Buying Wilfried Zaha could ruin Arsenal’s season

Wilfried Zaha is a very good player for Crystal Palace and he may well be a brilliant signing for Arsenal but it could also ruin their season.

If Arsenal offers £80 Million then there is a good chance that Crystal Palace will fold and allow the 26-year-old to depart Selhurst Park but what would the true cost to Arsenal be?

Unless all the reports about Arsenal transfer budget are wrong and that would include the BBC’s David Ornstein who most of us regard very highly when it comes to Arsenal news, then it means that we have almost no option but to sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

It is unlikely that Auba will raise much more than £60 Million so in effect we lose £20 Million of the transfer budget and a Golden Boot winner and get Zaha in return.

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That leaves just £25 Million for a central defender and box to box midfielder, two areas far more crucial than the winger role that Zaha would occupy and don’t forget Arsenal already need to replace Danny Welbeck nevermind Aubameyang up front.

There would be more sales of course, but who? Lucas Torreira? Granit Xhaka? there are not that many more that could really top up the remaining transfer budget sufficiently enough to bring in the players we need to strengthen the weak areas.

And all that is on the assumption that Palace accepts £80 Million, they may hold out for the entire £100 Million.

What if Zaha does no better for Arsenal than he did for Man Utd? Remember it is a whole different ball game being a standout player for a lesser team like Crystal Palace than being a standout player for a top-six team.

What if he gets injured?

The risks are huge and it is not as if the frontline is in need of much surgery, it was the defence and midfield that were the areas where we were the weakest last season and not just last season but the last two seasons.

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Buying Zaha could be transformative but it could also wreck the entire season and you have to ask yourselves, is he really worth the risk?


Updated: July 2, 2019 — 8:12 am


  1. Omg!! He may have flopped at United (just like a certain Sanchez has!!) doesn’t mean he will with us!
    There are what ifs with any player… anyone can get injured!!
    I can’t see us selling Auba to buy Zaha..
    Our budget can’t be 45m then, if we’re willing to blow nearly all of it on 1 player! I’ll be amazed (& happy) if we get him, but can’t see it happening if I’m honest… like Brainbox said earlier, maybe it’s just a ploy to make it look like we’re actually trying in the market! As we know it would probably be paid on installments over the next 50 years & no way will Palace agree to that!!

    1. And that’s a better picture, Admin.. even if it was just after Mustafi let him score ?

      1. Hi sue, am back from maternity. Am sorry the babies didn’t make it. We have had out times and we are moving on. I hope you haven’t missed me a lot. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

        1. That’s sad, my condolences

          1. How can we bid 25m for Tierney, 40m for zaha already if we have only 45m?knowing Emery’s priorities are elsewhere,doesn’t add up to me, we have more for sure!

          2. Pat, so sorry to hear the news,can’t add more than that, except to hope you are well health wise.

            It’s really good to have you back on the site with your wisdom and determination to say what you believe and not be shouted down…that’s why you have been missed.

        2. Fair prince of Lagos

          sorry bout the babies pat. keep keeping on

        3. Oh Pat… I’m so sorry to hear that.. ??? I’ve missed you a lot!!
          Sending my condolences (& love) to you & Pat.. that’s really shocked me & I’m kind of speechless…. ??

          1. Baby I miss you so much, I wanted to tell you straight away but my other lover thought I love you too much, ??. But you know I need to keep him on my side. I holding up great Sue. Thanks a bunch.

        4. So sorry to hear this pat. Pls accept my heart felt sympathy. All is well with you and family…

        5. Our thoughts are with you Pat from everyone at JustArsenal

          1. Pat, please accept my and my family’s heartfelt sympathy on you and your family’s tragic loss. This is one of the worst things that can be suffered by any family and puts concerns about football into the trivia it is.

        6. I’m very sorry to hear that. I hope you can recover well Pat.

        7. Compared to Beans you're wack

          Sorry to hear that Pat.

        8. Condolences to you Pat, my heart goes out to you. ?

        9. So sorry to hear your news, condolences to you and your partner.

        10. Dear Lord! It’s so sad to know that, we were all looking forward to pictures of you with em, but I’m sure you’ll get more lovelies and your happiness will never cease.
          I hope you and Pat stay strong, The Justarsenal family, we’re all with you.

          1. Some lovely comments… Pat we’re all here for you ❤❤❤

          2. Sue, Eddie, Gogo, Declan, Admin, Le Cog monster, ozzigunner, Fair prince of Lagos, Nifty, and everyone I have failed to mention, Pat and I are very very grateful. I thought to not come on line for a little while more but then I felt I really need my online family to know. We are stronger and have been very busy (if you know what I mean). I just hope Arsenal has a great season. Much love everyone. ❤️❤️❤️

          3. Stay strong, Pat… I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this ? lots of love & hugs to you both ?

        11. Sorry for the ugly incident

        12. So sorry about the lost
          Do accept my condolences.

    2. That’s all it is. A ploy..plenty of hot air and BS.

  2. It is not a bad idea to buy Zaha. We are a big club. we need skillful players to achieve things. As per the defence, it also needs to be addressed. This 45m pound transfer budget is a hoax in my opinion. Buy the players you need first. And sell the deadwood later. Nabil Fekir, Zaha. We need a quality winger. we relied so much on Our strikers last season. we need another outlet. a skillful player with end products. a potent attack reduces the pressure on the defence. as for the defence, We should add just one central defender to Holding, Chambers, Beilik, Mavropanus and sokratis. 1 winger, 1 Central Defender and 1 left back is Ok. We should also look at adding someone like Thomas Partey to the squad.

