Bukayo Saka reveals how Mikel Arteta fills him up with confidence

Bukayo Saka has been one of the breakout stars of the Premier League season.

He was handed his debut by Unai Emery, but he has remained an important part of Mikel Arteta’s team.

The Spaniard rates him highly and has even been fielding him in different positions as the youngster continues his development.

Arteta has proven to be a better manager in terms of man-management than Emery, and this has been one of the Spaniard’s secrets of success.

He has been speaking to his players and inspiring them individually, including Saka, and the teenager has recently discussed how he has given the confidence to play his game by his manager.

He revealed that Arteta’s show of confidence in him is what gives him the inspiration to do what he does on the field.

He told Sky Sports: “Being young and at a big club if you are in the team over an experienced professional the manager is basically telling you without speaking that I believe in you.

“(He’s saying) go and do what you can do and that belief gives me so much confidence. Arteta is so detailed and clear and a lot of the players will tell you we are learning from him.

“I feel like we’re going in the right direction and we’re working hard to hit the ground running next season.”

Saka will look to help Arsenal win the FA Cup to cap off his first full senior season with the club in a good way.

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    1. Sounds to me as if he’s got his head screwed on correctly, Jah son.
      Yet another example of good judgement by the way when he signed pro forms.

      Don’t forget, shirt numbers never made a player.

    1. Why Nigeria? He grew up at Arsenal academy since a child. He can play for England. He is the best LW in UK.


      That looks perfectly fine to me, a nightmare attack for any team!

      Be fare and right for him to play for England where he grew as a player since child

      1. Thought he was born in London ,which in my book means he should play for his country of birth ,he is of Nigerian decent which means he can choose ,but to say he should play for his country Nigeria is wide of the mark .
        Upto him to decide ,as long as he gives his best for Arsenal that’s all I’m worried about .

      2. Am sure if the players I will list below could turn back the hands of time,they will make a better decision.

        Gabby Agbonlahor
        Carlton Cole
        Nedum Onuoha
        John Fashanu.

        The listed players were all used and dump by England.I just hope Saka give it a good thought before he takes a decision as it could make or Mar his career in the international front.

  1. Arteta is doing his assistant coach and Saka is forcing any coach to lay his name on that sheet.

    So outstanding on the pitch he had to play him mostly out of position to keep him in the team.

    Highlights combined lack of experience and brain of Arteta.

    He played Auba as LW to play someone else in middle, laca or nkethia….


    ………………………… …Laca
    Nelson/Pepe. Auba…Saka


    Auba laca Saka

    Martinelli Auba Saka

    Martineli is right footed, isnt he.

    Didnt Auba played on right wing for years as in middle.? Scored many goals there?. We all may have missed it thén.

    That end of season experimenting guessing line up playing on LW was simoly ridiculous and cost him his boots!

    How can Arsenal FC have an assistant coach experimenting and such players? We need a coach with at least experience as head coach.

    That is so not right… we not a club in devellopment but a top club internationally respected.

    Lampard did not take the job but went to gain experience as a head coach elsewhere Gerrard currently doing just that. They respect their clubs, not putting their beloved club at risk nor their future.

    Arteta was assistant coach halfwau through season, jump straight to head coach at Arsenal but is not, no experience at all!

    Wake up gooners; dude extends Luiz hairs as our main CB next year

    We need him and board outa there.

  2. I think if he wants to play internationally for long then he should choose Nigeria.

    Nigeria squad is getting really strong.

    Saka, Oshimen, Chukwueze,

    Aribor, Ndidi, Etebo,

    Dream Nigerian future team.

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