Calm down Arsenal this happened last year – Repeat…..

Calm down Arsenal this happened last year

I wanted to send a little reminder about how positive we were at the beginning of last season after beating Manchester City in the Community Shield last year, and compare it to this campaign, when we beat the reigning champions Chelsea. Sometimes in feels like we are in a time loop with the same thing happening where we end up in fourth (Oh or third!!) every season. This is what was published on JustArsenal last year in August….

Hey Arsenal fans, how much did we enjoy that then? A great performance and a morale boosting result against Man City, the team that won the title last season after Arsenal had fallen off the pace for whatever reason. And it was not just a lucky win either.

The Gunners were very good and fully deserved to lift the Community Shield at Wembley, and despite the anti-Arsenal mob at BT Sport trying to tell us that Man City were never going to win because of their depleted squad, we have good reason to be optimistic. Don’t forget that Arsenal also had plenty of players unavailable.

But from the title, it is clear that I have a bucket of water in my hands to throw over the exultant Arsenal fans. Or a damp flannel anyway, because the same thing happened at the same point last year. Arsenal beat Man City in a friendly a week before the Premier League began, and City finished with the BPL trophy.

I am not saying that the same thing is going to happen again, and I think that we would have won it last season with a bit less bad luck, but it just shows you that we should not be counting our chickens. Just enjoy today and hope that the Gunners will do us proud in the coming months!

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  1. Yes, you are right we came in third last year, and that is what we should be aiming for this year as well. Heck – lets just aim to be mediocre

    No – I am not going to calm down or relax or whatever. I am ANGRY, after 12 years of this sh*t, I am Angry, There are NO excuses left, either this team at least becomes a real challanger or Wenger gets the frack out. Enough BS, enough excuses, enough of accepting mediocracy. I for one am done with this BS.

    1. is jimbeam needing some jimbeam?

      look its gonna be ok.

      agent beetlejuice has stated that cavani and lavezzi are riding off the back of a eurostar with there skateboards marti mcfly style.

    2. Gazidis has put the PR department on overtime . working hard to confuse and convince
      certain things are obvious .

      1 wenger loves to play a certain way ( no problem with that )

      2 to play that way , you need the players .

      3 those players make up for their deficiency in stamina , size and physique with pace , guile , accuracy , ,work ,dribbling skill , diversity of pass , street smart and most importantly, Intelligence , and Ball retention under pressure

      4 in other word , we would let like to play like the invicibles or Barcelona

      5 However , Apart from Ox , Sanchez Cazorla and Ozil , none of the frontmen or midfielders fit that profile.

      6 we talk about the invisibles , but what people may not remember is their phenomenal work rate . Only coquelin and Sanchez work their socks off even when they are not playing well

      7 almost everybody in the team had a fantastic ball winning ability ( interception).

      8 either Wenger goes out and buy the players who can play his philosophy or he should leave

      9 we need another DM ( viera ) to complement ball winning coquelin ( petit)

      10 we need a striker with movement and a bit of pace

  2. Its a question of. Are you an Arsenal fan. Or are you an Wenger fan. When you are an Arsenal fan you should be not calm for the past years. If you are a Wengerit. No problem, its okay nothing will happen to Wenger bec he has become god at Arsenal. The god of the stupid.

    1. What does it take for a person who has become like god in a team to get the sack or think abour retirement?

      Losing to 4 goals? No
      Losing to 5 goals? No
      Losing to 6 goals maybe? No
      Losing to 8 goals? No

      Losing the Eufa leauge finale? No
      Losing the CL finale? No
      Losing to the likes of Birmingham on the cup final? No No.

      Losing to Spurs? No
      Losing to Monacco?No

      Losing legends maybe to rival teams and by doing so help them making them champions?


