Burnley frustrate Arsenal who fail to beat rock-bottom club

Arsenal will be fuming to have dropped points against bottom-of-the-league Burnley in a painful 0-0 encounter.

The game played out as could be expected really. The Gunners were in the driving seat from early on, and the visitors were doing their utmost to stop us from playing football.

Early on, Ramsdale was forced into a save after Dwight McNeil launched an awkward shot from distance, and the goalkeeper could only manage to palm it out for a corner, which Ben Mee was able to meet only to send his effort wide.

We had a couple of chances around the 20-minute mark, with Alexandre Lacazette wasting a solo effort by sending it wide, having worked hard to use his strength to break into the box, before Martin Odegaard looked to have a great opportunity from close range, only for it to have been hit straight at the goalkeeper.

Burnley rightly picked up a couple of yellow cards for some blatant fouls as they looked to stop us in our tracks as we looked to pick up speed, and they did manage to contain us going into the break.

Martin Odegaard had a great chance from close range with a free-kick, but his effort just cleared the cross bar at the near post before we really began to pick up a full head of steam.

The next 15 minutes was all Arsenal, while Burnley used every throw on and opportunity to waste as much time as possible, something that was clearly aggravating Mikel Arteta on the touchlines.

Burnley had a late chance to steal the spoils when McNeil broke free down the left to hit us on the counter-attack, but his effort went narrowly over also.

Despite our efforts and dominance, we were unable to break through the frustratingly solid and tough defence of Burnley, who will celebrate today’s result.


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    1. Good point. We would have lost this game last few seasons. Everyone played well.
      Top 6 is our goal and we are on track to achieve that. Liked our young guns out there fighting hard. No need for any players in.
      Makes us underdogs v Wolves as well so thats also good. COYG

      1. Here we go! Mr over the top positivity! We could draw against a Sunday league team and you’d be on saying it’s a great result!

        1. I think if u start ignoring FF’s comments, he’ll give it a rest. Reason he still talks this way is because people still respond to him.

      2. @fairfan
        I somehow doubt we became the biggest spender in the summer transfer window with the goal to finist top 6 😉

        1. The plan is top 6 this season top 4 next season. . Man United have spent 4 billion in fees and salaries and sacked 5 managers and still not won a title in 9 seasons. We have not spent half that and are giving Arteta time. Perspective is needed 🙂

          1. I will go along with a balanced perspective, but your talk about top 6 being the goal, is your own invention.

            1. No I am 100% correst. No one I repeat no one absolutely no one predicted top 4 in the summer. Just get over it.

              1. No one, absolutely no one in any official capacity has stated top 6 is the. In fact, probably the only one is you, and with all respect, that hardly counts as a goal for anyone, except yourself of course.

        1. You can imagine Mikel telling Stan, “give me a quarter of a billion pounds and I’ll give you Europa League football next season.” Makes sense doesn’t it?

          1. Stan kroenke does not spend any money on players. Not a dime. Arsenal fans, tickets, mercahandise advertising and tv rights pay for the players. After two 8th place finishes Mikel said top six this season top four next season. It makes perfect sense. Stan owns American franchaises who almost never win any trophies. They are all long term investments so he is not overly bothered as long as Arsenal remains in the PL that’s fine by him. 6th place is as high as any of his sports franchaises ever get so he’s plum happy with 6th.

            1. FF
              That might be ok in some aspects of the American market who may have different expectations but not in the EPL. The man bought a part of our nation’s history. Our football clubs are at the centre of each community and we thrive on competition
              As a businessman he struck gold

            2. What? After 20 consequitive top 4’s under Wenger he’ll now settle for 6th? And wherever the money comes from, it’s still his, he owns us 100% unfortunately. I’m not happy with 6th place even if you are.

              1. Kroenke did not own Arsenal until 2009 so expreienced 7 top 4’s not 20. As I said trophies mean nothing to Stan. Just owning a franchaise is enough. No the money is not his . The ownership of the club is his and it is worth what some one will pay for it. Plenty of oil barons around would pay double what he asked for the club.

        1. Exactly!
          Arsenal and Burnley are on the same levels now. The annoying thing is that after a win or two some people will come here and oh yeah, I knew Arteta was the messiah to save arsenal. I hope they’re seeing what I’m seeing.

        2. Yeah but we have 36 points and they have 12.
          Leicester and Brighton only got a point each and they were way ahead of us after 3 games and they are are both well below us now. Palace played great and guess what they lost. Man City could only draw at Southampton. Good for Souhampton but they are still 12 points behind us having playd one more game.

