Calm down Arsenal fans – We’ve only lost ONE game!

Would you like some cheese with that whine? by Big Gun

It takes little to upset Arsenal fans these days. Not too long ago, there was a great sense of optimism in our camp. We won the F.A cup and Charity shield twice consecutively, had an excellent pre-season winning the Emirates Cup and of course secured that coveted top four spot in a league, that over the last couple of years has become extremely competitive and increasingly difficult to do well in. In the ‘good old days’ before the turn of the century, Arsenal had always been part of a two horse race, with either Man United or Liverpool. Victory was almost always a possibility, and winning was a way of life.

Fast forward 20 years, things have changed quite a bit. The football industry has become more and more about money and you know what they say – money attracts money. We have seen some of the wealthiest people in the world invest into the beautiful game, I doubt for sentimental reasons, but primarily as an investment. We need to stop thinking that rich and powerful entities like the Sheikh Mansour and Roman Abramovich are treating their clubs like ‘play things’. These gentleman are all about winning and will do anything to dominate. This ruthless nature is why they are so wealthy in the first place. Many people are born into wealth too, but to attain that wealth you need to be cunning, shrewd and wise with your money. The problem with such individuals dictating a football club is that the game is inherently unpredictable and I think they are slowly beginning to understand this.

In the early days, we saw managers at these types of clubs come and go after short stints. I honestly think if Pellegrini comes out empty handed again this season, he will be sacked. Jose, fortunately for him has created a nice buffer after winning the league last season, not to mention his success previously with Chelsea. But the expectations placed on managers at these types of clubs are steep. Just look at poor old Moyes. Man United were so used to winning everything that as soon as they went one season without, the fans went absolutely ape sh*t and demanded Moyes be sacked. Van Gaal has turned things around slightly, but at what cost? Just look at how much money they have WASTED in attempts to redeem their former glory. Di Maria is a prime example. Bought for 60m (I have read it was actually a lot more) and sold for 44.3m. That is more than 15m down the flusher and extremely bad business. If Van Gaal doesn’t win something soon he will be gone too. Many people don’t realize that in order for a manager to produce a decent squad and win silverware, he needs TIME and CONSISTENT BACKING.

We need to apply my last point to Arsene Wenger. When Arsenal are doing well, not a peep from the Wenger Out Brigade. But as soon as we lose one game, the pitchforks come out and the following comment gets thrown around like it has any weight – “Arsene Wenger needs to resign or get sacked as he has not won the league in over 10 years!” This type of thinking would be plausible, if for the past decade, Arsenal had as much financial clout as City, Chelsea or any of the other top club. The truth, and you should know this but somehow some of you blatantly ignore it time and again, is that from the years 2005 up until 2012/13, we had a massive financial burden in building and funding our new stadium (which we still are to do this day). The consequences were two-fold. Chelsea, Barca and other clubs at the time could afford higher wages and because of this, became a much more attractive destination for any top player. This is why we saw an exodus of players each year. Not only did Wenger have to keep building a new squad at the start of every new season, he was forced to bring in weaker replacements due to financial restraints. This vicious cycle continued for eight years yet he still managed a top four finish each and every year!

My question to the Wenger Out Brigade is – how can you point a finger at Wenger and blame him for not winning the league in that time frame, under the aforementioned circumstances? You also need to realize that during that period, every other top team was strengthening, yet Arsenal still finished in the Top Four. I remember many of you on this forum wanted him sacked half-way through last season. I’ll be the first to remind you that without Wenger still at the helm, we would never have been able to go on and win the F.A cup and finish third. Not only that, but Cech would never have joined us if we hadn’t accomplished these feats. We also wouldn’t be in any position to be able to sign any other world class player as we all know top footballers want CL exposure.

Wenger will resign when the time is right and when Arsenal have found the adequate replacement for him, but please stop berating the man for ‘his lack of success’ prior to 2013. If anything he overachieved. What we need to focus on is post 2013, the turning point after buying Ozil. It was a message to the fans and the rest of the world that Arsenal were back in business, and that Wenger would finally have the resources and consistent backing to begin building a top squad without having to deal with our best players departing. Since 2013 (2 YEARS), we have won five trophies! Yet after three games this season and one loss, many of you want Wenger fired already? I can understand where the frustration is coming from, really I can, but the reasoning behind it is extremely short sighted and naïve.

Big Gun

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    1. BigGun 5 trophies really? what are you counting as trophies? Emirates cup? get real buddy.

