Calm down Arsenal fans – You are exaggerating!

There is no doubt about it. There has been a vast wave of anger directed at the Arsenal players, and most of all at Arsene Wenger, in the few days since the defeat at Old Trafford. Has it been productive? That is the big question…

Wenger thinks that the anger shouldn’t come from the fans and they should stand shoulder to shoulder and support the players until the last game of the season, and hopefully we will still walk away with the title in the end. “I’m never surprised by the criticism that comes – that’s part of the media today,” the French manager said on “Part of the opinion is always a bit excessive and emotional, but we have to deal with that and I don’t complain about it.

“Yes, that’s what we want to do [and use criticism as motivation]. We want to transform the negatives into positives around us and create even more solidarity.

“Let’s not go overboard, we do not play to be relegated. We are playing to fight for the title. That’s why we have to put criticism in the right place. After 20 years I’m used to it.

“We have built this club, and it has been built before me, with values. What we try to do is respect these values and when we are disappointed we need to show these values and clarity to fight together.

“What you want from your fans is to fight together until the last game of the season. What we have learnt from the league is that it is very tight, that everybody can drop points, and the teams – and the fans – who can show togetherness and solidarity until the end, might come out of it in a positive way.

“That’s what we want, to fight together until the last game of the season and not give up when you have a bad game or a bad result. That’s what fans and players and teams and clubs are about.”

Now that we have all had a few days to let the setback of defeat sink in, we should also remember that there are still 33 points to be fought for and we are now just six points behind Leicester, which could be reduced to three if we beat Swansea tonight. That is far from failure. But do we believe that criticising the team and booing them will make them play better at the Emirates tonight?

Wenger wants everyone to think and act positively and not throw in the towel after every defeat.“I think competition means you can never give up,” he said. “That goes for support as well.

“Overall, we need our supporters to be behind the team tomorrow night because it’s a very big game and it’s important that we have our fans behind the team.

“What makes me angry is to lose the game. That makes me angry and frustrated. The reaction, I know now what to expect.

“My job is to give importance to what is important and I think, in general, intelligence is to give importance to what is important. I know that, by experience, that your opinions change.

“Football is a pleasure. We should not forget that.

“Football is fantastic as well because it’s unpredictable and not mathematical. We have to accept that it’s like that and that it is fantastic like that.”

Let’s get behind the team tonight, get the three points, and see where we go after that shall we?

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  1. LOL.. Cazorla out for the season..
    Now there is no1 for arsenal to get the ball to ozil.
    No stability and simple passing in the midfield.
    No anchor in deep midfield.
    No title..

    1. i agree, Carzola used to be the key to helping out the defence and defensive midfielder..They can always rely on him to pass the ball to so he could distribute going forward.Always confident that he wont loose the ball easily and will make a decent pass forward.

    2. Wow, so it is only Cazorla which can give a simple pass in the whole squad. You people amaze me sometimes. Criticism where due but article is right, you lot exaggerate. Quite a lot. Your hate for Wenger has no boundaries.
      I bet you any money that Stan will never fire Wenger. Never! It brings him exactly what he wants: profit! I am not against replacing Wenger but I will never call for him to be sacked. As I said many times, he earned the right to go on his own terms. Which will probably happen anyway.

      1. Long time no hear …. Can’t tell what is worse your inability to understand a simple and correct statement about carzolas key role in putting out a better quality team or your weird belief that arsenal fc should be treated like Libya under ghadaffi …either way think it’s time to go back on the meds

        1. If BBC told you how it in was Lybia under Ghadaffi, you don’t know what was Lybia under Ghadaffi, so kindly shut up.

          1. whatever my source is at least i can spell the f****** name right…BBC!!!!…with inane comments such as this i dread to think where your views on football come from

  2. You’ve got to understand what’s I the line for this club. We don’t win the title this season, we may not win it for years. If we don’t win the title this season, Tottenham are favourites to win it – just let that sink in. If we don’t win the title this season, we’ll struggle to keep hold of our best players and attract new ones. We start sinking the way Liverpool did.