  3. When Arsenal were seeking a replacement for Mr .Wenger, of the stipulations were to intergrate the best talent from the accadamy.

    As I do not see the transfer market as a cure-all for every situation, Arsenal’s top youngsters should be given premier league time, that way they will progress aclot quicker.

    By all accounts, Kristian Beilik could fill in as a centre half or defensive midfielder.

    I would not be surprised if they do not get their chance get their chance they will leave. What is the point of having an acadamy? if the best young players are never given a proper run in the team.

    As fo any new player getting injured, that could happen to any player, plus it seems the Arsenal way, to have at least one player on a long term injury.

    1. Once again Bielik has asked to leave the club with one year on his contract left!

  4. we can buy box-to-box midfielder and world-class CBs but we will still struggle. Wingers should be our priority. Nelson is there but you can’t trust only him with an entire season, it too much of a pressure for him. Did you actually watch our games last season to see how narrow we were, especially when Iwobi was not playing. We need people who can offer us width and also take their markers on, else our defense will still be exposed. At Zaha asking price though I would rather prefer Fraser.

  5. If I was the owner of arsenal and needed to rebuild the team and with only limited budget without player sales, I would:
    – Sell Auba (reluctantly) – $60m
    – Sell Xhaka – $35m
    – Total other player sales – $20m

    Buy with player sales and $45m budget = $150m
    – Saliba – $25m
    – Tierney – $25m
    – Ziyech – $30m
    – Fekir – $30m
    – Malcolm $30m
    – Another CB $30m

    1. Need new Box to Box as well

      Bellerin – New CB – Sokratis – Tierney
      Torreira – New B2B
      Ziyech – Fekir – Malcolm

      Already look way better next year with this line up

      1. Lewis Dunk from Brighton and Hove Albion 1.93m CB.

  6. While I don’t think Arsenal should pay silly money for Zaha, 40mill plus Jenks would possibly make him a good buy. There is no doubt he is a talented player and would give us an unbelievable front three. Of course if he would take up our whole transfer budget he would just not offer enough for our complete team needs. We desperately need Tierney and a quality midfielder. Some are talking about Fekir, who is top notch. All this needs money. Perhaps a miracle will happen and Mustafi, Xhaka, Mkhi, Ozil and Elneny will bring us some cash in. I cannot see that happening, so we are stuck with some quite poor players for a couple of years. It’s unlikely we will have enough in our finances to get Zaha, Tierney, a quality midfielder such as Fekir or Maddison and a CB. Unless Satan Kroenke suddenly becomes a philanthropist to his own family…..Arsenal supporters.

  7. just seen rumblings of arsenal reps meeting with another club to discuss a deal for Lacazette,Surely this is a joke,if there is one player we need to keep it is him our best player by miles, I will be really p**d off if this is happening.
    Zaha is not worth the money they want for him.

  8. Ok everyone thanks for your support?. Pat and I are trying to go again and I hope that will be a way up. But am extremely grateful. You guys are family. My love to everyone.

  9. Arsenal are the laughing stock of the Premiership. 40m whata joke.

    1. You got that right. Here’s what Ornstein has reported: ‘Wilfried Zaha: Crystal Palace ‘incensed’ by Arsenal approach for winger’
      Most on here seem to like our new powers that be. I’m not so sure and this has just confirmed it.

      1. Let’s be objective here. £40M is a lot of money even in this inflated transfer market. There is no guarantee even if we offered £50M opening offer they would accept it. Negotiations take time. Probably the 3rd or 4th bid will be around £50M or £60M..unless you truly believe we should pay £100M for Zaha? Why should Palace even be offended by a low offer? It’s just business.

        1. QD, a sensible and rational comment. Zaha is not worth more than £40 million+.
          Arsenal, if they have made an offer, will destabilize Crystal Palace, because Zaha will now probably request a transfer. If not granted, will he sulk and not perform on the field, thus weakening Palace?

  10. Hi Pat, that is very sad news not only for your family but all of us at justarsenalnews. May God be with you.

  11. @Pat
    Very sorry for your loss.

    Now about Zaha, I believe he is exactly the kind of signing that will take us back to the top level where we have always been. Zaha and Ziyech/Fekir/Fraser..Micki/Xhaka out..that would be a dream come true.

    1. Yeah QD!! Let’s get him!!

      1. Yeah Sue! I know for a fact I would much rather he played for than against us…I know Mustafi and Xhaka would very much prefer that too. ?

  12. It is foolish nonsense to propagate and entertain the thought that Zaha will come to Arsenal. A moments proper thought OUGHT to show anyone that this is a fantasy subject not worth further discussion. It will not happen, so move on to the next topic. Happily, it seems there are 79% on our poll who are in the land of the sane. God help the other fantasists on there.

    1. You never know, the £40-45M budget rumours might be false.

  13. Sorry Pat missed your first post,thinking of you all at this sad time.
    God bless.
    Tommo and family.

  14. Sorry to hear what you have been through Pat!

    It puts thing into perspective really.. Football is football and we can all move on after the season ends. Hope you can move on quickly and all the very best for the future Pat! 🙂 ?

  15. @Pat, l am so sorry for your loss, may the Almighty God console and comfort you and your hubby on every side.

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