      There are no excuses for a team that has the money and the pull of champions league and the luck of being in London where most good players prefer to live in the UK not to buy any classy players until the last 4 days of the transfer window.

      Wenger is either stubborn, naive, arrogant, senile, demented, whatever you want to call him, he is not doing a good job anymore. We can all see this, some of us have a harder time accepting it due to his past success and how he handled the Emirates built etc.. but finally he should be judged with what he is doing now. And what he is today is a failure.

      1. Very fair article. For me it boils down to….

        At first, Wenger made AFC very competitive and gave us a fantastic ride with titles, FA cups, the CL final and of course the in invincibles. Think we all agree.

        Then came a period of forced austerity for AFC. Losses of players, constant rebuilding, transfer funds disappeared whilst our competitors injected incredible amounts of cash into building their teams. We still remained in the elite group in the pl despite these disadvantages.

        Recently, (since 2013 if I refer to the article), we have started to spend and rebuild. The last two transfer windows have been very positive and we’ve brought in better quality.

        This season hasn’t started well. That has taken everyone by surprise, even Wenger seemingly. He may now act in the last few days, he may not.

        Either way it is now about whether you are prepared to give the guy who in his early days excelled, in his middle years with no money excelled, and now he has money, a little time and patience to do it again.

        When Chelsea and City started spending it took several years to achieve their aims. We owe Wenger the same patience to get us back to where his track record shows without doubt, he can take us. It’s that simple.

        1. Finally someone with a brain. The problem is gooner100, is that we have too many kids on this forum who want want want with no understanding about what our club and manager has been through the last decade. I think I sum it up well when I say the majority of the fans on here whining, are those who only started supporting Arsenal in the early naughties, when we were winning stuff and became a true world wide brand.

          When we went through that tough financial period, no doubt their friends and fans from other clubs began to mock and ridicule them because they support ‘losers’ without any facking clue about what has actually transpired at Arsenal (new stadium etc etc). I see it happen on the streets, at work and even online. I can understand that Arsenal fans are tired of being seen as losers and just want to be seen as winners, like we were back in the day. It all boils down to maturity and understanding. I for one realize the stadium had to happen and that only recently have we begun to reap the benefits of it and all the new sponsorship deals. Success will come again in good time, already we have won some trophies. If Wenger does not win the league soon, he sure as hell has paved the way for a new manager to do so in the future.

        2. Finally someone with a brain. The problem is gooner100, is that we have too many kids on this forum who want want want with no understanding about what our club and manager has been through the last decade. I think I sum it up well when I say the majority of the fans on here whining, are those who only started supporting Arsenal in the early naughties, when we were winning stuff and became a true world wide brand.

          When we went through that tough financial period, no doubt their friends and fans from other clubs began to mock and ridicule them because they support ‘losers’ without any clue about what has actually transpired at Arsenal (new stadium etc etc). I see it happen on the streets, at work and even online. I can understand that Arsenal fans are tired of being seen as losers and just want to be seen as winners, like we were back in the day. It all boils down to maturity and understanding. I for one realize the stadium had to happen and that only recently have we begun to reap the benefits of it and all the new sponsorship deals. Success will come again in good time, already we have won some trophies. If Wenger does not win the league soon, he sure as h*ll has paved the way for a new manager to do so in the future.

          1. I completely agree Big gun. I’d add that the difference between the keyboard warriors who shout so loud on the blogs ‘we’re in crisis’ (….in the face of a mere one lost game and no worse a start then Chelsea) and the sentiment of many who regularly attend games at the Emirates is in stark contrast. Maturity may be the answer as you say.

            1. Very refreshing article and was pleasing reading positive comments at top. Usually the first comments are full of the usual suspects with their drab one liners. It really is not a black and white argument like the naysayers will have you believe, as Big Gun rightly pointed out in the article. Also that comment about a new manager coming in two years ago and if he had of won us two fa cups along with securing CL place both years ..would not be failure, far from it.

      2. Jimbeam – What he is doing today is failure. REALLY? So if a new manager had taken over in 2012/13 and had the exact same results as Arsene Wenger to date (top 4 finish both years, 2 F.A cups, 2 Charity Shields and 1 Emirates Cup), would you count that as failure too? That is not a rhetorical question, I would like an honest answer.

        1. Yes – Arsenal not challenging for the top place year in year out is a failure. Look you can have an amazing year and come in second by a point or two and the next year have an off year and come in 4th and off by 12 points, and then the third year you push on again but not challenging year in year out, not finding the pieces that makes the team whole, and stubborn tactical approach are all failures

    2. I am tired of fans who lack ambition. Even with the emirate stadium,arsenal continues to shrink .

      1. ….as if the opinions of any fans, aobs, akb’s or just normal fans who can deal with the ups and downs realistically, makes any difference to anything.

