Calm down Arsenal – Even Mourinho thinks we were unlucky!!

Why Arsenal fans should be proud not angry about Chelsea match! by Sam P

I really think that some Arsenal fans have lost their perspective a little bit. Losing faith with Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players because we lost an away game at the strongest team in the Premier League? Really? Look Gooners, I know that a lot of you will disagree with me and call me all kinds of Wenger loving names, but this is my honest opinion.

Arsenal were a million miles better at Chelsea this time than we were last season, which was admittedly a humiliation. So can we not look at this as a big improvement rather than seeing it as just another failure? Because one man who does recognise that the Gunners were a different animal is Jose Mourinho and I think he is more relieved than triumphant about the result. Don’t believe me? Well listen to his comments to Sky Sports after the game.

The way things are between the managers, Mourinho is never going to give us any praise or say that we were unlucky, but his comments about the game say it for him. He said that we started better, had more of the ball, that we were a very good Arsenal and crucially, for me, was that Mourinho identified that the first goal was the turning point.

Let’s be realistic, Arsenal fans, and admit that bit of skill from Eden Hazard was top quality, but we have seen that from the likes of Jack Wilshere and Alexis Sanchez. And if we had scored first it would have been a very different affair, with Welbeck’s pace and our creative ability on the counter attack coming in to play rather than having to batter against the Chelsea bus.

It seems clear to me from Mourinho’s words that he knows that the game could easily have gone the other way and he knows that Arsenal were unlucky. But these tight games are often decided by very fine margins. It did not quite go for us on Sunday but on another day it would have. Can we not just be happy that Arsenal were much better than last season in that sort of clash and that Arsene Wenger did change his tactics and nearly surprised everyone who did not really give us a chance? No it is much easier to call the manager a stubborn fool and label our players not good enough. Nice one Arsenal fans.

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  1. Our players are just so f*cking weak, no toughness about them at all, always injured or getting injured, either they’re just little delicate flowers or Wenger doesn’t train them properly, it’s one of the two.

    1. 2b honest i was impressed for our overall performance bar scoring/creating goals…but the truth was ivanovic’s double boot tackle on Sanchez was a straight red card, oscars fouls were too many to only get a yellow card not to mention fabregas’ hand ball in the penalty area…so as far as am concerned the referee decided this match.

      1. that was that jerk cahill with the double footed tackle at the 19th minute prior to the pk that was a clear red and the cause of wenger scuffling w mo bc he though mo put a bounty on alexis (and judging by the rest of the tackles on him all game, i bet he did). and the pk resulted bc alexis was momentarily caught sleeping, as he could’ve easily stepped in and one touched a pass away from ivanovic off the quick gibbs fk that would’ve avoided the next cause of the pk, which was chambers and cazorla watching rather than standing in front of hazard. kos was just the fall man. i think it was more a case of especially bad defensive play than it was great inspirational attacking play. that said, i won’t completely undermine hazard’s determination and drive to take the ball in the way he did.

    2. Does anyone have a screwdriver I can borrow? I need to…..SCREW this article!!!!.
      Yes, SCREW this article.

      1. Just like when walcott went down people are going to start realising how important he is in our team.

        1. the flank versus cam debate is now closed for 3 months. Feel sorry for him but i don’t see him sticking around beyond this season anyway! Lets give cazorla a decent run in the cam role.

      2. he’s being played out of position! i know he should be able to play on the wings, but we’ve seen that he can’t! but Wenger still plays him there! whose fault is that? Wenger keeps playing him on the damn wings!

    1. I think we struggled even with him in the ranks. Sorry to hear that but I’d rather have a fit Debuchy and Ramsey. if I could trade the injuries that is.

  2. And now that’s Ozil and Giroud and Debuchy long term injuries, absolutely abysmal, no other team in the world I think of has this many injury problems, at least their players train properly and have some strength about them, f*cking pathetic nonces.

    1. I feel srry for him, but the Cm poz is something we can cover with ease. Santi is there and Jack is also not playing bad. Actually he is playing fantastic. Walnut will be back aswell. 4th place trophy wont be a problem this year again.

