“But you must not do the same thing twice” Wenger rejects Arsenal return

Arsene Wenger has rejected a return to Arsenal, again

The Frenchman was the manager of the Gunners for 22 years before leaving them in 2018.

He is arguably the club’s most successful manager, with the Gunners winning several Cups and Premier League titles under his watch.

They have had two permanent managers since he was fired, yet they have still not made a return to the top four, winning just an FA Cup.

There have been calls for him to return to the club by some fans and former players, but Wenger has maintained that he will not return.

In a recent interview, he said that he remains a fan of the club and still loves them. 

He also hopes that they get back from their current poor form, but he ruled out a return because “you must not do the same thing twice.”

Wenger told BFM Business: “I remain an Arsenal fan. They are the club that I love, and I worked there for 22 years.

“I hope their current sufferings are just temporary. I will continue supporting them in any event.

“They have been one of the loves of my life.

“But you must not do the same thing twice.”

Arsenal hasn’t stood strongly after Wenger left, but the club is in good hands under Mikel Arteta.

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  1. Wenger has moved (rightfully so) and Arsenal fans need to move on too. We don’t need to look back and allow old sentiments to pull us back. We need to move forward with MA or with someone else if MA fails. We all respect and appreciate what he did for the club, but the club is bigger than one person.

  2. Where is the evidence that he was first asked to return? You cannot reject a move to someone who has not asked you back. That seems obvious but seemingly not to Ime.

  3. “But you must not do the same thing twice.” Right…so why did you keep doing the same things for God knows how many years, when they clearly were not working?

    1. Ya keeping us in the top 4 was really bad was it considering what other teams were spending show some respect to our greatest ever manager

      1. I don’t think 14 years straight of not even competing for the league, at a club like Arsenal, was acceptable. Or the 9 years straight of winning nothing. Or the constant batterings against top teams, and then even lesser sides.

        I still find it amazing how Wenger hoodwinked fans into thinking it was fine not being competitive anymore, and to NEVER learn from ones mistakes.

    1. Actually he was asked to resign and told that if he refused that he would be sacked So, technically, he resigned. In reality he was sacked.

        1. Proof can be found from the horses mouth. Wenger himself said, he didn’t want to leave.

          Jon is spot on. The board didn’t want a messy end to Wenger’s reign, because of his legendary status, but clearly, he needed to go.

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