      Maybe if Wenger goes 17 years without winning the Cl once? Again no
      Maybe going 10 years without winning the leauge?No no
      Maybe going who knows how many years without reaching the second place? No

      Maybe a huge salary of 9 milion a year would angry fans? No
      Maybe favorise would angry fans to want him off?No
      The Socialist wage structure maybe? No Nooo.
      Him being deluded maybe and stubborn? no no. Dis nothing to Wengerito amigo.

      Tired of writing any further.

      1. U will say I am an akb an di don’t give a rats …

        But u forgot:

        Losing Ueda final where he lead the team with Henry where hebdidnt score

        Losing the ucl final being then only arsenal manager to have taken us there with Henry where hebdidnt score

        There. .some more facts

        1. What a surprise. Maybe some other manager could have done it, if Wenger for once would retire and give someone else the chance to prove himself, instead of simple being there and do nothing. Then maybe you could see, before you turn to old to even care abou football anymore, that changes arent that bad.

          How do you explain subing an experienced Pires off the match?

          What is there to lose in change man? There is nothing to lose bec we have lost face so many times that it is not funny anymore.

          1. Ah…the big old “maybe”
            Yeah maybe…but check arsenal stays inbthe Yeats just before wenger joined….u will be surprised to see 10th and similar…even with that defense he inherited and Bergkamp in 95

            1. The ignorance knows no boundaries. I’ll ask you one question. Why did all those players leave?

              The answer is simple. Arsenal needed to fund the stadium and those players were sold to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, football is not just a videogame where finances are for players alone. There are many factors involved, all which require money. The years from 2006 up until 2012/13, we did not have much of budget to do much. Yet Wenger, under the financial restraints and all our players leaving/being sold, he still managed a top 4 finish. I doubt many managers could accomplish this and top of that still take flak from the media and short sighted fans.

              In the last two years, our budget on players has grown and we have brought in some top players including Ozil, Sanchez and Cech. In those two years, we have won 5 trophies.

              You cannot judge Wenger by saying that he hasn’t won the BPL title in over 10 years without taking the above into serious consideration as you are throwing the baby our with the bath water doing so. 2012/13 was a financial turning point for Arsenal and this should be from where we should assess our achievements to date and so far we have done really well. Three games into the season, one loss and fans like you are taking things totally out of context and raging.

              What would have happened if Wenger was fired halfway through last season like many of you wanted? I seriously doubt we would have won anything and our top four spot would have been compromised and we would be sitting in a position with no CL football, NO additional money from the tournament and the inability to attract top names, like Cech.

    1. Yes Cavani seems the only realistic possibility of a Top striker

      I’m still hoping for a DM too like Bender, Krychowiak, Carvalho or Wyanama

      1. Dont, plz. Dont make it any harder as it is for your self. Just let time go past, and see if something happens or not.

          1. No one really believes it. We just don’t want to face the depressing reality that will be with us on Sept 1st.

  3. No need partying, I know majority of you can’t bet your arse on this team claiming 3rd spot at the end of the season.

    Be liberal, just watch football and help me pray I catch wenger soon… I’ll chop off his balls (seems they’re use*ess).

    I don’t like Mouthi-nho but he knows what is needed in his team and he fix it. He has no favorite player, ask Cech!

    1. He has no balls, bec if so, he would bench the likes of Ramsey and Giroud a long time ago. Just take notice when a player like Giroud gets benched for once. The next day you see a report where Giroud says.

      I tllked to the boss, and he explained to me why i had to sit on the bench. Same goes with Ramsey. That guy. Will ask to leave the club the moment a big club shows interest in him. Even if he sees the bench, he will ask to leave, bec somehow he thinks that he is the Sh*t now.

      Or dont get me started with players getting all upsed about critisem and wallking to Papa Wenger to protect them from the bad boys, aka Nevill and Henry.

      1. i liked ramsey versus pool. he has energy and he comes close. i like OG less. but the main problem we have at home now is the setup: teams park against us and make that part of the field very dense. then OG parks himself off the CB’s shoulder. and we all decide we’re going to go super narrow. we need to change how we play at home. OG needs to rove and we need to start using the width of the pitch.

