Calm Down Arsenal fans! Don’t pressure Welbeck!

When most Arsenal fans were glued to the internet for most of the transfer deadline day, the signing of Danny Welbeck from Man United was greeted by many as a serious letdown. We wanted Radamel Falcao or Cavani if we couldn’t get Leo Messi and the 23-year old England striker was not floating many boats.

To be fair to us Arsenal fans, that was a knee jerk reaction and we soon started to warm to Welbeck and look more closely into his attributes and what he could add to the Arsenal squad. And we started to get optimistic and see that this could turn out to be a really good piece of transfer business for us, especially when we heard all the plastic Mancs moaning about it.

But the turnaround became a wheel screeching, rubber burning U-turn after Welbeck produced an excellent two goal performance for England and I just want to introduce a voice of calm and play devil’s advocate here. Just as we shouldn’t judge Welbeck on his goal tally for United, we should not expect him to Thierry Henry all of a sudden.

How about having some patience and giving Arsene Wenger some time to integrate the new forward into the Gunners team, in a position that he may favour but that he has not got too much experience in. Of course I would love him to blow Man City away with a hat-trick as much as anyone, but I am not expecting him to. I get the feeling that some Arsenal fans are building the lad up for a fall and that will not help him.

It will be his Arsenal debut after all, against the current Premier League champions, so why don’t we lower our expectations and take anything more as a bonus?

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Pressure and competition makes a player play better

    1. WembleyMay71 says:

      Sheik Hafiz,

      Truer words have never been spoken (written). However, in this instance, the words will only be true if we thought that professional football players are affected by bunch of guy sitting in front of a screen and typing phrase in bad English.

      I don’t think any of us has the capability to add an ounce of pressure on any professional player.

      But, you’re right about pressure and competition – just not from the fans in their homes.

      1. mcween says:

        He is a step up from Giroud.

        1. fed-up gunner says:

          He could be…. Not already

      2. Incarnate says:

        He is the best thing since TH14and sliced bread, simples. I have no doubts about that, forget the pressure, I don’t think he is that timid, he looks a mentally tough lad to me, he and Sanogo but he seems a bit more level headed. When the big managers throw players in on the deep end, it is usually a testament to ur mental strenght…Szcezny made his debut against Man U with Almunia fit for selection, Sanogo got those big games against Liverpool and Bayern at the expense of an uninjured Giroud, Welbeck against Madrid at the expense of a fit Rooney, they see these guys in training, we don’t. I suspect Wenger is not saying much because he know he’s struck gold.

    2. WembleyMay71 says:

      Sheik Hafiz,

      Truer words have never been spoken (written). However, in this instance, the words will only be true if we thought that professional football players are affected by bunch of guys sitting in front of a screen and typing phrase in bad English.

      I don’t think any of us has the capability to add an ounce of pressure on any professional player.

      But, you’re right about pressure and competition – just not from the fans in their homes.

      As for Bob – I don’t think anyone is expecting Welbeck to [be] Thierry Henry all of a sudden. We do expect him, given that he’s allowed to play centrally and with the assistance of our midfield players, to show signs of a good goal scorer, and perhaps, eventually try to mould himself into a Thierry Henry type player.

      1. Hafiz Rahman says:

        spend some money!!

  2. SaveArsenal says:

    Doesn’t matter if he hits the ground running or takes some time to settle (how many games did Henry go without a goal when he arrived?) Danny boy is an Arsenal player now and we should all back him.

  3. Big Gun says:

    It has been interesting to see what pundits and especially ex-United players have said concerning Welbeck’s sale to Arsenal. Neville and Robson think it was a bad move on Van Gaal’s part, where as Bosnich thinks otherwise. This is what he had to say.

    “From Danny Welbeck’s point of view, it’s the perfect move, when you look at the players he was in contention with at Manchester United,” he told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show.

    “Man United have been very good. They could have been selfish and said, ‘you’re not going anywhere, just in case we get injuries’.

