Calm down Arsenal fans! It’s only pre-season…

Pre-season form means little to Arsenal title hopes by DN

I am not trying to say that Arsenal would be better off losing a game or two in the build up to our latest attempt to win the Premier League but when I see how carried away some of the Arsenal fans are getting after we won our first two pre-season games, I cannot help but think that they are building themselves up for a fall.

Just as a bad result in the pre-season build up does not mean that a team has no chance of doing well when the serious stuff starts, so a great run up does not mean it will carry on into the league games. These games are about preparation and while it is good to play well, for player confidence as well as form, it is not the be all and end all.

Look at last summer for instance; when we hammered Benfica 5-1 in the Emirates Cup and comfortably beat Man City 3-0 in the Community Shield only to struggle badly when the real action began. So if we beat Chelsea next week, do not think it necessarily follows that the title is coming to north London, or vice versa.

The summer before that we struggled to a draw and a loss in the Emirates Cup, played well to beat Man City in the final pre-season game and then lost to Aston Villa at home in the first Premier League game. But after that our season took off and we were top of the table for most of that campaign.

All I am saying, Arsenal fans, is that we should not get too worked up one way or the other about these games that, at the end of the day, mean nothing when the dust settles next May.

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  1. Wenger confirms that Welbeck, Flamini (injured) & Alexis (holiday) are unavailable for Emirates Cup 2015 & that Szczesny joins Roma on loan

    flamini might be moving to galatarasay maybe that’s why he isn’t included

    1. I hope flaminis move to gala happens, then only Wenger might consider going into the market for a DM. At the moment nothing seems to be happening. We have the cash im just amazed why we are not spending it. What’s going to happen with the 70 mil transfer money??!

      1. Why don’t we go for IBRA ???he’s probably the only world class striker who is actually available…

          1. We have the cash and we need a world class striker. Just pay his wages and bring him in on a 2 year contract. I think he has at least two top class years left in him

            1. If we where to pay zlatan 290k I’m fairly sure the likes of Sanchez, ozil, Ramsey, kos, Walcott will be at wengers door wanting pay rises towards those ridiculous amounts.

              It would rapidly change from one person getting stupid money to 5 or 6 and our pay structure would be ruined

        1. Most world class strikers were once relatively unknown strikers with bags of potential. Find one of those, and you have hit pay dirt.

          “Ibra” is a hired gun. He is a football whore. Most importantly, his ego would never allow him to come to Arsenal. He was one of the big voices screaming for RVP to abandon the club and the coach that stuck with him thru all the injuries and had made RVP a star. Zlatan has the loyalty of a roach. I would rather lose the league the win with “Ibra”

          1. You won’t take the title with IBRA and prefer not to win it???its been 11 fkin years buddy. This is a crazy comment. I would take the title even if we lose Alexis after our title win.

            1. Yes. My comment was very clear. Just because other people would sell their soul to the devil does not mean that I should do so also.

    2. I give you a big thumbs up for reporting and offering your opinion on something that is real/factual. (rather than responding to the multitude of transfer rumors which are 99.999% pure fantasy)

  2. I agree with what is being said for pre-season games, however the Chelsea game is an exception as it is a good test to tell us how far we have come as a team. So make no mistake, Jose will treat it as a competitive match and as such so should we. It will also give us good indication as to whether we can deal with Alexis not being available against the big teams.

    1. The agree with what you’re saying about the Chelsea game. It may be a glorified friendly, but like you say, Mourinho will be going all out for the win, especially as he’s up against Wenger. If Bradford can score four against them at the Bridge, then surely we can score at least one…can we?

