Calum Chambers now ready to strengthen the Arsenal defence at last

After a hip injury that sidelined Calum Chambers for more than a couple of months, he has finally played his first game of the season and enjoyed a 1-0 win in the Caraboa Cup. It has been an ongoing struggle for the ex-Saints star to regain physical health and fitness, but he is now back in the Arsenal squad and at the age of just 22, he remains one of the team’s future stars.

Chambers has had a rough start to his Arsenal season as he was on the sidelines until September 20. He did return for a game against the Doncaster Rovers in the Carabao Cup, but only lasted 45 minutes in the game. He was removed from action for a recurrence of the hip injury. Initially, Chambers was thought to be out for just a fortnight, however, he continued to struggle with the problem and was placed on the sidelines for additional time. It was thought that the defensive star would be back in action on November 2, but he did not appear in that game. Even though he is back in full training, the actual date of his full time return to the squad remains up in the air. At this time, trainers and medical staff are taking it one day at a time and will not place Chambers back in action until his injury has been resolved 100%.

Arsenal Struggles with Other Injuries

The team has been suffering from the loss of multiple players due to various injuries in this campaign. Shkodran Mustafi has suffered a groin injury and has only just returned – but with a spectacular game against Spurs. Goalkeeper David Ospina was also on the injured list with a groin injury, but has only just returned to the squad. With Chambers back in training, the Arsenal team could some power back on the field in our defence. An achilles problem has also landed Laurent Koscielny on the sidelines after he limped off the field during a match at Watford, but again he has now returned to the fold after another scare while he was with France but there is always a chance that his achilles problems will return and open space for Chambers in the back three.

Recent injuries have plagued the Arsenal squad and in addition to these key players being on the mend, Arsenal has also lost Cazorla long term to a Plantaris Injury. There is no expected return date for Santi as we have yet to learn of his rehab time although Cazorla will not be returning to the team as a game player until 2018. He had already had numerous achilles surgeries and while he is training and practicing with the team, he is nowhere near ready to play at 100%. The team suffered another blow just recently as a double injury caused Olivier Giroud and Aaron Ramsey to be sidelined with injuries during the international break although Aaron was just a false rumour. Both injuries could have placed the Arsenal squad in a tough position as injuries have been piling up over the past two months but we have had nothing but good news since.

When will Chambers return on the Field?

Luckily, with the return of Chambers, there is a strong point on defense, which is great news to fans of the Arsenal squad. It also provides Canadian betting enthusiasts with hopeful betting options as Chambers returns. Unfortunately, with many of the star players hurt or getting injured during recent games, the Arsenal squad is prone to losing strength and is forced to play substitute players full time. For bettors, this is devastating news as the season has a long way to go. However, there are hopeful returns and if Chambers can remain injury free, the squad will have some power on the back field again.

Remaining Arsenal Schedule

Despite the loss of some of the major players on the squad, Arsenal has some tough games in the near future, but the coaching staff is hopeful that the team will be able to pull out some more wins, especially with our brilliant home form. There are still a few games in November and the squad will face some tough competition in December with matches against Manchester United, Newcastle United and Liverpool. For the remainder of the season, which runs through to May, the team is hopeful that their star players can stay and will help the team work towards a Top Four place or maybe another FA Cup win.

New injuries are possible every week, placing top players on the treatment table and delivering a blow to the overall team. With many games to go, the Arsenal coaching staff is hopeful for the return of Chambers to full fitness and give Wenger many more defensive options.


    1. You crazy! He is by far a better option than Holding. Chambers is our third best CB behind Koscielny and Mustafi. He improved a lot at Middlesborough and has barely played at CB for us. He broke out at RB for us then unfortunately had a shocker at Swansea, then was replaced by Bellerin. Give him time, he is only 22 years old. He will only get better.

  1. Well chambers is a great talent but he has not impressed for arsenal since joining from southampton.It is a big boost nevertheless to see players coming back from injuries.But i doubt whether he will have a major impact in the epl coz I don’t think wenger will go for him if everyone is fit.But in the cups and the europa league he could play big part in the rotation policy.I still don’t believe that we sold Gabriel he was a fighter.I pray wenger goes all out to sign Van Dijk or another quality CB in the january window.

    1. I am sorry but I have to disagree with you on a few points. Yes Chambers won’t get in the starting epl side but he is a much better back up than Holding, or Debuchy or Mertasacker. Chambers did really well when he first arrived playing at RB, but then he had a shocker at Swansea then he was replaced by Bellerin. Since then he has barely played for Arsenal. I don’t even think he has played at CB for Arsenal more than 10 times. And He improved a lot at Middlesborough. Just give him time. He is only 22 years old, he will improve. A back three of Chambers, Mustafi and Koscielny is pretty good because they are all similar players so they would be able to read each other really well and they all have great technical ability. Remember Chambers’ goal in the fa cup with the outside of his boot? He has got amazing technical ability. Only thing I can fault him is his pace.

  2. I am sorry, but I really can’t see he has shown the class to become part of a team, which aspire for PL glory etc.
    He is decent, but really nothing more. We need more than that in the future.

    1. He is only 22 years old and hasn’t played for Arsenal since the 2015/16 season. Give him some time, he can become a really good CB. Look at the likes of Keane, or Gomez or Maguire. Chambers can become just as good as these young english CBs if not better.

  3. I disagree with you in thinking he’s better than Holding. Holding held his own last season; the fact that he’s had a dip and some bit of confidence gone doesn’t make him bad. I remember some on here clamouring for Holding to start ahead of Mustafi somewhere last season. He’s a kid, he’ll get better. They could be on par but I highly doubt Chambers is really better than Holding. I would choose the Holding of last season over any version of chambers

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