Campbell explains the problem with AMN and his latest outburst

Ainsley Maitland-Niles is pushing for a move away from Arsenal, but Kevin Campbell insists that there are no bids in for him.

The recently-turned 24 year-old is believed to be keen on leaving North London today with a matter of hours left of the transfer window, and he revealed his intentions when taking to social media in angst.

He posted the following on Instagram, as quoted by Sky Sports: ‘All I wanna do is go where I’m wanted and where I’m gonna play’.

Kevin Campbell insists that there is no offer for him however, and claims that the problem is that he doesn’t want to play in the role that Arsenal chose for him at full-back, with him intending to play in midfield instead.

“Nobody has bid for Maitland-Niles,” Campbell told the Highbury Squad. “I understand that Maitland-Niles wants to play. If you can play multiple positions then you don’t turn around say ‘I don’t want to play right-back or fullback. I only want to play centre-midfield,’.

“You know what that does? It limits the opportunities you are going to get. Maitland-Niles as an Arsenal lad, who has come through the ranks, should be like ‘I will play wherever’. The problem is that he doesn’t want to do it.

“Then the management can use it against you. As far as they are concerned, they don’t see him as a good enough midfielder.

On Ornstein reporting that AMN has said he wants to play full-back: “He never tweeted that back then, that’s my point, he is tweeting it now. What’s the point in it coming out now? We needed it to come out a year ago.”

The reality is that AMN hasn’t shown enough to be considered for a regular role in Arsenal’s midfield, and if his priority is to play in that role, then he can leave.

Our players should be willing to play anywhere on the pitch, and do the job asked of you by the manager, and that should be the attitude of all of our stars.

Did AMN show enough with West Brom last term to warrant being considered a PL level midfielder?


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    1. “Is Cedric also better than AMN”

      Cedric plays fullback..Exactly where AMN doesn’t want to play…

    2. Elneny is better than him at midfield.
      Just because Elneny is happy as a squad player doesn’t undermine his ability, as midfielder AMN is lacking in so many area and also as Rb, during UE time he got enough chances when we prioritise UEL , the last 5matches of the season, anyone remember?

      I don’t know why we are desperate to keep him, dude isn’t good enough.
      And those tweets? He could have honourably handed in a transfer request instead of the comments and tweets

  1. AMN played in central midfield for England under 23. Why is that a big issue. Arteta doesn’t rate him at all but Wenger and Emery were using him on regular basis. Arteta is slowly destroying this team, and a lot of us are being made to buy his story.

    1. Can you remind us all how many times wenger used him?
      AMN has always been a bit part player. What exactly is he good at? Been hearing about his hype since his teenage years at the academy when his mother used to turn up and demand that her son is played regularly. Same with Szczęsny, his father was doing the same.
      That was 10 years ago. Szczęsny has gone on to make a career for himself while AMN is still being average and dormant.

      It seems like not many managers rate him. Even younger Willock has come and attracted suitors.

      AMN is still here feeling himself.

  2. OT: in other news, after our dismissal start of the season,Amazon all or nothing Arsenal have to scrap the first part and restructure it.

      1. CaughtOffside
        Arsenal to cancel part of “All or Nothing” Amazon documentary after nightmare start to the season
        Mark Brus
        2 days ago
        Arteta Arsenal All Or Nothing

        Arsenal have suffered an embarrassing start to the season with three defeats and no goals scored in their opening three Premier League games.

        And it seems like this humiliation could be compounded by the fact that the club are now said to be restructuring their “All or Nothing” Amazon documentary by cancelling the early part of the campaign.

        Arsenal fans will hope things can improve soon, though some will also be keen to see the footage that might now not make it to the final cut of the documentary.

        After all, these long-suffering Gooners surely deserve a proper look at what’s gone wrong for Mikel Arteta so far this season.

        MORE: Pep Guardiola speaks out on Mikel Arteta’s position at Arsenal

        Arsenal were thrashed 5-0 by Manchester City yesterday and are rock-bottom of the Premier League table after this disastrous start.

        Their humbling at the Etihad Stadium follows 2-0 defeats to Brentford and Chelsea in their previous two matches.

        We bring you all the latest football transfer rumours, news and Gossip from the English Premier League and beyond

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        1. Tancredi Palmeri
          Aug 29
          “All or Nothing” documentary currently filmed on Arsenal, will be restructured cancelling the first part
          Tancredi Palmeri
          Aug 29
          Erm, guys, guys: the tweet was clearly a joke on first part of the title “All”.

          Apparently not that clearly.