      1. Seriously why are we not spending any money???????????? Why we haven’t purchased a world class striker yet???????manure have bought a number of world class stars already, if we really wanted to we could have done the same thing. We need a top striker and DM and its obvious we do, so why is Wenger so relaxed about our squad???? TTiTTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimrTTimTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimTimTTiTTimrTTiTTimTTiTTimrTTiTTiTTimTTiTTi

        1. Nah seriously ,,,,,Typing gibberish can help us relax a bit from all these transfer madness….. Pdsjhsaopiderhjxsanbmhjewiuyjxlzashn.?cxsdwegtyudse bnzxasigh.ewlkdmjkiodewjh.kxsdweiodenjk.sdweiluodswernhjkuiosdweyukilsdwehmjkuidewrnhjuisdwerghjsdiwelds nm,iewbvxzoiwnbxiurnmsakliewoi L()L

          1. Soopa hahaha your right buddy!let’s knock ourselves out. Gtyvggfdcnjhtdghgfdsasghiutrhuggyyhugvcxchygfvhgh

  3. same old shit for the last 11 seasons….

    transfers are always made in the first opening 5 days or the last 5 days…..

    1. Lliorente might be a downgrade from giroud but would be an upgrade on welbeck. He would actually provide competition for giroud. I’m not a fan but it would be better than signing nobody

      1. If lliorente is not good enough why real are after him? The reason he didn’t play often at juve was the fact that juve had two world class strikers last season in morata and tevez. Lliorente was playing regularly before the arrival of morata. He’s a good striker. He might not be world class but still has lots to offer.

        1. I like Morata but “world class” after 18 top flight league goals would be pushing it.

    2. Yes.. I don’t understand y many big clubs interested in him. He dint get into juve team or Spain n he is old!!

      1. He was a regular in juve before the arrival of morata. When you have tevez and morata of course you would bench lliorente

      1. Mohawk yes he’s just a rumor, but he’s actually available and we have a big chance to land him.unlike benzema and lewy which it seems we have no chance.

        1. Do you hear yourself. I know it is all made up nonsense but inside this rumor is another rumor that suggests he is “available” (along with about 100,000 other footballers in the world). Almost every player in the world is “available” in Rumor Land.

          1. Mohawk you have a point buddy, I agree with you but there are some players who are just more available. It means signing them would be easier. Lliorente is one of those

  4. Serge Gnabry and Krystian Bielik are back in first-team training Crowley, Zelalem and Toral not involved with first-team today and likely to drop to U21s.Wellington working on his fitness

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing Wellington in action, he is a promising player. Good to finally have him in our squad. Bielik is still very young and there is no chance he would break into the first team anytime soon.he is one for the future. I actually would like to see bielik play, he may ght be the reason Wenger is not considering a DM

      1. Wilshere, Fabregas, Gnabry, Ramsey, Maitland-Niles, Walcott and Akpom were all younger than Bielik is now when they made their PL debuts. Wenger has given another 20 eighteen year olds their PL debuts in his time – if only half the rumours about Bielik’s ability and stage of development are correct I’d be more surprised if he didn’t get some run-outs this season coming.

      1. Hafiz its been a few weeks that I actually agree with you!!!we need to spend some money just so we can bring that fear factor to our competitors. Just look at manure, now lots of people are calling them title contenders cuz they have invested on quality players. We missed out on Morgan,kondogbia, imbula, Martinez,and many other quality players. We are running out of time and options

        1. Even if we biy messi..Hafiz will tell same I think he has written some script to post same msg everyday.

  5. Wenger said this about the 200mil transfer

    Asked whether the comments were helpful he said: “Helpful or not, it doesn’t matter. He has gone a bit overboard because that’s not true.
    “We are in a situation – I explained many times – where we are working hard if an opportunity comes up to do something, but we are not in the need.
    “Last week I had to answer ‘what will you do if all the players are available?’ This week ‘why don’t you buy?’
    “Last week (in Singapore) we scored goals and we did not have Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck, who are coming back now. We’re in a position where we have a strong squad, but if an opportunity turns up we’ll still do something.”

    Wenger on Benzema
    “One thousand per cent is a lot! That looks quite convincing.”
    “I do not come out with names anyway. I believe we built something special last season. We want to work on that and not expect too much from outside.”

