Burnley v Arsenal Review – Aubz does it again

So the last League game of the season starts and Arsenal have a very changed side from the team that won in Valencia. The good news is that Aubameyang starts as he has scored twice in his only two games against Burnley, and if he does that again today he will be in with a chance of sharing the Golden Boot. Amazingly he nearly scored in the 2nd minute but his header hits the post.

It’s end to end stuff at the beginning and Aubz gets another chance just 5b mins later but his shot is saved by Tom Heaton. It was all action with both sides going for it, and Leno playing a blinder, but we had to wait 20 minutes for another very close one when Chris Wood strikes the post for Burnley with Leno beaten, and just a minute later Mustafi saves us again.

After half an hour Laurent Koscielny replaces the injured Mavropanos which may help us defend better! The rest of the half didn’t have too much excitement until just before the whistle when Willock put one just past the post.

The second half was sure to be an improvement and sure enough after 6 minutes Aubameyang pounced on a back pass from Jack Cork and easily slotted the ball past Heaton to give us the lead. Arsenal were left in control and cruising so it was little surprise when Aubz gets his 6th goal in his third game against Burnley with a brilliant volley to put Arsenal in the comfort zone and give himself a chance of the Golden Boot with his hat-trick.

The comfort didn’t last long as just three minutes later Gudmundsson’s cross is headed home by Ashley Barnes and the game is back on. Mhkitaryan started getting a couple of chances and then set up a brilliant chance for Aubz’s hat-trick but somehow he managed to put it wide.

Burnley bring on Crouch for the last 13 minutes to try and snatch a point but even if they did Man United are being trounched at home by Cardiff (HAHAHA) so we can’t be caught for 5th. So we may as well cruise to the final whistle… But wait! In the dying seconds the young Nketiah sneaks in with a brilliant finish to make it three!

It was hardly breathtaking stuff but we have secured 5th place (again!). Aubz is joint top scorer (at the mo) and we have no big injuries to any of our stars. And we have an away win!

Now on to the important stuff. Bring on Chelsea!!!!!


    1. Arent we already in the CL?

      I mean Chelsea already qualified, so if they win the EL, the EL’s automatic CL qualification will go to Spurs and CL qualifier will go to us?

      1. Unfortunately not, apparently it doesn’t work that way, but due to the complexity of it all it’s not easy to explain.

  1. I have to admit that is an excellent post to have put out so soon after the match has finished.Well done

  2. Auba was awesome and so close to winning Golden Boot. Nketiah also great appearance as well. Emery needed to play him more this season. Needs to trust the youth players more. Overall, well fought game. One more match to go. Let’s finish this!

    1. I didnt rate him at all and thought Nketiah was poor and he showed it today. Selfish too your team mate is on the golden boot and you tried to score from an impossible angle…luckily for him it went in
      But PLEASE get rid of the ex Dortmund players. Mikhitarian is sh…ite only Wenger would have bought Xhaka and him

      1. Do you know he is a CF and one of the attributes of a good cf is selfishness. Besides, if he attempted a pass it might not got to Aub. Instead of slating him, you should praise in for that quality he shows.

    2. He DOES actually win the GB as he played fewer total season minutes than the others on 22 goals!

  3. So so unfortunate to miss the top 4 spot. A win in any of the last 2 home games would have got us the 3rd place.

  4. Wish we had played this way for the last 5 matches instead of the LLDLW

    But great to see us go to the Final with a win on our backs

    Well done to Aubameyang. Great season for him as a striker. Definitely one of the Top 3 strikers in the Premier League

    Now Trophy and Champions League is still possible. Just need one more WIN


  5. I didn’t watch the match, as I don’t watch our last league games, for the past five seasons it’s been tradition for me to get tired of watching our games soon as top four is out of our reach.
    Happy for Auba, Salah still gets the golden boot though, as he has more assists, Auba can only take the positives, and look back at his numerous wasted chances this season, learn from it.
    Now the Europa league final is one I’ll be watching

    1. there is no tiebreaker for golden boot so we have 3 winners with aubameyang, salah and mane. good luck choosing an african player of the year between them lol.

