Burnley v Arsenal review ‘ Gunners happy with narrow win!

Arsene Wenger had clearly got across his message to the Arsenal players that Burnley would be no pushovers and could cause an upset if we were not on our game. So the Gunners started with energy and determination and it is just as well we did, because the home side were well up for it.

However, I did think that Arsenal would take control of the game once Aaron Ramsey had popped up in the box with his goal poachers instinct to smash us into lead after 12 minutes. The likes of Ozil, Cazorla and Alexis were doing very well to control the ball and cause problems but Burnley heads did not drop.

So as the first half wore on it was the home side that were creating just as much as Arsenal and they could feel that they deserved a bit more than to be losing the game. As for us, we had managed to cope with the pressure and showed that their are plenty of cool heads and confident ones in the team right now.

There was not too much to say about the second half other than there were no goals in it, which meant that Arsenal managed to make it eight in a row and keep up the pressure on the teams around us. Fair play to Burnley as they made it really hard although we were not at our best either, but it is results that we need and Arsenal got another.

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    1. we were Jaded…….. In the end, Thank God 4 the 3pts…….. Did we really think wining at burnley would be a walk in the park?

      1. We showed real mettle to get that win.
        Not many have done the same at burnley…well done lads.
        Special mention to le coq…as usual lol
        Francis the champ

      2. A lot of misplaced passes lead to their attacks. That being said, it was a resilient performance that the Arsenal of before would have struggled to get. If you offered me a 1-0 win beforehand, I would have taken it no question asked. Let’s take it to Chelsea with hopefully a 4 point gap between us and put some real pressure on them.

        1. @Wazzimbo
          They played “Chelsea style” on us by disrupting our rhythm with little fouls here and there…
          We fell for it too…

      3. What’s up with Koshy he can’t pass a ball to save his life at least BFG finds players. He may defend well but his passing is woefull. CB

    1. Also, lets hope for a Manchester derby draw and QPR takes away points from Chelsea tomorrow

    1. does the man ever have a bad performance, lol. How did we ever get anywhere without a CDM before?

  1. I wonder what walcot did to wenger for him to keep him on the bench for so long, he is a season20goal scorer for christ sake

    1. he is done at AFC, why change a side that wins 8 straight, Walcott has the tendency to demand alot during negotiations, Wenger does not need him now and thus took the upper hand in negotiations by bursting his bubble,

    2. That’s right he’s a legend in his own mind …. A wins a win and will take it at this point whatever way it comes but this remains a first team short of 2 world class players We are in need of a kondogbia type midfielder and a world class attacker …. We need two 20 EPL goals a season player to compete on two fronts nect year …. Oh and mertesakher has to go its borderline comical at times

    3. Wenger is doing the same as he did last time Walcott was in contract negotiations, leaving him on the bench. The difference this time is he’s doing it from a position of strength this time.

      Personally I want Walcott to just sign a new deal and get on with asserting his position on the field again. I hate the thought of him playing against us next season and hurting us, which he is well capable of doing.

      As an attacking option, I’d rather see Walcott on the field than Welbeck, although Welbeck offers more defensively.

      1. True but we haven’t been behind in the second half lately. If we have a lead Wenger is always going to favor bringing on Welbeck instead of Walcott because Welbeck defends well and Theo doesn’t defend at all. We’ll see Walcott as soon as we are in a game where we need a second half goal.

    4. His overall contribution to the team isn’t good enough. Wenger has finally realized this half way through the season. Everyone that plays on the right side defends more than Walcott ever does.

  2. I’m satisfied. Expected a tough game and we went to win it as I thought we would. We never looked like conceding (which is great), 70% possession, kept a clean sheet and 4 points behind Chelsea.

    Oh, and Chelski playing relegation threatened QPR away and Manchester clubs playing each other tomorrow.. oh and Tiny Tots lost, haaah! Happy days!

    MOTM Coquelin!

  3. What if chelsea dont drop points and they win the league and we only finish second 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. really? what if we finish above sagna who left for a trophy, finish 2nd, have beaten Pool, City, United, and lift the FA Cup two years in a row?

  4. I pray burnley gets relegated cos I wouldn’t want to meet this kind of opposition again next season, great win for us I hope charlie austin hammers chelshit 2moro

  5. GOYG We are only 4 points behind Chelsea, OK they have two games in hand but who knows what pressure can do.

  6. The Coq.. What a boss..

    Bellerin got turned twice but I thought he was so confident all game..

