Call me selfish but I’m not really happy with Arsenal’s players going to the World Cup

Scrooge me is coming out just before the World Cup!!!

Now as Christmas is coming I write this article, and I for sure will be called a scrooge, a spoilsport and many other words I am sure.

But as the World Cup is looming and so far, three of our key players in Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli and Takehiro Tomiyasu have been called up, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

And I tell you for why…

Our team is doing great things right now and barring a few injuries up until now we have managed to rotate and keep players fit and firing, with just one loss apiece in the Premier League and Europa League and one draw so far.

But once the World Cup actually hits, and I am sure we have a few more players called up, including the likes of Granit Xhaka, Aaron Ramsdale and Bukayo Saka to name a few, the worry remains that if any one of them or all of them get injured during the tournament, that potentially could rule them out for the season, and in turn that may affect the team greatly once the season resumes.

I was hoping at least one of Martinelli and Jesus wouldn’t be called up if not both, but I guess their form and persistence is deserving of a place, and if they didn’t get called up some fans would moan that they should have been, just a vicious circle they can’t win really isn’t it.

However, my selfishness wants the least amount of Arsenal players called up, so that they can have a break, rest, relax, refresh and return in December, ready to continue their fine form to take us forward for the rest of the season.

I guess one positive of the World Cup finishing and the season resuming in December, is that we don’t have long to wait for the January transfer window to open.

By the sounds of it we will be a little bit active and this is good to know, especially if we do have some injuries on the boys return.

So, I guess despite me being a bit of a selfish scrooge, we should say good luck to all of our Arsenal boys who will be called up for the World Cup, and here is hoping that whoever is called up, they all come back fit and uninjured.

And maybe just maybe one (or two!) of them may come back a World Cup Champion!!!

Shenel Osman



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  1. For once an article by Shenel that I can easily agree about. I reject her self description of being a “Scrooge”. Scrooge was a miser and Shenel’s and my own view, has nothing to do with being a miser whatsoever .

    To hope that our players are not picked and thus do not get fatigued and possibly injured, is not being a SCROOGE IN THE SLIGHTEST, BUT SIMPLY BEING INTELLIGENT from a real fans realistic point of view.
    Shenel , if you REALLY wish to use a Dickens character, then I suggest you describe yourself as MR. MICAWBER instead, who always hoped “something would turn up”, meaning hoping our players do not get picked.

    1. @jon you must like this writer. You repeated her name 3 times in your comment. And surprisingly there was no criticism either constructive or destructive. You were also the first to comment on the article. You also even defended her against herself for referring to herself as ‘scrooge’. The humility you exhibited in your assessment of her article is overthetop. Good job. But I smell some bias here.

  2. Me too

    Maybe Ramsdale, Saliba, Martinelli and Saka won’t play too much. But I think Tomiyasu/ Xhaka/ Partey/ Jesus will be starters and this will increase their injury risks

  3. With respect Shenel, you have never played football at a high level and any top footballers dream is to play at the world cup. If you are not there it is because your team didn’t quality or you were not picked because you were not good enough. It is the pinnacle of football and every top player deserves the chance to go and play. Good luck to all and lets hope we have a couple of world cup winners in our team. It will make us an even better team. To represent your nation for some is the highest accolade, for the lucky few, it is winning the world cup. The only difference this year is, it is in the middle of a season, so rightly we worry about their welfare but that is the same for all. It is what it is and we should be proud that we have players playing at the biggest event in world football. Remember our best ever team had many world cup winners and many world cup stars.

    1. Spot on,Reggie!!Shenel,Jon and the likes should ask themselves,how is Gabriel Magalhaes feeling right now?and how long is it going to affect for?
      But I guess they are too wrapped up in themselves and what they want that they couldn’t care less.having said that,at least Shenel asked herself if she was being selfish!!

  4. Please cancel their calls Arteta we need them to be together preparing for the upcoming competitive EPL matches . This season we want to hold that EPL trophy 🏆.All called players please pretend to be injured and unwell so that you be told to go back to your respective football club ARSENAL. I’m jealous I don’t want any of our players to get injured.God please help and guide them well.

    1. If they say they are injured, they still have to report to their national HQ for assessment by the teams Doctors. If they refuse to go they can be suspended from playing club football.

  5. I think moving the World Cup to interrupt the season is a disgrace, and it should be held in the Summer not during seasons.

    These players are paid massive wages by their clubs, and the increased risk of missing games from injury is an unnecessary complication as a result of schedule change.

    Is my opinion selfish? Likely so, but the impacts to clubs during a season is a poor decision made by those in charge. No question about the honor of playing for one’s country, but don’t forget who pays their wages and lifestyle.

  6. Let our players go there and represent their countries, they’ll come back with invaluable experience. Having many players there means we’ve got a lot quality in our team.

    For me the only regret is Arsenal not strengthening enough during the summer transfer window when we knew the world would be coming. Even Arteta himself has always admitted we were short in terms of numbers in certain portions

  7. Football fans are selfish but that’s normal, am happy for the players that are selected it’s a personal fulfillment for them and by extension their families and friends.

    I can imagine the happiness it brings after years of commitment and hard work, happy people are normally more productive,
    Hope the experience and the good feelings factor those that have been call up to represent their respective countries are able to take back to the club.

    I Wish our international players well

  8. Shenel Osman,
    you aren’t selfish-scroug motivated in writing your white ups for Arsenal. But understandably inspirational-jealous for your club – Arsenal.
    But us can only hope, wish and pray for those Arsenal’s players who have been called up for the World Cup and the ones who will soon follow suit to be called up will all have a wonderful outings experience at the tournament. And return back to Arsenal fully fit and in-form ready to resume doing their assignments for the club from where they last stopped.
    And hopefully, they will be very successful at completing their assignments for the Club to the very end letter of completing them.

  9. Dear Shenel
    I am more worried about those who stay at home than those who play!!Cause playing ,anywhere it doesn’t matter,is a normal thing for a footballer during Novembre december.But staying at home for a month or playing non- competitive games impacts the competivness of a team…Remember the break because of the pandemic:It messed the whole league

  10. It’s not selfish to think in the short term interest of the club….putting club over country. I share the same view too. Developing and showcasing talent at the world cup will surely pay dividends in the future. Let’s hope the young guns will return fit, inspired and motivated to complete the job at hand.

  11. It’s not selfish. It’s just common sense. United Kingdom is no longer the bastion of freedom. It’s a cease pool of socialites and foreign parasites.

    1. Here we go again. It’s is A WORLD CUP, why make it about a single island on the east of the Athletic?

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