    2. Are you by any chance assisting to Arsenal trainings? Because you look very confident regarding the manner they do it.
      Personally I am fed up with all these being shoved on Wenger’s throat. Whatever goes wrong is his fault. Debuchy fell bad on his foot.Bang! Wenger at fault. Walcott slid up training to pick the ball, bang! Wenger fu cked it up. Giroud getting the knock bang! Wenger should have left already. Ozil getting a tough treatment at the bridge it is Wenger the villain. Ramsey getting the knock against Andorra bang goes Wenger. Should I go on?

      1. Ok let me rephrase the “problem statement” for you..which manager have u seen who when in charge has seen so many injuries season after season. Now if the manager like wenger controls everything in the club then who do u blame?

        I have been following arsenal for the last 12 years and the injury curse hits us every season- every damn season! someone has to be responsible right? It is Arsene’s fu***ing job to figure it out ! That’s what people are saying! Makes sense?

        1. We are not the only ones being hit by injuries. In the last 12 years (which is a blatant lie btw) we did not had the squad depth so that we go on with the injuries and the problem got exacerbated. Wenger could also just kick out the injured players and buy something else instead (like RvP) yet he kept them. Some of them confirmed after the injury, some didn’t.
          But to make Wenger responsible of team injuries when we see in front of our eyes how that happens is like blaming the beheaded journalists in the Middle East for their death.
          He is there because he’s doing his job, anyone else would have the same problem.
          Wenger is not a medic/physician, what the fu ck is he to figure out?
          No, you don’t make sense at all.

          1. wy do u single out RVP? Yes he and diaby may be the poster boys of injury laden arsenal players- Fabregas almost always was out for a month or 2 when he was here- Rosicky almost for a year or 2 may be? Eduardo? Wilshere ramsey, and the list is on. It is not the length of thhe injuries but how frequently people keep getting injured!

            And why people hold wenger responsible is because he literally owns everything that goes on in the club! how can he go on for a decade and not smell that smthing was wrong with the medical stuff. why does it take 10 years to make a change? No one is saying wenger is a physician but he is the one with him the buck stops!

  3. Relax. Moro thinks Wenger is a specialist in failuare. Hahaha. I am happy ( not rlly ) that Ozil is out. Now some deluded facks amongst us will get the chance to see that some certain players are not at faul for our latest poor games.

  4. Very much upset with the last match result now ozil, sure something is wrong. Look at almost 2/3rd of the 1st team players are injured and at this rate we wont be able to put 11 players in the pitch. and we Need a personal Hospital for our players. When the transfer window comes hope we buy a CB and CDM.

  5. Sad to hear about Ozil, come back stronger and better lad!!!

    Carzola, Wilshere, and TR7 time for you guys to step up and prove your worth now that Ozil’s injury has opened up spot in the starting 11.

    Injuries and Arsenal are tight and united together like a door and a door frame. Sad reality for our club, if this was a competition our trophy cabinet would be so full we would keep some trophies at Wenger’s home.

  6. Nevermind us been better than Chelsea. I don’t agree with that anyway. I can’t remember the last time we beat Man utd. Damn! And Moyes was there last season. Couldn’t even take advantage of that. Really sucks.

  7. With so many first team injuries the result wasn’t really in question. Apart from a few great individual plays from Chel$ki and two defensive mishaps from Koscielny it could have easily been a draw. We stood up to Matic and Cesc well but our transitional game was very poor. I saw more bad passes than interceptions and the ball always seemed to run away from us in final third of the pitch. We didn’t play very well, but that being said we did have spurts where we created legitimate chances. As usual my biggest gripe with this Arsenal side are their finishing and shots on goal. We just don’t pressure the opposing keeper enough, especially with one reflex shots and long distance attempts. If we were more clinical in front of the goal our midfield wouldn’t be feeling all the pressure.
    And now that Ozil will be out for a few months Ox can finally get a consistant start and maybe Campbell can get into the fold. Theo will be back as well and I for one think that he and Giroud are the two most important attacking entities we have. It’s a fact that when Walcott plays we are a much better team.

  8. It’s a pain, We did play better than we did last year, though should we rejoice at Mourinho saying that it was a hard game? It should be a hard game! Arsenal is one of the top teams in the world, any team, even Madrid, Bayern or Barca should find some difficulty in playing us. To compete at the top we have to start winning such games, it’s always the small things that define such games, but we need make sure that those small things go in our favour.

  9. Just read the BBC report regarding Mesut. This was a perfect time to boost up his stats namely assists and goals.

    So easy run of fixtures that surely he would have some nice confidence booster.

