Bukayo Saka wants to play every game but should Arsenal try to find a balance?

Bukayo Saka stands out as one of the Premier League’s most consistent performers, excelling for both Arsenal and England with unwavering consistency. However, his relentless schedule has raised concerns about potential burnout and its toll on his body, which has seen him being removed from many games recently after receiving knocks in-game.

But our manager Mikel Arteta has ssued a challenge to Saka to feature in 70 games this season to prove he is potentially world-class,

The boss told Saka last year:  “Look at the top players in the world, they play 70 matches and every three days and make the difference and win the game. You want to be at the top, you have to be able to do that,”

Saka is certainly trying to rise to that challenge and has been a near-constant presence, save for a brief hamstring-related absence from the match against Manchester City, and he seems to have taken the challenge to heart. Saka told Yahoo this week when asked if he could continue playing in every single game: “I think it’s possible,” he said. “When you look at the top players, they are there every three days and they are winning games for their team.

“So I’m trying to be at that level, and to obviously be at that level I need to push myself. Of course, it’s difficult, but I’m trying to do it and give it my best.

“I think I’m really focused on the next coming games and what I can do for the team. My focus is not really there (on talk of potentially burning out).

“I’m a guy who always wants to be on the pitch, always wants to give my best, and if I’m injured and I have to be forced to be out, then of course I will sit out.”

That’s a great ambition from Saka, but striking a delicate balance between maximizing Saka’s immense talent and safeguarding his long-term well-being is now paramount for Arsenal’s coaching staff. The team’s fortunes this season may hinge significantly on Saka’s form and fitness.

While Saka’s youthful vigor and resilience are assets, they do not render him impervious to the strains of such a demanding playing schedule. Some observers question the sustainability of this approach, worried about potential long-term injury risks.

Saka’s exceptional consistency and value to the team are undeniable, yet his minutes this season must be judiciously managed. His potential as one of the world’s best talents is clear, but this potential must be nurtured carefully, even if he wants to play in every game.

As the season promises to be grueling for both club and country, finding the right balance between maximizing Saka’s impact and preserving his health becomes crucial. If handled effectively, Saka’s determination to play every game could serve as the springboard propelling him into the ranks of the world’s elite footballers in the near future if he can keep his fitness and brilliant form intact in the long term.

Jack Anderson

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  1. CR7, Messi and Salah did that, but Arsenal are notorious for their injuries

    Saka is very fit, but I’d prefer to keep him fresh for big matches and minimize the risks

    This was why I wanted Marquinhos to stay at Arsenal

    1. I agree with you Gai👌
      I also think Arteta need to find a way to satrt given good players in Academy a chance. Imagine If the likes of Saka, ESR, MNiles, Iwobi, Wilock were never given a chance. He Arteta seem not to be doing well in that regard ei CDuobry

      1. I guess Arteta’s main objective is to win a major trophy as soon as possible or get sacked at the end of the season

        Once he wins EPL or UCL, I believe he’ll start to incorporate some youngsters

  2. Do what Liverpool of old use to do and that is to increase the games the players played but lighten the training during the week. Also all forwards play on confidence and adrenaline. As long as he is playing well and his form is high, then play him till he drops. Do not tinker for the sake of tinkering as this would dent a player playing well on form. Lots of managers make that mistake, thinking a player needs a rest, when it is quite the opposite when they are on form and confident.

  3. Modern day Managers have a raft of supporting staff some of whom are paid to flag up when a player is near the “red zone” However it does not take a medical professional nor a genius to know when a guy is physically and mentally tired and needs a rest so I sincerely hope Arteta trusts highly paid men like Trossard, Veiria, ESR and Nelson to share some of the burden to avoid Saka and Martinelli from being burnt out.One other point, greats like Messi and Ronaldo were given special dispensation in that they were not charged with tracking back to aid their defence.This does not apply to modern day wingers so comparisons with greats of the past are not relevant.

  4. Only one comment showing from gotanidea. Another website glitch. Why are all the comments not being shown?

  5. Perharps one way of getting Saka to play that many games is to reduce his responsibility on the pitch. Players like Messi,Ronaldo,Salah,Mbappe play/have played many games per season but they are usually exempted from the tiresome responsibilities of tracking back to defend,as stated by Grandad.

    I was surprised when I saw some select Arsenal stats for the season earlier today – Saka leads the team for tackles made with 14! Yeah ,you read that right. That is something I least expected . He is closely followed by Declan with 13 tackles. It’s incredible actually-the defensive work he puts in goes under the radar. That said,I think his offensive output(which is already great) ,can only increase if he didn’t have to worry about tracking back.I have a feeling he could well transition into more central areas in the future,either as a midfielder or false nine,and still do well.

  6. That’s the right attitude for a young and ambitious player, but Arsenal should find a balance that would prolong his career and even maximize his effectiveness.

    Wolves Pedro Neto and Athletic Bilbao Nico Williams is the perfect player to assist in that regard

  7. If you overplay any sportsman it will sooner or later come back to bite you. Not only will performance levels drop but the risk of injuries rises. A further problem is that the most important games tend to happen towards the end of the season, which is also when players who have too many matches in their legs will be most vulnerable.

  8. Physical fitness goes hand in hand with mental fitness. The discipline and perseverance required to perform at the highest level consistently for at least 15 years is paramount. Lionel Messi keeps fit by playing football with his kids and dogs at home while Ronaldo stays back after team training to work more. Not necessarily football all the time. degaard lives clean and active lifestyle with his gf while Ben White does landscaping with his father after football. The proper balance ought be set for professional career.

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