      1. If we can’t beat teams from the bottom half of the table no hope against the big guns. Very disappointing looks like the team don’t want European football shame for the fans

    1. The issue is not with how long or whether they train. The issue is in what they’re trained to do. That’s where our focus should lie.

      1. Exactly right, what instructions they are given. Dyche again tactically stalls Arteta, who some call a genius.

        Poor poor poor. Slow play and looked completely at Burnley’s 20th place level.

        1. Our preferred attacking 3
        2. Defense did not concede a goal
        3. Partey & Xhaka don’t score or assist anyway

        Nketiah on for ESR? Arteta stubbornness over Nketiah gives me Willian flashbacks.

        Remember though Saliba not ready, Arteta seriously said that.

        Arteta wants Nketiah to stay at Arsenal, he seriously said that too.

        Nketiah actually makes me miss Sanogoal just a little

        1. 😅😅😅.Sanogoal.
          Seriously, Nketiah should be sold this January. Same as Xhaka.

          We need a change to change manager as well.

          The Atalanta coach or Zidane are my preferred candidates

          1. Haha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
            I actually took you seriously until you mentioned Zidane. What in God’s name makes you think Zidane will want to come to Arsenal?
            Be realistic bro. Zidane is a kind of I’d go with the big dogs guy and arsenal ain’t one of them.

            1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. @ Albright. I am tired if this cluelessness from Arteta.
              I was supporting him initially. But it seems he needs to go ASAP. and news of the club wanting to offer him a contract extension is very wrong.
              I wish Zidane would be interested in Arsenal. He could fancy taking a coaching job in England.
              I really wish it happens.

              1. Yeah @Skills1000
                He may fancy a chance of coaching in England but I doubt if Arsenal will be his choice. Remember manure untd approached him and he laughed them off.
                Zidane is like Pep, they don’t go to a struggling club, they go to established club with big name players. Now mention one big name player in Arsenal, Xhaka?

              1. @Longbenerk Conte is in a different class of coaching with Zidane. He can work with and convert a team of average players into champions. He inspires them and injects winning mentality in them. He has plan A, B, C, D for every game.
                If Conte was in Arsenal, he would have used these same set of players to do wonders. Just look at spuds now…

        2. Goes without saying. Any coach can beat Arteta by cutting off Saka and martinelli. The only thing that makes us win is if the other team is up for the challenge. Arteta has no tactical nouse. Seems like he watches the games upside down.

  1. Hapless from start to finish … low energy novice manager low quality football .. the Sex Pistols were spot in … no future as long as arteta stays in charge

  2. Surely the Matadors time at the Emirates is coming to an end ? That was dismal to say the very least! Arsenal moving to tie down the matador to a new contract to fend off man city hahahaha comedy hour.

    1. The contract talk is too early. We are clueless as a club.
      They should have waited till the end if the season before the talk of a new contract.
      Top 4 is the minimum target.

      1. Skills tbh I don’t even care where he finishes, he’s not good enough to be Arsenal manager he’s bang average, he would have been sacked anywhere else.

        1. Exactly Kev. There are no positives at all.
          For instance, he had AMN available from the start of the season. He knew there was an AFCON tournament in January. He knew Partey and Elneny won’t be at AFCON.

          When the Error prone Xhaka came back from injury, he went straight into the first team. Lokonga and AMN were sent straight to the bench.
          If AMN had been given more minutes, he wouldn’t have requested for a loan transfer. Even at that, Arteta should have insisted on AMN staying in January.
          But the clueless manager loaned him out and had to play Partey against Liverpool 3 days after playing in AFCON.
          Arteta must be high on something. Whatever it is, it is not good for the team.

          1. As I’ve said numerous times Skills the man is clueless in every area possible! What amazes me is that how some fans have the nerve to call this fraud a genius, he’s broke the unwanted record after record… Spent 200 mil plus, two 8th place finishes, no European football for the first time in 25 years, out of every competition in January, and now top 4 is looking like a pipe dream.. him and his buddy edu have been chasing a player who really has no interest in coming all January it’s an absolute embarrassment.

    2. As if man City would dare sign him. Arteta has won the jackpot with Arsenal. The perfect ambitionless supposed ‘big” club.