  4. Im just hoping when we play newcastle on saturday at st james park, that we shoot more from outside the box than trying to walk the ball into the net!

    1. ohh whatever vega – i smashed u in streetfighter 2 with zangief and ryu-without that fence to jump from- u aint nothing!

  5. Right now I see Chelsea v City for 1st
    United are better and seem to have defense sorted out. If they get top striker in next 7 days it cout be Chelsea v City v United

    I think we NEED a top striker and a defensive player to be in the mix

    Defensively, a DM like Krychowiak or Bender

    Offensively, Cavani would be great
    Otherwise, someone like Reus, Greizmann, Gotze, Draxler

    We bought Alexis last summer, Ozil summer before so if we bid realistic offers and offer realistic wages we have a chance to sign one of them hopeefully

    It’s up to Wenger to do the right thing within approximately 6.5 days from now.

    1. u know what u can do with that f*cking list of yours fred?!!!!

      laminate it, an give it to me for christmas fred
      i love u

    2. Krychowiak and Cavani are the two players I’ve wanted since January. Seems strange that they’re now our ‘last resort’ when they’ve been my first choice haha. Well, in truth I wanted Reus over Cavani, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, and Reus isn’t a striker.

    3. Fred what happened. From Giroud being better then Rooney to this?

      Alexis was an expecation. Walcott was injuried and Wenger knew that he would ne be back for a long time. Therefor us getting him. + cheap.

      Ozil was a panic buy.

      Merti, Arteta and the rest of the garabe where also all panic buys. Arteta didnt even had a medic before we got him, that says a lot.

    4. I am hoping they give Draxler another look, now that Juventus picked up Cuadrado. He could be back-up on the left and I like to think he could be developed as a striker. Hopeful for Krychowiak as well.

    5. united will be sh*t this season. they dont look good at all.
      we DO still need a ST and CDM. dont know what goes thru in wenger’s head.
      cavani would be fantastic.
      cech will be fantastic.

  6. Who said Cavani is coming?… stop putting yourself under some undeserved pressure of over-ambitiousness. Maybe it’s true Cavani is not happy in PSG and wants to leave,but who said the happiest place to be is in Arsenal? Maybe by next week, he will be happy at PSG…just relax and get behind Giroud,Walcott and Welbeck… almost everyone is calling Arsene a tatically clueless manager. How is buying of Cavani make him more tatical? ( ooh!! maybe he will be his deputy to)… i think the biggest buy we should make this transfer window is ‘MENTAL STRENGTH’.

      1. cavani is not too good for us. we can afford him. Q is whether wenger has the balls to pay what it takes.

  7. Just facts to make the antiwebger squad mad as hell hahaha.

    In the years just before wenger came arsenal didn’t even make it to the top 4.

    Ouch hahahahah

    Even better. In 95-96 Bergkamp was already a gunner…i think we finished like 10


    1. So what. Graham won a bunch of trophys himsels, even the uefa Cup.

      Arsenal at that time compared with manure. Both 11 titles.

  8. Was very optimistic that we were going to do something this year, now it looks like same old, with Wenger refusing to acknowledge the obvious. How he can say we don’t need another DM, when almost everyone who knows anything about football says we do, is beyond me. Coq was extremely lucky to not be banned for 3 games and who do we have to replace him? Arteta? Flamini? This is ridiculous when we are so overloaded with talent in central midfield, such an overload that we are playing people out of position in order to accommodate them and losing games, whilst the correct players for those positions are left on the bench. Look how it affected MC when Kompany wasn’t fit – now look at them now. If Wenger doesn’t believe having a strong leader in defence / defensive midfield doesn’t turn a team around, he must be deluded.

    For me, a strong DM such as Schneiderlin would’ve been first priority and a striker second – I think it’s that important. Wenger seems to have the same mindset as King Canute, thinking he can stop the onslaught with nothing, and is just as deluded.

