Burnley boss Sean Dyche recalls when he had to apologise to Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger and Sean Dyche didn’t have the best of relationships, sometimes stemming from their opposite playing styles.

However, the Burnley manager has recently spoken about a time he gave Arsene Wenger “rubbish wine” and he had to apologise because of that afterwards.

He gave the Frenchman a glass and before Wenger took a sip; he apologised for offering him a rubbish wine.

He also admitted that Wenger was always gracious and nice to him whenever they met in the Premier League, either home or away.

He said as quoted by the Sun: “We just pour out the rubbish that the club offers us.

“I remember Arsene Wenger was always very kind and gracious with us after games, home and away. I’m not sure it was his bag to go into rooms. I was always welcome in his room and he came into ours.

“We once gave him a glass of red and as he put it to his lips, I thought ‘this is going to be interesting.’

“I doubt he normally drinks the kind of red that we had in our office after a game. But anyway that made me smile.

I did apologise to him before it actually went into his mouth.

“I thought that’s not quite the usual red he’s used to. We tend to keep the usual standard stuff that we’re given by the club in there. We don’t really change that for anyone.”

Wenger was Arsenal’s manager for over 20 years, which meant he was a manager when most of the current Premier League managers were still footballers.

The Frenchman oversaw a very important time in Arsenal’s history as the Gunners battled with Manchester United for supremacy in the English top flight.

He left Arsenal is 2018 after being forced to resign following years of underachievement, but his legacy will live on at the Emirates forever.

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  1. I quote from the article: “following years of underachievement,
    In those words we have the true belief of the writer of this article. Cunningly disguised as a nice little anecdote he/she is continuing and
    promoting the words of the mouth aches of English Premier League

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