    It’s really depressing.

    1. agreed, an with theo coming back mesut could have really built something with him.

      so many injuries- coincidental? i think not watson- the game is afoot!!

  10. Only explanation for ozils injury is that the football gods are punishing wenger for not resigning Cesc.
    Now we have no rambo and no ozil.
    And its ligament damage, you dont get these injuries through poor fitness its just badluck.
    How can ozil, giroud and walcott all do their ligaments in less than a year. Its a joke.
    Theres alot of problems at our club but our consistent bad luck doesn’t help, i mean we had 3 leg breaks (sagna, ramsey and eduardo) in the space of 4 years. Where else does that happen other than arsenal…

    1. Giroud is having a fracture and Ozil a knee joint rupture. Only Walcott had a ligament problem. But I assume it was Wenger at fault again.

      1. Yes all injuries start with players tripping over Mr Wengers wallet in the dressing. Wish he would have his back pocket enlarged to accommodate the fat wallet!

        1. Actually the trigger was the word “ligaments”. I couldn’t care less if you are bashing Wenger as this is pretty common on this site. Flexx.

  11. Stingy Arsenal owners and board members probably don’t even have machines to scan for injury, that is why we see this many injuries. Why couldn’t Arsenal medical team notice Ozil injury before or after the Chelsea game?

      1. I’m not talking that, I’m talking about the medical centre and the machines in there. It’s like they don’t work. If they worked they would show you an abnormal result or pattern in the player fitness or what ever data they are caluclating or scanning for that would show them this. If Ozil said he wasn’t feeling right, they should;ve tested him there and then after the Chelsea game and then go and do whatever test is need wherever to confirm if there is anything more. Atleast with the German national team he gets that.

        1. Game was on Sunday afternoon and Ozil left for Germany the same evening. What the hell are you talking about? How should the staff know if Ozil is not reporting any problem ? If there was ANY problem on Sunday. It is Wednesday and Ozil is with Germany since the beginning of the week. Do you hear yourself talking?

          1. It doesn’t matter if the Problem occurred Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday My first comment is a generalization of all injuries. I;m talking about the machines in my first comment and wether they are not able to detect fall in fitness level and all the other things they monitor. It could be something from earlier on gone unnoticed, that is why I’m relating the machines and Ozil in my first comment.

            1. Your first comment is about how we should buy a MRI machine to be installed in the dressing room. Why not a metal detector? That one does not need specialized staff. Stop talking rubbish.

  12. Back to this article.

    I would’ve been happy if we had shots on goal. It’s been a common problem against Chelsea and Manu, where we don’t get shots on target in those games. Atleast against City and Liverpool we get goals. But against the former two, its always been about lack of scoring goals against them.

    Chelsea will come to the Emirates later on in the season and play exactly like how they ended the game at the weekend. Wait for Arsenal to slowly push up and then score a goal like they did with their 2nd goal of that game on the counter attack. they couldn’t do coutner attack in the first 30 minutes of the game against Arsenal, we kept a good shape and midfielders defended well. It was only after we conceded they had one chance on counter. Then in the second half from 65minutes our defence pushed up, that was when they did counter attacks. If we still kept discipline and same defensive line we could’ve still been in that game in the 90minute mark into stoppage time, because they wouldn’t have scored a second goal.

  13. Özil injured. Massive loss. But let’s not pretend Cazorla isn’t a fantastic CAM too. We can manage without Özil.

    But we shouldn’t have to ‘manage without’ players. When’s the last time Arsenal played their best starting eleven, where every player on the pitch is first choice without injuries? Around last November? Strange that. Coincidentally, we were 7 points clear at the top of the league last November.

    When’s the last time Man City played their best starting 11, with no injuries? Last weekend… And Chelsea? Last weekend…

    We cannot progress much further as a club until our injury problems are addressed. Yes, ligament injuries are largely bad luck, however there are ways to train so that ligaments can be strengthened, or maybe weakened – perhaps we are training wrong. Or perhaps having Debuchy, Arteta, Giroud, Walcott and now Özil all out with ligament injuries is just coincidence and bad luck. Not to mention Diaby just coming back from a ligament injury also…

    I’m no sport scientist, but we must be doing something wrong. Surely it can’t be all bad luck.