  6. Missing snail Xhaka and lazy Ozil made our game fast and fluid,easy on the eye.Guendouzi was far better than Ozil in the midfield position and Iwobi tormented Burnley’s right flank.So,everybody can see where our problem lies-slow and lethargic midfield with Ozil and Xhaka.Get 1-2 energetic midfielders and the game goes fast,creating plenty of opportunities.Some people here questioning Auba new salary and keeping quiet about useless Ozil huge one?Think again….

    1. Give it a rest you absolute pleb
      Ozil didn’t play today but here you are like a bad smell per usual talking absolute crap .
      Fans like you will only be happy when we’ve got a team full of mediocre players .
      You should be talking about how Auba was leading goal scorer this season and how good he was ,but no you’re on here slagging g off ozil again ….

      1. Thank you Xxnofx, we won away today and Aubameyang game us something to smile about. I will not be complaining about any player or manger. I hope we win against Chelsea.

        1. Nice post! Actually I thought you spelt IDIOT wrong on purpose to avoid your post being blocked by Admin – that’s what he does to me anyway! 🙂

      2. If you wanna rant about ozil go to the thread that you’ve already ranted on ..you know the one about ozil and his agent .he wasn’t even in the squad today but you’ve still come out with you’re usual bollocks .

    2. But honestly Guendouzi was far better than Ozil in the midfield position and as slow as he is still faster than ozil

      1. But Guendouzi played there before and he was slaughtered by opponents? He also didn’t create a lot because he was chased by people whose work was to track him down. He often loses the ball. However guendouzi is a good player

      2. NONNY – Ozil and Guendouzi have totally different jobs so cannot be compared – except by those on the Ozil Hater Bandwagon of course. Guess you’ll be saying Auba’s tackling is not as good as Koscielny’s next – and Leno’s strike rate is not as good as Laca’s.

  7. Happy for Pierre. We need him and the team to fire us to glory against Chelsea

    Some defeat hurt this season hence our position. I believe Chelsea and spurs were relaxed today because they know we can’t catch them simce both have finals to play.

    Liverpool did their part but it’s not in their hands. To have 97 pts and still not champions is a tough one to swallow but they have the final to play.

    Arsenal to win Europa
    Liverpool to win Champs league. That’s my prediction and I know most arsenal fans don’t want spurs to lift the champs league trophy. Lol.

    Congrats Mancity. Champs yet again

  8. My prediction for the golden boot winners came to pass,with aguero missing out….auba u rock.lets dismantle the impotent blues may 29.COYG

    1. Hmn…I remember telling you it’s Spurs who will snatch the last top 4 spot from us but you told me it’s my own opinion. Lol. It’s my fact now.

      1. Yes, QD just a missed penalty and poor officiating on an offside goal against Tottenham and you would have been wrong. Success and failure hinges on small margins.
        Hopefully having already played in Baku, Arsenal will have good support from the locals. COYG!

  9. No one has remarked on the fact that Aubas saved penalty at Spuds has cost us top four and given Spuds our fourth place. Worth remembering amongst all the praise for him today. He also misses far too many easy chances, like he did today, for a top striker. I still rate him but I like and need honesty and perspective in debate.

    1. That was a long time ago Jon. If you really want to know who cost us the cl position look no further than last week and at home.

        1. If we’d won last week, we’d be in control of our destiny so it wouldn’t have mattered if they upped their games or not. Plus we’ve all been playing shit recently like we’re all running from the CL spots

      1. SO WHAT ? It was not that long ago this season and games in August or any other month are worth the same points as in MAY. SO I FAIL TO SEE YOUR POINT! The key point in my post was that he actually missed a penalty, when all who take them are expected to score. In the Palace and Brighton games we just missed ordinary chance; not the same thing at all. And THAT penalty caused a three point swing between us and Spuds. That is FACT!

    2. Xhaka directly costed us 3 points versus Palace (A) and Brighton (H) with his silly penalties conceded and much more points with his errors leading to goals. If someone is to be blamed for our failure to reach the champions league it has to be that clown Xhaka.

      1. QD, I agree with you, in that you can point to every player in the team, who made mistakes cosing points over the whole season. Arsenal win as a team and lose as a team. “Victoria Concordia Crescit”.

    3. Mane, Salah miss tons of easy chances as well. It doesn’t all come down to our strikers in the end. We’re a team and as a team we are not good enough. Auba has scored 31 goals this season. He has more than done his share. Our defenders and midfielders have not.