    Flip side: we win the title. We’re champions of England and we regain a huge amount of reputation across Europe. We can attract some of the best players around and build a team to compete for the title every season as well as the Champions League. Chelsea and Manchester United will both be out of the Champions League for next year. That gives us an advantage in getting the signings we want. We have to take advantage of that whilst we can.

    1. We all know this, my friend. Stop sounding so smug. All the top teams are in the PL to win it. And none has a divine right to win it. We are all disappointed that our team is not living up to it right now. But all this talk of ‘if they don’t win it now, they will never win it again’ is all rubbish to me.

  3. Hahaha. … Sounds as if Wenger is flapping his chicken wings! ?
    If you can’t handle the heat… Get out of the kitchen, man!

    # We’re having chicken tonight!

    I doubt that the fan’s will be booing the players during the Swansea game, but if they fail to win this one, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be booing at the end of this game!

    Mr Wenger’s reasoning is beyond a joke, how can you ask the fan’s to show fighting spirit to support the players when the players are not showing any on the pitch?
    And where’s Wenger’s fighting spirit on the touch line? (shouting instructions/ motivate them)

    The sad thing is that Wenger doesn’t even sound like a football manager anymore, let alone act like one!
    He sounds more like a hypocritical politician to me,
    Always contradicting himself, whilst pulling the wool over the fan’s eyes.

    We need all our players to stand up and be counted, for the remainder of the season!
    No more laughing and joking during training or making bull ? fake rally cry’s on the social media!.. “Fake” Because they have never backed up their words with actions!

    At the end of the day,They are getting paid WELL do a job and the majority of the time they have not being very professional about it..

    If wenger is expecting the Real Fan’s (who pay hard earned cash to support and watch these clowns) to fight and take the blame for the team and wenger’s failures then mr wenger should put these same fan’s on the payroll! Instead of ripping them off, in every single department.

    1. and not to forget he’s quick to lay his complaint at the feet of the fourth official

      the very last time he did that, he didn’t recognize those feet!

      Until he Looked up and realized it was the face of mike dean the enemy L()L

      1. Thanks mate,
        But I am far too dyslexic for that! ?
        And as far as I’m concerned… The is by far the Greatest ” Arsenal Blog” the world has ever seen!

        Big respect’s to Admin and sideshow Bob, and of course to all writers on here!

        And if I can make one person smile or laugh through my stupid humour, then I am happy! ?

        1. Hey Fatboy Gooney,dyslexic or not you still sound like 12 wise men speaking at the same time mate.Deep stuff man!
          This is the truth that All Arsenal fans should remember.
          At this time of the season there is absolutely no room for complacency. Top top top teams call for that in the least!
          The jury is closer to the door entrance on their way back,the way I see it.

  4. We lost to UTD academy boys, that will always stick with us. I don’t care what wenger says anymore, he’s full of b.s. and this team is not good enough for PL glory.

    If he wants to rescue this season shake things up, play sanchez in his natural position (CF), TAKE ramsay out of the line up and have campbell/walcott on the wings. play elneny/coq and until gabriel learns english he should be playing in cup games only. As slow as BFG is his intelligence and relationship with Kos make him the natural starter

  5. Dear Mr Wenger
    Man Utd was a very big game. Fans, supporters showed up…where were you and your players? If fans, media and supporters were overboard with emotion it’s because neither you nor the players showed ANY – no passion, no effort.

    Fans are ready to fight together but the problem is…it seems the fans are the only ones fighting to defend the pride of the club. When are YOU and the team going to join the fight? When are you going to get off your bloody seat and stand in the technical area and get damned well engaged in the game. Yes, you don’t play to be relegated but that doesn’t mean you played to win the title either.

    Now is not the time to calm down Mr Wenger – now is the time for the men to be counted.

    When they walk down and out of that tunnel, the sound of metal orbs clanging together in their shorts should ring loudly through and scare the bejeezus out of the Swans. Make it so.

      1. @Budd please remember that AW has been paid an awful lot of money over many many years to achieve top results. Sadly, those results have fallen off and that inevitably leads to people questioning his ability. I no longer feel that he can further the club, I can’t see him winning the ECL which must be an ambition Arsenal.