    1. you’re right, but that’s the thing though – we thought we addressed this issue with the new medical staff! So why are our players still getting injured? We won’t progress with all these injuries like you said. By the end of the month we will prob hear about another new injury.

  14. So to all those moaning we have no depth, here’s our possible line-up with 5-6 starters out. Szczesney, Gibbs, Chambers, PER, Kos, Flamini, Wilshire, Carloza, Sanchez, Ox and Welbeck. Reserves — Ospina, Monreal, Coquelin, Podolski, Campbell and TR7. Not bad for a team with no depth but clearly we are very, very fortunate that the injuries haven’t happened yet to our CBs.

  15. Really sorry to hear about the Ozil injury, he probably would have enjoyed a run of good form in these less pressured games coming up. I hope he does some strength training while on the recovery path, we should e well lace in all competitions by time he is back to give his outstanding contributions.
    Imagine we have two outstanding midfielders out but we are still well equipped in that position, pity that can not be said for DM and CB

    WTF is going on.
    The only posisitve is that Man u have no defenders (another injury), how come Chelski never get injuries.
    This club is becoming a joke, plahuged with long term injuries that cost us every FACKING season.
    I’m beyond pi$$ed off.
    Maureen can jog on as well fat C8nt, who gives a f’ what he thinks.

    1. Because Chelski does not have to attack in order to win. The moment they have to do it Costa gets a hamstring injury.

  17. And whats with sll the ads, it takes me half an hour to close them down, if i can.I
    t’s hard enough being a Gooner without all these shite ads.

    Not having a good day

  18. Our injury situation is beyond a fookin joke now, wtf id going on? 7 games in and its not liked we’ve just battled stoke! #someones always injured at the Emirates.


    Personally I choose to believe the German Football Association.
    Arsenal incompetence regarding players fitness and health is now legendary.
    Apparently Ozil even played injured against Chelsea.
    The German FA are now making inquiries on their own in order to ask Arsenal for compensations…!!

    So Ozil out… Here is Wilshere as our main number 10 (Welcome back to earth…!!)
    The season could have not been more f*cked up.


    The lack of transparency and professionalism at Arsenal is just flagrant and pathetic to experience.

    Koscielny is now undergoing “private” sessions with the physio of the French Federation in order to minimise the impact of his injury…!!

  20. We need to change the bloody grass on the training ground or something before our new signings become cursed! !

  21. I don’t call that being unlucky.
    Over years and years, seasons after seasons, we cannot call that “bad luck”, but systematic and compulsory incompetence.
    This club is run like a back of the office business when it comes to football/sports matters.

  22. Every signings we had for the last 5 years (not many, I know), none of them has shined… As a matter of fact, most of them are getting or becoming worse players as soon as they hit the Arsenal training ground under the watchful eyes of one of the most overrated manager in world football…!!!

  23. Wilshere has that “local boy” thing going for him (since Arsenal has not really been producing anything exceptional as players) and Wenger obviously rely on him a lot since he is one of his “findings” (youth disastrous policy)…

    Another manager would not give a thought about playing Wilshere or making him first team… it would not just happen… Under Wenger so many overvalued and less than average players have grasses and worn the Arsenal shirt… It is disturbing!

  24. “Arsenal were a million miles better at Chelsea this time than we were last season, which was admittedly a humiliation. So can we not look at this as a big improvement rather than seeing it as just another failure”
    So let me get this clear, we no longer assess ourselves on results, but on performances?

    Arsenal lost because there was a distinct lack of tactics. The worst player on the pitch was still there after 3 substitutions, what the hell was that all about? Where was the ambition to get goals? Was there simply a fear of conceding too more – did the ‘white flag’ get hoisted?

  25. Dunno what Wilshere you looking at bud? I see a skilful lad who plays a direct game at pace. Always tripping over defenders because they HAVE to trip him or he will get past them. He had a good passing game too.

  26. i was thinking that shad forsythe was bought there to prevent this kind of injuries… its worst than ever… and wenger thank you for everything but zou must go… we need someone younger who have ideas…. between him and mourinho there is no competition mourinho is miles better coach than mr.wenger, how can you call it competition when mourinho always whoop his ass….

  27. No, I think ozil is cursed. Perfect chance to build up a partnership with Theo racing Walcott. poor dear ozil.

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