    1. Wenger is not going to sign anyone! He’s saving money for the board. Thank you Mr Wenger!!!

        1. Hafiz is damn right, Wenger out. Another season and same old story. We are not spending and relying on giroud. This is crazy. We will never win the bpl with giroud as our only real striker. Enough is enough, Wenger out. We need a manager who actually wants to win the bpl and UCL

            1. Wenger is too stubborn, he loves his players too much. With this kind of attitude we will never win the bpl

              1. Next you guys will be thinking they announced the £200 million to keep us quite about OG extension to contract by us thinking we are going to sign a striker so what if OG signs extension , THEY WOULDNT WOULD THEY??

    2. Not too smart from Lord carpet shop to come out and say that, especially when wenger is always keen to keep all transfer activity very secretive, I hope this doesn’t ruin the big summer signing plans, and I’m glad it’s not benzema we are after. I’m the ever optimist, or delusional in some circles, but I am dreaming it’s lewendowksi !!

      1. Then keep on dreaming. Lewy would never join us,and if he does who would Bayern buy to replace him???we are taking about Bayern fkin Munich here my friend.

      2. Wrong!…… This will only serve as a Test to see if we really have a Target and how willing we are to pull out all stops to get our man…….. Time will tell

      3. No chance we are getting lewy…who would Bayern bring instead of him???doesn’t look like it would happen

        1. I wouldn’t say no chance, but highly unlikely I agree … But Guardiola has always preferred the false 9 and for some reason or another did like Eto, Ibra. I have read on multiple occasions this season how he is expecting more versatility from Lewy. They could easily play Muller, Gotze, Douglas Costa instead, all players that play that role much better than Lewy.

  6. to all who doubt arsene and arsenal
    what happened to the idiotic moanrinho team against a pathetic ny red bulls side???

  7. Benzema agent n Wenger are playing some games. Agent tone n Wenger funny response says something is going on.

    1. Stop dreaming, nothing is going on. Benzema is not leaving Madrid and neither is lewy leaving Bayern. We have the cash but don’t want to spend it. I’m sorry for my fellow gooners

      1. Hmm I’m normally defeatist around this time thinking it’s all done and dusted but I can’t help but think the Benzema thing may yet happen . Not saying it defiantly will but I get a sense they are trying and that’s why there’s not even been a rumour linking us to anyone else . Anyone else is not worth the bother I’m

      2. We have the money and they don’t want it. They don’t want to sell, manure have the money for Ramos too.

      3. You do understand that if Bayern or Real don’t want to sell or if either player doesn’t want to come then whether we want to spend the money or not is a complete irrelevance. Still seems some cling on to the idea that buying a player is nothing more than some mouse clicks during an on-line shopping spree.

  8. “IF” Wenger doesn’t get anyone else than that to me sounds like he is happy with top 4 or is deluded enough to believe what we have is enough to get PL and CL.

    However, getting Cech is strange for Wenger because in previous years if we had Ospina, Wenger would have been satisfied with him.

    So. I’m still holding on to the belief that he is getting another TOP forward

    We should give him until deadline day before we condemn him

    1. “IF” Wenger doesn’t get anyone else than that to me sounds like he is happy with top 4 or is deluded enough to believe what we have is enough to get PL and CL”

      I don’t read it like that. I think Wenger knows that a world-class striker could be the difference this year and that it will be difficult with Giroud leading the line to win PL or CL. The challenge is finding one better than Giroud who is isn’t world class but still pretty good. No point bringing in someone who he thinks is pretty good (for instance J Martinez) but not better. He’s swinging for the fences, the same he did a few years ago with Suarez and, to a lesser extent Rooney. Hopefully this year he’ll connect.

  9. Wenger is buying. Wenger is not buying. Benzema is coming…. or not.

    When the window closes we will know if Wenger is buying or not. Until then, all this talk is just guesswork – nothing more. Wenger does not tip his hand either way.

