Bukayo Saka v Cristiano Ronaldo’s stats after 210 games sees Gunners star ahead

Bukayo Saka is emerging as one of the world’s premier football talents, given his exceptional current form.

The Arsenal player has showcased outstanding performance this season, notably scoring twice in each of his last two matches for the Gunners.

Saka is gaining recognition as one of the world’s top players, with numerous award nominations already under his belt. While he may aspire to win the Ballon d’Or in the future, such an achievement might be contingent on team success.

On an individual level, Saka has consistently proven his importance to Arsenal in every game they play. Remarkably, The Sun reveals that after 210 games, Saka boasts 51 goals and 49 assists, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo’s statistics of 50 goals and 37 assists at a similar stage in his career.

Considering that Ronaldo went on to become one of the greatest footballers ever, Arsenal fans will be hopeful that Saka can achieve similar heights during his tenure with the club.

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Everyone can tell that Saka is a brilliant footballer, and we hope he maintains his development trajectory and never suffers from a serious injury.

If this happens, we are certain he could one day be the best player in the world as Ronaldo was for several seasons.

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    1. You can be world class without being one of the all time greats who ,lets not forget, also had a very long career.

      SAKA IS STILL ONLY 21 and has achieved in a few short years a very great deal.

      Not many other undoubtedly world class players either can be expected to be alongside all time greats like PELE, MARADONNA, CRUYFF, CHARLTON, MESSI AND OTHER TRULY ELITE PLAYERS, EVEN BY WORLD CLASS STANDARDS.

      1. I agree Jon. I feel like there should be another level above world class. The all time greats you mention were more than world class- they were inter generational players that sometimes come along once or twice in a decade. On the other hand, every other decade produces tens of world class players. Saka is no doubt a generational talent with lots of his best years hopefully still ahead of him.

  1. Saka can be as good as Ronaldo or even better. All he needs to do is keep a good desire to continue to improve and take care of his body as Ronaldo has done his

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