Calum Chambers will return to Arsenal as a better player?

Chambers will return a better player according to new boss!

Towards the end of the transfer window this summer, Arsene Wenger made it very clear that whilst he was keen to add to his squad with a few more additions, that he would also look to send a few first team players out on loan to gain some experience.

Whilst many people were frustrated to see the likes of Joel Campbell and Jack Wilshere leave the club on loan this season, Calum Chambers on the other hand looked as if he was in dire need of a move away. All three players were loaned out to improve on their playing time, fitness and experience, however for Chambers especially, this is a key time to prove if he can be a quality centre back in the Premier League, on a more consistent basis.

Chambers has shown on plenty of occasions that he has the talent to succeed, but sadly for him after a run of games he makes a mistake and he won’t see the first team again for a matter of months. Such has been the case that he hasn’t really been able to develop during his time at Arsenal and this isn’t forgetting that he’s now been at the club for three seasons. Wenger therefore decided that a loan move for the Englishman was necessary to prove himself, as well as to gain plenty of experience. Chambers apparently had a number of offers from across England, however it was to be newly promoted side Middlesborough that Chambers would end up. His new manager, Aitor Karanka, has been very positive about the Englishman and insists that Chambers will return a much better player after his season with Boro.

Karanka said: “He has come here to help us. I brought him here to help him because at the end of the season, the main thing is that we can stay in the Premier League and Calum can go back to Arsenal as a better player.

Always the marks are at the end and for that reason, I think the marks will be good because he is a good player. He is coming to help us, to put pressure on different players and as a really, really good alternative for me.”

In my opinion the move for Chambers was ideal because whilst it helped the Middlesborough improve their back line, it also gives Chambers a tough test on a regular basis, as well as relieves him from the competitive pecking order at Arsenal. Competition for places at Boro will still be high for Chambers and of course he will have to prove his worth there as well. However he will come up against the leagues top defenders on a regular basis and experience what it’s like to play in a defensive line fighting for Premier League safety, rather than alongside a more collective defence that includes the likes of Koscielny and Monreal.

All the best to Calum for the season and I hope he returns a more experienced and better player.



  1. Twig says:

    Calum is an attacking midfielder.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Get some sleep man. .. God damitttt! ?
      Your as bad as Mr Wenger…. Delusional ?

      Aswell as stating that Jack wheelchair is World class!
      Which contradicts the reason for loaning him out! ?
      Mr Wenger also predicts that our thick as ? Jack! Will one day be the future Arsenal manager… Wtf is wenger smoking? ?

      1. RSH says:

        Arsene off his meds again. Let’s hope he takes em in time for the game tomorrow.

      2. Jan says:

        Hahaha..look errr you can get really good good “stuff” when ur sallary is 8mil p/y

  2. Jan says:

    No chance!And he should stay at…..wherever he is now.

  3. Onochie says:

    The funny thing is that chambers doesn’t even have a particular position to develop in,he played RB,CM,CB. Wenger hasn’t helped the lad develop,he’s only going out on loan to get game time,not to develop in any particular area of the pitch.

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