Burnley win piles on pressure – Can Arsenal cope?

Arsenal fans out there may have thought this season could not get any worse, with the massive size of the gap between our club and the Premier League leaders showing just how far away from another EPL title the Gunners have become, while our chances of getting back into those key top four spots has also been out of the question for some time.

However, it now looks like the once mighty Arsenal might do the unthinkable this season and fail to qualify for Europe at all. I am not just talking about the possibility of the side finishing sixth in the Premier League missing out because of the FA cup winner’s place either, but the almost unthinkable situation of us finishing lower than sixth.

Unless the Gunners perform and take all three points from our clash with Stoke City tomorrow that will be a distinct possibility after Burnley notched up their third win in a row by winning away at West Brom today. They are now just two points behind Arsenal and they have no Europa League to distract them. You can just imagine how much Sean Dyche and the Clarets’ players will be trying to achieve this.

On the other hand there will be more pressure than ever on our own players and on Arsene Wenger to avoid this further embarrassment. The question now is how Arsenal will cope with this pressure. What do you think Gooners?



  1. Sue says:

    We do usually finish the season strongly…. although we don’t always handle pressure very well. Come on Arsenal, let’s do Stoke!! COYG

  2. Gelz says:

    Its a sad affair that we are now fighting it out with Burnley for 6th, let’s do ourselves a favour tomorrow by help sending them Orcs back to the abyss they once came, well the championship anyway

  3. Waal2waal says:

    …stoke love to hate on us and its time we give ’em another reason to – arsenal win 2 -nil #COYG

  4. gotanidea says:

    I predict Arsenal would still finish at the 6th position, because Burnley don’t have players and manager as what Arsenal have

    We all can mock Wenger, but he still has more than two decades experience in Premier League and full authority at Arsenal

    1. RSH says:

      they are only two points behind us right now so they are far closer to our level than Liverpool/Spurs/City/United. Wouldn’t look down on their players or managers when we are hardly much better.

  5. sanmi.marvellous says:

    So, all of a sudden Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, City, and (grudgingly but truth) Superb Spurs are not our rival again.
    Burnley our new rival on log table ?

    Pls Good Lord have mercy on all gunners by let Rapture come now (if rapture is true at all) before Tottenham begin to mock and refer us to Burnley as our peers.
    Pls God I can take it at all. I have not watched our game in 2018. And I won’t watch anytime soon EXCEPT we reach Europa League Final.

    Sorry if u think I am not a good fan

  6. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Arsene on the blackboard x 1000 times:

    We must finish above Burnley

  7. Phil says:

    If Wenger allows Burnley to finish above Arsenal it will go down as the single biggest mis-management of this club in our history bar none.Burnley are a small town club with limited expectations but it shows what Good Management with Tatical Nous can do.Not a single Burnley player would get anywhere near our SQUAD let alone team and yet we are looking over our shoulder as they continue to over perform.And exactly WHO is the so called novice manager?

    1. Admin says:


      1. Guneal says:

        Here’s the arsene monkey

    2. RSH says:

      Haha. Burnley are tied 4th best defensive record in the league. Only City/United/Spurs above them. I’d take their entire backline and Heaton over what we have. Just because they aren’t big named and overrated doesn’t mean they aren’t better. Or maybe manager just knows how to get the best out of them. Either way, their players have put in some great performances this season compared to the utter waste littered in our squad.

  8. bran911 says:

    Yes Burnley will overtake us, we don’t even compete with Spurs for places now, it’s the mighty Burnley. And their win keeps us worried, how far down have we fallen?

  9. Steve Ambler says:

    Arsenal fans please remember that you have had very close games with Burnley recently. There has not been much between our respective performances. You have also been very lucky as well.

    Yes I’m a Clarets fan and it’s clear that you find it very difficult to accept that you are.not as good as you ought to be. The table never lies.
    Don’t get too despondent! A win tomorrow and you are still five points ahead! Be positive, maybe your negativity is a reason for your teams under performance. And, our consistent positivity the reason for our relative success. We didn’t worry when we went 11 games without a win because the team played well in defeat. If your team loses support them more not less ! Support means support, not hypo-criticism and consistent whingeing.

    The Clarets will want to consolidate their 7th place; we have to play Leicester in a couple of weeks that should be our focus.

    Sermon over! Good luck against Stoke

    1. Steve Ambler says:

      You Arsenal fans can stop flapping you have just maintained your 5 point cushion!

      Mind you don’t forget we are coming for you on 5th May.

      Good luck in the Europa Cup.

  10. Sam-afc says:

    jesus…. that headline proves what a bad season this has been

  11. S says:

    Also, don’t forget that Arsene never had an English manager finish above him in the league. If Burnley finish 6th, Sean Dyche will be the first to do it. NB Kevin Keegan didn’t see out the 96-97 Newcastle season

  12. Innit says:

    Once we were rivals with United, Chelsea, Spurs, City, Liverpool

    We are now rivals with Burnley, Leicester City and Everton

    We are actually closer to 7th place (Burnley) than we are to 5th place (Chelsea) on the table

  13. vale says:

    we are going to beat stoke all systems out,auba and laca wll score

  14. Nothing changed says:

    I am somewhat jealous of fans who care what place we finish. For me, I barely care. I would prefer no Europa league next season. So as far as I am concerned get into the CL this season by winning the Europa league or finish outside the European football places. A season with no distractions of European football might do us good whether we have a new manager (look at what Conte did with Chelsea when do had no earopean football) or whether we will still have to suffer through an other season with Wenger.

  15. Me says:

    If ever you wanted any evidence of how far Arsenal have fallen under Wenger its the fact that we are fighting for sixth place with Burnley.
    And that is not being disrespectful to Burnley.
    My worry is that we are being linked with various players which makes me think he will still be at the club next year.
    If he stays we will finish mid table by placement instead of mid table by points as in this season.

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