  9. Every other year you hear ‘first we have to qualify for UCL (through play off) then we can attract big players. This year we have automatic passage to group stage still we don’t see any signings. If Cech didn’t want to stay in London, who knows we wouldn’t have added any players up until and including now.

    Remember he will only add quality that improves the squad. There is apparently no one better than the players we have at the moment, absolutely no one, zilch.

    1. I agree with you . I think he got obsessed with Benzema and neglected others.
      Also he should know that getting a backup isn’t always “progressing” so what if youbsibn the backup who can’t make the team better….it’s a backup and can be developed

    2. i know. this year he didnt have the qualification excuse or the money excuse. i think we all know its hard to get a striker. but someone got benteke this year, and costa previously. it is possible. and at 9M/year plus 200M in bank plus going so many years w/o a WC striker: we should be willing to do whatever it takes. i dont see that attitude from wenger. i see a mild “i’ll try but not promising anything”. if i had an employee with wenger’s attitude, i’d fire him.

      1. despite what he says publically, i think wenger tries for strikers. he just sucks at negotiating and cant work the transfer window like dein used to. i wish wenger was less arrogant and let someone else do the negotiating etc. he has his finger in too many pies at arsenal.

  10. This happen every season…and fans still love the excuses of bad day at the office…..

    time for a change…time for a new manager!!

    1. Ok..who????
      U people always claiming for wenger to step down. …then who?
      Klopp who walked out on Dortmund?

  11. Wenger wants to keep Joel Campbell, but post match after liverpool he reminds everyone that he was missing Welbeck and Wilshere. Where was Joel? certainly not on the bench. Doesn’t even mention that we have Rosicky out as well. So how must Joel and Rosicky be feeling right now. If you exclude these 2 players who will never get game time, we only have 22 first team players, with them its 24.

    1. He wants to keep them but refuse to play them….

      He wants to sign them but refuse to pay them….

      Time for a change….10 season of the same excuses

    2. I thought wenger was making space for new players. ..if he doesn’t have them now he just gambled a little too much imo

      1. i bet he tries hard behind scenes to get striker. but due to stinginess, naivety, stubborness he fails. last year, welbeck was plan B after higuain. he needs to go after 2-3 good strikers every year, and then maybe he could land one of them.

  12. He is too powerful. He cannot go on forever, and that will leave a huge vacuum when he leaves. We should be bringing in David Dein for transfer responsibilities, as he is much better than Wenger at that, as proven when he was in charge when we last won the EPL – we did have a very balanced team back then. This will also help in devolving power, making it easier when AW finally stands down.

      1. So is Wenger…. Doesn’t need to be fast in the transfer business, just needs the brains which he has.

    1. which also means its too early to throw in the towel. yes, it hurts, but we’re only 3 games in.

  13. @Hafiz Rahman

    Too late for that mate, his “highness” has 2 years left (more or less) on his current contract and I don’t see why he would not prolong the pleasure of his presence… Enjoy ?

    Basically, he is going no where. This is his last job as a manager (where else is he going to go?) and he Is in a position where he is not questioned, not under any pressure and in charge of everything regarding football and more…
    No one is bigger than the club, but we might, just might have to reconsider the saying…!

    Anyway, the transfer window means shite to us because we are not (and never were) in contention for major trophies.

    We have the squad to “access” the top four again (which is the only objective) and if he can throw one of the “small” cup in the mix, it constitues a successful season…

    Talking of striker, Wenger told French sports journalists that he had Welbeck coming back (4 goals in 25 games) when asked about the Benzema situation… Forgot we did have a top striker in the ranks…!!!

    1. How is he not under pressure. The man was abused getting on a train. He gets allot of questions put to him. Just because the board are delighted with how Arsene used little money to no money at all ..on top of losing every gem that he discovered, does not mean that they expect less of what he was capable of before the debt. The man has earned and built up their trust, he knows we will be expected to again challenge. He knows to do this he must sign the highest calibre players and as far as I can see he is doing and trying.

