Bukayo Saka proved his critics wrong in full 120 minutes in England win over Slovakia

Is anyone still criticizing Bukayo Saka, questioning his passion, brilliance, and where he should play? Our Gunner “star boy” performed admirably in England’s 2-1 win over Slovakia, playing the full 120 minutes in a variety of positions, including right wing-back, left-back, and right-back.

This positional change did not significantly reduce his influence; he maintained an impressive 90% pass accuracy, completing 43 passes to demonstrate his superb vision and distribution. His ground game was as remarkable, as he won 7 of 13 duels and completed four successful dribbles.

He was also eager to pull the strings in the attacking third, offering three crosses and making one vital pass. Saka’s adaptability, work rate, and skill made him an invaluable addition to his team throughout the game. His outstanding performance garnered him some well-deserved recognition.

Bukayo Saka’s game by numbers for England vs. Slovakia:

100% tackles won
90% pass accuracy
43 passes completed
7 ground duels won
4 dribbles completed (MOST)
6 recoveries
2 fouls won
3 crosses
1 key pass

At least now, other football fans understand why we, as Gooners, are willing to call out anyone who “targets” our No. 7, who has been the fuel that lubricates the Arteta Project’s motors.

Bukayo Saka can play anywhere; she is the true definition of a baller! Ballers shine no matter where they play.

Daniel O


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  1. He was okay lol not sure he was amazing
    Who targets him ?
    Can you give an example how’s he is targeted

    From what I see Foden , Kane , Bellingham have equally been questioned

  2. Saka is tired and bored of football, Rice is impolite and
    agressive.. Jude is showing megalomaniac behaviour..
    England is playing some of the tournament’s worst
    football, despite the individual talent !!

  3. Saka’s stats were very good, but he always lacks Raphinha’s/ Yamal’s tricks and Mahrez’s fake shots

    If he can master those skills, he’ll become the best inverted-RW in the world

    Actually, no English RW can do those skills consistently. Maybe they have never been taught by Brazilian coaches

    1. Gai, in my opinion the skill set you talked about seem more of a tarlent a player is born with than thought. Go and watch the legendary Nigerian player who once played for Bolton Wonders -Austun J Okocha. Even Ronaldinho had to learn from him yet not like him. His skill set made him about Africa’s best number10.
      Same with his national team mate George Finidi who once played for Real Soceida and Inter Milan the best No7 in his time. They were naturally gifted. I don’t think Saka has it in him to do certain thricks, he has his own good skill set.

      1. I really liked Jay Jay Okocha’s skills

        In my opinion, those skills can be learned if a player spend a lot of time to practice them

        But Saka seems focused on other aspects of football, which is good too because those skills are useless if the player isn’t pacey and strong enough

  4. 90% pass accuracy and all backwards or sideways. I didn’t see him make a useful forward pass all night. He seems to have lost confidence to run at defenders with the ball and no one in the England team seems able to link with him to break the lines. He should be dropped in favour of Bowen. Walker also should be dropped because he’s the biggest reason Saka can’t find room to play; every pass backwards and no overlapping runs.

  5. I don’t know what match you were watching Daniel O,,,, but Saka only turned up for the first 15 minutes in England’s opening match against Serbia. Saka is not the only guilty culprit. The England top four up front have been somewhat lacking showing no imagination. Southgate needs to shoulder the blame for that. I’ve actually heard a number of Spud supporters stating that Kane slows down the whole process down up front. Unless whole sale changes are made, I can see Switzerland being England’s stumbling block in the quarter finals. The Swiss are very disciplined. Granite Xhaka has had a decent tournament thus far. He’s been like a traffic cop directing play in the middle of the park. Probably why he’s the captain. I have alot of respect for the Old Boy. I’m a full blooded German. I’ve been very critical of them. I hope they win it,,, but not at all confident one bit. Kia Havertz in my opinion has had a decent tournament so far. He’s not an out and out natural striker,, but his ability to create space for other players and bring players into the game has been very good to say the least. But they are not capitalising on that. Wouldn’t surprise me if Spain take it out. Hope not, but they are on a good momentum. As for England, they are playing drab unexpiring football. Southgate needs to make a few wholesale changes, make substitutions earlier in games when things are not happening. Certain players seem to be playing with the handbrake on. And I think that it’s Southgate’s method ofplaying. I would love to know what the coaching staff are advising him,, or if they have the nerve to say something to the man

    1. If Southgate was making a cup of tea, he would carry out a Risk Assessment first. It’s going to be the same boring football next game. I reckon England would play a blinder by sacking him now and getting Klopp in for the remainder of the tournament

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