    “That would have limited his playing time and that would have affected his chances with England.

    “I think they’ve done the right thing by the player. They have also been very honest and said, ‘we’ve got Falcao, Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie. Your chances are going to be limited because of the way I’m going to play’. It’s being very fair to Welbeck.

    “From the club’s aspect, as well, he was the most sellable asset.”

    What Mr Bosnich is wrong about, is that they sold him to a title contender and strengthened us in the process. His little spin would make sense if he was sold to the Spuds or some sh*tty mid table team, but he was sold to the Arsenal.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      Man U’s stupidity is our gain. They have to be stupid to get rid of there brightest young prospect. Falcao is an excellent player dont get me wrong, but they are taking a BIG risk with him. Not only is he coming from the french league, but he will be 29 soon and he just had a major surgery on his knee. Plus they have v p*ssy who is 31 and is injury prone and i think rooney is 29. And there problem wasnt in attack it was at the back and midfield.
      So well see how everything turns out but i am very happy with welbeck and i hope man u will flop along with loserpool cause brenda and co pisss me off so much

      1. Big Gun says:

        Spot on. Gaping holes in their midfield and defense. They would need to spend another 100m to replace the partnership they had with Vidic and Ferdinand (when he was in his prime). Blind is overrated too.

        1. Goonsquad8 says:

          i agree blind is a decent LB but they bought him as a cdm i think and i dont think hell cut it there. and it looks like manure will spend 100m every summer if they dont achieve there goals which is pathetic

  4. CouchCoach says:

    Yeah my thoughts aren’t going to pressurise Welbeck… I’m sure he doesn’t follow this website. But I’m hoping for a goal a game.. Gunners that would be fantastic!

  5. Goonsquad8 says:

    Im not trying to heap pressure on the guy, but i just have this great feeling about him like he could be something special. This kid has all the attributes to succeed, not only is he strong, powerful, and pacy, but to me what makes him so special is his technique and dribbling skills.
    He can run at full pace and still have crazy close control and ive seen him dribble past 2-3 players.
    His football brain is still maturing and that is a good thing for us cause the physical attributes are there, now he just needs to get the confidence and the run of games at ST he needs. And i cant wait for him to back in against defenders, then after doing that a few times just spin off the shoulder and run in behind and slot home a pass from ozil or sanchez. I think well see a better sanchez too cause he is a creator just as much as a goal scorer (and i think hell be exponentially better with walcott back too)

    The future is bright boys and it starts saturday!

  6. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

    Knowing what I know about this site……..

    Welbeck doesn’t score and maybe looks a bit rusty in his first game on the team. He is rubbish never will be arsenal quality and Wenger has lost the plot for not buying Falcao. “Arsin Wonger ned too go. Why do we not sign falcon for 70million insted of manu loan deal we ned top clas ND overspend lik chlesea”

    Welbeck scores a brace and looks great with a Sanchez pairing. Wenger is a genius and all the idiots who really know nothing about football besides price tags and fifa ratings are wrong. Whole bunch of “told you so’s”

    Neither are correct. It is his first game in a long career. Some of the more level-headed fans will continue to laugh at the absurdity that occurs on this site

    1. Big Gun says:

      The problem with your comment is that everyone has an opinion and most of the time they have some merit. The truth is it has been hit and miss for Wenger the last couple of years. He has done very well under the financial strains during the construction of the stadium, on top of which he had our best players he spent years grooming ‘jump a sinking ship.’ Cutting top four every single year under these circumstances is no easy feat and the only other manager I think that would be able to pull this off is Fergie. In that sense, Wenger has done wonders.

      On the flipside, Wenger has made some really poor buys in the last decade which had nothing really to do with financial pressure. We had the clout to buy players like Tim Cahill who were only going for 8m at the time, but he went out and spent almost the same amount respectively on players like Squillaci, Djorou, Silvestre etc..all unproven players who ended up signing 3 years deals on 50k-60k per week. Sure, Wenger acquired one or two good players, but the amount of duds exceeds those that actually have contributed to the cause. On top of that, there have been numerous occasions where even a blind man could work out Wenger’s in game tactics. It was that bad that teams knew exactly how to beat us, especially the better sides.