      1. The City PR team probably put the story out for Arsenal to foolishly reward him with a new contract.. there is no way on this earth would man city hire him unless they needed a cone collector

  3. This is the game we will look at in May and wonder why did we miss out on top 4. Unacceptable.

    Is that 0 wins, 1 goal scored in January? 2 draws, 2 defeats?

    1. No we will look back and say this is one of the tough points that got us top 6 which has been our goal all season.

      1. It’s so funny that fans who should understand football fail to acknowledge the fact that these players may be a bit tired having played so many games without rest. This game had an draw written all over from the Line up and the bench or lack of it.
        Though I wished for a win, my head told me the most likely result would be a draw, because of the personality of the team we were playing, and because I knew that when the game gets difficult all we had on the bench were players who are not matured enough for a game as this. Burnley are fighting for survival, they are only actually bottom because they have played far less games than every other team.
        Not a good results but the boys gave all they could and neither is it the coaches fault that we have so absentees and injuries.
        Man city drew with Southampton
        Spurs lost to Chelsea
        Westham lost to Man U.
        Man U were fortunate to score 26 seconds to go.
        Except for Man U win, the position for top four would have remained the same.
        We are still good to go, not the worst result and definitely not the worst performance.
        The coach and the team still doing ok given all circumstances.

  4. They’re a dirty, time-wasting bunch. You can take Pieters out of Stoke…
    Premier League Discipline since 2 January 2019 (the last time Burnley got a red card) Games played Arsenal 114 Burnley 111 Fouls Arsenal 1131 Burnley 1111 Red cards Arsenal 14 Burnley 0

    Burnley have won once all season, this is really embarrassing. We desperately need a striker and it’s now 23 January!! What the hell is MA waiting for? The next bleedin’ millennium? Bloody hell..
    Out of both domestic cups, all our eggs in one basket [AGAIN] and doesn’t even look like we can pull it off [AGAIN]…
    SMFH!!!!! But hey trust the process FFS

    1. Oh Sue. Agree. We will play once per week or less and still can’t turn up. Missing players is no excuse. The intensity level should be for 85 of 80 minutes and not 15 pf 90 minutes. Really poor

      1. We just played 3very difficult games prior to this, with the same first 11 giving their all, man city and 2legs with Liverpool within a very short period. Those game sapped the players, smith row and tomiyasu have not been fit, and our 2most experienced and strongest midfielders were not available against Burnley and there was not players on the bench! I think the players did their best.
        That’s the reality on ground not a wishful thinking.

    2. A new striker will change nothing Sue if Arteta is still here. In fact you can bring in Messi and Ronaldo plus mbappe, nothing will change. We will get a good run of games and revert to default. We keep going in circles. It’s exhausting being an arsenal fan. You would naturally want your team to do well but these lot, especially the manager make it the most difficult task on earth.

    3. This game is a domino effect of the red card received by Gutless Xphony. Leaving us defenseless in the middle and 5 players playing uncomfortable positions. Chambers should have been at RB, leaving White where he belongs

    4. Excellent post, Sue, 👍
      . The naivety and lack of football nous at Arsenal from top to bottom are staggering

      1. @rw1 yes it was a rather timid and boring performance. Total waste of time. Can’t beat the cellar dwellers. Can’t beat a championship team, not even score, can’t beat a depleted redds at home. What’s the use of the manager and these players and how they are coached. Toothless.

  5. We have a bunch of slow paced and average players being managed by a less than average coach. This team has been going in circles for the past 2 years and still has nothing to show for it. Have a good run of games, drop off and lose out on promising competitions and spots, then go again and have a good run of games, then have a run of really bad ones. Round and round we go. No sense of direction. Nothing. What baffles is there are quality players who could be playing for us but Arteta doesn’t fancy them. To solve this problem, get a really good coach. Why is it going to be different this time? The players are young and have potential. Get a grade A coach to teach them how to be better. There’s no improvement in the games of any of the players under Arteta. All we see are flashes of temporary individual brilliance, then revert back to type. You wouldnt believe it’s the same martinelli or lacazette that played against West ham that played today, or the same saka that tore up City is the same one today. We need a very good coach to coach this guys to be consistent. Arteta will never cut it for me and the earlier all the pro Arteta supporters and the board see this, the better. Once you can get over is sweet talking and see beyond his intelligent way of answering questions. You will know for sure that he has no content, coaching wise. Please wake up and smell the coffee before we meet ourselves in this very same predicament this time next year and circle repeats itself. It has to be broken sooner than later.