        But as with the eternally manic finger pointing whiners, you need to blame someone, eh? So now it’s your fellow gooners.

  1. im bang in the middle regarding aob akb.
    wont lie im big fan of wenger for all hes done.

    but this season he has no excuses, he’s kinda victim of his own success, he made us into this european team who expected titles.when we constantly never do it or compete in europe ppl call for his head
    so this window if he buys no one, of course i will support but i will see it as a tremendous failure, and essentially he will have to pull off a season long tactical masterclass.

    because our team can beat anyone on there day – but 60 games means alot of the time we will be in second or third gear, an like that we are not good enough for the title

    this season there are no more excuses none, not injuries not money nothing

    i hope it all works out


  3. Some interesting news for those in arsenal-hibernation: Borussia Dortmund are facing Odd BK in the Europa League playoff today. Following the mighty germans throughout the EL can turn out to be an interesting quest, as winning it now is far more interesting for big clubs, as it grants an automatic spot in the following seasons CL. Will BVB focus on the league, EL or both at the same time?

  4. Big Gun much respect to you as your comments and articles usually have fair justification.

    However I would personally like to point out that there is life after Wenger for this club. Wenger has created this impression that the club and the fans owe him something its the reason he demonstrates so much power at the club. His now an old man and has always been stubborn even in our green years but the difference now is that his methods are mostly outdated and his being found out by new school managers.

    Come on we have to move with time. Wenger should step aside and move upstairs or take his wife on holiday or something in order for us to move on. Will never be regarded as one of the elite clubs minus winning the UCL (not that I care what other teams or people say) but for some of us we bleed the red and white (be it all the way down here in Zambia) people love this club and it hurts seeing Wenger ignore the obvious year after year just to try and prove people wrong.

    I love Wenger, BUT I love Arsenal more and I believe a shake up in the coaching department would make a whole lot of difference. The replacement wont just fall from the sky, we need to find one or at least start molding one asap. Kloop has his own issues, but men his teams play some exciting stuff and he can spot talent (wonder want he can achieve with our resources).

    Engage Kloop next season, I don’t think he can fail to reach us to the top 4 plus UCL round of 16 (I guess he can do better). Should he fail chop him off and find a better manager. No compassion Arsenal is run as a business on others aspects except when it comes to find a winning manger and proper team!

    1. spot on, when first time managers such as garry monk are doing the double over you,it is a clear indication that your time is up

  5. I have made peace with myself. I was riding that euphoric wave after Community Shield but fortunately I was put immediately on the ground next weekend. I believe it is better like that, I have no high hopes and every win will make me happy. At the same time I know that with this current form the team can’t manage top flight. I also know that Arsenal kicks in around March-April when they always make the needed points for a top four. Similarly, I don’t know when an eventual CF/DM/CB will gel with the current squad. We keep hearing from the players that the level of confidence and understanding among the players was never so high. Yet on the pitch we see the opposite. I am not pessimistic, I am just realistic. The soon you guys understand the same, the better for you.

  6. BIG GUN after such a long article whats your point??
    after getting whopped by westham and drawing with liverpool at home we should just keep quiet…the past is the past mate…wenger has done alot …he was doing his job…you dnt get paid about 7M per year to do nothing.

    Me and @ seancali since day one we have been saying olivier giroud is not good enough.
    I hope you saw against liverpool …missing sitters.

    I dont hate giroud I just say the truth..

    welbeck needs to get fit and play on that left wing with oxlade on the right wing and alexis as the CF.
    enough with this giroud madness…link up play my foot.

  7. Think everyone understands the financial issues club went through. That excuse doesn’t float anymore. There was quality out there to improve the team this year; several DM’s moved early in window and Arsenal just sat still.
    Are we to believe there were no options better than Arteta and Flamini available?

    ST position harder to fill honestly. Suarez and Aguero not moving, Benzema not interested, Lewondowski not happening, and Cavani looking unlikely. If all true, rather save money for future ST purchase.

    Ox and Theo better wingers than Ramsey and no transfer fee involved. Wenger can’t whine about market costs while paying Theo over 100k weekly to ride the bench.

    Gabriel looking better and better each time I see him play. Recovery speed, physical, tackles well, better passer than Mert. Gabriel communicated fine with Coq and 20 yr old Chambers; is communication still the excuse? Or cohesion?