    Good end of the season kind of game all around..

  7. we were Jaded…….. In the end, Thank God 4 the 3pts…….. Did we really think wining at burnley would be a walk in the park?

  8. Coquelin MOTM again in my opinion, wow this fella is decent. Pains me to say it but it doesn’t look like there’s much chance of Jenkinson getting a look in, Bellerin has been class.

  9. Another 3 points. May have been an ugly win, but we’ve lost these type of games before.
    As AW said, we can only concentrate on winning our games. And if Chelski or the Mancunians drop points……
    Now on to the semi-final
    1-0 to the Arsenal

    1. ehhhhhhh…..we won the game. We were also in control of the game. If we werent in control then i will understand ur rant. He got it spot on. Normally teams frustrate us but in this game we frustrated them then made subs in 80th min to further frustrate their tired legs. On anoda note, if he brought in subs eg walcott and rosicky and we go gung ho to try n score anoda goal and we concede…..u will be the first to come here and say WENGeR OuT.

          1. not admitting mistakes is the reason why we keep failing season after season!

            this game could easily have ended up 1-1 as we had no control over the game

            1. No control? Are you serious? And even if we we had “no control” we bring on Walcott to re-establish control? Funny that.

  10. i hated to see sagna go, did not want to loose that speed on the right, but bellerin is all the speed of sagna with quality crosses and a much better hair cut, hats off to wenger for Coq, Hector, Nacho, Carzola, Ozil, Alexi, these more recent buys & bringing back Coq were brilliant,

    1. hats off to wenger for coq!
      i’m sorry but bringing coq back was a desperate move by wenger (which has turned our season around)
      and if wenger was that great he should never have let him go in the 1st place

      1. Well Wenger had the balls to bring him back. Players mature at different times. Some players mature at 29. A manager like Mourinho would have just gone to the transfer market and baought a new player just to bench him. Wenger atleast looked for a solution from our very own home.
        COQ is first choice DM even for next season. I just want some Coq on the pitch. lol

      2. It is the greatness of wenger that even has a player like Coq at Arsenal in the first place. And im very sure when he was recalled u were one of the ones saying wenger out…lol. Now he is a success and u want to criticise wenger….no way mate. The manager giving u the opportunity is one thing, the player making the most of it is anoda. so credit to wenger for giving him the opportunity (Not wasting 30mil in transf market due to injuries of Flamini and arteta) and credit to coq for taking his opportunity really well.

  11. After the liverpool game it felt like sanchez turned a corner and atleast tried to pass the ball but today he was back to square one.
    Every single thing he did seemed wrong. He plays like a program, predictable. I honestly have no idea why he is rated so highly! Maybe because he seems to work hard defensively which the english media loves because thats all most of the english players are capable of (*Cough* Rooney)
    and please don’t play ramsey on the wing, he is barely good at CM, he is atrocious on the wings

    1. I think you need to cut some slack for sanchez. This is his first season at the EMIRATES and he will take some time to adjust with the arsenal style of play. Also he has performed for arsenal on number of occasion. And I certainly believe that arsenal has yet to see the best from Sanchez. Ozil also had number of bad games but now he is back with a bang, we just need to have faith and belief in our players rather than loosing our patience and criticising them.
      As far as ramsey Is concerned i think he is playing just fine and is being overshadowed by likes of ozil sanchez and the form giroud is on

  12. Henry called Coquelin…Detective, Colombo, Police Officer….For him he was the MOTM and even for me.

  13. Apple just announced a new iPhone 6L, has a longer screen so Spurs fans can find their team on the table.

  14. Phew!!! What a game!! the win was the main thing tho.. Who else tot they tried using the bellerins wing to cause problems. bellerin never won a single headed duel. we made it. that’s what matters.. let’s bang the Reading’s and Chelshits next

  15. Well played gunners congratulations to all of arsenal fans.. We have won an ugly contest tonight but i will gladly take it this is how a champion team win these kind of games now tomorrow i would love to see qpr beat chelsea to close the gap to only 5 pts and then a man utd draw with man city.. I can see a closely fought title challenge between us and chelsea from now till end of the season..

