Burnley v Arsenal Player Ratings – Coquelin Rules!

It was a good all-round effort from Arsenal, but the heroes of the day mostly came from the defensive side of the team, who managed to keep Burnley at bay for the whole 90 minutes…

Ospina 7
Another assured display from the Colombian under the aerial theat from Burnley. A clean sheet says it all…

Bellerin 6.5
Not quite as good defensively as usual but he showed his pace and attacking qualities going forward. He’s looking more like a winger nowadays…

Mertesacker 7.5
Very solid against the Burnley strikers and even outshone Koscielny on the day. His height came in very handy for once…

Koscielny 7
Wenger was forced to play Koscielny due to Gabriels absence, but he really looked like he needed a rest at times. He made a few unforced errors..

Monreal 7.5
Another good shift by the Spaniard and he certainly deserves to keep Gibbs out of the team for now. Not much gets past him..

Coquelin 8.5
Le Coq is the gift that just keeps giving! He put in another awesome display and kept Burnley from getting too close to the defence on numerous occasions.

Ramsey 7.5
It was a very strange decision by Wenger to play the Welshman on the wing again, where he has had some of his worst performances, but his goal salvaged an average performance. Walcott has definitely upset Le Boss!

Cazorla 6.5
Not at his best but was given very little room to manoeuvre so spent most of his time helping out the defence. Had a couple of shots but definitely not up to his usual standard.

Ozil 8
Mesut is often accused of going missing when there is a fight to be had, but he stood up to be counted today. Was involved in the goal and created a few more chances that were not converted.

Giroud 6.5
The game was played much too deep for the Frenchmn and he rarely looked like scoring for the seventh game in row, but he defended well in is own half. The Burnley defence had little problem keeping him out of the game.

Sanchez 7.5
Always a threat and his industriousness was there for all to see. He was a thorn in Burnleys side throughout but the end product was rarely forthcoming. The goals are looking few and far between nowadays

Welbeck 7
Looked lively when he came on and made the tired Burnley defenders work hard. Nearly doubled our lead but was just wide of the mark.

Chambers N/A
90th minute time wasting by Wenger

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  1. Coq just keeps growing and growing in stature, a warrior who trives under pressure and very rarely lets you down, should be considered for or player of the season no doubt, no lets all pray for a Qpr win and the mancs draw

    1. Did anyone watch match of the day? Cresswells free kick for Stoke, identical as ozils against Liverpool and the pundits were saying how good it was etc! When ozil done it it was keeper error!

      1. i guess everyone is still jealous that we have ozil. No one wants to acknowledge his brilliance.

  2. Good win it was. I could not watch the entire match due to the bad weather. From all I have read, it seems Coq did very well.

  3. Agreed! Le coq was awesome! The way he broke up and cut off anything burnley created was just great! His workrate was just tops! Coyg!

  4. Fair ratings, but I think Monreal deserved an 8, he was by far our best defender, winning many duels and headers and his marking was superb. Also Ospina made some crucial saves and had extremely good communication with our defense. He deserves a 7.5. I also think Cazorla deserves a 7, he has some great moves and one or two shots that almost went in.

    Another team COQ BLOCKED!

  5. Le coq stole the show for sure he was amazing as usual. But I just gotta say with ospina in goal I just feel so relaxed and confident cause he just looks so composed and I love that he does the simple things instead of trying to over complicate things

    1. Agree about Ospina, who has had a great 2nd half of season – shame he was out injured early.
      Another plus is he helps launch counter-attacks so quickly with his throws.

      But Le Coq is looking like our Player of the Season (among many)

  6. Understood that gabriel paulista didnt make the trip to burnley, because of illness! All the best and a very speedy recovery to you gabriel! Coyg!

  7. I dont want anyone to replace Le Coq next season..even if we buy WC DM. But this guy is Arsenal class, he is gonna be huge player for us.

  8. It’s funny how the media fall all over Each other anytime Daley Blind has a sniff of a good game

    But the truth is Coqmania makes him look like an amatuer.

    I’ll go as far as to say he’s in a better form than Matic .He’s simply the best

    1. I’d rather him clear the ball than him trying to dribble the oppositions strikers. ‘When in doubt, kick it out.’

  9. The irony when the Schniederlin fan club was out in big force and then Coquelin goes and does this. If you still don’t know what a DM is watch this match with particular attention to Coquelin.

  10. Even King Henry 14 agrees Le Coq ‘s been wonderful for Arsenal…..
    Conspiaracy theory….. Even if Arsenal put in a shift,, pundits almost always have a ready made excuse to deny us credit… Am l missing something here,, coz … THIS ISN’T JUST RIGHT…. Kip going boys…… Maybe most pundits support Tottenham,,,, shame….

    1. The ‘pundits’ are an embarrassing disgrace. Said this last week after Shearer explained every goal against Liverpool away as mistakes.
      Will never forgive MOTD for insulting AW after that Stoke game when the scum fans were mimicking him…Lineker and co thought this was SUCH a laugh, never mind that the fans were disgustingly chanting ‘paedo!’ and booing Aaron who had the cheek to have his leg shattered the year before…
      Anyway, who cares..
      We are Arsenal…no one likes us – we don’t care!!

  11. sanchez safe arsenal in the first half of the season from embarrassment
    le coq returned to arsenal in the 2nd half has helped arsenal to gain respect
    wenger must give le coq a deserved bonus

  12. The masked raider made his way into the penalty area in the 88th minute, evading security to put Chelsea within inches of the biggest prize.
    This was another London heist, with the imposter identified when he whipped off his mask after reading Eden Hazard’s pass two minutes from time to beat QPR’s keeper. Cesc Fabregas The masked raider made his way into the penalty area in the 88th minute, evading security to put Chelsea within inches of the biggest prize.
    This was another London heist, with the imposter identified when he whipped off his mask after reading Eden Hazard’s pass two minutes from time to beat QPR’s keeper. Cesc Fabregas stole the points.
    Surely the Barclays Premier League title, the fourth in Chelsea’s history, will be theirs sometime later this month after this.
    Hhahahahahaha No wonder Arsenal never gets credit from these pipo…..

  13. Sanchez 7.5!!!
    His end product was poor?
    it seems the description has got nothing to do with the ratings!

    sanchez should get a 5 rating.
    His decision making was poor, passing was poor, crossing (if any) was poor, running behind the defense was non existent. He consistently kept giving the ball away.
    You would think that dribbling is generally followed by a pass or a shot, but in sanchez’s case it is usually followed by tracking back.

    and ramsey 7.5!!
    apart from the goal he did NOTHING! even defensively he was poor, Consistently leaving bellerin exposed.

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