    Tired of the excuses, the mediocrity, and lack of ambition.
    If Wenger would have left for Real Madrid yrs ago, how long would he have lasted?

    Last thing: interesting to look at all the other franchises Arsenal owner has. Any champions? How about winning division or league? How many years have they come up empty under his ownership?

    That is the real cause for concern my friends, check it out. Compare gross and net profits to titles and trophies. Several teams in several sports, none are winners not a single team. Food for thought

    1. Clap clap clap.Best comment so far.Why are Arsenal fans so blind? We are among only 3 premier League clubs to have raised ticket prices this season, yet we are among the lowest spenders. Seems like some sort of profitable organization rather than a proper football club.

      1. @antiwenger

        Thanks for the compliment. I truly believe it starts at the top with the owner. All those franchises and no real trophies or titles. Profits > titles with joke of an owner.

        Different manager is irrelevant; how long would pep or ancelotti stay with owner more committed to pocketing extra money than spending on team? I want new owner more than ST, DM, manager or anything else. How long would Wenger last under owner like Chelsea’s? United’s? Man City’s?

        1. What exactly are you going to do about it? The owners of this club are here to stay and only if Stan decides to sell his shares (which he recently said is never going to happen as he plans for his son to take over), then we might see a change. There are just some things us fans can do nothing about, and this is one of them. Trust me, I wouldn’t mind seeing some personal investment from Stan to show he actually gives a rats ass about titles, but he is a different kind of businessman and does not have any passion in Arsenal the way we do. What we can be happy about is that if Arsenal is going to be run as a business, then it should be done properly, which is exactly what is happening. There definitely have been more funds for player transfers and wages and Wenger has made some stellar buys recently and started winning trophies again. When it is time for Wenger to resign, he would have done ALL the foundational work for a new manager to take over and HOPEFULLY take Arsenal to new heights. I honestly believe the board are already planning an adequate replacement for Wenger.

          1. @BigGun

            His other franchises have taken real hit in support. Stadiums half – filled, best players wanting to leave, and trouble convincing top talent to join, games not broadcast nationally.

            Gooners will never push him that far, the love runs too deep. Mistake was allowing him the controlling majority in first place. All sewn up now, just along for the ride.

            Real shame, unfortunately our past looks brighter than our future at the present.

            Solution would be manager salary base + commission; tie his salary to results. Wenger says judge him at end of season; so why don’t they?

            It’s about cash flow baby. Make that money trophies and titles are just gravy. New kit deal, tv rights deal, CL paying more, etc…

            If you dig C.R.E.A.M. (Wu Tang son) you understand Kroenke.

  8. EPL champions during a season dont lose more then 4 to 5 games. We lost our first game at the start of the season, at home, and against a team like West Ham.

    What message does this give away?

    – It does mean that playing at home means nothing to us as we tend to lose many points at home.
    – Losing to West Ham means that every team, big or small can beat us.
    – Arsenal are not to be taken serious bec the teams who compete for the title dont lose more then 4 to 5 games during a season. And we got already one.
    – It means that others are right and Wenger is wrong. 4 players we need not just one striker.

    I for a fact dont respect Big Gun. Bec since he started to write for justarsenal he has changed his tune completly.

  9. OT: Big up to the young guns Crowley and Zelalem for claiming a goal and assists for there respective loan clubs.

  10. I have no hopes for new signings, even if we get new players in, i dont think that we can compete again. It takes more then a Messi to make Arsenal champions again.

    What i demand from Wenger is simple to use players according to their merits. No favorisem, no playing players out of poz, just play with the best we have.

  11. reasons wenger hasnt signed anyone yet
    1 trust in his current squad-maybe wenger thinks that the current squad can have a repeat of last years run.
    2 hard to find anyone in the market-earlier in the window wenger mentione something about manure being after his targets.
    3 Inflation in the current market-
    these prices make ozil look like a bargain
    and finally after spending an excess of £90000000 in the last two transfer windows he might be feeling that he has wasted so much money only to end up with nothing just a mere mickey mouse cup.
    if this is what he feels he should just buy players like martial sissoko austin moutinho and ferreira carrasco who are cheap available and quality

  12. “I’m available 24 hours a day and I have a whole team behind me working round the clock,” Wenger.

    Guys stop bashing the man all the time, we are the hardest working team in the transfer window. Funny we never get most of our targets, maybe Arsene and the team should work less so we get some positive results. For other teams it takes days to make a transfer, for us its the entire window working round the clock.

    1. Wenger said he is happy with the squad which means he wasnt doing anything but after starting the season poorly he is looking to sign some players.