      Everyone is talking like it’s a surprise that our home form is nervy, when you have home fans who tut, moan, and just wait for stuff to happen this is not a great atmosphere.

  14. We seem to have sold / loaned a huge amount of players, yet hardly brought any one in. Chuba Akpom seems like the striker in form now, so we can look forward to facing him in the EPL soon, don’t know why Wenger said we weren’t a selling club any more.

    1. 1. Akpom is nowhere near ready to play for our first team yet.
      2. He is at Hull. Hull aren’t in the Premiership.
      3. Loaned players can’t play against their parent clubs anyways.

      1. Oops I meant Benik Afobe. He has been sold not loaned, is scoring a lot for Wolves and looks like he’s coming to an EPL club near you soon.

    2. Haha we can’t just hoard every youth player!?!? How many would realistically get a shot this season?? Chuba hasn’t been sold and just signed an extension with us last season. Why would we be facing him in the EPL??
      Akpom, Sanogo, Gnabry, Silva, Toral, Crowley, Zelalem, Maitland-Niles, Hayden, Sczezza and Martinez are all out on loan to get first team experience they wouldn’t get here. There’s only so far a player will develop in the u21’s, and sitting on the bench definitely doesn’t help.
      With the new youth set-up we seemed to seriously re-stock with promising talents. We still have Iwobi, Bielik, JRA, Fortune, Willock, Dragomir, Fortune (Who’s apparently the more impressive of the two frenchies) and Donyell who was supposedly one of the brightest striker prospects out of the prestigious Ajax academy. There’s only so many youngsters who will get given a shot in CC games and I dare say there will be a few of the players I listed.

      1. Yep, my mistake – I meant Benik Afobe, he seems to be scoring for fun at Wolves, and now EPL clubs are buzzing around him.

        1. Yes he’s been great. But scoring in the lower league doesn’t equate to PL form. He’ll be a great striker for a mid-table team. But the level of striker the majority of fans want seems to be quite a few notches above.

  15. Wow… It’s really gloomy on here.
    Have the first three been to the level of expectation? Hell no!!
    Everyone’s saying ‘ohh look at this signing’ well bam!! ridiculous saves from our world-class signing. Not for one minute suggesting that makes up for the lack of activity, but still, after a few shaky games responded like a champ!! The fingertip save was something else… But that save on Benteke from about 3 yards?? Exactly what our other keepers lack, the confidence to close down, make themselves big and leave nothing to chance. Made a certain goal look like a routine save.
    Coquelin?? After such heavy criticism for a very risky game absolutely saved us! Seriously.. Chambers passed at 78% in the first half at CENTRE BACK!! Monstered them, made tackles he had no right to get after ridiculous turnovers and loads of pressure from other players and I thought his performance was just about as good as it gets for a DM.

    I get the frustrations.. I truly do. But what I really can’t stand is the comments saying with absolute certainty that we’ll be ‘fighting for fourth’ or ‘third’s as good as it’ll get.’ We’ve lost one game. One. Evaluating a team’s potential after three games is madness.
    Newcastle next, followed by the break then stoke and chelsea. A few easier games followed by a huge test at Chelsea. Can people stop acting as though the seasons over before it’s even begun? There’s 105 points still up for grabs.

      1. Honestly, negativity I get. But blind pessimism about the future being thrown at us as though it’s a fact I don’t.

          1. we need to change up our system at home games. teams park against us (now even chelsea,pool are doing it). we need to get OG more mobile or maybe drop him for home games . for home games, i’d like this:
            sanchez/LW, Ox/RW
            basically we have 3 positions to fill in this lineup : LW,RW and false9.
            and we have 4 players, each of who can play almost any of those:
            sanchez, ox, walcott and ramsey.
            ramsey is close to being really good.