    1. i think you summed it up perfectly. going around in circles describes arteta’s reign here. heading straight for another 6th-8th place finish. Which shows he’s done nothing to improve the club, and has only made it worse. i said i will judge arteta definitively by where he ends this season. right now, it’s looking like it will be another failure. i can’t support a manager who can only get 8th place repeatedly. Truth is Emery would have the club at a better spot right now but he got sacked for these results.

      1. Arteta has been given chances that no Arsenal manager was ever given, table position wise. I bet he sweet talks the board with the charm he used in sweet talking the pro Arteta fans. We would have fallen for it, but i saw through the BS last season.

        1. Spot on, Kstyx👍. Different set of performance criteria to Arsene Wenger, Unai Emery and Terry Neil.
          The photos must be good for a contract extension to be anywhere near the table.

      1. Yea couldn’t have said it better Kstyx 👍👍👍👍
        I was going to go on along rant myself ,but I’ve said all before so no point repeating it .
        I just worry that the board have invested all this time and money on him that they are going to keep him on .
        Completely out of his depth .

        1. You are spot on Dan they will throw more money at it and give him a new contract to save face rather than just admit he’s well and truly out of his depth. It’s a shame the Arteta fans can’t see that though they think he’s something special unbelievably

        2. That’s the sad reality Dan. How our club has settled for mediocrity is very fascinating. The glory days are over. Wondering where we go from here.

        3. C’mon you all……FF and GAI still have faith and their pinky know more than all of you put together.

          …..by the way, nice bridge in Sydney for sale, my uncle who is a Nigerian prince will give you the money to buy it after you help him clear the mone from the bank….

          I have said before that this novice was a dud but when we went up the table, the worms crawled out to hail the second coming. The results went our way but not because of tactics but luck. He has no tactics like Wenger in his last 5 years, the novice has no plan a, let alone b., doesn’t know how to set up against a park the bus team, has favourites regardless of how poor they are. Remember Leeds didn’t want nketiah and who should be gone yet we are playing him, He will likely start against wolves. Xhaka? The less said the better

    1. No Ben. We take one step forward and fifteen steps backwards.

      Top4 is the minimum target. And it seems Arteta won’t make that top4.

      This team only performs when there is no pressure.

      Once we are out of the top 4, they will start winning some games because the pressure is off.
      We have been chasing Vlahovic for ages and the guy does not fancy us. Why not look at alternatives?

      I knew Arteta is clueless when he brought in Nketiah as a substitute on the flanks against Man United while Pepe was on the bench.
      Xhaka should have been sold in the summer to roma.

  6. There is really chance for top 4 this season if we are interested. Out of all cups and without Europe they really should play every league game like a final.

    If we are not going to bring new striker Aubameyang should be brought back in the team. He might not be the player he was but he just might be the difference in games like these.

    Tyring so hard to break away from negativity but classic Arsenal is doing its best to pull me back in.

    I remain optimistic because there is still time if they are interested in making use of it.

    1. Unfortunately not the way we are currently playing HH. Realistically and on paper plus based on current form, spuds and Utd stand a better chance at top 4 than us.

      1. And this is not because of the players they have alone but because of far superior tactical managers. Imagine Arteta taking off Smith Rowe who was starting to worry Burnley and bringing on an ineffective nketiah. That’s a mistake something conte or rangnick wouldn’t make.

        1. Well said on your above post Kstyx. I get what you are saying and I am not disagreeing. My optimism is based purely on hope than manager’s ability.

          Him and the players have already shown they are capable of producing results. With only the Premier League remaining I hope they will go on a winning run again, at least when we have the whole squad in contention.

    2. Certainly an in form Auba would have been a more effective sub then Nketiah but I think that ship has sailed (I hope it hasn’t as at some point Arteta needs to learn that he can fall out with players but still keep them in the fold)

      Apart from that 15 minute stretch half-way through the second half it felt very disjointed. I didnt think Lokonga and Odegaard played poorly but clearly missing the experience of Partry and Xhaka.

      Was good to see ESR put in some runs in the second half. Hopefully he’s getting close to full fitness.

  7. Whilst freezing my nuts off at Finsbury Park… I will be mainly listening to the 5678’s whoo hoo on repeat.

  8. It was not a good performance and results.
    Two points dropped in our fight for top 4.
    Early days still and top 4 achievable but we just made it more difficult.

