Burnley beating allows Arsenal to be positive about post Wenger era

Amid all the talk about Arsenal this weekend, most of it to do with the end of the era of the Gunners under long serving manager Arsene Wenger, there was a job to do at home to Burnley. Sean Dyche and his players had the chance to challenge for the 6th place finish in the Premier League table and I fo one was a little concerned about how this final Emirates game for Le Prof would affect our performance.

Well no need to worry on that score was there, as Arsenal completely dominated the visitors and scored five goals without reply. So the new manager, whoever it will be, does not have to worry about any early Europa League qualifiers but knows that we will be in at the group stage.

That is good news for our future, of course, but also I think we can be pretty positive after the team on show yesterday gave strong support to Wenger’s suggestion that he has left his successor in a good position. The new signings, Aubameyang and Lacazette showed their worth and got three goals between themselves.

The other two came from Iwobi and Kolasinac, another two for the future. We saw the young centre back Mavropanos once more and also perhaps the final playing time of Mertesacker who is set to join the back room staff which should help to make our defending stronger, something that the new man in charge is sure to focus on.

After disposing of Burnely in the way we did, can Arsenal fans and players now look to the future with calmness and confidence?



  1. fabi says:

    the future is brighter than people think. All we need is just a proper coach to get the best of the players!

  2. Shaji says:

    The players proved themselves that they are capable of delivering lovely Arsenal football if they are liberated from Wenger’s Monkey tactics….They proved that they can score many goals from long range rather than walking into the net…So please dont blame the players any more. Its all the Wenger’s monkey tactics which destroyed the lovely Arsenal attacking football..

    1. Neil says:

      So the players Wenger managed all season only proved themselves yesterday because they won but not in previous matches wheb they lost. !
      . Makes no sense. !

      1. Lexynal says:

        @Shaji….they proved themselves in a 5-0 but they didnt prove themselves in 2-0 victories over Spurs, nor 2-lellged wins over AC Milan and all other wins of the season why being coached by the same Wenger?
        Still wondering the mentality of some Arsenal fans.

        1. Phil says:

          How about ALL THE DEFEATS away from home?SIX POINTS OUT OF THIRTY against teams in the bottom ELEVEN in the League.How about the HUMILIATION against a NOTTS FOREST RESERVE TEAM in the FA Cup?Do you seriously believe they PROVED THEMSELVES in these games?You are far too one dimensional in your thought process Pal.

          1. Lexynal says:

            @Phil…those are the questions are expected your friend (Shaji) to raise. His comment was sounding like he was seeing a win for the first time in the season. He is the one that was too one-directional in that he was celebrating one victory as if there hadnt been more of that in the course of the season.
            And you too are far miore too one-dimensional you failed to see the point I was making in my response. But that is rarely a surprise….

    2. RSH says:

      nonsense. They’ve been pants the entire season and that doesn’t all come down to Wenger. A lot of these players only play well when there is zero pressure. Many don’t cut it and AW has protected them from the media for ages. Can’t wait for them to take responsibility for their poor performances. Players like Bellerin, Ozil will not be getting unlimited chances next season.

  3. Kofi Ghana says:

    Well done to the boys for giving Wenger a good send-off with an emphatic victory. It’s a record scoring season at the Emirates as well this year. Too bad we could not win the Europa League but hey I believe our future looks great. The boys performed very well against Burnley and I for one believe with a manager like Allegri, Viera or Enrique, this crop of players can really excel with some good additions in the summer. We should allow some players to also leave. Let’s bring in an established and quite young GK such as Butland/Leno/Oblak although Oblak would cost a lot. Stoke being relegated could give us a plus in getting Butland though. One more Centre back to replace Kos/Mert and also a proper proven Defensive Midfielder would be good additions too. Get one more playmaker and if possible a winger and we would be good to go. So in all, 4 or 5 quality players coming in would be perfect. With all these, some others would also have to leave to make room for the new signings. Our youngsters would also be groomed into senior players as the years go by.
    Despite all these, I don’t expect a smooth run/transition for the new manager as we can anticipate some months may be needed to fully adapt – ask Guardiola or even Klopp. But I’m hopeful and confident that Arsenal is on the upward move.
    Thank you Arsene Wenger. COYG

  4. barryglik says:

