Cup. Good chances that he’ll be on £210,000 a week in wages in which all parties have agreed upon. That’s pretty much fair considering that Eddie Nketiah is sitting on £100,000 a week to keep the bench warm and cosy

  5. As they say, in football nothing is impossible to happen in it that’s included the good and the ugly.
    Nevertheless I think us the Arsenal will have to wait to see how events and things that concerned Arsenal and Saka pans out during the ongoing World Cup and after it is over.
    As the events that happened during the tournament as they concerned Arsenal and Saka could determine whether Saka if he had a successful outings or not for England at the tournament may still preferred to remain at Arsenal and extend his staying with the club.
    And a very important thing that I think will principally motivates Saka to extend to still prolong his staying at Arsenal is, if Arsenal does win the Epl title this season. Which if it’s happened will make him a Premier League winner . And him playing in the Ucl next season too as a result of Arsenal winning the title this season to play in the Ucl next season should serve as extra incentive to further encourage Saka, Martinelli and Saliba the 3 Arsenal young top class players to extend their contracts at Arsenal. And resist any temptation that sees any of them tempted by any of the money bag big club sides trying to make any of the trio to join any of them next January or summer transfer windows. In particular Martinelli who is being eyed by Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp.

  6. To those who won’t watch, Ghana vs Uruguay will be an exciting match of high emotion. Ghana have already beaten Uruguay 2-1. Jordan Ayew and another player will score.

  7. I am saddened to say that if after all, Arsenal are left with no option but to sell Saka. Moreso after they have won the Premier League title this season. And Saka played a major role in the Arsenal win. But will not extend his staying with the club to sign a new deal with them thereafter to stay next summer.
    But will Arteta not force him to continue to stay at Arsenal? Just as he has forced Nkethia to continue to stay at Arsenal.
    Anyway, just should in case Arteta happens to let Saka leave Arsenal at the end of this current Epl campaign. After the Gunners had lifted the Epl title in particular. And possibly also have lifted the FA Cup and Europa League Cup as well to win the treble. And Saka had a very strong hand in performance in the wins.
    Which could see the transfer fee to sign gets him signed reach up to £120-150m. But not sell him to a Premier League rival club sides. But will Arsenal make the mistakes to not sell him and collect the money? Then use part of it to offset part of the reported financial losses that they’ve incurred as a result of their not in the Ucl playing for seasons. Then use the remaining money to restrenghted.

    1. Personally, I don’t think he will be “forced” to stay. He is loving Arteta’s project and loves his team-mates. Where else can he enjoy life and win trophies where he feels at home?

  8. Selling Saka isn’t necessarily a problem, selling him at a cut price because his contract’s running down is.

    We don’t know his feelings on the subject, although it seems that he’s happy at Arsenal and the wiser folk realise that switching clubs doesn’t always work out.

    Btw Barcelona doesn’t have the resources to sign him, they’re struggling to find the money to sign his goldfish. Other clubs… well, FSR may be an issue for some of them as much as finding the money.

  9. Struggling to find the money to sign his goldfish, I like that one.

    I take solace in the fact Saka is surrounded by smart people,
    Emmanuel Petit one of the former Arsenal players who left to join Barcelona, will tell you the grass not always green on the other side.

    But Arsenal must do everything in their power to keep the three kids, had suggested they hand Martinelli a pen and sign him first their contract should be extended in that order

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