  9. typical ineffective artetaball.
    deadly slow for an hour. Even after the HT gee up, we restarted by the back line playing 10 passes and progressing up the field 2 yards. Unintelligent. Talking of which, lets discuss the over hyped Martinelli and Saka.
    Nketiah came on after 77 mins and got in the box more times than Marti did in 90. Marti nearly always took wrong option too. Saka? well he went on the outside of his man once in each half and created something. Rest of time it was the predictable cut inside and he was crowded up. Unintelligent. Plus there was his repeated running up to a player and standing, taking 2/3 touches slowing everything up. Over rated.
    Gabriel needs a good slap, dwelling on ball unnecessarily, how slow does his brain work? Forget signing players get a decent manager, oh and forget 4th, that’s going to the Tots, who did get a proven manager

    1. Agree SS, both Martinellii and Saka played like headless chickens today. Saka especially reminded me of Pepe on one of his bad days while Martinellii wasted so much energy for so little impact. But they were the only go to players Arsenal had. Beyond that there was no plan. Who was responsible for that?

  10. Well, what more can I say? Let it be like that for those trusting the process and agitating for Arteta to be given 5yr contract extension. Before top four was the target, now it’s top six and may be next season top ten will be the target for Arsenal fc.
    I’m a gunner but it’s obvious that this present arsenal fc is not ready for anything.

  11. I’m sorry but lokonga is beyond average. Ffs he’s a MD, he should be able to push forward. Everytime he either pass back or sideways. Since the turn of the year ba Liverpool away, Saka has been horrible yet he plays 90mins all the time. I know a lot of you may disagree but this is the exact type of game that took martinelli back to the bench. He’s overplaying it when he should just play a simple ball. He’s a selfish player. I don’t want to get myself started on holding,white and Gabriel. No urgency from either of them. Only smith Rowe and odegaard should hold their heads up for that performance. Less I say about laca the better. What’s the point of playing nkethia really? Because why not give that chance to biereth or Hutchinson. I’m so angry right now but my biggest anger is towards Arteta. How do you go from guendozi to lokonga? I don’t know what he’s good at actually. Very poor player

    1. Lokonga wouldn’t be playing if not for Partey and Xhaka being banned. Lokonga is young and not at fault. The problem with Guendouzi is that his attitude is terrible. I don’t blame MA for what he done with him. What I do blame MA for though is placing so much pressure and responsibility on the younger players and loaning out so many players who we actually need right now. What really annoys me right now is that our football is not improving from an attacking point of view. We lack urgency and creativity and nothing is getting better under MA in that department.

      1. The problem with much of this :
        Those loaned out have one or more issues: poor quality, low motivation, attitude concerns. There is no strong case for any of those players. Outside the rants on Arsenal fan sites how much clamour is there for our loaned players?
        We have few available players in central midfield and no senior top class creative player.
        Our only proven senior goal scorer has been been in poor form for a long time and is now out of the team.
        The relative youth of the team means that fluctuations in performance are almost inevitable.
        Burnley can be difficult opponents and they pull off odd results like this against supposedly superior teams every so often.

        1. I agree with every word. Burnley are eminently capable of causing an upset and in Sean Dyche they have a wily manager
          But I’m still mortified that we couldn’t manage a goal whether the team are young and relatively inexperienced or not

  12. Arsenal have now failed to score in four consecutive matches (in all competitions) for the first time since December 2005. The 0-0 draw for ended a run of three straight defeats for Burnley.

      1. 👍 Do the Board know enough about football or the history of the Club to pass judgement on Arteta’s performance? A major part of the problem.

  13. So, we cannot beat bottom team Burnley!!!

    Top four, you must be joking based upon this performance!!

    Now even Top Six looks like a stretch!!

    As for Arteta:
    Burnley are, a team who are very strong in the air. so we pepper them with crosses. Now there is a smart game plan.

    Odegaard has scored just one goal from a free kick so far, which under the MA game plan, means he gets to take the next twenty, doing pretty much nothing with any of them!!!

    ESR had a quiet first half, then came to life in the second, but the MA game plan says take him (our leading goal scorer) off and replace him with a center forward, who is sent out on the left wing. In my view, sadly, Eddie N is just not good enough for the EPL.!!

    If I was devising a game plan to ensure we did not win a game against Burnley, then I could do no better than copy Arteta’s effort today.

    PS, Ramsdale has started to fumble crosses again.

    Might he be worried by the thought of Leno being sold and being replaced by a Yank. Someone who would certainly appeal to the American audience, and might just take his place?

