Burnley v Arsenal – Let’s name and shame these hooligans and thugs

If the FA need help investigating the crowd trouble that occurred at Turf Moor, they could do worse than spending a few minutes on YouTube.

That will make it quite easy to identify grown adults throwing bottles and other objects at each other. You can even watch fighting continue outside the stadium in the car park.

The Football Association will hand out a fine to tick a box and, in a few weeks, we will pretend it never happened, boast how England has the best League in the world, while putting our noses up to the likes of Italy and judging them for hooliganism.

My attitude is no one should be going to a Football match and fearing for their safety. Even if one person gets hurt, that’s one person too many. Make no mistake, a bottle being thrown can cause a serious injury.

We should have zero tolerance towards this kind of behaviour and yet what’s the likelihood that Burnley will now be asked to play behind closed doors?

That will never happen because the priority is the Premiership’s brand which wouldn’t look as idealistic if it were handing out stadium bans.

Zero tolerance means you simply won’t accept it happening. If you do nothing to show a serious consequence, then you can’t say you have zero tolerance.

I’m sure there will be a few clubs’ lifetime bans, etc but nothing that these thugs can’t find their way round.

Instead let’s name and shame these people.

Most clubs have an online ticket system where you have to register for a membership to have access to tickets. That means for the majority of seats taken at any ground, information on that customer has been logged into a database.

So, it should be simple to identify a face from many of the images available, locate where they were sitting and humiliate them.

I would love to tell you these are just yobs with nothing better to do. In reality many have families, jobs, responsibilities, etc.

Some live in their bubble called Football and think that they can say and do things that they wouldn’t dare say or do at their workplace or in their local shop.

Next time you attend a fixture, listen to the language around you. Grown men and women will say words they wouldn’t dare say anywhere else.

So, let’s help them. Let’s teach them that there are consequences. Let’s ensure their employer knows that this is what a representative of your company gets up to on their day off.

Let’s get your child to see Mum and Dad throwing objects because they are having a tantrum that their team lost at sport, something they knew was a possibility to begin with.

This isn’t just to punish cowards, it’s to help them mentally. Because let’s be honest, if you feel the need to hurt another individual over a game of football then you do have something wrong with you?

Today some will be having chemo, a marriage will break down, there will be a funeral. If those people can grieve without the need to attack a stranger, then I’m sure coping with your team losing a game of football is doable?

I’m going to the North London Derby next Sunday. If we lose I will be gutted, but I can assure you the thought of charging towards the away end wouldn’t enter my head.

I could be goaded nonstop by a Spurs fan and can guarantee you that nothing could be said that would make me take it so seriously that I would need to pick anything up and throw it.

Been to loads of games, highs and lows. Never has it entered my head to break the law based on a football match.

But then I’m educated. I was brought up the right way with values. I was taught right from wrong. Quite simply, I’m better than that.

What I want to do is teach the next generation that it’s not okay to take law into your own hands based on a score line.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the opposition celebrating. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting too close to the opposition supporters.

These are just excuses…

Quite simply if you can’t watch football without breaking the law you have something not quite right with you.


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Dan Smith

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  1. Similar if not worse scenes at the Hull v Sheffield United game as well.It needs to be dealt with quickly before it starts a worrying trend.No one wants to go back to the bad old days that many of us oldies experienced and hopefully modern technology will prevent that from happening.

  2. Those thugs had better learn something new or make a product at home, instead of fighting over an entertainment?

  3. In the past testosterone fuelled males went of to war every summer. Today most male warriors have been reduced to hunting down bargains at Tescos or “killing” thousands playing video games in Mums basement. Sport for many has largely replaced wars. Danger, injury even death attracts millons to boxing, high speed motor sports, kick boxing + cage fighting. Although like Pro wrestling many of these “battles” are fake it’s still great business. Football allows Johnny nobody to become a regular soldier a warrior in an army wearing his teams uniform and either defending his home fortress or storming the palisades of an opponents while pledging allegiance with coreographed chanting and singing. The media fire up the soldiers predicting a blood bath a shoot out, clashes, do or die fight to the death, winner takes all , take no prisioners. In fact the FA will be secretly very pleased with the scuffle at Turf Moor. Good to appeal to the lost under 20 generation who have deserted football for screen wars. No doubt the predicted heavy security prescence at next weeks round of matches will bring millons more to the screens. As the saying goes there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  4. Dan…

    Simply brilliant! I cannot say much more!

    Your values are so clear to see, and the message and hope is that many will practice same! However, humanity has suffered and will continue to suffer from intolerance. The best we can do is to conquer self, and that is the basic battle that many of us are failing to do.

    We will continue to encourage love amongst ourselves without divide of any sort. Love despite our differences and opinion. Love in victory and in defeat! Love indeed conquers all!

    Keep being positive! Wishing us all a great week ahead!


  5. Couldn’t agree more Fire, a wonderful article that any “normal” fan can identify with.
    I remember attending a Rangers (Scottish club for clarity) and being bombarded with coins from the upper North Bank stand at Highbury.
    It was impossible to get out of the situation and many innocent fans were injured.
    Sometimes it is so difficult to just walk away from the actions of these senseless morons,, even when one wants to.
    There have been a few other incidents that have been me, somehow, involved within the epicentre of violence at a football match and yet, I can assure everyone, I was never involved or wanted to be involved.
    Yes, punish the guilty, but let’s not just cast every fan involved as a mindless hooligan. Let’s prove the fans involved were those aptly described.
    Great article once again Dan.

    1. Ken…

      It’s been ages! Great memories of those very insightful conversations!

      I do agree with you about the role that provocation plays in all these acts! I support finding the guilty and punishing them accordingly. Nevertheless, violence has been and unfortunately will continue to be… It becomes a worry when it escalates to pandemic levels like we see in such fan-based violence. Our only hope is continuous and proper education about these specific acts as well as via multiple mediums, both at home, schools, in the pubs, through advertisements, e.t.c. We must make concious effort, as you have said, and not just hope and assumed that somehow, somewhere, these acts will vanish.

      I trust you are doing great!


  6. The testosterone fuelled urge to fight and hurt others is something done almost entirely, around the globe, by males as distinct from females.

    It is why I have been telling all and sundry for many decades past, whenever I meet them face to face, that the world would be far better off if all countries everywhere were run by women. REALITY!

    Put another way, females are the superior sex, explicitly for this reason

    Imagine if a certain Austrian German born in 1889, had been female, instead of male! His actual name, if used, will fall foul of Ad Pats word filter.

    1. Jon…

      I wasn’t sure if you intended your post to be humorous, nevertheless, it sure did create a smile.

      My thoughts, did you really mean to say women should run the world, or, men should be extincted *smiles*. For as long as testosterone runs wild, it wouldn’t matter who rules, either female or male.

      All the same, cheers Jon! Hope you are doing great!

  7. Excellent article Dan. Being hit in the head by a bottle thrown by an imbecile could be life threatening, similarly losing an eye to an errant coin and both certainly take the fun out of attending football matches.

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