Bukayo Saka: Arsenal’s perfect role model to inspire the next generation “Play with a smile”

Bukayo Saka has been Arsenal’s poster boy for the last couple of years, winning our Player Of The Year for two seasons in a row, and winning the hearts of England fans too as he helped his side to the Final of the Euros last year.

Now he has started the World Cup in scintillating fashion, scoring twice in Englands opening game against Iran, until stopped from scoring last night by Arsenal’s very own Matt Turner in the USA goal.

But he has speaking about the love and energy he gets from the fans, and is proud that he can be the inspiration for the next generation of young footballers.

He told Arsenal.com: “The love I’ve had from the England fans has been special and it means everything to me. When you hear your name being sung by the crowd and them cheering you on, it makes you want to give more for them and to do even better for them.

“It’s nice to think that kids are now looking up to me. I hope I can continue to inspire them, be a good role model for them and make them proud and happy. I always try to conduct myself in the best way possible because I know there are children who look up to me and are watching everything that I do.

“To any kids looking to become a footballer, you have to love football, you have to enjoy it and always play with a smile on your face, and just give everything you can to make the most of your potential.”

Wise words from a smiling face on young shoulders. All Arsenal fans should be extremely happy to have the greatest example to the younger Arsenal fans that will be hero worshipping him for many years to come….


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  1. Many will agree with me that, Saka is the single most likeable of our players for a great many years past.

    To be clear, I do personally like MOST of our players and idolised some from the long ago past, such as Bob Wilson, George Armstrong and more “recently” such as Bergkamp and Parlour, all those players being ones who consistently gave their all for the team. MANY OTHERS TOO DID LIKEWISE.

    But in recent years, though prior to this season, there have been a very few high profile players , thankfully now gone , who I could scarcely have a lower opinion about than I DO.

    SUCH A WELCOME CONTRAST WITH HUMBLE, GROUNDED BUKAYO. The perfect example to all young people, and older ones too, everywhere.

  2. Yes he is the poster boy alright and rightfully so., but I haven’t seen a single player that is actively involved in world cup now playing in Qatar, conclude a deal.

    This stands to reason players and their agents have come together and put off all dealings until the conclusion of the world cup, this could be a clever strategy on players behalf, as if a player is presently in discussions with a renewals and said player have a great tournament it will no doubt strengthen the bargaining chip of such a player.

    So I expect all contract situations to be concluded by the end of January and ofcourse that includes our poster boy

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