Bukayo Saka’s goal against Bournemouth sees the 22 year-old reach even more milestones

Arsenal defeated Bournemouth 3-0 in Saturday’s early Premier League kickoff to keep their title ambitions alive. The Gunners rose to the occasion, like they have done since the mid-season Dubai training camp.

In my opinion, Saka did not receive enough credit for his performance in the match. It was the Arsenal Star Boy who set the Gunners up for the win; he handed Arsenal the lead with a well-hit penalty, after which Leandro Trossard and Declan Rice scored in the second half.

Saka’s goal on Saturday cemented his place in Arsenal’s history.

He now has 20 goals and 14 assists for Arsenal, his best numbers in a single season. How amazing is that?

Notably, the Arsenal star is the first player since Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in 2019–20 to record 20 goals for the club in a single season.

Not only that, but at 22, he is the youngest Arsenal player to score 20 goals in a season across all competitions since Martin Hayes in 1986–87.

Impressively, the Three Lions winger is the first Englishman to score 20 goals for Arsenal in all competitions in a single season since Theo Walcott in 2012–13.

Whatever happens, Arsenal’s No. 7 will be honored for stepping up this and every single year since his promotion to the First Team. I can’t wait to see how much more he improves next season.

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  1. Sorry to disagree ove rthe specifics of yesterdays game, but I was watching at home with two other older and EVEN more long attending Gooners than I am.

    Both in their early eighties. And ALL THREE OF US AGREED that SAKA had a poor game,albeit alone among our other players, who ranged from superb,in the cases of RICE, ODEGAARD HAVERTZ and SALIBA, to “merely” good among all the rest.

    Bar only SAKA,who did of course take his fortutate to be awarded penaly well. But who did little else of note IMO.

  2. Am not convinced about our penalty taking, had the goal keeper guest right, it would have been saved.

    Arsenal need to develop a specialist to take penalties, it’s only a matter of time before the chicken come home tó roost

  3. What are you saying mate saka waited for the goalkeeper to move before he played the ball that’s a fantastic way to take penalties

  4. Saka penalty take was the best. The keeper was send the wrong way and there was no way he could have saved the penalty. Like any other player,Saka will one day miss a penalty or two. For now, Gooners must just enjoy while it lasts.

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