    Arsenal’s out of the top 4 by November.
    7 months of limping to 6th
    Knocked out in the first FA Cup game to mighty Forest.
    The “B” team beat 4th tier rubbish in the Eu- ropy league.
    Then we got beat by the first decent team we met.
    We are 6th yep 6th.
    Wenger is arrogantly saying no fan should criticize this awful season.
    He treated the fans like dirt his entire 21 years.
    He never warmed to the fans. He was so cold a wet fish.
    In 20 years he never learned to speak English
    a thousand interviews where he said essentially nothing
    because he did not want to commune with the underling fans.
    He never lost a game it was always bad luck and bad refereeing.
    He always believed he was vastly superior to every other manager.
    14 years with out the title, 8 mill salary, he bitterly resents being let go
    and lashed out at fans who dared suggest his time had come to move on.
    ” I am so pleased this narcissistic arrogant dictator has finally been
    let go albeit screaming whinging and whining till the end.
    Ten years late but at last the greedy selfish madman is going.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    1. Me says:

      I am sure you were there complaining when he won the double several times or when we went the whole season unbeaten – assuming you followed Arsenal then.
      He never said don’t be critical of the team – what he said was we needed to get behind them, that is what supporting a football team is about.
      Yes he was arrogant.
      Yes his team was lazy and uninterested over the last few years.
      But he is leaving in a very short while so why do you feel the need to keep whining on about it?
      Look to the future positively, if you are capable of that…

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah -I was there when he won EVERY trophy during his reign.I have also been there this season at
        Stoke City 1-0
        WBA. 1-1
        Southampton 1-1
        Swansea. 3-1
        West Ham 0-0
        Brighton. 2-1
        Watford. 2-1
        Notts Forest 4-2
        Bournemouth 2-1
        Newcastle. 2-1
        That’s just the AWAY results against teams BELOW us in the League.
        And you feel we have no right to complain?

        1. Me says:

          I don’t recall saying you had no right to complain.
          All I am saying is that this season is finished, he is going, things are changing so what is the point in whining on about it?

          1. Phil says:

            In my mind too many are ready to forgive and forget because of Wengers PAST glories.We live in a today.Not yesterday.The control he had over the Club meant he was all but bulletproof even after a FIFTH PLACE finish last season.This season looks like SIXTH.We have continued to go BACKWARDS.Who is responsible for this?Wenger.
            He has had his last rites.
            LEST WE FORGET

          2. Me says:

            Yeah well in a few days it will be a new today with him gone and a new manager in charge.
            He won’t be there so you can look forward to a new manager, with a fresh approach and players coming in that will strengthen in key areas.
            I share your frustrations with him – you would have to be blind to ignore them BUT…
            Remember the good times, forget the bad times and look forward to the exciting times ahead.
            I am looking forward….

          3. jon fox says:

            This is the ONLY wise way now. To forget past greivances and look forward to the new chapter. Grudges hurt only the one who grudges. Life has taught me that!

          4. Ozziegunner says:

            One criticism you cannot fairly make about Arsene Wenger is his ability to communicate in the English language. He has always made himself available for pre match interviews and post match reviews for journalists win or lose.
            Apparently he speaks 4 or 5 languages fluently. Anyone who speaks a second language normally has an accent.

          5. Lexynal says:

            It is obvious Phil and Jon Fox arent going to let go of the past even when Arsene Wenger has moved on (no doubt). You both can remained bitter and clinged to the past. We obviously have left you both behind. When you pick up yourself and able to catch us….we will let you know how not to be too bitter of none issue; Wenger is a LEGEND,….you both aren’t and I can see you will never be since you arent ready to appreciate his good (thanks “Me”) and ignore the mistakes. Even Pep…Mourinho…..are still making mistakes…..with the amount of money they have spent and the calibre of players at their disposal. Long live Arsene…Long Live Arsenal FC!

          6. jon fox says:

            I recommend you read my recent posts on threads over the last two days. You may well have a different opoinion , shoul you choose to do so. Others have noticed and liked my generous comments.

  5. John0711 says:

    Just a point Butland will not be an improvement I live in stoke, my dad has been a season ticket holder all his life and has seen the ups and downs of the club. He says he’s very prone to errors and has been at fail in a numeber of games for basic gk errors

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, why would Arsenal buy another player from a relegation zone club? We have had Mustafi and his erratic behaviour must have caused Valencia (his previous club) a lot of problems

      No GK can perform well if his CBs and DM do not protect him

    2. Sue says:

      Liverpool can have him ?

  6. Grandad says:

    McCarthy of Southampton will develop into the top English goalkeeper.Agree with the comments concerning Butland who is over-rated.