  14. Now i don’t blame vlahovic because if he stays until summer he’ll be sold to some elite clubs in the europe, because this club is so average now no players are interested to be part of it there is no ambition , look at aston villa they are doing great business in here we are selling players without replacing them look at the bench ,and nketiah comes off the bench to make impact a player who is out of contract in the summer getting chances he doesn’t deserve those chances because he’s a below average player,

  15. It’s really hard to comment when listening to the radio only
    David Hillier on Arsenal radio said we should have had a Burnley sending off and that Saka was getting the brunt of too much of Burnley’s attentions.
    There were some moments when there were chances – or so it seemed- to score. Hillier was livid over time wasting but praised Burnley for sticking to it in the same way that we did against Liverpool.
    Disappointed to say the least

    1. All that is true – Westwood could/should have been sent off for a second yellow, Saka was kicked off the park and Burnley time wasted from the 42nd minute. But if we want to sit at the big boy table we need to overcome things like that. Few positives to take from today apart from the clean sheet.

    2. I’ll break it down for you SueP.

      Typical flaccid Artetaball.

      That’s all I can add but I’m sure FF and JF can summarise better than I can, seeing that I’m still on the ladybird books.

      Avoid match of the day 😉

    3. Hoping for a red card and him moaning about time wasting sums up where we are sue p.
      Bottom of the league team and nothing but a win should be acceptable.

      1. It isn’t acceptable Dan kit
        I know Burnley are ‘difficult’ but no excuses for being unable to bl**dy score
        My son who was at the match used a very rude word to describe his feelings

  16. This will always happen when you overate your players since did arsenal won a game fielding a bunch of overated clowns not surprised at this draw at all honestly after I saw the lineup I was expecting a lost

  17. To get top 4 we need to beat the likes of Burnley. We didnt. I wouldnt give Edu or Diet Pep any more money to spend. Just bring back Guendouzi, Torreira and AMN. Couldn’t do much worse than this lot!!!!!!!

  18. Not a team playing like they want to win any titles. Arsenal is too complexed, no winning mentality like City or Liverpool. They lack total confidence in themselves; too unsure of what they want to do. There is no real commitment to go and get the goals. Sad!

    No right-thinking manager would have played Partey against Liverpool when he barely landed 7 hours before and hadn’t even had enough sleep to refresh his brain. Why di Arteta let AMN leave before he had time to try recruiting a new CM? Real Novice!!!

  19. Thanks@Skills1000.
    Arteta DESTROYED Arsenal’s season the moment he bought back Xhaka to first team and sent Lokonga and AMN to the bench!
    Knowing fully well that AFCON was in January, he would have given the 2 midfielders a good run of games!
    But this Clueless and Political coach loaned AMN and has destroyed Lokonga’s confidence, all for the Erratic darling Xhaka!
    He should be SACKED once its clear we cannot make Top 4.

  20. Saliba, Guendouzi, Ozil, Bellerin, Mavs, Martinez, Aubemeyang, AMN,Mari etc must all be heaving a sigh of relief that MA didn’t / doesn’t think they are good enough to play for him.
    Yet another completely unacceptable performance.

    I have tried so hard to believe in MA and up and until today’s abject performance, I believed he might just turn it around.

    We have talented players who are being misused and misguided by a manager who is learning his trade in the wrong place at the wrong time… both for him and the club.

    No more hoping, excuses or chances from me, the magician needs to go and I see no reason to believe we will improve, unless kronkie breaks the bank once again.

    Even if we finish 6th, this is unacceptable football and we are in a worse situation, as a club, than we were when MA arrived.

    1. Arteta is “The Emperor’s New Clothes” personified.A coach completely out of his depth….Its interesting to note that Arsenal’s best team performance over the last two years came whilst The Manager was absent and isolating at home.
      Arsenal have the basis of a good team and under different management would be making a real fist of achieving a top four finish.
      Unfortunately we know that this is a forlorn hope.Despite a first XI that is far stronger than the Spuds it is likely that we will finish the Season behind them once again as they haveva far superior coach with a winning mentality.We have a man who has far more excuses than he does effective tactical ideas.

      1. Yes Ozzie, Pepe who scores and creates for fun but not for Arsenal apparently. Saliba and Gouendouzi fighting for the top 2 in the french league and they also have a better defence record that PSG but not good enough for us. Im afraid Arteta doesn’t know what he is doing.