    NONE OF US knows anything about anything regarding Arsenal transfer plans. End of Story.

    1. Mayb its bec there are no plans. We take only what is there to be given to us by chance. Wenger says that the transfer window is like playing poker, and according to him, he is bad poker player. Arsenal base their business due Luck alone and not planing.

      1. You could be right. In fact, history suggests your guess has a good chance of being correct. But the key word in your comment is……… “Maybe” And along with “Maybe” always comes……. “Maybe Not.” As I said, it is all guesswork.

      2. The “no plan theory” is a new one for the AOBs as other more traditional ammunition gradually disappears. Arsenal enquired about Cech in 2014 as soon as Courtois came back from loan – but when we final sign Cech it is happily construed as a fortuitous, chance happening by some. Or Wenger trying to buy Ozil before he went to Real Madrid in 2010 and then “panic” buys him when he had the chance. Oh and Cazorla was supposedly a random chance happening as well……..I wonder if Wenger has ever bought anyone that wasn’t a panic decision or by accident?

    2. I know something about our transfer plans, Wenger does not want to sign anyone. He’s trying to save up money. Old fool ending his career at arsenal on a low. What a fool

  10. Few know that Hafiz was once the most stubborn Akb troll around this side. Nowdays he has become the opposite of it. Wenger has turned us All mad during the past years.

      1. The AO naming do not make sense to me . I am no Wenger out at any cost, just like the AKB who are so deep in Wenger ass that they cant see the light anymore. But the old Dino needs to deliver for F Sake or leave it to someone else who can. Right now i dont have the impression that he wants it badly.

  11. Lacazette agent will be at Emirates tomorrow acc to French media for emirates cup
    + what do goner think about higuain despite poor performance in copa America his stats are better as compared to benz

    benz Real Madrid 188 (87)
    higuain Real Madrid 190 (107)

    1. Higuain is a rebel. I remember him not being the nice guy who plays passes to Ronaldo. He was always up for his own thing. Benz, well, he passes the ball, plays along in Ronaldos world.

    2. One summer Higuain actually came to London for an Arsenal medical. Everyone thought it was a done deal but Wenger backed out because of the asking price (I believe 32 mil). Higuain’s asking price is much higher now – I have heard anything from 45 mil to 90 mil. Seriously, his management said 90 mil!! Wenger won’t bite on any of that nonsense.

  12. If Welbeck is out for the start of the season then that means we will be without Welbeck and Alexis, so Wenger must sign a top forward now in my opinion

    I hope Wenger doesn’t say we have enough forwards ( ie Walcott, Akpom, Giroud, ox, )

    We Must get either a Top CF or Top Winger now

  13. We all believe one more QUALITY forward player is needed. But Alexis will likely only miss a couple of games at the start of the season.

    My guess is Wenger will not panic buy an attacker because Alexis and Welbeck will miss the first couple of games. Wenger has used other players on the left when needed… (Ozil, Cazorla, Ox, even Wilshere). And he has a slew of attackers to choose from overall.

    Wenger may buy an attacker if he finds one he likes, and it will also likely have nothing to do with Welbeck being injured.

  14. Us fans ate both excited and optimistic for the upcoming season.
    I’m not sure that has been affected by beating Singapore and an average Everton side

  15. 11 years is too long for a club like arsenal to not winning the league but us stupid fans didn’t even realize that and we are being fooled by wenger’s excuse season after season. I think its time to wake up guys and increase the pressure on wenger

  16. Are we missing something here? Who r the ppl really running things @ Arsenal FC? I bet thr s sth some1 s nt telling us bout Wenger…He jes publicly tagged a ‘disclaimer’ to Lord Harris’ comments as regards Arsenal’s financial flexibility…wt*! Twas asif Lord H jes blew his cover- the normal excuse- Evn Mou has limitations as regards his financial knowledge, buy not our Manager…mehn this Boss knows more than the football director…just Arsenal! just wow!

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