  13. Calm down Arsenal fans – We’ve only lost ONE game!????
    Do you really mean all that?
    That’s the attitude that has made us loose out of the BPL for a decade now. This is not the time for ‘Calm down…only one game lost’ this is the time to do the necessary and win trophies. Don’t get me wrong I love Wenger…not his attitude.

  14. Big gun very well written.
    I like your style and sense of logic.
    I am not going to lie…am a bit disapp in terms of expecting more “marquee” signings by nw and kind of losing hope it ll happen, especially after the 3rd place and FA and Charity. Good Momentum passed by..?
    Any way, fingers crossed.
    and COYG always

    1. Gigi the same thing happens every single year. We lose a game or two, fans get irate and shout for Wenger’s head. Then we go on a winning streak and those fans do a 180 and change their tune. The only person that still wants Wenger out when we have won 8 games in a row is Hafiz – Troll of the Decade. We finish the season strong, win some trophies but not one word of praise is aimed at Wenger. Funny how when we do well, the players get the praise and glory, but when we do bad, Wenger must get sacked instantly. Excuse my language but the rollercoaster of emotions of these fans is f*cken pathetic. If we were ending mid table with no trophies, then it is justified, but right now these people have no real excuse for moaning so much, especially after just 3 games. The window is still open, need I remind what day of the window did our most expensive signing to date join?


    1. @That Guy….a bit of positivity ain’t a bad thing. It’s depressing reading the same old repetitive negative comments from the same old repetitive people. None of it changes a thing.

      Would be nice if this forum did a u turn and the fans (no comment on what I think about that description in some cases) started to be pro Arsenal FC rather than basically rubbishing everything about AFC. So fragile and so fickle.

  15. The suxker who wrote this article and the fuzker who asked him to write this should fuxk off for good. They are deaf, dumb, demented and even retarded.

    We just won 1 game……and its only against crystal palace……we are way behind man shxty and chelshxt. It is all fuxking Wenger’s fault.

    Wenger OUT!

    1. Chelsea are on the same amount of points as us DUMBASS. But being part of the Wenger Out Brigade explains your ignorance!

      1. Hey. Chelshxt lost the game and immediately after that they got Pedro. We lost the game and Wenger just bullshxting.

        How many games do you want us to lose before the next transfer window opens?

        You STUPID ‘little gun’ ASSHOLE!!

  16. Yea calm down, wait till we have lost 4/5 matches and we are effectively our of reckoning foe the title before venting…..only problem is we sure know how to string wins together after we are behind by bout 12/13 points…useless wins only capable of getting us the 4th spot…..then we can start complaining,not before then

  17. Great article, Big Gun.

    You summed up a lot of the exasperation I have with Arsenal [supposed] fans.

    They’re really not fans at all.

    Most of the people on this board sound like they’re fans of other teams trolling.

    I’ll give you one example.

    Remember how “fans” have been upset that Arsenal didn’t have a “top class goalkeeper” and that “we must sign a top-class goalkeeper to win”.

    Well, we sign Petr Cech and I read “Arsenal has made no signings”… Amazing isn’t it?

    So you sign the player they’ve been begging and it’s forgotten a week later in favor of complaining that 200 million wasn’t spent to replace every player on the squad (all of whom they swear the love of course!!!)

    So yeah, of course they won’t talk about the lower budget Arsenal still has compared to Chelsea, Man U or Man City. They don’t care, they’re not really fans. They’re hear to vent whatever daddy issues they have regardless of whether what they say makes any sense.

    Another example: Coquelin is clearly great, yet because they heard so former player earn his keep by criticizing him (Thierry Henry sadly lowered himself to that level recently) they “know” he’s not a good player and must be replaced (it’s even worse because he didn’t cost 50 million in transfer fees so that they’d know he was good as it’s well-known that the more expensive the fee, the better the player [cough] DiMaria [cough] Falcao [cough]).

    Similarly, last season they ‘knew” Arteta was “no good”. It didn’t matter that anyone watching noticed how he was never passed when in front of the attacking player. he wasn’t “quick enough”. It mattered not that he is one of the most accurate passers in football period. Of course not. He wasn’t brought in for a huge price, so surely he can’t be a good player.

    Last, I’ll blame the media which encourages a false sense of power in these sad people deluding themselves that screaming their discontent gives them the power they lack in their lives.

    The press talks about malcontents like they matter and about boorish behavior as if it were courageous.

    Frankly football is less and less attractive each year and the fake fans and their media enablers can be thanked for that.

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