  21. As Sue has said that’s four consecutive games without scoring. . absolutely pathetic. Do we even practice shooting in training or just run around passing the ball to each other. I’m sorry but to call Lacazette and Martinelli strikers is contravening the trades description act, they can’t seem to hit the proverbial barn door. They should just spend their whole training session kicking the ball into an empty net just to remember how it feels. Takes me back to the mid 70’s when we were just as inept at scoring.

  22. Well, here we are…again.

    The entire world knew that AFCON is on the calendar, yet Arteta ships out AMN.
    My goodness, one could not make this up.
    Out of both cups, no Europe, and can fully concetrate on the job at hand.

    Yet, AFC needed this game and here we stand 6 points from 4th to 8th, and the squad, led by a novice coach and front office, lays an egg.

    Contract extension, are they on acid?

    Weeks to get this teams act together or just pack it up early and cancel all their contracts, from Arteta to Vinai…..

    1. Don’t mention AMN. He is not good enough for Arsenal. He runs like a train heading to crash. The worst midfield option. Loan is right decision. Wrong decision was not bringing back toreira. Saka is not good enough. He is too predictable and unintelligent most times. The

      1. Emma, AMN played well for Arteta in the run in to win I g the FA Cup including the final. He then gets benched. What does that do for your confidence?

      2. I agreem AMN right to go out on loan, he should have been sold over the summer. Guendouzi should have been back with us at the beginning of the season and Arteta earning his money by actually managing and turning the player’s bad attitude into a positive attitude, that’s his job at the end of the day. Did Brendan Rodgers give up on Suarez after he developed a penchant for human flesh? Did Alex Furguson give up on Kung-fu Cantona for fly kicking a supporter?

        Saka is good enough but he looks jaded, where’s Pepe to give him competition for his place?

        I want to see us sign a new striker but we have Auba, how can he not come in and help us out? I can’t believe he has transformed into a mediocre player from what he was. Something is not right and it’s Arteta’s job to fix it and get him firing! There are no excuses for not getting the best you can, out of the resources you have as a manager.

  23. Disappointing we didn’t create more, offensively, ( that’s worrying) we desperately need a world class forward/striker, so when you get that one chance (laca effort) they put it away. gets you out of jail a proper forward. Long break now before the next game, another Clean sheet is good, but that’s the only positive from today’s game. Come on Chelsea, give me some happiness today 😩😩

  24. I’m glad I don’t rely on Arsenal playing well for my good health for following this past month’s results I’d be writing this from my local hospice.
    You can hardly blame Burnley for their negative tactics as they had little in attack, although with a bit more accuracy Dwight McNeil could have won this for them with the three decent chances he had. Time wasting? So what! It’s a tactic we use when necessary (Ramsdale was booked quite recently). Our own regular midfielders should be held accountable for their own stupid mistakes which have led to their suspensions and we don’t seem to have adequate replacements.
    Having said all that I’ll be glad to see the back of Burnley and Sean Dyche.

  25. We need better players but the real problem is lack of urgency and the slow pace. We had only 10 intensive minutes at home against the bottom team. And that is a recurring problem of us against low blocks.

  26. Arteta definitely has No process we should trust….. How can you sub Smith for Nketia??
    He should have called Martinelli to the touchline and speak sense to him. That kind of unnecessary holding on to the ball from him would get him back to the bench. He made Tierney totally useless, he did almost the same thing against Liverpool. He needs to start playing with Tierney cos he can’t dribble all defenders.
    *Lacazette has to go please, No renewal of contract please. Same with Nketia ( we should have received 20mil in the summer 🤦)
    *LOKONGA is just a passerby in this game; Azeez wouldn’t have played worse than this. LOKONGA is so worse that he hides behind an opponent where it will be difficult to give him a pass.
    *Ramsdale is now having a pattern, just hope he doesn’t become another scezney
    *Saka is becoming predictable, he needs to release the ball often.
    Whether Midfield or Not, we should win this game, so gutted again!

    1. Our 2 outstanding games is Wolves AWAY and Tottenham AWAY……. How do we win this when we can even beat Burnley on our home ground. Our away record is not that good.
      The best from these two fixtures is draw. The realistic win we could have gotten is today’s game.