      1. ????. Strikers miss some and score some but to give away goal needlessly undone the whole work the team put in. That is what Xhaka did last week and cost us the top 4 this week.

  10. Raul should look at last week result and said enough is enough to Miki and Xhaka. They both cost the direct qualification to CL.

  11. What a day!! Blue moon, thank you City!
    I can’t wait to watch MOTD… you can always rely on United to put a smile on your face!! HAHAHAHAHA

  12. Well, 5th place is what you get when you have this deep bank of mediocre players donning your shirt every weekend. Hopefully the deadwood is cleared out and we have better results next season.

  13. well played guys to win that final match away at burnley and gutted not finish in top 4 to directly qualify for ucl next season but we still have the chance to win europa and qualify for ucl. But we need massive improvements for next season especially defence which needs complete overhaul and new defence because we conceded what 51 goals thats a massive i know man utd conceded 54 goals but to be regularly competing for title and top 4 we need a strong defence so we need atleast one centre back of top quality be it de ligt or koulibaly or manolas or anyone else and if we sell mustafi then sign his replacement as well a young centreback like upamecano from liepzig he is rock solid and has a high potential and with koscielny nearing his retirement we will need a centreback so signing upamecano will make him ready for seasons to come… need a rock solid left back like robertson who is an engine so need to sign a leftback of high stamina, work rate, leadership like tierny or alaba or porto’s leftback or benfica’s left back or ajax’s leftback all are excellent defenders plus a right back of similar engine, workrate and who can actually track back like wan bissaka, ricardo perreira etc.. Need a box to box midfielder like doccoure, n’dombele etc and a winger like zaha or even hakim ziyach who has skills plus good stamina and lastly if we are to sell both ospina and martinez and nick in 7-8 million then we can sign a decent keeper from that price, And as welbeck is leaving we will need to have a third striker who should be totally different from laca and auba he should be a tall heigh aka giroud to compensate both auba and laca when we are needing goals from headers can be deployed as target men type. so sign this type of striker for small fee of 10-15 millions etc someone like mitovic from relegated fulham


      1. as third striker not a starter beacuse we need a striker as welbeck is leaving so a target man type striker is required you can sign anyone else not mitovic there are other strikers out there who play as target man that are available cheap can be brought in

        1. So you want a relegated third striker then. Why bother having a third one at all if he is relegation material? Odd reasoning you show! Old fashioned target CF’s are dinosaurs these days. Giroud was the last one ANYWHERE who was half decent.Only HALF decent though but still miles better than clumsy, non scoring, relegated, Mitrovitch. No ambition at all by you. Why not bring back John Radford from the 60’s and 70’s by your reckoning!

          1. jon, I would take a player as good, tough and committed as John Radford in a heartbeat at Arsenal. And George Armstrong on the wing as well!

            1. ozzie, So true! The tragedy is that many of todays kid Gooners have never even heard of them and have zero knowledge of the days when ALL players gave 100% regularly. Snowflakes are everywhere in todays generation and Prem teams are full of them, not just ours. BUT notably NOT in City nor Liverpool , as THEIR managers will not abide them.

    2. Good but reckon, Smith Rowe is coming back as well as Reiss Nelson and Chambers plus we have Wilock and Baka, so don’t expect too much in the transfer window. We all know our Arsenal Nketiah will be given more chances next season. My hopes are not high this summer.

      1. I have real confidence in Saka as well, and look forward to Sam Greenwood coming on further next season; still young, but class.

  14. Great result today. Was vying for Auba to get the hatrick to be the sole golden boot holder.

    unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I feel our league standing is a fair reflection of where we are in terms of the squad and if people where truthful they would say 5th is where they thought we would be or better.

    We could have had 4th it was in our hands, there are margins everywhere, yes if Auba scores against Spurs we would have been above them, if Ozil performed more we would have more goals, if Iwob had an end product we would have won more games.

    If Mustafi and Xhaka didn’t give a way so many penalties or mistakes we would have won more games and played more open.

    It is a shame but today I am happy, had a good result and Auba rightfully shares the award with Salah and Mane.

    There are plenty of things to work on for next season and believe you and me I bet Emery is already thinking on how to improve. (Well hope he is)

    Glad to have the likes of Auba in the team COYG!

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