      Since then, I’d say in the last year or two, especially now that we have the funds for decent buys, Wenger has changed a few things for the better and winning two trophies is testament to that. So the fans who complain about Wenger are generally referring to my second paragraph, because there are still a few things tactically that MUST change. But the fans who can only praise Wenger are looking further back and the hard times we had to endure and how Wenger managed to get us through it without too much loss.

      1. davidnz says:

        Yes Wenger had 5 really
        bad seasons on the purchasing
        front and built up a pile of
        up to ten dead wood.
        Most of the DW’s have now gone and to be fair
        this season he has made some sound buys.

  7. PaddyGooner says:

    Wenger will prob play Sanogo up front, then bring DW on as a sub in the last 5 to play in the wing!

  8. SAGooner says:

    Let’s give the boy a chance. One thing’s for sure: he’ll be an improvement on Giroud. He cannot possibly be worse. Giroud, admittedly, did score a few goals for the Gunners last season. But the number of times he missed when it would have been far easier to score, and his facial expression afterwards, made me want to throw up. Danny has good movement and speed, and at least is aggressive. The opposition defence will know about him and have to look after him. With Sanchez and Walcott on either side, and Özil behind him, he’ll produce the goods.

  9. Hafiz Rahman says:

    lets seal off the title by spending some money in Jan….

    we need some strengthening

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      where would you strengthen if you were in charge hafiz?

      1. davidnz says:

        Hafiz would strengthen in
        the spending of money dept. 🙂

  10. Sumo says:

    Walcott will be back after the 2nd interlull.
    He said he won’t play in this NLD. Said its not easy, but doesn’t want to rush it.

  11. curiousb says:

    Having just read this:
    I am so angry. What is this so-called Man Utd Standard? Rooney? Don’t make me laugh. The standard is overpaid Prima Donnas who complain when things don’t go their way. Where did Welbeck learn his trade until now. From the age of eight or nine he has trained with United under Ferguson and with the likes of Scholes, van nistelrooy, Keane and so on. Unbelieveable the amount of Horse Sh*t this Dutch fella comes out with. Danny is 23 and has been defending the left wing for 3 years now. It’s a bit difficult scoring from there. And why was he there because Rooney and Van Persie (28 and 30 year olds who should be at their peak now). The fact he got any goals is a miracle. Danny I hope you keep that article and stick it up in the dressing room its all the motivation you need.

  12. davidnz says:

    We have seen Walcott
    Wilshere Ramsey Ox
    hyped up from day one
    and then get slated by fans for the
    next few years. Last year it was Ozil.
    Now Chambers Sanchez, and Wellbeck
    are expected to bring home the EPL – ECL double 🙂
    Zelalem Crowley Akpom Willock and Maitland-Niles
    will be the next gen “world beaters”
    However Wellbeck is a seasoned EPL- ECL pro
    and international too so he “should” adapt quickly.
    To be fair Podolski 3rd year and Sanogo 2nd year
    are senior so should really get first dibbs.
    But with Man City then Dortmund the
    pressure is on the gaffer to deliver so who knows.

  13. sleekwhale says:

    Slow down guys – tempers have flared and soared too high even b4 d guy has kicked his first ball 4AFC.
    Looking @ the bright side though, he’s fast, strong, brainy, confident, sharp and committed to his game. On the flip side, sometimes he tends to touch the ball a little too much with needless skills that I find baffling. But he’s always on the pitch and never lost, we can play counter surely and I’m sure as hell he’ll score some goals and great ones too…until tomorrow keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. TAMER-GOONER says:

    just arsenal says ‘calm down dont pressure welbeck’ and 2 articles before just arsenal says ‘can welbeck fire arsenal to the title’. i mean really!!!!!

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