    1. I honestly believe tomorrow’s Chelshit game @ QPR is the fixture that will decide the Premier League crown. If by chance, the fighting Austins can draw tomorrow, followed by successive defeats to Man U and Arsenal, Chelsea would find themselves a point behind Arsenal with a game hand with three games to. You just never know fellas. Go Gunners!!!!

      I think my math is correct. Lol

      1. EFFING spell check,

        Chelsea would be a point behind Arsenal with a game in hand and three fixtures to play.

        1. Doubt it’s season defining, still too much to play for, but I agree it’s got the potential to be one of those games….Remy returns to QPR, Chelsea without Costa, Austin is in great form, QPR fighting for survival, Chelsea maybe feeling a bit of pressure bearing in mind Utd and AFC are up next…you never know.

  16. I’d still say it’s highly unlikely at this point we probably need to win all our remaining games which will be tough but they all look winnable Man U away and Chelsea at home the toughest. But looking at Chelsea’s fixtures Man U, us, Liverpool an inform crystal palace hopefully QPR can take some points off them tomorrow still possible.

  17. good game……metersacker is a worry to me, too many back passes and most too slow and too short, inevitably giving less room for ooooooospina to clear well and earning us lost possessions! santi seriously needs rest, played well regardless, bellerin is So comfy in the ball that kid is amazing…… What more can u say about our coq…… immense!

    1. Some of you guys really need to give it a break on Mertesacker. Yes he got skinned once by Volkes early on and you all jump on his case with the normal apocalyptic hyperbolic stuff. But Hector and Kos get a free pass based on what? I wouldn’t dream of getting on their case for a couple of errors but they were far from perfect as some on here would have you believe. Hector is a great prospect but today was not his best day imo. Did I not see young Hector get done too easily 2 or 3 times? Really weak, perhaps not unexpectedly with aerial balls on a couple of occasions, more tentative than normal going forward. And did my eyes deceive me with Kos passing the ball in to touch on a couple of occasions and straight back to the feet of a Burnley player on others, as well as skying a clearance that led to general panic. Nacho was the stand-out defender but Per did fine for most of the game; 12 effective clearances to Kos’s 10, 10 duel winners to Kos’s 8, 9 aerial duels to Kos’s 5 – and we have clowns saying how Kos was once again “covering” for his friend. Really? And Merts was the only one barking out orders because Kos is incapable of asserting himself. The defence as a unit were good as Wenger said and “won us” the game because we weren’t great going forward.

  18. Hopefully qpr takes all the three points off them tomorrow or are they gonna park the bus? For qpr?

  19. we want a striker to compete w OG , give us somethign different this transfer season, like a fox in the box with pace maybe?

    vargas? any suggestions?

  20. Other than score a goal, most of the time Ramsey just pass back and pass back. Can i have a proper winger pls.

  21. A fantastic hard fought win against a tough team on a tough/compact pitch.
    These sort of ground out results are just as galvanising as several clear goal wins.

    A Manchester derby draw and a QPR win and my weekends made.
    If someone wins the Manchester game lets hope it’s by a small margin 🙂

  22. @kolli1.
    I think Wenger sees we have a Right winger in Bellerin and that he effectively overlaps with Ramsey.
    Bellerins pace on attack is fierce and he has more free reign now Coquelins there to cover.

  23. BBC Sport`s pie chart had Arsenal 69% s as opposed to Burnley 31%, they must have been watching a different game to me, but then again I only saw the first half as somehow I knew Ramsey`s goal was all I was going to see. With the exception of Mert. (lord forgive me) we gave the ball back to the opposition at every opportunity. My man of the match was Ospina who made the win possible, without him we would have been travelling down the M4 in silence. (It is the M4 isn`t it, I haven`t been in England for fifty years?)

  24. so happy we won…..eight straight..now that’s a record for this EPL season…tho’ I couldn’t see the match, was busy serving my nation as an election official….. #COYG

  25. Arsenal becomes the first Epl team to win eight matches in a row this season. Burnley is a very tough place to go but thank God we came home with the 3points. Did anyone notice how Olivier was surrounded by three players anytime the ball gets to him? they succeded in stoping him from playing but then that is advantage of having many players who can score goals.

  26. I liked the way we played. I especially like how we held the ball the last 20 minutes of the game giving Burnley no chances whatsoever.

    1. Me too. Consistency across a season with flair at home (Pool) and grit and discipline away (Burnley) is the recipe for league success. Next year we need to start like we did in 2013-14 season (bar the AV defeat) and finish like this season.

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