    2. spot on about martinelli recently. just holds the ball unescessarily. Anybody pointing out these bad habits to him? Lokonga so far very tame player and I agree. Why exactly is Sambi getting a chance over Azeez. There isn’t anything Sambi dose that is special. Apparently henry and kompany raves about him but i havent even seen a glimpse of an extraordinary player in the guy so far. Saka needs to find some consistency badly. You just never know when he is going to have a dud performance like his last two games.

      1. Lokonga was hiding today, he did not want to get into space to receive the ball. Shows a lack of confidence. Someone remind me how much money he is on? £50,000 a week. Many people don’t earn this in a year. All he’s got to do is run into space and be an outlet for a pass but no, he wants to hide behind another player. Well I’m sure there’s someone else out their that would gladly accept the 50,000 reasons we are giving him to do the job for us with more confidence, Wilshire would snap your hand off for half of that and not be shy to want the ball!

  27. how in the world can coach loan players yet you don’t replace them. All the poor result we have been getting of late goes to the manager. Can’t motivate players to put in a shift, so embarrassing to be an arsenal supporter. Poor managerial skills from the amarture.

  28. We have no chance of finishing 4th. We played non-creative, sterile, Hackney Marshes ,obvious football. After 2 years of this, someone needs to go. We missed out on Conte, so Spurs are now better than us, and the only big manager left is Zidane. I still think Brendan Rogers can do a job for us. We have been playing the same football as we did against Villareal last season. Grey, dull, boring football. ZZzzz. Pathetic after 2 years.

  29. Let’s not all get knee jerk with our reactions, calm down everyone, it wasn’t bad, awful or inept……………….it was bloody ridiculously poor, embarrassing and bad, awful and inept!

  30. No doubt we need to buy some quality experienced players to come into our squad but at top level the manager makes the ultimate difference and unfortunately we will not compete with the other Top 6 sides without an elite manager. No one can fault Arteta’s dedication but unfortunately it’s not enough.

  31. Tomiyasu is now injured with his national team and has withdrawn from the team. That’s another blow

  32. I dnt get d unnecessary anger, I know we really need dis point, I thought d boys did their best, we had several chances but it wasn’t our lucky day, despite not having any midfielder. I can count the few times lokonga touches d ball and he is supposed to marshal d midfield.

  33. Come to think of it, when Arsenal played Man City without Arteta, we can see good attacking football. We almost won that game. Since he came back it has been the usual Arteta ball (Sideways and backward passing, static football). Let’s see where we are at the end of the season whether we will make top4, top 6 or we are out of Europe again. TBH, personally I’VE m beginning to doubt if we will be able to make Europe. Arteta is there to prove me wrong but for me, we need another Manager (Good, quality with experience).

    1. Arteta needs to go out on loan (maybe Everton) and Wenger comes in as caretaker. Meanwhile we wait for PSG to sack Poch, which is inevitable unless he wins every competition PSG are in, which must be the expectation considering they have the best front 3 in the world, Neymar, Mbappe and Messi. Wenger pulls off top four with his wry grin, Arteta gets much needed experience and when Poch comes in, Arteta back to putting the cones out.

      To Edu: Guendouzi and Saliba recalled asap, the Kronkes have got expensive lawyers, use them. Flash some serious American dosh in the face of Vlahovic’s dodgy agent and get him to pile the striker into the boot of his car and drive him to us, kicking and screaming if need be. Give him a 48 hour deadline, if he is one minute late delivering the player, bosh an offer over to Real Sociadad and get Isak. Sort it out, we haven’t forgotten the paydays you’ve been handing out to old Brazilian players and their agents recently (Luiz, William, Mari – I know Mari is Spanish but he was acquired from Flamengo).

  34. It is an opportunity lost again! This is the story for many years now . When we are playing those crucial games which could put us in a position to win a league or , top 4 or top 6 , we fail to win. Some times it is defence and some times it is attack. Arsenal should not invest 70 M in one player. Rather buy 2 hard working strikers from championship and a better MF.

  35. Can someone at Arsenal please show Arsenal players, particularly Lacazette a photograph or detailed drawing of a goal structure, so Arsenal players know what they have to aim at.

  36. Arsenal didn’t want to sign Abraham as striker in the summer window. Now Abraham is scoring plenty of goals at Roma. 12 goals in 12 apps. Fans in here didn’t rate him very highly.
    I think he would have done well up front for Arsenal. Its poor at the moment. Besides Smith-Rove should have scored against Burnley. A 100% chance. It will be very difficult if we cannot score on such chances.

  37. I’ve never considered the italien league to be an easy league, where many teams are very defense oriented teams,

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