Burnley aiming to make Arsenal “as uncomfortable as possible”

Burnley have cultivated a reputation for being a big physical side that are not averse to using bullying tactics against teams that rely on skills rather than brawn to win their games, such as Arsenal.

In fact they have got a very good record of doing this to the Gunners, and have only conceded one goal in our last 3 meetings. So they don’t feel at all inferior when it comes to facing Arsenal and they are not hiding the fact that they are intending to use the exact same tactics in tomorrow’s game.

The Clarets winger Johann Gudmundsson provided the assist for Burnley’s opening goal against Everton on Monday, and believes that his team are now ready to get their first three points of the season against the Gunners. “They had a sticky start but got a good win against Norwich in the last game, so will have more confidence than they did.” he told the official Burnley website.

“But we know that they may think it is difficult to come to Turf Moor, and we are going to try make it difficult.

“Arsenal are obviously always a good team and they play some good football, with some fantastic players, but we will make it as uncomfortable as possible, and ask questions.

“But they have had a sticky start, so there’s an opportunity for us at home in front of our supporters to get our season going.”

“Last season we had to wait a while for a win, so we are not panicking yet. It is just about concentrating for the whole 90 minutes,” he continued.

“It has been a mixed start really. We’ve had some good performances but just not got the results.”

So Arsenal will be looking at this game with trepidation, with Arteta already admitting that Turf Moor is “one of the toughest places” to play for opposing teams.

Let’s hope that we can stand up to them without getting too riled up, and let our feet do the talking. At least Xaka won’t be able to get sent off this time around!



  1. Good, let them play their normal game. The sooner we learn to deal with it and stop being so soft the better.

    Do you think Vieira and Adams would have been concerned about this kind of game…not at all.

    1. The only problem is, we haven’t got either Vieira or Adams!!
      However, MA knows just what to expect and he will have coached/trained with that in mind.
      To be honest, I can’t see anyone bullying the back four that Shenal suggests,.
      Neither can I see Partey and Logs being bullied either.
      My concern would be how Burnley aim to treat Saka, ESR and Odegaard if they are selected – but overall, our class should tell and I predict a winning scoreline of 3-1 and Burnley ending with 10 men.

  2. They saw how Brentford got in our faces, upsetting our flow enough to put us off our game. That’s how they’re gonna get points off of us…IJS

    1. What flow was that you saw?
      Sideways and backwards?
      East enough to get in our faces playing defensively, let’s hope we actually attack a team that’s below us and looking for their first win.

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