          1. @Budd where did anyone apart from you advocate violence? It is insulting to both @TJ and myself to even suggest such a thing. So please do not do so. I can only speak for myself, but no one should ever resort to violence about any views they hold, and especiwlly over football.

            1. I understand the context of the use of the word “fight” to mean to defend and support the players and players and not fight in a physical sense. I’ve seen too much violence already in my life for reasons far more trivial than a sport. No one should resort to violence. Stoke Station was a very, very sad episode in our history. It should never be repeated.

              Violence is never a way to make a point or be proven right. It is only a path into darkness from which there is no hope of return.

              Peace to all…

  6. Well, for me, I am unconcerned with the Boss becoming immune to Arsenal’s fans outcry and discontentment over the possibility of Arsenal failing to win the BPL title in particular this season.

    What I want to be immune from on my own part is, Arsenal failing to win the BPL and Ucl this season. Should Arsenal failed to win the bigger double titles of the BPL & the Ucl and even the treble as well this season, I could become infected with any kind of disorders. For I don’t have the immunity to guide against any Arsenal this season titless disorder attacks. And I don’t want to be attacked by any disorder at all.

    Therefore, Arsenal MUST win the 3 titles they are still competing for in this season’s campaign if at all they are interested in seen me saved from any disorder attack.

    In their possible considerations for my good health by Arsenal, the Gunners MUST re-assessed their stands and become more ambitious and effective than ever to 1st, beat Swansea City today’s night at the Ems and give Spurs a beating of their lives at White Hart Lane on Sunday noon to start giving me hopes that I won’t suffer any disorder attack at the end of this season.

  7. Cech
    Bellerin Per Kos Nacho
    Coq Nanny
    Joel Ozil Sanchez (class is permanet)


    1. Give Gab his chances, he needs a couple of games before we judge him … Mert is over for me …

  8. I’ve solved the problem. It s been stareing me in the face all along.
    Wait for it,IT’S THE FANS FAULT why we’ve been playing crap since January 1st
    and Wenger can’t motivate the team or give a sensible press conference.
    If we had an empty stadium for the remaining games we would win the league
    at a canter.

  9. This writer is clearly an AKB…but bro let me tell you…since the turn of the year Arsene knows nothing…Is it my fault they cant beat Hull or Man U or Stoke Or Soton
    This team is unreliable and annoying to watch most times…Arsene jst need to accept this and promise they will do better rather than jst saying stupid stuffs at His pressers

  10. As harsh as it may sound, the question that every arsenal fan should ask him/herself is: do i want to be a fan of THIS arsenal team (players and manager) or not ?

    1. So what are you going to do? Go and support Tottenham? Or another team thats winning?
      I think you will find that REAL Arsenal fans would never even THINK about asking that question.
      What does that make you?

  11. I think this was an unfortunate line for AW to take. You can get away with it as a one off, but there have been a lotcof analysis of his excuses for the loss v Man U, the money one didn’t stack as there was only about 30m difference on the day through injury etc. Sometimes you have to say it as it is. We were awful and have been. We have not been consistent, we have only won 4 of the last 10 games and we must do better. That kind o honest apology cuts it far more with fans that the rubbish he sometimes spouts. He seems to forget that we have tended either play/watch and love this game from a young age and know when oir team has been lucky/unluck.

  12. we can,t even predict this season,s champion but some people for some reasons can say that if we don,t win the title this year we won,t for many years to come,amazing!!!

  13. Outside of manU, manC, chelsea and ourselves, the last team to win the PL was Blackburn Rovers in the 1994-5 season.

    This season the poor form of manu, manc and chelsea should have resulted in us winning the title. However, every time we have an opportunity to go clear ahead we have bottled it. To win against manu at old trafford was a realistic expectation given their recent form and injuries but again we bottled it.

    To win the PL we need an exceptinal run of games, nothing about the current form suggests this is likely. So i do not think we are exaggerating. Lets hope the team now gors on this exceptional run of form and wins the PL.

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