Calm down Arsenal fans! Just like at start of the season

Of course I was as delighted as any Arsenal fan when we took the Chelsea team and their new manager Antonio Conte to the cleaners on Saturday, for all sorts of reasons. It was a long overdue win over our London rivals and it was a superb performance from the lads all over the pitch.

It was also a big win over a club that was one of the pre-season favourites for the Premier League, so after three games in a row that the Gunners recorded a big win it was perhaps inevitable that we Arsenal fans started to think of the title.

However, I think it is way too soon for that and it would be a good idea for everyone connected with the club to keep their feet on the ground. For one thing we should have learned a valuable lesson from last season’s champions Leicester City as they constantly played down their title hopes and took one game at a time.

As well as that, though, we should remember that it was only a few weeks ago when it was all doom and gloom about Arsenal. After two games you would have thought the season was over by some people’s reactions (or overreactions) and not many were interested in Wenger’s comments about it being too early to panic.

In the same way I think we should not overreact now after a few good performances and results. It has been very encouraging and good to see the Gunners playing well and winning but let’s just wait and see if we can keep it up shall we?

Dave N.

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  1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

    Yeah, I agree!

    It’s hard not feel very very optimistic when you take into account the amazing depth we’ve got this season, though!

  2. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Hahaha. … No! ?
    We are here to party man, So stop being a pooper! ?

    ?Now your gonna believe Usssss! ?
    ? We’re going to win League ? ??

    1. Incarnate says:

      Ferdie says no parties or selfies, so behave!

  3. Break-on-through says:

    We were one game away from the fans turning very nasty, that sou game, it turned out to be huge. After lei our fans were already starting to roll out the old deluded phrases. How we treat these next games will be very telling, complacency, we must show our experience and not take these games lightly. I think it’s great though that everyone is chuffed with us lately, lets face it, our atmosphere was abysmal, but now it’s electric.

  4. Uzi Ozil says:

    Off Topic: Some legends and pundits talking Bla bla bla about the way our players celebrated the win against Chelsea or taking selfies is just funny. I think anyone would celebrate If they break a Voodoo. Before the game on Saturday, I said that I really wanna win Chelsea. If we can’t win, then don’t lose.

    On another note, our players should take the so called critics properly and prove their critics wrong. It should rather motivate them.

    I find it funny how the media love to get on our players. Anyway, we can only improve.

  5. V.uren says:

    So … Arsene gets the cheque book out and all of a sudden , not only do we have competition for places , we aren’t quite as worried about injuries , but the results pick up too !

    …. What a shocking revelation !!!

    Arsene will be judged over the season , I remember getting a little stiffy after beating Utd 3-0 last year too …

    Loved our attitude towards Saturday’s game , we looked a proper side.

    Win the league and prove me wrong arsene and I will gladly take everything back. I would personally hand you another 4 year contract , just no more excuses , all we’ve ever wanted is to challenge and win titles !

  6. El Blaze says:

    It will be ridiculous to start talking about winning the title now. What we need is to concentrate on the task at hand. We have seemly easy games lined up and that’s where the banana peels are. This kind of line up of games are what used to do us in previously. We must not take them for granted and think we have already earned the maximum points even before stepping on the pitch. We must approach each of them with the mindset we approached the Chelsea game. And if we can sustain that mindset till March next year then we can begin to dream of the title.

  7. SD says:

    A major talking point for me is how Arsene has actually been rotating a fair amount so far this year. We have fantastic depth and need to keep our best players fresh. If Walcott, Sanchez, Ozil, and Cazorla keep playing this way we will do well. But we will do better if Ox, Iwobi, Lucas, Giroud, Ramsey, and others can play well and allow us to rotate the squad. We even have some defenders to rotate as well with Holding, Gabriel, and Gibbs.

    The DM position is a worry if Coq is going to be out for a bit. Elneny has mostly played a support role in his appearances, how will he be in that position? Ramsey has to play somewhere, will he try to get time at DM? What about Bielik. He was quite impressive in the preseason at CB, I would not mind him getting some minutes at the end of games to spell Xhaka/Cazorla as I hear he is mostly in the midfield in youth games.

    I just really want the rotation to continue. I think it is key to us staying strong through the season.

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