  7. McLovin says:

    De Vrij is a free agent in the summer. He’s been in top form this season for Lazio. Great (free!!) replacement for Mertesacker, as de Vrij is tall as well.

    However, I think the first signing we need to make is the manager obviously. And he needs to be the kind of manager who top players want to work with. I wouldn’t imagine anyone wanting to come if they don’t even know the manager yet.

    1. gotanidea says:

      De Vrij and Koulibaly would be great additions to club, but their arrival means two of Chambers/Holding/Mavropanos/Mustafi/Koscielny must leave

  8. Grandad says:

    I suspect the signing of Mustafi and to a lessor extent ,Xhaka and Kolasinac, was the last straw in the Boards decision to tell AW to leave. The problem is who on earth would buy Mustafi for £30/35,m?We will have to take a big bit on him but he must be moved on

    1. John0711 says:

      I think Kos 5m.although he’s inj
      Xhaka 20m
      Mustafi 20m
      Welbeck 20m
      Ospina 5m
      Should be the target if we can get the money
      At least 60 m
      And it opens up money for new young hungry players

    2. Me says:

      If Kolasinac was played at left back he would have performed very well.
      Lots of players played out of position is one of the reasons why we struggled.
      I am very interested what the new manager will bring…

      1. Arnold says:

        Also don’t forget he was on bendesliga 1st 11 he is one of the best and powerful LB and he will get few goals since has great left foot

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Me and Arnold you are both correct??

  9. Arnold says:

    I do have great faith in Sven when we start rebuild process just look at Mavropanos I can’t believe is only 20yrs when he turns 24 he will need up and will be world class we need his fellow countryman from B. Dortmund

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      I’m with you Arnold in respect of Sven regarding scouting the players Arsenal requires.
      Also under a new manager with more emphasis on defensive coaching, Mavropanos, Chambers, Holding and Kolasinac will reach their potential.

  10. Arnold says:

    Sorry beef

  11. BenardoM says:

    Who should Arsenal target to be our new keeper for the next seasons????

    1. gotanidea says:

      Let Cech and Martinez compete as the main GK, and make Macey study as the backup GK

      We need the transfer funds to be spent on wingers, CBs and DM

      1. Arnold says:


        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Bernd Leno, 26, Bayer Leverkusen best available given his buy out clause £22 million.?

      2. RSH says:

        Cech can’t be a starter next season. GK position is a very urgent position that needs sorting out. United without De Gea are barely in top 4.

        1. jon fox says:

          This is almost certainly factually true, about De Gea. And for certain about Cech.

  12. AndersS says:

    Last year was a really bad and this season a true disaster.
    So why shouldn’t we look to the future thinking it can only get better, now that the man responsible for the decline is being replaced?
    Wenger has not managed to get the most of our players for a long time. Not as a team and not individually, so we have more potential than finishing 6’th and being humiliated in the matches against top 5.

  13. Break-on-through says:

    The biggest thing I came away from that match with, was the difference Aubameyang could have made to our Europa calendar. He’s a very good player with even half a yard of space, the way he senses where to be is just brilliant. When he start running before Lacazette strikes the ball and it went straight into his path, it was telepathic and it reminded me of better days. I love that these two can play together, both of them score or shoot on target with minimum efforts, they don’t waste ammo like others who may need five good chances to get on the score-sheet. Its a huge plus having a clinical touch in our play.

    Ozil has to really step up next season, with those two players and Mkhit running he has to start playing that first ball quicker. He dallies sometimes and he’ll still find players, but he need to be capable of spraying passes whilst under pressure and do it first time or second touch.

    Mavraponos and Chambers have looked competent, high praise for a couple of Arsenal central defenders. Mert will be working with youngsters but I reckon he could well have some good advice for the defenders coming up. Esp for Chambers, Chambers is the one more likely to play a role more similar to Mertesacker’s. Mavrapanos likes to attack the ball early, he arrives in DM position at times and wins a fair few of the high balls. Even ones he’s second to, he makes sure the opponent does not get a free pass. But both seem to give and go like they’ve played with each other ..longer than the measly two performances thus far. Bielik must be feeling a little overawed by his chances right now. He hasn’t had the best of luck through injuries but we would have seen more of him before now judging by the breaks Holding, Chambers & Mavrapanos are after getting.

    That leaves me to assume that Bielik is still intended to play within the DM role, he might have been put back there so to give him an idea of what a CB will want him to take up, and what he’ll want him to leave, just giving him a better understanding of what a teammate will expect from him.

    1. Kofi Ghana says:

      sweet analysis sir

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