          You all need to calm down

          My bad for forgetting that people don’t associate the sarcasm app to social network

          (this is sarcasm again, such app doesn’t exist. Does it?)

          1. My oh my, aren’t you confused Pat,you are talking about the spoof trailer that was posted online which was made to mock Arsenal after the news that the
            first part of the documentary was going to restructured broke out, that’s the 2nd article that I have already posted,how many more do I need to post before you realise,this has nothing to do with that trailer?football365,caughtoffside, daily mailCricsbet
            Home Entertainment
            EntertainmentFootballSportsWeb Series
            Arsenal will withdraw a portion of the Amazon documentary “All or Nothing” after a terrible start to this season
            By Kaushiki Ghosh- August 31, 20210

            credit –

            Arsenal’s start to the season has been terrible, with three defeats and no goals scored in their first three Premier League games. And it appears that the club’s humiliation may be worsened by the fact that the club is reportedly reworking its Amazon documentary “All or Nothing” by cancelling the early stages of the campaign.

            About the Docuseries
            All or Nothing is a compilation of sports docuseries available on Amazon Prime Video. Each season, produced by Amazon Studios, has focused on a professional sports club or national team. The TV series will be filmed across the whole 2021/22 season and will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in more than 240 places around the world next year.

            Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal’s north London opponents, were the latest Premier League team to partake in an All or Nothing storyline. According to an official statement made on Arsenal’s club website that we will take our fans behind the scenes during a vital season as we focus our attention on battling for domestic success and returning to elite European competition.

            credit –
            Reason Behind the Cancellation
            Arsenal was crushed 5-0 by Premier League defending champions Manchester City, who are off to their worst start to a league season since 1954 after losing their third consecutive PL game. Following 2-0 losses to Brentford and Chelsea in their previous two outings, they were humiliated at the Etihad Stadium.

            Mikel Arteta, the team’s head coach, will have several challenges, with his team missing several players due to COVID and injuries. To add to his problems, Arsenal will be missing Granit Xhaka for the next three games after he received a three-match suspension for a reckless two-footed lunge on Joao Cancelo.

            Arsenal fans will be hoping for a quick turnaround; however, some will be eager to watch material that may or may not make it into the documentary’s final cut. After all, these long-suffering Arsenal fans are entitled to a thorough examination of what has gone wrong for Mikel Arteta thus far this season.

      2. Well I posted the link to the story,I know you’re busy but whenever you get the chance, I’d love to hear the full story,much appreciated!👍

        1. Tancredi Palmeri
          Aug 29
          “All or Nothing” documentary currently filmed on Arsenal, will be restructured cancelling the first part
          Tancredi Palmeri
          Aug 29
          Erm, guys, guys: the tweet was clearly a joke on first part of the title “All”.

          Apparently not that clearly.

          You all need to calm down

          My bad for forgetting that people don’t associate the sarcasm app to social network

          (this is sarcasm again, such app doesn’t exist. Does it?)

  3. I firmly believe that MA has an issue with players who dare be vocal with him. It’s his way or the highway. Agree with him and shut up and you’ll be fine. Xhaka is a yes man. He was for Emery. You can guarantee he is for MA. Be a yes man and bow to his ideas or shut up. Only problem is MA has the owners believing so much in his own hype that the club are sinking faster that Usain Bolt on steroids!

    1. Have you ever bothered asking why the club owners are okay with all he is doing? If you have, you’d stop blaming Arteta.

      He probably has an agreement with the club and is so far living up to it. Whatever the agreement may be…. And I believe it’s in the line of building a team for the future, with not just young players, but players who will be willing to listen and do what’s been asked of them and not act bigger than the club at every given opportunity, as Arsenal seem to have been facing such problems with players in recent years.

      I also believe he’s made the club aware that the rebuilding process will come with some unfavorable results and the management have bought into it, so aren’t really surprised or worried.


        1. What i dont get is, Who on earth is going to wait 5 or 6 more months let alone 5 or 6 years? AND What makes anyone think Arteta can build a team and actually manage it? Both those things make what people are talking about here (waiting for nothing factual) futile and non starters. Are we to allow us to drop into the championship to achieve this, are we to allow us to flounder in midfield and below for two years? None of it is practical or going to happen.

        2. Both of you are blind. MA can’t make it. We have reached the lowest point in 128-years history and both of you don’t aware of it?????????


  4. Young players are difficult to handle as is required with care. AMN can do well at various positions, those blame his performance don’t seem to understand that a person put in a situation will not properly perform. Arteta always put players into a situation and they get demoralized. It applied to all the players outside his favor. The manager needs to look from within searching for solutions.

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