    1. History is gonna repeat again. Last year same people like u said its only first 5 games we will come back and win the EPL title. When we were struggling to win games, Chelsea won first 8 games and won the title easily at the end. so, If u want to give lecture like Wenger and looking for excuse i say u donnt want us to win titles and support wenger wherever he goes.

    1. We dont expect different results nor does the board or any man associated with Arsenal except
      Wenger. The board wants us to spend but Mr Bean is happy with Coquelin and Giroud.

      1. Your entitled to believe whatever you want, but yours is an outside view on a man that you blame everything on. A little biased, not for the reasons one would imagine from a supporter though.

        We brought in many players last season, so obviously they are looking. Arsene is not the one who will sit down and discuss contracts with players and agents, that’s just silly.

  16. Few years ago we had 3 very good strikers like Adebayor, Eduardo and V.Persie in the same season but now we only have one Giroud. I consider Welbeck more of a wide player than CF.
    I mean how can any Manager say we can win the title with only one striker. Wenger thinks
    Giroud is as good as Henry.

    1. Damn peoples memories are short.
      A.) RVP never played striker while those two were around. He played on the flanks… On the rare occasions he was actually fit. With his injury record the majority of fans were calling for his sale.
      B.) Eduardo was fantastic, but after his injury was never the same.
      C.) Yeah… Adeboyor was a beast. But his decline after leaving us was pretty rapid. Not entirely sure he would’ve maintained that form if he stayed with us.

      Personally, I don’t think our current set-up is working the way it’s intended. It could change, if not Wenger will have to re-tinker. Our midfield combinations haven’t been anywhere near as flowing as they’ve shown to be in the past. They really need to lift to justify having the extra midfielder and Giroud/Sanchez striking combo.

      1. You need to go to mental hospital with all due respect. V.Persie ocassionally played as winger but most of the time he was playing as striker. We were playing with 4-4-2 system
        V.persie was injured a lot but he played as a striker.

      2. if we leave giroud out, and play w/o a CF, we can have some very fast combinations up front.

        but wenger loves giroud too much. basically the rest of our team is very fast, but there’s giroud and he always gets played. it distorts the play of the rest of the team who then feel they all have to go thru giroud. that makes us narrow and predictable (especially at home) and we’re getting screwed at home.

  17. It took Wenger almost 10 years to finally sign a top keeper like Cech. He hasnt replaced Gilberto
    or Vieira since they left. He hasnt replaced a top striker since V.Persie left more than 3 years ago.
    Since 2012-13 he has had plenty of money to spend so what excuse he comes up with ?
    There is no top striker available.

    1. Yeah cos we definitely play that exact same system..
      I don’t get these ‘replacing’ comments. Vierra was one of the greatest midfielder’s to grace the game. RVP’s final season was a near on record breaker after years of injury let-downs. These are the tier of players that there’s maybe 5-6 of in the world, the majority of which are already at top clubs.
      Giroud scored 19 goals last season while spending 3 1/2 months injured. The majority of strikers people call for had a much worse scoring record than he did last season in weaker leagues.

      1. Man learn to admit mistakes buddy. Wenger has to take the blame for not signing the right players. You try to hide all Wenger’s mistakes.

      2. Not really complaining that much about Giroud – it’s playing players in the wrong positions which really bugs me, because we have the right players to play in those positions, and potentially win games.

        Also not getting in a DM, when it’s already been shown this season how perilous Coq’s position is, and we could certainly play 2 DMs in some matches. Schneiderlin was holding out on Manure because he wanted to come to Arsenal. It is an important position for which we don’t have a reliable back up. I totally agree with Gary Neville’s comments.

        1. missing-out or not bidding for another DM will be a HUGE mistake. and it will bite us this season. Strikers v.hard to get. but we could have at least shored up the CDM. not sure whats going on in wenger’s head on this one. (arteta? flam? really?). cant help thinking there’s a bit of senility creeping in.

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