Burnley v Arsenal match preview and predicted score

Arsenal is well set up to claim all three points at Turf Moor.

This game has come at a perfect time for Mikel Arteta, he has his best player back from suspension in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a new signing, Pablo Mari, who could be available and both Shkodran Mustafi and David Luiz available. Well, Mustafi if he is fit.

On top of that, the Gunners are in form, they are playing better than they have been in a long time and their confidence is no longer in the gutter.

Of course, it cannot be ignored that Burnley are also in form right now, they beat Leicester City and Man Utd in their last two Premier League games and that has to be respected, though it is worth pointing out that in their last game they got dumped out of the FA Cup at home to Norwich City.

Burnley is never an easy game, they are tough opponents and it would be wrong to associate their toughness with the likes of Stoke City simply because they do play some attractive attacking football as well.

That said, the way Arsenal has been playing recently, attacking pressing football at speed means they should be able to keep the Clarets on the back foot and the only way I can see us losing this game is if mistakes are made at the back again. Which, I admit, is always a possibility.

Arteta has a specific way he wants the lads to play and they are clearly buying into his vision and if they maintain their progression into this game then I can see only one outcome.

That is not to disparage Burnley at all, they have to be respected, I mean, they are level with Arsenal on points and do have home advantage. But this is not the Arsenal from earlier in the season, this is a whole different team in terms of attitude and mental strength and Sean Dyche will know that and I reckon he will send his team out more defensive than usual to reflect the โ€œnewโ€ Arsenal.

With Aubameyang back and he just loves scoring against Burnley, I am confidently going for an away win for the Gunners.

Predicted Score

Burnley 1-3 Arsenal


  1. Innit says:

    I’m hoping we win and will be over the moon if we do BUT

    My prediction is

    1. They beat Leicester and United so they are not a bad team
    2. it’s their turf (away match)
    3. We are both close to each other table position wise with us just two places higher
    4. Our defence is still a question mark even though it’s definitely improved

    Arsenal Positive
    Our attack is far superior especially CF

    I think 1-3 is possible. Most things are possible but Don’t underestimate Burnley

  2. Jo-Gunz says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Admin.
    I also look forward to Artata starting Pablo Mari, and Mari also grabbing the opportunity with both hands and replicate his form at Flamengo, to take his seat where the Varane’s, Larporte’s and VVD’s dine.

  3. Steven Wilson says:

    Unfortunately I am not brimming with optimism especially if Ozil is given a starting place.
    This is a game that will require hard work, strength and determination as well as skill.
    I’d rather Ceballos got the nod today.

  4. Georgy says:

    Very difficult game.Will be a critical test for our center backs and full backs due to to their high balls game.Ideally this will be a game for Pablo Mari but his lack of time with the team make his inclusion a bit risky.Our forwards should play quick and with the ball on the ground.Anyhow, nobody better than Arteta to plan the game;our plans are only best wishes.

  5. jon fox says:

    So a 3-1 win then is predicted by Admin MARTIN. JUST A NOTE OF REALISM I wish to inject, which is this; can anyone even remember the last time we scored three? You have to go back a long way. Just saying! I predict a 1-1 draw or a 1-0 win but just do not see us scoring three. It hasn’t happened for ages and so, just on the laws of probablity , it is unlikely. Fot those who do not understnand thre laws of probability, it does NOT mean that thr longer something has gone withoit happening then the moe likely it is to happen soon. Quite the reverse. If you doubt this truth, then just think of Liverpool and think, PROPERLY THINK, are they more likely to lose their next game OR TO WIN IT! To sum up, the most likely thing to continue happening is that which has been regularly happening up to now. And Arsenal have NOT been scoring three goals regularly. HAVE WE!!!

    1. Sue says:

      Seems like ages ago when we last scored 3 – West Ham? – one thing’s for sure, Jon… it won’t be as ‘boaring’ as the Mancs yesterday ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜†

  6. Sean Williams says:

    We still have the poor defence that has brought us to 12th in the EPL. The improvement is that the team is more motivated……but still the defense is poor. I cannot forecast the result because our defence is dodgy and suspect, to say the least. It would be silly to play Ozil that would dampen our intensity, Xhaka must not get himself sent off, Sako must defend well. We must watch out for Dwight McNeil and Jay Rodriguez, if we contain them we can win the game. Close.

  7. Sue says:

    Someone on the TV said stop Dwight McNeil, you stop Burnley.
    I’m a little bit more optimistic these days – thank you, Mikel – however, I’ve still not reached that point where I say we’re definitely going to win… that being down to having a few in the side that are partial to a brain fart.. which brings me to Chris Wood.. if we make a mistake, whether it’s a mix up in the box or put under pressure from passing out from the back, he’ll be all over it!
    Really glad Auba’s back though… I’ve missed that front flip celebration… would love to see it later.. COYG

  8. Th14 says:

    I agree with the writers prediction and also think that Auba coming back from suspension is an added advantage. Hell open the scoring inside the first 30mins and do his trademark front flip celebration but we need to kill off the game quickly, unfortunately that hasnโ€™t been happening. If we can take 0-2 in at halftime then weโ€™ve got 3points in the bag

  9. kondwani Tyson says:

    usually we drop points when our rivals drops so I expect to happen again, D or L

  10. Lance says:

    JFox, did we not beat West Ham 3-1 with Freddie Ljungberg.

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