Congrats to Bukayo Saka who is Arsenal’s Player of the Year (again) – Plus video

Bukayo Saka may only be 20 years old but he has been awarded his second consecutive Player of the Year award from Arsenal fans, with an incredible 58% of the vote.

This is the first Arsenal player since Thierry Henry to win two in a row, and if he continues improving there is no doubt that he will make it three next year.

Saka is Arsenal’s top scorer with 12 goals playing from the wing, and has also been nominated alongside Smith-Rowe for the PFA Young Player Of The Year, and is hot favourite to win that one as well, and I am sure he will be inundated with awards with a long and glittering career ahead of him.

Congratulations to Saka, an Arsenal legend in the making!

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  1. Congrats to him winning that as at of this year, but how exactly did he won it last year.
    We need to start taking goals scoring seriously.
    Our player of the season is with just 12 goals having played more games than any other players in the team.
    He’s young but we need to do better as a team.
    He should be winning this award as young player and not the main man of the team.

    1. It’s not how many goals you score it’s your performance and contribution to the team. A defender could win the award without scoring any goals as could a keeper or midfielder.

      1. I am not saying he didn’t deserve it or someone else should have won it.
        He had most minutes among his colleagues so no questions about his contribution to the team.
        But 12 goals is way too low for us to have as the most in the team and not just in the league but all competition.
        This wasn’t about Saka, reason why I said we need to do better as a team.
        Our highest goals scorer in all competition got 12 goals man, that’s way too low for our team.
        It’s a very good number for Saka but not the team.

        1. Kongrat to Saka,if u noticed the team picked up,immediately Auba,left they knew that they have no choice than to fight it all by themselves and the yung boy took it as his all,to carry the team,skillfully xcaped injuries,besides he is a winger not a pointer brotherly,,,Auba slowed d team QED,

        2. Perhaps you should have phrased it better then as your post certain reads as an attack on Saka, man !

  2. GG to him but for me Ramsdale should have won but I suppose fans look at goals rather than saves .
    Would have been my vote but can see how saka won with 18 goal contributions

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